Saturday, May 17, 2008

NCTD Executive Director Resigns!

From the Encinitas Taxpayers Association blog:

NCTD: A New Chapter

NCT Transit district leader announces resignation

North County Transit District Executive Director Karen King announced Thursday she was resigning, at a meeting where the financially struggling district unveiled a proposed $91.3 million budget featuring fare increases and bus-route cuts.

King said she would leave the district June 20 to become chief executive officer of Golden Empire Transit District in Bakersfield, one day after news broke that three other top transit district managers had been laid off because of mounting financial problems.

SD Union Tribune: Transit district chief resigning

King, who began her transit career 30 years ago as a bus driver in Utah, said the district's focus will be on operating the Sprinter, the Coaster train line between Oceanside and San Diego, and its Breeze bus system.

***Leucadia desperately needs someone at the NCTD helm who will put an end to the horrid scorched earth policy against us.


  1. My comment to: NCT
    [-] wrote on May 16, 2008 2:43 PM:
    Does this mean the end of the scorched earth policy along the tracks through Leucadia? Or, is it the board of directors that makes sure we get a lung full of grimy, asthma inducing dust every 20 minutes or so?


    Also, the more I see almost empty buses driving around (even during prime commuting time), the more I think $1M buses should be replaced with $20K minivans or shuttle vans where possible.

  2. Now if Jerome Stocks would resign from the NCTD board as our representative, we could make some progress in solving the problems. Stocks is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  3. It is a start, but I am reading this morning of other locations where 'scorched earth' or removing old trees is seemingly becoming the norm. City Halls, College Administrations and NCTD - filled with short sighted people.

    This link has a moving video of the tree removal in Santa Monica.

  4. TD id not remove any trees that were not dead or dying.
    The removal of wild vegatation along the tracks was not done by NCTD either.

  5. No vision.
    No leadership.
    No excuse.

  6. No Shit!

    Bob you are right on the mark!

  7. leucadia SUCKS


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