Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ask a Person from Encinitas

via the San Diego Reader.


  1. What insipid questions? What is the most gruesome crime? WTF? Was this an intern or student project?

  2. I think she (the girl being interviewed) did a pretty decent job if that was really all ad-lib. I do take some issue with the eco-freaks comment, just because I think the world needs as many eco-freaks as possible right now, but other than that I thought it was ok. I doubt that she's originally from here, but she did a good job. Ok - except for capping on the trains. Don't talk smack about the trains. They should be grade-separated, but they're mass transit, so give 'em a break. If I'm sitting at Papagayo, or Pannikin, I'd rather hear a train than smell a truck or car (which happens more times/hour than hearing a train). Uh oh - does that make me an eco-freak?

  3. I agree with her train comments. The trains are so outdated and old. They use totally in-efficient desiel locomotives. They should be running more fuel efficient and quiter trains for the Coaster. All of the crossings should be quiet zones. NCTD is a lame District.

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