Monday, April 28, 2008

Joe Sheffo Announces Bid for Encinitas City Council

Press Release:


Community. Accountability. Environment.

Joe Sheffo Announces Bid for Encinitas City Council

Sheffo will fight against local sales tax increases, high-density mandates and for more transparency at City Hall, local control

ENCINITAS – Joe Sheffo – a 20-year resident of Encinitas and a former aide to Supervisor Pam Slater-Price and former state Assemblyman, now state Senator, Mark Wyland – today announced he will run to fill one of three seats on the Encinitas City Council that will be contested this fall.

“Encinitas is the only hometown I’ve ever known. If we are to preserve the attributes that make Encinitas so special, we must pursue responsible growth and environmental stewardship. We must also change recent actions by the council that have needlessly made City Hall less open to citizen involvement and oversight.”

Until recently, Sheffo worked as an editor at the North County Times. He left that position to run for city council.

“In the newspaper business it’s easy, and often necessary, to criticize. I want to work with my fellow Encinitans to find solutions to the challenges facing our city and the county as a whole.

“As we face attempts by the state to mandate high-density growth by thwarting local control on planning and development, and by local politicians to raise local sales taxes, our values – and our pocketbooks – are under assault.

“We must continue to preserve and expand our system of trails, parks, and open spaces while protecting our coastline. We must also be on the lookout for opportunities to make our city an innovator in alternative energy, clean air, and clean water.”

If you are interested in helping the campaign, please contact

A candidate biography is forthcoming.

*blogger's note-Sheffo and I graduated from San Dieguito high school the same year, class of '88. Our 20 year reunion is this year. I think he is a stand up guy.


  1. Many NCTimes blog comments that were clean but contained published facts about Stocks lap dog support of the fire department union and never meeting a union raise or benefit increase he didn't like- and they never made the cut at NCTimes under Sheffo's watch. What gives? Is he another Bushite republican like Stocks that will grow a City debt faster than a horny Bill Clinton or Kennedy?

    Or is he more Ol' School true GOP- like Ron Paul style.

    Inquiring minds want to know?

    If he doesn't come out slamming the developer and union whore Stocks, He does not have my vote.

    Lets hear it Sheffo, besides soundbites state your platform so us Leucadians can tell if you’re a standup or just another blowhard.

    And don't give me that shit, that you don't read the blog. If you say that, you’re a liar like the current 3 stooges.

  2. On second thought- I don't like the use of the word whore in my above posting. I would like to substitute the word “whore” with “lap dog” in the posting above.

    Lap Dog sound much nicer and is a better adjective for the point I was trying to make.

    Sorry for all your true whores out there. No offense to you either. I am sure your all making an honest living.

  3. I will take Nanninga and Sheffo over Stocks and Bond.

  4. I will vote for the candidates who say they will cut staff to make up the shortfall in the landscaping districts.

    This person is obviously not Jerome Stocks who supports every raise, pension increase and Fire Station improvement ever dreamed. In addition to a regional sports park paid for only by Encinitas residents.

    The bottom line- I prefer nicely landscaped streets and parks over slacker City Employees that are not needed.

    Cut staff 20%! Cut their pay and benefits 20%! Free up more money for making our City beautiful!

    I hope the candidates address the bloated staff Expenses at their debates. its the biggest issue. Staff overhead is 90% of budget. Capital Improvements less than 10% of budget. If you want to look at freeing up more funds for bettering our community look at reducing the size of the City Workfare.

    Just look at the increase in staff size over the last 10 years. That says it all. Staff is consuming all our tax dollars. The current council needs to real it back in or you don’t get my vote.

  5. Nanninga may not be perfect but he understands leucadia better than most.

    Vote Nanninga!

  6. Sheffo is scary. He is right of center by quite a bit. In fact, he makes Jerome seem almost left wing. He may be a "stand up guy" but he is a right wing republican that posts on the Red Country Blog, as does Jerome. Are we sure we need that in Encinitas? Think I will pass. Why does he want to be on our Council anyway? It can't be for the money, so what is his agenda? Forget the soundbites. What his his position on the things that are troubling our City, or does he have enough money NOT to tell us?

