Monday, May 19, 2008

Joe Sheffo Launches Website & Blog

2008 Encinitas city council candidate Joe Sheffo has launched a new website and blog.

Sheffo's first blog entry addresses some stuff he read about him in the comments section of this blog. click here.

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  1. Interesting first blog entry, Joe, and thank you for addressing some of the questions raised on JP's blog.

    I would appreciate to know what you would try to do to facilitate open, accountable and more efficient government in Encinitas.

    Would you be in favor of trying to reduce staff, paid consultants, and contractors?

    Would you be in favor of our City enacting some more effective, locally based sunshine laws regarding calling, noticing and reporting closed sessions, and responding to public information requests?

    What is your position on the city supporting sand lobbyists and increasing sand taxes? Do you think Council needs a $500 plus car allowance, higher than most local cities?

    Would you try to cut spending?

  2. Joe-

    Interesting that you put comments closed at the end of your blog. Not much fun or interest without the ability to respond.

    You might want take some lessons from JP.

    One good point, besides your truthfull answers is your support for Bruce Ehlers. That likely will gain my vote for you in this election.

    Next to address the real cost issue affecting our City (Over 80% of our budget expenditure is on staff salary and benefits)- Are you in favor of or will you do something about this every increasing staff costs including huge retirement benefits and pay increases?

    Next - Are your in favor of two more $5 million dollar each trophy fire station remodels?

  3. How about the race for county sup.


    Letter To Editor: By Sharlene Hamilton
    It is a sad state for democracy to read in the Union Tribune regarding the San Diego County Board of Supervisors that “…no incumbent supervisor has lost a re-election bid in 22 years” and know that the present board has served together since 1995.

    This board has gotten stale and arrogant knowing their reelection is almost a given fact. Incumbents have the advantage of an accumulated treasure chest, name recognition and built up gratitude from worthy groups who benefit from taxpayer money handed out by each Supervisor as if it were their own cash.

    The current board has a reputation for being non-responsive to many constituent concerns. It is impossible to adequately address them in the two minutes allowed at public meetings. Numerous people give up trying. Many of us who have met with their representatives have left knowing we are just wasting our time.

    This year each of the three incumbents running for reelection has a challenger; Rudy Reyes, John Van Doorn and Howard Johnson. They are facing incredible odds. They should be supported in their efforts, if only to inject new life and accountability into the Board of Supervisors.

    It is time for new blood on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

  4. Why won't Pam Slater-Price answer these questions:

  5. I've posted my response to these questions at

    Joe Sheffo

  6. Nice Job Joe-

    Your gaining my support.

    How about answering the question about do you support the $5 million dollar facelifts for two more fire stations?


    For a town of 60,000, how much do you think Encinitas should spend on a regional park (hall property)?

    If you answer those too with good responses, you win my vote.

  7. I'm wondering how well Mr. Sheffo will work with Nanninga. As i believe electing Nanninga will bring the change we need.

  8. For what it's worth I like Joe, and I liked his answers to the questions posted here. I'm also eager to read his response to the regional park question.

    For the record, I don't think the Hall Property was conceived as a regional park. As a former parks commissioner I'm certain the Hall Property was purchased with a community park in mind.

  9. Joe-

    Just post your answers on the blog. its has must more readership then your website will ever get.

    And please answer the two questions above.

    You don't want to come across as soundbite Joe do you?

  10. See Joe-

    Step up and post like Bob.

    Bob has shown he has high integrity and is open about his positions. In my opinion, he has also shown he is in much better alignment with the average Encinitas resident then any of the three stooges.

    Question to you Bob-

    Do you support the current spending plan for $5 million dollar facelifts each for two more fire stations ($10 million spent on trophy firestations for emergency personal to hangout while waiting for calls)?


    For a town of 60,000, how much do you think Encinitas should spend on a regional park (hall property)?

  11. Bob is right. The Hall property was not supposed to be a regional park. It was intended to be a community park, however, some members of the community wanted to make it more "grand". Hopefully, we will still be able to have a park, but it does not have to cost as much money as some people are posting. The planning commission will probably see the EIR on the Hall property in July of this year.

