Saturday, May 24, 2008

Encinitas: $53.5 million budget

LINK: Council passes $53.5 million budget
Burning Questions:

Is there money or political will to repave and paint lines on the Leucadia Blvd/Coast Highway intersection?

How is the Leucadia streetscape project funded?

Is the city being overly optimistic about future sales tax income in a slumping consumer spending economy?

Was any money set aside to help create a rail quiet zone near the Pannikan coffee shop like Jerome Stocks was talking about last year?

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Also in the SDUT: Tourism tax benefits Encinitas and visitors By Jerome Stocks


  1. You peons have no idea what’s important for a City.

    What we will spend our money on is two more $5 million dollar fire station remodels for our emergency crews to have styling quarters and sleep well while they wait for calls. That’s $15,000,000 total for our tricked out firestations.

    And most importantly the $60,000,000 plus regional sports park.

    Get a life and quite telling us that Leucadia is broke and needs a fixen.

    We have known that forever and will never do anything about it.

    We gave you two roundabouts now quite you’re complaining and go smoke a joint.

    Trust us and Let us worry about how to spend your money. We are much smarter than you and we know really what you need. Nothing and you'll like it.

  2. Never have so many, done so little and taken so long to do it.

  3. His Majesty JSMay 25, 2008 9:14 AM

    We need more money to feed our appetite for spending. You make fun but we need to give our firemen somewhere nice to sleep while they are getting paid by us. It is our obligation to have a nice gym, sub-zero refrigerators, Mosaic tiles bathrooms and showers. After all when they are sleeping they need nice peaceful rest. At least 11 times a year they get called to a fire, so come on don't we need them rested and well fed.

    As far as the sports park goes, we want to be known as the king of sports for North County. Why would we be out done by Carlsbad or Vista. It doesn't matter that their population is four times ours. We need a showpiece so all those potential voters can vote for me.

    My legacy, besides the library with the best view, on the most expensive property will be the sports park by the sea. The Padres can build next to the bay why can't I build next to the sea. It doesn't matter that there is cheaper property available with more space it was a dump 30 years ago and the folks surrounding it don't want the lights and loud speakers.

    So all I can say is you people need to pony up more money. I will get it in increased fees and new taxes so that I can continue my dynasty and build these more than necessary parks, fire stations and libraries.

  4. To His Majesty:
    Not on my watch!!!!


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