Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Paper Rose in Leucadia

The Paper Rose is hosting some special events in the garden this spring and summer.

This weekend they are having an Arts & Crafts Fair with 6 local artists participating & selling their work.

Super Saturday is 15% off everything at Paper Rose (no coupons honored that day though). Super Saturday goes from 10am to 6pm & they have Richard the mellow guitar player from The Lumberyard playing his mellow guitar music.

June they are having a big doggy party to celebrate Mojo's (the official Paper Rose dog) 3rd birthday with free doggy treats & contests.

July has a very big event with a celebrity guest & August a physic fair.

Anyone interested in being notified of details of upcoming events can sign their guest book at the store.

Owner Kerri Stewart writes, "Thanks so much for all you support JP & fellow bloggers! :- ) It really rallied my spirits to push on & hopefully we can survive these harsh economic times by mixing a bit of spice & pizzaz into the weekends."

Paper Rose
705 N Vulcan Ave
Encinitas, CA 92024
(760) 436-2855

By the way, Mother's Day is coming up, Sunday May 11th.

***The Paper Rose just got wireless high speed internet access in the garden for all customers to use for free.


  1. The owner should approach the City and demand a walkway on the southside of Leucadia Blvd. between HW101 and Vulcan Avenue and a walkway on the east side of Vulcan Avenue. There is no way to get to the business if you don't have a car. Its currently very unsafe.

    This is a big hindrance for all the businesses on Vulcan Avenue and needs to be address in any improvements on the Railroad Crossing and during the streetscape project.

    I don’t see Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach having the problems that Vulcan Avenue does, because Solana Beach elected to make that street more pedestrian friendly. The same should apply to Vulcan Avenue. I suggest the owners of these businesses bring this up at the next streetscape meeting. Its just common sense.

  2. I agree with the last comment. My girlfriend and her mother get their hair done at the Orange salon down the street and they are scared to walk to the paper rose and it's only 100 feet. Can the L101 mainstreet group help lobby for a sidewalk? Mr. Norby can you help?

  3. Barratts in financial trouble


    I can honestly say that I don't feel too bad for Mick.

  4. Paper Rose is on the wrong side of 101, there is plenty of spaces for rent. Why did they choose to isolate themselves from the buying public??

  5. I bought some of those bon bons-4 to a box, and they were quite sinful and delicious! Oy carumba!!

    BTW, since this place is so dog friendly, I'd like to let everyone know that this weekend, there is an dog friendly art event to benefit the Rancho Coastal Humane society,(where I've adopted 2 dogs and one cat). The 454 TATTOO shop is putting on this art show and the official opening is this Sat., May 3rd, from 7-10pm.

    The show is called, "Sit, Stay...Give!" Original art and prints will be available.

    The show is up April 19 to May 17, and I stopped by there today for a look and the work is really good and has that oldtime flash motif in almost all the pieces. Good job!

  6. I like the mushroom statues by the cactus!


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