  12. My responses to Hall property and fire stations questions are posted.

  13. Joe -

    You could easily cut and paste your response. Are you that lazy?

    Geeze, since you can't do it, I will to help you get your message out.

    Below is from Joe-

    As to the Hall Property, I’m not sure that there’s any magical amount we should be spending. My general feeling is that less is more.

    I am more concerned about where the city is going to get the revenue to pay off the “lease-revenue” bonds used to purchase the site.

    I hope to have a fairly detailed position on my vision for the property sometime soon. I think that some of my ideas will dramatically reduce the cost of a new park.

    In regard to the fire stations, I think one can make a very good case that we need new fire stations. The accommodations are probably a bit luxurious (especially when compared to submariners who spend months in much less commodious circumstances or soldiers and Marines who live in tents for long stretches), but my primary concern is the long-term fiscal implications of the public pensions that will someday be collected by the people who work and live inside the stations.

    My take- the fire station remodel budgets could easily be cut in half. 2 million per each should build a might fine firestation.
    They don't need Ritz everything to match their Ritz pensions.

    The City has many other more pressing needs for the $10 million.

    Joe and Bob-

    Do you think the remodeling of fire stations is a higher priority than fixing the deadly interection?

  14. Good Job Joe and Bob-

    Way to let your positions be known.


    Do you care to answer the questions?

  15. Undergrounding the rail corridor will take at least a decade under favorable conditions.

    As for the 5 million dollar fire stations, I too would look for cost cutting opportunities in design and construction phases.

    Why the 5 million dollar price tags?

  16. Bob-

    How about this question

    For a town of 60,000, how much do you think Encinitas should spend on a regional park (hall property)?

  17. I don't think Encinitas should spend any money on a regional park on the Hall Property, as a community park has always been envisioned for that sight.

    How much do I think the Encinitas spend on a community Park at the Hall Site, as little as possible by actively seeking public/private partnerships in the development of park amenities.

    For example Petco sponsoring the off-leash dog zone. A Skateboard company helping develop the Skate park, and the National Pitching Association developing the Ball fields in return for a space for a for pitching clinics.

    I don't think the city should incur anymore debt constructing this park.

  18. I sure would love to see something posted by Rachelle Collier. i see she has what looks like a sign that says she is runing for Council but haven't heard anything from her. I know it is still early, but perhaps she might want to get a start on it, as Bob and joe have. Is she running or deos anyone know?

  19. We are pretty early in the process. Everything should be fleshed out during the debates.

  20. J.P. I understand that the debates will be helpful, however, I would still love to see Rachelle post something. Since it appears that she is running for Council, and is from Leucadia, I would hope she would post. Not everyone goes to the debates. Obviously Bob and Joe know that this blog is important. I just hate to see one of Leucadia's own not weigh in. Just a perspective, not a problem. She obviously has to make up her own mind on this, as have Joe and Bob.

  21. Most true Leucadians know and love Rachelle. She is true Leucadian and more important true Encinitian.

    When the time is right, she will speak.

    We love Rachelle.

  22. I agree with Dr. Lori. I don't know Rochelle as I live in new Encinitas. She may be a true Leucadian, but Encinitas is made up of more than just Leucadians. If she wants a spot on the Council she should start earlier than usual. So far there is about 6 or 7 cadidates who are running. Some of them don't need the little guy, as they have the developers. Right now I am leaning toward the candidates that have posted on this blog, and she is not one of them. There are so many people running this time, I wish she would speak out. Makes me wonder.

  23. Sorry but I don't know Rachelle either. So how do I know what she stands for? I am voting for Joe, Bob and one other person. Don't know who that is yet.

  24. I know Rachelle. And I love Rachelle.

    You and I will vote for the person who we believe best will preserve and promote the quality of life for Encinitians.

    I can bet once you see the options, Rachelle is the clear choice.

    I am glad you are so intrigued. I hope you get involved in the debates and then chose who you think is the best candidate.

    Once you see the candidate platform and what their vision is, you I hope and I will both vote for Rachelle.

