Thursday, May 08, 2008

Art Wars at Leucadia 7-11

The Art Wars Club has received a great opportunity to paint a mural on a great location - the west side of the 7-11 that overlooks HWY 101 and Leucadia Blvd. So we decided to paint it in our Art Wars-esque way. It'll be live action painting in the flavor of those crazy abstract expressionists from the 50's, there will be live jazzy
jazz type music, and just good ol' hanging in the 7-11 parking lot (like old times).

From start to finish, it should take us about an hour to an hour and half, and starts at 2pm. So, if your cruisin' around the hood on Saturday May 24th (it's Memorial weekend), stop on by and pick up a slurpee and watch some paintin' happen.

That's Saturday, May 24th at 2pm at the Leucadia 7-11 near the HWY 101

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thx jerm


  1. C'mon Leucadians- support our local arts students! This will be a unique experience- student visual artists and musicians together- THIS IS Leucadia! Support student artists!

  2. Sounds.... GREEAAAAAT to ME!

    Thanks for all who made this happen.

    Especially the cool owner of the 7/11.

  3. Why not let Fred Caldwell design the wall at 7-11, he certainly has the talent to do the job. Why do we need an ART WAR?? Why not just have the most talented artist in Leucadia to the job, Fred Caldwell.

  4. There are plenty of businesses in town that have blank walls, so if you want to approach the owner and give him a proposal on behalf of Fred, I think that would be a terrific idea. That's what Jeremy did and the Southland Corporation, which owns the 7-11 stores,
    was impressed enough to give the go-ahead.

    These are kids who are making this mural, and I met a few of them. They were acting all "teenage-blase", but I could tell they are very, very excited. I remember being a teen and painting the fence around a building that was under construction. I was the only kid from my school selected, and it gave me an identiy and purpose.

  5. The arts can save lives and make a profound difference. So it's the wall on a 7-11. As Mary said, it can make an impressionable memory. Support the kids. Support their art experience.

  6. Fred fan, you should come on down to the Art Wars, you'll see an entire community gathered around a unique happening. It's a great way to support our future Fred Caldwells, Micah Hardisons, Andy Wardes, etc.

  7. This is going to be a wonderful event I was at the war art in the old Grey building (coast dispatch building) and the energy in the building that night was amazing. Giving the students a chance to be a creative part of the community is a very positive thing to do especially in our more often then not negative society. I for one will be there enjoying the experence.

  8. NOW we're talkin' Leucadia spirit...


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