Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Chaos

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AT&T blocking off the entrance and exit to and from the popular Beacon's Beach on a hot sunny Saturday morning at the already insane Leucadia Blvd/Hwy101 intersection.

The Leucadia Blvd streetsign about to fall due to the strong offshore winds.

Traffic backing up from the Vulcan Ave light to the Roundabout with 7-11 cross traffic and lycra 10 Speeders in the the mix.


  1. Fuck,fuck,FUCK!!!
    Why did I get stuck at 4 traffic lights going from 101 to El Camino Real?? Didn't Dennis Hotlz get elected to fix the traffic problems in this city?? Didn't he spend $250,000 to coordinate the lights?? Well they are not coordinated any more and I and countless others sit in traffic burning $4.00 gas for nothing.
    The citizens of this Encintas ripped off again!!

  2. Hey Anonymous -

    you have a disgusting and nasty mouth. you're comments are immature, childish, and unwelcome.

  3. The frustration shown by the first poster is indicative of what we are all feeling. The traffic has been especially bad the last week or two. Any accident or street repair causes a major jam, whether it is 101, I-5, Vulcan/San Elijo, Leucadia Blvd., Rancho Santa Fe Rd., or Olivenhain Rd. I seem to have hit them all recently.

    Even James Bond was bellyaching about the snarls in council session. It is only going to get worse, a lot worse. The City has plans to upzone and densify the El Camino Real corridor. Gotta generate more tax revenue and satisfy all those state mandates. Thanks James. Thanks Dan. And thanks Mayor Jerome.

  4. You need to talk the the fat guy at traffic engineering. We saw him out there when all of the work was going on at Leucadia Blvd. and Vulcan. I guess the traffic signal guys don't have to drive on the same roads as the rest of us.

  5. No upzoning and no increased density along El Camino Real. If anyone on the council has that idea, they better quit right now and move to LA.


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