Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Workshop and discussion about Undergrounding Utilities

The city is having a series of workshops about undergrounding utilities. Please click this link for the schedule: City of Encinitas pdf file.

Check out the hack job they did on this telephone poll on the corner of Phoebe and Neptune, one of the wealthiest streets in Encinitas. Where is the duct tape?


  1. Jesus....more talk...

    Just underground the fricken lines.

    Make the people pay for it.

    It will be worth the cost.

    All of the bombed out Europe is underground and it looks great.

    San Diego has a program to underground the entire city within 20 years.

    How long will Encinitas have ancient ugly dangerous tree killing unreliable overhead lines?

  2. Disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful. I'm sure this type of infrastructure blight does little to improve property values.

  3. "LEUCADIA LAST!"...coming to a newsstand near you soon.

  4. Bob-maybe that is exactly why no undergrounding take place, except of course near City Hall. BLIGHT. If we are a blighted area-well you all can figure out the rest.

  5. Please write to the City Council and Staff and let them know that we want Neptune to live up to its potential.

  6. Some lines were just undergrounded at the new development across from the Leucadia post office (in the alley) and looks much better. An example of what can be done. I think SDG&E wants to hold onto the money in "the undergrounding fund" for as long as possible. We pay that fund with every SDG&E bill, but we see little action. I think each city should get its share of that money spent within its boundaries, not just wherever SDG&E wants to spend it. Still, Vulcan looks much better since the undergrounding, and I know there are other corridors underway, but it certainly seems to move at a glacial pace. What's up with that?

  7. Roadside park bumMay 15, 2008 4:28 PM

    I have advocated the under grounding of utility poles since joining this blog. UP's should be under grounded through out the city. Not just Neptune nor San Elijo Dr. Vulcan looks much nicer with the utilities under the dirt, imagine how nice that stretch of road will be if the train was underground.

    As for a workshop and discussion, what is there to discuss, underground the utilities.

  8. Underground the lines, bury the train...

    Appropriate infrastructure.

    Invest in Leucadia


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