Monday, May 05, 2008


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Nothing says Welcome to Leucadia like piles of orange sandbags placed at our central intersection.

These orange sandbags have been protecting Leucadia (and America) from erosion for some time now, but they wore out their welcome pretty quick because they are...uh, really ugly.

Check it out amigos, no more orange sandbags! Finally, they are gone, oh happy day.

I wonder if this area will ever get any decent landscaping?

What the Leucadia Blvd/Hwy101 intersection might look like with a native cactus garden.

The orange sandbags terrorized and blighted Leucadia, but are they gone for good?


  1. That is great.

    It only took 3 years to remove the temmporary orange sand bags. How many years until we get trees in front of the scortched earth NCTD property like Cardiff?

    Lets see, Cardiff Railroad crossing gets a quiet zone this year meaning no more ear deafing train blasts for businesses, tourists and residents. How many years will it be until Leucadia gets a quiet zone?

    Why is it, Leucadia is always the last thought of Council?

    Geeze- its so frinken bad that we get happier than snot when rotten orange littering sanbag get removed from a death trap rail road crossing.

    Next - We are going to be super excited when we get new paint on existing cross walks on old broken roads. This attitude at City Hall has to change.


    I think things need to change come November and I will vote accordingly.

  2. I have to agree.

    That is the ugliest and most dangerous intersection in North County.

    When is council going to lower the tracks and make Leucadia Whole?

    When is council going to landscape Leucadia and give us trees?

  3. F987k the catcus garden.


  4. Roadside Park BumMay 05, 2008 9:52 PM

    I told you yesterday to NOT re-elect any council people and to run the others out of town if they don't start making Leucadia first!!!

    Why is the city spending $4 million dollars on paving Encinitas Blvd while the 101 HAS NEVER received new pavement?? Enc Blvd was repaved several years ago!! Was such a poor job done that it needs new pavement again so soon??

    You people better start making some noise down at city hall. They don't care about you and never have.

    Why is it that the city always looks to spend money other places than Leucadia??

    Why is any city project in Leucadia always half-ass?? They can't even finish the roundabouts!! They left one out of the puzzle!! Frigg'n morons!!

    Come November you better throw the bums out!!!


  5. Hey-

    I saw the Rachelle Collier tag on the website. Cool.

    Rachelle has always cared for Encinitas and has a long track record to prove she has the right vision for Encinitas.

    Someone please post a link and tell me where I can send my contribution to her campaign.

    She is pure goodness and should be a shoe in for Council.

    I bet the only one who might think otherwise is someone trying to profit at the publics expense. Let see who speaks out against her and see what they can dredge up from the darkest parts of their tweeked souls?

  6. I'm voting for Rachelle Collier. I encourage others to do so as well.

  7. I am glad the orange bags are finally gone. We'll see if they come back if we get a big rain.

    I'm voting for Rachelle Collier and Bob Nanninga.

    We need fresh eyes at City Hall.

    I trust that Rachelle and Bob would encourage a policy of more open, accountable local government and more attention to Leucadia's needs.

    Throwing money at high priced consultants and a 101 CZAR, money for PR spin, does not actually PLANT any more trees, or repave our streets. I hope the workshops ultimately turn out better than the results of the Hall Property workshops, where the input was largely ignored for the current sports complex plans, which are still working their way through the EIR, with much public disapproval and dissatisfaction.

    I also question the hugely expensive project to put rubber asphalt along Encinitas Blvd. This seems like bad timing, too soon, and on top of the expensive library, fire stations, and staff and Council raises.

    Yes, I'm glad both Rachelle and Bob would work toward undergrounding the tracks.

  8. Hey Lynn-

    Can you do them both a favor and not actively campaign for them? I think they can come up with their own platform and I don't think you’re considered an asset to any campaign. Your history brings a lot of negative baggage.

    Maybe you can just ask your friends to vote for them and that will be plenty.


    Caring Leucadian for Quality of Life

  9. Do yourself a favor anon 6:10 A.M. and leave Lynn alone.

    She has as much a right to post her preferences as anyone else here, and at least she had the courage to post under her own name, unlike you.