  25. I'm voting for Rachelle!

  26. Dear Citizens of Encinitas:
    We are talking about a candidate that has not yet formally delcared whether she will run or not. She is or she isn't. Time will tell. In the meantime, I suggest each of us decide what is really important to as a community (and that means as a whole). Yes, Leucadia is important or I would not be posting this. However, this community, has 5 communities within one. It also has very strong and powerful development interests that are supporting another candidate that has not chosen to post on this blogsite either. So, I offer that we all do our homework and really pay attention. When I recently asked someone I know " who is running for Council" ? The person said "Who isn't?" Please come to the debates. Pleae vote and please be informed. This is the first time in quite some time that we just may have the opportinity to have a progressive, non- pro-development Council. Let's don't F it up by beginning to fight over who is posting. I know I started this, so please let me state that, even though I cannot take back what I said, J.P. is right. It is a long time until the election. Let's keep some perspective on this and keep talking about the issues. Then when the candidates debate, ask really great quesitons to each of them. Thanks for letting me say my 2 cents. I really do appreciate this blog.

  27. Well said Dr. Lorri. However I still wish she and the others would post. So who is runing?


  29. Rachelle is running. You'll be hearing from her soon enough and as JP pointed out, it's still early in the process. I think most of you will agree that if YOU were running for Encinitas city council, you would want everything carefully worded and thoughtfully presented to the citizens of Encinitas so they know who they are voitng for. Rachelle Collier is doing just that.

  30. New Encinitas VoterMay 23, 2008 10:11 PM

    Nice. Encinitas Loves Rachelle!

  31. These are the candidates that have announced:

    Rachelle Collier - Leucadia
    Bob Nanninga - Leucadia
    Joe Sheffo - Olivenhain
    Tony Brandenburg - Olivenhain
    Jerome Stocks - New Encinitas
    Doug Long - ?

    Maggie Houlihan - Leucadia - has not announced, but will probably do so. Tony Brandenburg had said he would not run against James Bond, so this confirms that Bond is definitely out.

    No one has formally filed papers. It is too early in the process, as Mary and J.P. said. We won't have a definitive list until then. It already is a crowded field. City gadflies are waiting to see if Steve Aceti jumps in. That was his plan when he moved from Carlsbad to Encinitas. It doesn't look like a good years for him to do it. Alice Jacobson announced that she would not run.

    With Jerome Stock on the defensive, it looks to be a pivotal election for our city. I agree with Dr. Lorri. We all need to stay informed and participate. I think we can really make a difference this year.

  32. Does anyone know Brandenburg's politics? I will google him and get back to all of you. I do know that Doug Long is running, or at least that is what he has said. Jim is not (or course that could also be a ploy). Maggie doesn't have to announce yet as she is an incumbant. So, I still would like to see Rachelle formally say she is, as there are just to many players for her to keep quiet to long. I know it is early, as Dr. Lori said, but in this election, the early bird may just get the worm, or something like that.

  33. Rachelle is in... look at the banner on the front page of this blog. Duhhhh

    Go Rachelle. We love you!

  34. Anon: 9:50 So big deal. There is a banner on this blog. I haven't seen anything else aout her. I don't care if some people know her, I don't. And I am beginning to think she is just playing politics with us. Doesn't set well with me. Sorry Dr. L but I don't agree with you or J.P. on this one. J.P. should not have her banner up until she sais she is running. Period!

  35. No need to apologize to me. I don't know Rachelle either. I don't know Brandenburg for that matter, except he is a retired judge. Since Brandenburg has declared he is running I will Google him, as well as the other poster, and see what I think. Not that is is of any importance to anyone else but me. However, if I find something that may be of interest, I will let you all know. As for Rachelle, I will wait unitl she speaks up. I may Google her as well and see if I can find anything. SInce most of the posters seem to know her, I will keep my mouth shut on that one. It is going to be an interesting race that's for sure.

  36. Rachelle's website is up:

    Check it out.

  37. Good Start.

    We all love Rachelle. Who would not? She loves Ecinintas.

    I look forward to more.


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