Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Short Break

The Leucadia Blog is going on hiatus for a few days. In the meantime watch this,


  1. Need to blog while J.P. is away? has a blog
    ready to rumble.

  2. JP come back!! We miss you, man!! Bob wants us to go to his web page and blog there. But it's no fun. You have to log in and besides no one has bothered to post any comments anyway.
    JP please come back, we promise to only say nice things about you. Things like:
    Oh that JP what a funny guy!!
    WOW, can that JP put on a surf movie in the park or what??

    JP?? I know that dude, and NO the surf statue in Cardiff is not JP!!

    So there you have it, we need you back man. Show us some LOVE!!!
    Post again soon.

  3. Check out the Wednesdays council meeting.

    Thanks to new regulations, the City is forced to identify and fund previously unfunded liabilities so we will be less likely to end up like the City of San Diego. What is wrong with our City Manager and Council anyway? We should have been funding the liabilities the whole time! Here’s the bottom line. The City owes between $10,000,000.00 and $16,000,000.00 for retirement heath care pay. Meaning for my family of 6, our family now owes $1,200 more dollars to the union retirees. Thanks City for spending all of our tax dollars on union benefits and not improvements to our community. I will remember this come November

  4. Anon 10:06 thank you for visiting my campaign website.

    The Nanninga for Encinitas website/blog is not intended to be fun. It's a campaign blog for Encinitas residents to discuss what is important to them, what they would like to see done in Encinitas, and issues shaping the 2008 Encinitas City Council campaign.

    No one has posted yet, that's true. But the election is in November and the campaign has yet to fully engage.

    As for no comments, I'm disappointed you passed on the opportunity to have the first say.


  5. one day at a timeApril 23, 2008 7:17 AM

    Anon1:19- What is wrong with our city council and city manager?? They are idiots!! From the very first council right up to this council. Idiots!! And what do idiots do?? They hire city managers that are idiots also.

    Look at the make up of your council today. Two retired govt workers, one retired corporate worker, a snake oil salesman and Gomer!! Hardly inspires confidence does it.

    Their mantra is spend,spend, SPEND!! Someone else someday will pay the bills. $47 million dollar park that no one can use??? SPEND!!
    I could go on but why??

    Financially I think this city is in very weak shape and that will come out after the next election. But it won't stop the wild spending for new fire stations and increased pay and retirements and God only knows what else.

    Remember every council member will be collecting a pension from the city, every council member(you numb nutts will re-elect Barth, so she will get her 8 years and that pension will be piled upon her current state pension) will be collecting a pension!!! So why limit pay and benefits. Only serves to line their own pockets. And history shows politicians are good at that.

    Oh and that $10-16 million in unfunded liabilities for city worker health benefits, that money would have gone to improve H101, but now it will remain UGLY because the city will cry poor mouth. KEEPING LEUCADIA UGLY, one day at a time!!!

  6. Bob-

    I will vote for you over jerome anyday. If you or anyone beats Jerome, they are our savior.

  7. Three words - internal cost allocation.

  8. I don't want to LOG On to anything!!
    That part of the internet I despise. Most posters to this blog post under anonymous and many anonymous posters have very important things to say. Change your blog to allow anonymous. Sure you will get some freaks and weirdos, so what. Encinitas isn't perfect and neither is this blog nor will your's be either.


  9. As long as Dalager is on council it will be a joke. He is a legend in his own mind. He thinks that he is really smart but he very out of touch with the people. Hayseed thinking and hillbilly quips can only go so far.

  10. Dalagar's latest wit is his greeting to women where he says, "What's you're sign, baby?".

    Doesn't he know that's a gay greeting to let someone know whether or not you're HIV positive?

  11. Now how the hell would he or any other straight person know that or care to know that?

    .....that is so GAY!

  12. oh you SWMs crack me up!

  13. Well it election year. So far we have 4 known candidates for an election of 3 seats in November. Here is the current lineup:

    1. Jerome Stocks- a) UNION LAP DOG-Supports every pay raise and union benefit ever presented to council. b. Partly responsible why the City has a $20 million dollar unfunded Liability in healthcare (meaning the City owes $20 million in union benefits that can not be used for parks and other City community improvements like landscaping). c) Support giving fire staff all new stations costing taxpayers over $20 million d) supports a regional park costing Encinitas residents over $60 million.

    Hes a bushite type Republican. Grows the government debt faster than a drunk kennedy Democrat could ever imagine. And has no idea how to better the quality of life for Encinitas.

    2) Doug Long- Dan Dalagher Lap Dog. Every quality you love about Dan, Doug will support. Top priority building the $60,000,000 plus regional park on Encinitas residents dime.

    3) Bob N. - I'm not sure about his financial platform for union employees costs or any platform for that matter.

    4) Sheffo- Only thing I read is he is opposed to the state density bonus law, but who isn't besides the developer sponsored politicians like Jerome?

    Let the knowledge and disclosures begin.

  14. Be careful out there. A shark attacked and killled a swimmer this morning at Fletcher Cove. A helicopter is covering the area alerting everyone. Tae good care. The ocean is the shark's home and hopefully the authorities will not kill it.


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