Saturday, April 12, 2008

Slightly Less Dangerous Pedestrian Path added to Leucadia Blvd

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Note Casual Guy watching others work.

Note Casual Guy checking out the first pedestrians to use the new path, two cute beach girls.


  1. Hey, that guy drinking from the water container with his mouth directly on the spout. That's not sanitary!! That's wrong!!

  2. Casual Guy said the Leucadia water's good to drink.

  3. Hey-

    I love the new path.

    thanks to all involved in making it happen.

    Bring more on.

  4. drove by today, saw orange bags, and didn't see a path. Hope the pedestrians can see the path. I would rather cross the railroad tracks than that intersection.

  5. I don't cross at the intersection ever. As JP saids, its only slightly less dangerous.

    Hopefully after the streetscape plan is complete, they can really fix up that intersection and make it safe for pedestrians and bikes to cross.

    The path is definately better than it was and we are heading in the right direction.

  6. I think that Casual Guy's friend is just finishing the new Big Gulp.

  7. You still hafto pratically run across the street when the "WALK" signal appears, and it's only on for what...maybe 8 seconds? Then, the cars headed north and turning right on Hwy 101 think the pedestrians are jerks because they are crossing the street-legally!

  8. This little improvement wouldn't have happened without the foresight and fine listening skills of Teresa Barth.

    She really listens to the public and understands what is needed to protect and promote the quality of life in Leucadia.

    When the Leucadia Boulevard streetscape project was before council, Teresa included in the council motion an action to improve the pedestrian path between Vulcan and Hwy 101. Luckily, the rest of council agreed it was a worthy project.

    I agree with the previous posters about the need to improve the timing and safety for pedestrians crossing Hwy101 along Leucadia Blvd. Currently the cars are ripping around the right hand turn heading north and threaten those standing at the pedestrian crossing. I think they need to redo the east corner of HWy101 to make a safe haven for the waiting pedestrians.

    We are lucky we have Teresa looking out for Leucadia's interests. The more council members that embrace the projects to make Leucadia safer for bikes and pedestrians while keeping the unique funky feeling, the better off we will be.

    Thanks Teresa and keep us the great work!

  9. Teresa rox da house


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