Saturday, April 05, 2008

Hot Rods in Leucadia

Leucadia Beach

The 'Over the Hill Gang' car club has taken over the Leucadia Beach Inn this weekend. They are in town for the Goodguys Hot Rod Show at the Del Mar fairgrounds. I went with my Dad on Friday, it's a hoot.


  1. JP ... You're better than the newspaper, a magazine or the local TV news. We would have missed this if it wasn't for your blog. Great job.

  2. The poodle is a great dog!!

  3. Besides the Paper Rose, etc., how 'bout a feature on this beautiful hotel?! What does it look like inside?? I don't think it has a website. Just my 2cents.

  4. Re/ 7:15pm

    Leucadia Beach Inn's website is
    The current owners have done an outstanding job enhancing this 1920's horseshoe style Inn - inside and out. No wonder car clubs flock there.

    In the 60's it was the Las Vegas Motel and you could stay there for 15 dollars a week. But it wasn't as luxurious. But it did have two large yards on either side that had white picket fences, lawn furniture and fruit and nut trees. The lemon trees there on the alley refuse to die and still have fruit year round. In 1962 my Mexican friends who lived there across the alley showed me how to make lemon tea with only 6 lemon tree leaves. Just clean them and boil them in a quart of water for 20 minutes. It tastes great sweetened and leaves a great aroma in the house too!

    Back in the 70's it was in disrepair. A hippie who never talked much to others lived there. He always wore a dark felt pointed hat. He'd walk to Leucadia Roadside Park at night and have conversations with himself. But he'd always take a step to one side and politely respond. One time a the cops got a call to check him out. But they called in saying: "Ah, it's just Rupplestiltskin staring at the moon again."

    The last time I saw him I said "Well John, I gotta run and catch a bus" to which he replied: "You're gonna need a big mitt".

  5. Hey now, I've had the Inn's website posted from the get go. It's under the artwork, last image on the bottom. Anytime you see red text, that is a link. Click it.

  6. JP: Thanks for your great coverage of our stay at the Leucadia Beach Inn. We had a terrific time at the car show in Del Mar and enjoyed the Inn too. We appreciate your interest in our cars; we have a lot of fun traveling in them.



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