Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Leucadia Agenda items, ENC city council meeeting Wed. 28th

There are three items pertaining to Leucadia at this week's city council meeting.

View Agenda items.

Agenda item #8

These mid-century modern duplexes on north Vulcan Ave are going to be torn down to make way for 2 story condos.

Agenda #9 The Beach Shuttle idea presented by 101 Coordinator Peder Norby.

Agenda #10 The Hillcrest railway pedestrian crossing discussion.


  1. 5. Adoption of Resolution 2008-37 authorizing application for the State of California's Highway-Railroad Crossing Safety Account Program for grade separation and rail crossing safety improvements. Contact Person: Richard Phillips, Assistant to the
    City Manager.

    BTW - Sight verification always gives me a broken image in IE on my home PC. No problem with Mozilla or IE on work PC. Thanks.

  2. Another packed meeting in which council will have limited time to adequately discuss any of the issue before them.

  3. Leucadian VoterMay 27, 2008 9:11 PM

    Regarding Item No. 5- Rail Road Improvement Grant.

    thats seems easy enough -

    Submit an application for a grant to fix the death trap intersection and install either grade seperation or a quiet zone.

    Cardiff is getting theirs this year. Leucadia deserves the same.

  4. I have seen the design of this development and it is a radical improvement of what is there now. The architect has utilized the elements of the specific plan to create a very appealing open design. The owners of this project are local folks that want to create something attractive and environmentally wise. They are planning to seek Leed, (Leadership for Energy & Environmental Design), certification to create one of the first GREEN residential development in the city.
    Change is inevitable. This change will be positive.

  5. Will we get to see the concept drawings tonight?

  6. It still seems to me that Encinitas (and / or NCTD) missed some kind of Section 190 deadline:


    I see that City of Vista nominated and was approved for some funding for 5 crossings, but I see no mention of Encinitas or NCTD. SANDAG got #2 on #16 priority for Taylor St. and Sorrento Valley BL crossings.

  7. Why such a packed schedule? I don't understand why the Council has to tackle so many issues tht directly affect the public in one meeting. Can someone explain this to me.

  8. Sorry all, but I am posting this on the most current post, in hopes that Fred Caldwell will tell me and us more about Dr. Sam. I read, with great interest, the website you shared with us on another post, regarding the public cries to free Dr. Sam Dubria. It is very distressing to read what has happened to this man. FRED. Could you please tell me, or us, more about this case. You can e-mail me at lgreene98@aol.com You can also call my office at 760-436-6798 if you would rather do that. I also can google more myself. I am curious about your own involvement in the case. Thank you.

  9. The proposed development on Vulcan is a three story, not two story, set of condominiums. The drawing presented at the Planning Commission showed the ground level as parking garages and then two levels for living above the parking. Although some features have merit, I think that three stories is too high for Vulcan. This is going to make the intersection at Vulcan and La Costa even more congested that it already is. However, the Planning Commission wouldn’t even address the height issue.

  10. I took a walk on the beach today and the sand level is very low between Beacon's and Grandview, and there are a lot of cobblestones.

  11. When we were under county rule, the parking challenged two story apts. on Vulcan Ave were getting out of hand. One of the guiding lights to incorporation was to get a handle on overdevelopments like these. Now three stories on Vulcan are OK under the watch of Encinitas? Yikes. This is another abuse of the Specific Plan.

  12. Agree with Fred -- three stories is unsightly and inappropriate for the character of the neighborhood. Look what happened to La Jolla - it is a mish mash of three storied buildings all trying to get an ocean view. Why can't the parking go underground? Even Rancho Santa Fe does not allow three story buildings in the covenant. Also, as to cobblestones on the beach -- isn't that the normal state of the beach as opposed to lack of sand? Not all beaches are naturally sandy with no rocks.

  13. Those cobbles will be covered by sand after next week's incoming south swell. Try watch.

  14. Well, at least that project didn't ask for a density bonus.
    There possibly could have been 14 units there and less setbacks, less parking and higher if they took advantage of the state low income housing law.
    That is a problem.

  15. The Planning Commission did address the height issue, unfortunately the North 101 Specific Plan clearly allows this height. Change the Specific Plan. No reason this type of development won't continue.

  16. Left coast has a good point. Leucadia does need to clean up and update the specific plan. Two major items include:

    1. Limit heights on Vulcan to 2 stories.

    2. Limit street front space on our N. Coast Hwy101 to community building type of retail or commercial. Similar to what DEMA is doing.

    Good job Left coast.

  17. Remember the Streetscape workshops tonight at City Hall at 6pm. Be there for this major community event!


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