    Or me, right now. We can pull together to get Stocks and Bond out (and James Bond has changed his mind about running or not running before), or we can pull apart.

    You decide. If you are a caring Leucadian, then let everyone have the right to post their feelings here; don't try to bully some out of the picture.

    Folks like yourself, anon 6:10 a.m. are not "considered an asset to any campaign." Rachelle and Bob can speak for themselves on this subject.

    Why don't you go deal with your own "negative baggage," Jerome, and Jerome's dirty tricksters. You know who you are, and we do too.

  10. get a clue lynnMay 06, 2008 1:33 PM

    1227 is Lynn.

    Lynn you are destructive. Be self-destructive all you like, but don't screw up what other people are working on. When are you going to start listening to other people and stop being so close minded?

    WHY DONT YOU ASK Rachelle and Bob if they want your help or public endorsements.

    I'll give you a foot massage if either one of them publicly says they hope you help them on their campaign and will put your name on a a list of endorsements.

    When are you going to get a clue?

  11. Roadside park bumMay 06, 2008 1:51 PM

    Can we stay on the subject people?? The first poster has it right.

    Leave Lynn alone!! She is entitled to her opinion whatever it may be. While you may not agree with how she presents it, but so what!! Leave her be. I doubt very much she will be a positive or negative affect on anyones campaign.

    Bury the TRAIN!!!

  12. Leave Lynn alone. My gosh can't a person express themselves? She may be a vile seahag and a gutter gulping remnant of human debris but she does deserve our respect. I cannot even believe the stuff I read on this blog. Some of you trashmouth toilet breath low life losers are not very kind and loving to eachother. Bless you all!

  13. As a journalist, poet, and candidate for Encinitas City Council I whole-heartedly support Lynn's First Amendment Right to free speech.

  14. Bob-

    You forgot to add flamboyant kiss ass.

  15. RSPB,

    We are glad you are back

  16. anon 4:41
    Refrencing the Oxford Dictionary for confirmation I can assure you I am in no way flamboyant.

    Is flamboyant really the word you were looking for?

  17. It would be nice if some of us who do not know Rachelle Collier could be informed by her, instead of others. Until she speaks out, I remain unconvinced. In fact, since I am pretty sure she reads this blog, as she is being mentored byTeresa Barth. I wonder if she is too nice to be on the City Council. I have never met her so it is just an observation. We need tough folks on the Council and this blog offers people a chance to speak up. So where is Rachelle, or for that matter Joe? Just askin

  18. We need intelligent people on Council. tough and nice are not exclusive. Dumb comments and smart comments are exclusive. You can be tough and nice at the same time.

    Currently, besides Teresa and maybe Maggie, we have dumbass wimps. Obviously, not exclusive.

    It will be nice to have nice and tough on council soon.

  19. flamboyant-

    ... relating to, or having wavy lines and flamelike forms characteristic....

    Given to ostentatious or audacious display

  20. The only reason I visit this stupid blog is to see if RSPB has posted anything new. He is on a nice roll this week.

  21. Roadside Park BumMay 07, 2008 7:55 AM

    You visit this blog to see if I've posted anything new, that's cause you know I'm the straw that stirs the drink on this blog.


  22. I think the RSPB needs to see Dr. Lorri and have his shrunk. It is getting a little too big:) I love you anyway and you still owe me a beer.

  23. Maggie is the biggest wimp in the city of encinitas. She rolls on just about everything.

  24. Hey Bob N , do you also support the 2nd amendment too? I've got a hunch you don't. The first one made possible by the second one.

  25. Anon 11:46
    Of course I support the
    2nd amendment. I hold the truths established by the U.S. Constitution to be self evident. The right to bear arms is clearly there.

    Do I think gun control is important? Yes. The issue should really be about controlling the number of firearms being manufactured.

    Do I own a gun? No.

    Thanks for asking.

  26. Thats OK Bob. I own 20.... When all hell is breaking loose. I will sell you one for a healthy profit. The 2nd amendment is key and will be really important in about 20 to 40 years to keep things in check in the ol USA.


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