  7. Right of Center in what ways? I hope Fiscally conservative.

    I think the current republicans are just as puss as the democrats and are equality to blame for America being as debt ridden and plummeting in quality of life for its middle class.

    The only true GOP is Ron Paul. McCain sucks just as much as Hillary or Obama. In Fact, Hes worse. He votes to continue the occupation in Iraq for the sake of profits for the defense industry and the cheap oil addition of America.

    I hope Ron Paul wins. My second choice is Obama who will try and give so many entitlements in four years their will be serious backlash which will cause the people to elect more constitutionalists like Ron Paul.

    Americas needs a serious wake up call to change its current direction.
    I can't waite to here about Sheffo's platform. If he is a McCain supporter, hes insane and just a part of the problem.

  8. Joe Sheffo had ties to Jack Orr. That is an instant NO vote for me.

  9. He also has ties to Barratt American if that helps anyone.

  10. Enough said. Unless someone can prove otherwise, he sounds like a part of the Stock, Bonds and Dalager clan that is selling out the quality of life in Encinitas for the profit of a few developers.


    He will not get my vote. there are much better candidates.

  11. Wow,

    Someone is scared of Sheffo. Spreading bogus info and half truths.

    Only Teresa Barth has stood strong for the people. The question is, will Joe?

  12. I am waiting to hear Joe speak up.

    There is no way I am voting for some one based on a couple of sound bites. Anyone can do that.

    I am for lower taxes, clean environment, education, more high paying jobs, lower crime, more transparency and neighborly love, and a higher quality of life in every area of your life. Vote for me- I am your BS politician.

    One thing Joe has over Jerome. Jerome has a track record of repeatedly selling out Encinitas residents for the oh mighty developer's profit. Joe doesn't have that track record yet.

  13. I wonder what Adam Kaye thinks about Joe?

    I'm glad Adam is covering Encinitas for the Union Tribune, now.

    I would like to hear some specifics about open government and govt. accountability from Joe.

    Also, we can get rid of the "Art Director," ASAP. Phil Cotton should go back down to $160K. That is adequate, or he can split like Kerry Miller did.

    Where does Mr. Joe stand on our toadying profit mongering city attorney? He gives advice that gives him and his partner, Randal Morrison a big slice of pie every year.

    Our safety service guys are 48% of the budget, police and fire.

    Clerks get sent on convention on taxpayer dime, and don't come back with a report. Why didn't the newspaper interview them? What did Joe S. edit? Was it the editorial page?

    Big spending Republicans with a spin are crashing the economy of our nation, and local jurisdictions.

    Pensions are forever. We need to cut staff before it's too late. And Council just okayed $300,000 plus for Leucadia workshops and projections of how great we would be if we looked like Santa Cruz.

    But Council wouldn't give $10,000 more for No. 101 Mainstreet. Charles Marvin made a good case, I thought. But no, Council gives $100,000 to Peder Norby and $300,000 to consultants to think about what we all want, instead of actual trees, plantings, at grade crossings.

    Jerome wants to put off forever undergrounding the train by spending that much for four underground pedestrian crossings.

    Where does Joe stand on that mess?

    I'll listen to what he has to say, but he needs to get out the word on some specifics, not just campaign spin, duck and jive.

    Joe, if you are serious, please make some posts on this blog. It can be frightening, but I am trying to keep an open mind. Who is your campaign manager?

  14. Great questions. Come on Joe-

    Everyone knows you are reading this blog string. If you want transparancy, this is a great place to start. You have open mic. for as long as you like.

    Please just don't insult us and give us soundbites.

    Give specifics of what you would do for Encinitas and what you are all about?

  15. I think the word for Joe is:


  16. No, No, No....

    The three word for Joe is


    Grow some balls Joe, explain yourself.

  17. Because we don't want chicken shit Joe to feel bad lets just call him

    Sound bite Joe!


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