Friday, May 23, 2008

$4.00+ Gallon Gas has arrived in Leucadia

The Leucadia Blvd/Orpheus Shell station finally crossed the $4 mark the other day.

Regular is now over $4 bucks.

We pay lots o' taxes on gas.

The new Mobile station on the coast highway was $4.01 this afternoon so you can save a little if you go there.


  1. Keep it going up!May 23, 2008 10:02 PM


    I hope it goes to $10 per gallon.

    You will see more bike riding and less polluting vehicles on our roads.

    Even with this mild increase, I can see the freeways are less crowded.

    I can not wait for $10 per gallon, you'll see an end to commuter Hummers and you will see open freeways.

    I have an idea. If we don’t like the way Arab countries are run, let’s not buy their oil and leave them alone. It’s not worth invading countries for cheap oil at the expense of our children.

    Be cool and drive something with no or low hydrocarbon use.
    Bring it on and let the clean air roll!

  2. globalize thisMay 23, 2008 10:51 PM

    $10 a gallon will create a giant gap between the haves and have nots. I hope have room for a garden and chickens at your house because food will be too expensive to ship.

  3. So be it.

    Its time to pay the bill.

    Its not worth invading other countries just to such their oil.

    Next time your next to the big truck or SUV with big tires, give them a long hard stink eye!

  4. Bike riding and walking are cool.

    big trucks Suck Iraq Oil!

  5. you past 4 posters are nuts.

  6. $10 a gallon oil will destroy the economy. Does that serious ideologue anon poster not understand what that means? Doesn't that ideologue understand that people are not going to walk to work. They are not going to walk to stores. They are not going to walk restaurants. They are going to stay home. There has never been a time where people walked that far that much on a daily basis. We are all going to need a horses.

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  8. This is why Double Tracking is going to be pushed so hard in Leucadia.

    I think higher gas is good overall. More efficient cars will be produced, less business travel, more products produced in USA, new Solar technologies, Plug in Hybrids, Hydrogen cars. So many positives will come out of $10 gas. If oil goes back down to $50 a barrel, then Hummer Sales and Kids cruising around causing trouble will happen again.

    Jack on Hygeia

  9. In Europe and Australian, Gas currently is $10 per gallon. They are surviving just fine.

    Americans consume on average way more than 3 to 6 times other western nations.

    China and India currently are very low on personal gas use, but that is changing quickly.

    The bottom line is the price is out of the USA's control and the demand by China and India will be skyrocketing.

    Gas at $10 per gallon will result in people plan their trips more wisely with less waste. More car pooling, more using public transportation, more bike riding.

    I am glad our consumer nation is beginning to realize our glutinous ways cannot be sustained.
    Plus- Less traffic equals less freeway noise, less money wasted on freeway widening, and much less pollution running into our mother ocean.

    I hope we hit $10 per gallon gas sooner than later. It will make us act more like European ways and less like fat consumption hogs!

    See you on the bike trail.

  10. So, Euro Girl, will you be unplugging your energy sucking refrigerator and not taking hot showers anymore? Afterall, the power plant up the road is oil driven. Don't forget those bicycle tires are made of rubber, manufactured with oil products, same for the metal frame and the bike paths you're so fond of are paved with asphalt, also made with oil. Cars are not the problem, ignorance is.

  11. No need for me to live like a native American. I will just bike and walk as much as possible and will not waste gas by driving a Hummer or equivalent.

    I would say ignorance is the oh so common Stupid, fat, complacent, and all consuming American. If it fits, you own it.

  12. And if you're walking, it'll need to be barefoot - those Nikes and Reebooks are all manufactured with plastics made from oil and machines driven by oil. Even your Birkenstocks are decimating cork forests - the horror! Do you think Ben & Jerry are sitting at a churn on their front porch making ice cream for you? Dream on! You "organic" ice cream is from cows milked mechanically and processed in a giant vat in an energy gobbling factory!

  13. Actually, Euro Girl, I wrote "ignorance" because it means "unaware" and I was giving you the benefit of the doubt. "Stupid" means "lacking intellegence". Obviously, the distinction was lost on you. Pedal on.

  14. Food prices are increasing. Soon it will be soup of the good earth for dinner.

  15. Europe pays the same barrel price we do but countries over there put up to a $5 tax per gallon.

    Most countries in Europe have smaller populations than your average state here in the USA. It's not correct to compare us. Australia's entire population is less than California's.

    The falling dollar has weakened our purchasing power for oil. The #1 oil importer to the USA is Canada, Mexico #2 and the Middle East #3.

  16. Doesn't change the fact that Americans use 4 to 8 times the gas of other nations.

    Its about time we change our glutenous ways.

  17. fact:

    If everyone got out of their SUV and drove a car that got 30 mph, USA would not be dependant on foreign oil.

    There would also be no need for killing our kids in Iraq trying to manipulate oil prices.

    I say send the Bush twins the Iraq front line.

  18. Earth to last poster - ALL U.S. forces are VOLUNTEERS! Lucky for you, there are still people willing to put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms you so obviously take for granted. If the war was fought for oil, why isn't it cheaper, genius?

  19. The gas use measures are base on per capita (per person) so size of a country doesn't matter.

    The average USA citizens are oil pigs.

    Act Locally.

    What do you drive and could you drive something that uses less gas?

  20. Get a 1994 GEO Metro and you are golden.

  21. Act Locally DOES NOT WORK!

    It is a world oil market and a GLOBAL atmosphere. The USA could stop importing and pumping oil tomorrow and the middle east will keep pumping oil. India and China will just use up more oil as it becomes cheaper.

    Act locally DOES NOT WORK without a GLOBAL plan and GLOBAL participation that WORKS, but who is going to tell India and China that they can't raise their standard of living?

