Monday, May 26, 2008

Beach Shuttle Proposed ENCINITAS: Council to consider pilot beach shuttle program


Teresa Barth formed this sub-committee as part of the Tourism and Marketing Committee. The intent is to get some real data on ridership, community support, sponsorship potential, etc. $25,000 is a lot cheaper than hiring a consultant to "model" the idea.

The Leucadia 101 MainStreet Association has agreed to manage the contract. The sub-committee is asking the city for the initial funding. If it proves to be successful it should be nearly self-supporting in the future.

The sub-committee is still looking for a company that has a natural gas, hybrid or bio-fuel shuttle, but if this is approved for this summer it will probably be a traditional gas mini-bus.

The shuttle would have a minimal cost and is directed to locals and visitors. Someone living in Leucadia could take the shuttle to Seaside Market, or Cardiffians might want to doing a little shopping downtown.

The proposed hours are 10am - 8pm Saturday and Sunday.

Some people have suggested a shuttle along Encinitas Blvd or the El Camino Real corridor. Great ideas, but the beach route had more potential sponsorship support for a pilot project.

Community input is needed for this project. E-mail the council
  • or speak at the council meeting this Wednesday.


    1. Isn't that the Santa Barbara beach / State Street shuttle? It works like a charm! Greaaaat idea! Runs every 15 min. or so... Our time has come!

    2. I love the idea. It would be a way to get from one end of town to the other, without using a car. Might stimulate business in all parts of Encinitas, eventually paying for itself is all sorts of ways.

    3. The only way I seeing it work if it helps the restaurants and their parking problems. Otherwise I'm using my car.

    4. Who saw the friggin #%*!(%($(#)#$@# grafitti this morning on the walls of the Leucadia skatepark, van and the homes near by??!!!

    5. Regardin the graffiti, Did anyone get pictures? The Graffiti task force will need them to track the vandals.

    6. Bob-The graffiti task force has one job and only one job, harass property owners to clean the graffiti off their walls. Several years ago my property was tagged, I called the task force to see if they wanted to photograph for there records. They said no, and told me I had 24 hours to remove it or they would come and do it for me...and charge me for the clean-up! They then asked for my name and address, I told them to go to hell. I have never called them again, they are worthless. If elected one of your first duties should be to scrap the graffiti task force. Worthless, never again.

    7. Do I think the city should harass property owners hit by vandals for clean up costs?

      Absolutely not.

      Graffiti is vandalism, and vandalism is a crime. Why should victims of crimes be asked to pay for a lack of order, when public security is the responsibility of municipal government?

      Obviously the task force is misdirected and has completely lost the plot. A community service officer should document the vandalism, before it is painted over by the public works department.

      Photo documentation is needed so taggers can be tracked, evidence digitally compiled, and the clean up cost tallied.

      The vandalism at Leucadia Oaks park will removed immediatly at the taxpayers expense, as it should be.

      Another alternative is community volunuteers using donated paint.

      Graffiti is a social issue, and must be handled as such.

    8. This is a stupid and ridiculous idea. What a waste of money especially with gas increasing 10% a week. Shuttle to what? To Beacons - LOL.

      People here probably like it because they are almost homeless and their vw bug is broken again.

    9. Taxpayers subsidize every bus and Coaster rider $14 per ride, regardless of how long the ride is. All the Greens love public transportation, but none of then use it (except Fred, who is cool).

    10. I take the Coaster downtown to attend SANDAG meetings and use the Coaster or the 101 bus to go to NCTD meetings as often as possible. Teresa Barth

    11. I take the Coaster downtown to attend SANDAG meetings and use the Coaster or the 101 bus to go to NCTD meetings as often as possible. Teresa Barth

      Great - nice to know who's being subsidized.

    12. If you are a tourist family staying at the Leucadia Beach Inn and you don't have a rental car the shuttle would be great getting you, your family and all your beach gear to Moonlight beach. It's an added bonus locals can hop on too.

      I would like to see a beach shuttle on Encinitas Blvd. It could pick people up in the Henry's parking lot (or somwhere around there) and drop off at Moonlight beach. That way younger people without cars who live in Village Park could go to the beach in the summer.

    13. Re beach shuttle: Worth a try. It might encourage folks to spend money in town and not drive to a restaurant in Carlsbad or WalMart in Oceanside. I know the "Nickel Bus" in San Louis Obispo encouraged me to go out and spend money when I stopped over there. Why not go out and have a beer while my car is safely parked?

      Re vandals: It looked like Roberts Chiropractic Clinic had the Sheriff's Dept checking broken glass yesterday morning. Punks...

    14. Re: 7:24

      (Aw shucks, thanks,) My round trip on the coaster to San Diego one day last week cost me $10 along with a bus Day Pass that was an additional $4. I don't feel like part of the problem by using public transportation. That subsidation at $14 per rider sounds pretty steep, considering what I and the other riders have to pitch in. But as expensive as things are today I don't doubt it. But whatever it is, public transportation is probably the least of govt. spending evils. Don't even have to tell you about those.

      For years I thought that shuttle idea was duplicitous because we already have NCTD going both ways on the Hwy nearly every half hour (at an adult rate of $2 one way anywhere in North County or $4 for an unlimited Day Pass.) I'm weakening now and thinking it might be worth a try. Not for my business, but for the sake of surf shops and restaurants mostly. But the shuttle bus stop locations would be the critical part of this idea that would make or break it in my opinion - and who's gonna choose those?

      On another note. What was I doing in San Diego last week? There was a hearing for a wrongly convicted doctor at the courthouse at 1:30pm. I went down there for moral support. But someone in charged moved the hearing back to 11am and even the doctor's family driving from LA along with numerous other supporters are reporters had to miss it. What a system.

    15. Opps, "and reporters" not "are".

    16. Next time you fly out of San Diego, take the Coaster to the Santa Fe Station, out the front door to the bus (free) that takes you to all the terminals at the airport. The bus runs every 15 minutes. No gas, about 10 bucks.

    17. Thanks left coast. I will!

      Are there parking time limits on the NCTD parking lots? How long can you leave your car at a Coaster Station?


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