  22. If the war was fought for oil, why isn't it cheaper, genius?

    It was a fucked up war. Very poor leadership. We should have instituted the McCain approach to Iraq from day one.

    If the war was fought for oil PROFITS then the war worked.

  23. 10 dollar gas in Europe is part of their tax structure.

    10 gas will cause serious economic damage to the nation. Wealth will be sucked out of us and we won't be able to afford all those government programs the progressive are always trying to grow.

  24. "Doesn't change the fact that Americans use 4 to 8 times the gas of other nations."

    Many other countries around the world will catch up as they become wealthier. Many nations in Europe are finding that people prefer to drive and are using mass transit less as they become richer. It is not a sign of gluttony. It is a sign of wealth.

    You are a dumb ass if you think the Chinese or most third world nations not going to drive cars. They dream about commuting in a car.

  25. Does anyone who reads this blog live without a car?

  26. in the 1920s the oil industry was taken over by fat greedy texans
    who to this day control the whole ball game and are still making record profits... they don't care about anything else! there hasn't even been a new refinery built for 20 something years(less production capacity meens more profit)...why is gas in mexico $2.70 a gallon??? diesel $2.15 a gallon? Because the government owns the production and distribution and then distributes the money(whatever is not stolen)to the country's infrastructure . i say we kick the texans out and nationalize the industry. take the money from texaco and put it into shools and roads.
    F$&k exxon/mobil and there record profits.

    oh by the way bush's soon to be trillion dollar war has so inflated the dollar, that 10 dollar a gallon gas is probably not so far off... just wait, when the saudis start selling for euros then we'll se 15 and 20 dollars in no time flat.

  27. Re: 10:08 Exxon kept 9.4 cents on every dollar it made last year - the govermnment took 20 cents of that same dollar in taxes. The government stands by with regulations and restrictions in one hand and their other hand deep in Exxon's pocket. Oil is a commodity. When demand is high, prices go up. When supply is low, prices go up. When both demand is high and supply is low prices go even higher. Exxon does not just drill a hole in the ground and start counting their money. Exxon makes a massive investment in exploration, transportation, marketing, distribution, and keeping compliant with an ever changing maze of rules and regulations. They employ hundreds of thousand of people. It's a business - they are owned by the public - their job is to make a profit for shareholders. If you have a mutual fund or 401K, chances are you own part of an oil company, just like your neighbors. So they get to keep 9.4 cents of each dollar, well, Microsoft keeps 27.3 cents, McDonald's keps 12.3 cents and General Electric keeps 11.4 cents and Exxon falls below Standard & Poor's 500 biggest company average of 11 cents. But hey, don't let the facts get in the way of your opinion...

  28. A Prius uses more energy than a Hummer.

    "Spinella's finding that a Hummer on the whole consumes less energy than a hybrid has infuriated environmentalists. And on its face it does seem implausible that a gas-guzzling monster like a Hummer that employs several times more raw material than a little Prius' could be so much less energy-intensive.

    ...As for Hummers, Spinella explains, the life of these cars averaged across various models is over 300,000 miles. By contrast, Prius' life – according to Toyota's own numbers – is 100,000 miles. Furthermore, Hummer is a far less sophisticated vehicle. Its engine obviously does not have an electric and gas component as a hybrid's does so it takes much less time and energy to manufacture. What's more, its main raw ingredient is low-cost steel, not the exotic light-weights that are exceedingly difficult to make – and dispose. But the biggest reason why a Hummer's energy use is so low is that it shares many components with other vehicles and therefore its design and development energy costs are spread across many cars.

    It is not possible to do this with a specialty product like hybrid. All in all, Spinella insists, the energy costs of disposing a Hummer are 60 percent less than an average hybrid's and its design and development costs are 80 percent less.

    One of the most perverse things about U.S. consumers buying hybrids is that while this might reduce air pollution in their own cities, they increase pollution – and energy consumption -- in Japan and other Asian countries where these cars are predominantly manufactured. "In effect, they are exporting pollution and energy consumption," Spinella says.

    "The whole article can be read at Popular Mechanics did a similar study with the same findings, also available online.

  29. "Oil giant makes corporate history by booking $11.7 billion in quarterly profit; earns $1,300 a second in 2007

    hhhhmmmmmmmm, Facts...Yummy

  30. Re: 8:52

    I applaud their success and hope they continue to be profitable despite the best efforts of a socialist Democrat House & Senate to destroy them. Capitalism may have its faults, but it sure beats the hell out of anything else that's been tried. A rising tide lifts all boats.

  31. 8:45-

    Pure BS.

    Figures don't lie, but liers figure!

    Totally incomplete analysis.

  32. Re: 9:44

    Your response was the best laugh we've had all morning - "liers", indeed! You're obviously a glowing example of our vaunted government school system. Bravo!

  33. Glad I could make you laugh. Let me do it some more- Lier, Lier, pants are on fire.

    Someone needs to brighten up Leucadia. The City sure wont do it.

    PS - I am another fine product the of CA educational system. My education is completely flawed. The world laughs at us.

  34. Kill Humans!

  35. Jordan, Your effort to raise the level of discourse has been duly noted. Your family must be so proud. All the best to you and your pals in the drum circle.

  36. Jordon-

    Die dumb ass on welfare. Die!

  37. I agree with Jordan. Best blog comment ever.

  38. oil's well that ends wellMay 30, 2008 7:37 AM

    The new high prices at the pump are artificial price gouging. Oil is the new speculator bubble. They will drive the price to $200 a barrel. Then the price will plummet and just like the dot commers and housing market the bubble will pop and oil will fall back to $100 a barrel and the speculators will be stuck with overpriced barrels.


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