Monday, June 09, 2008

Encinitas Library Wartime Review

The new Encinitas Library doubles as a fine military bunker is this review:
Monumental Slab, The Encinitas Stacks by John Overmeier.


  1. I have to agree.

    His review is war dead on.

    Plus the Bunker cost $30 million dollars which could have gone to more worth needs like fixing the death machine called the Leucadia Rail Road crossing, or drainage or undergrounding the railroad, or streetscape.

    The value of the property is the ocean view. A magnificent library could have been built for $10 million. But Know worries, money isn't a consideration for trophy projects. If each fire station remodel costs $5 million, we should easily spend $30 million on a Library.

    Jerome was behind selling the bonds paid for by the san Dieguito water district for the library.

    Oust Jerome Stocks for getting us in $20,000,000 debt solely for an excessively overbuilt Library.

    The man has no financial sense. I can see him rolling over and becoming a Democrat in the near future. He acts like Encinitas has a money tree and can give staff union raises at will.

    Vote for someone in November with common sense.

  2. anon 7:43,

    He as some financial sense because he has slightly more than Maggie.

    Time for the both of them to move on. We can't afford them.

  3. I also am amazed by the unsecured entry. I am saddened by the theft...there are at least 20 of the Biography books "missing", as a librarian told me. Although they are ugly, the staff will eventually have to put security arches in like they have at the Carlsbad libraries.

  4. Guess architecture is like art. Some people love it and some people hate it. As with the Cardiff surf statue, the only thing that frustrates me is that people choose not to get involved on the front end so they can complain on the back end.

    Keep in mind that city council meetings are open to the public.

  5. old and uselessJune 10, 2008 10:58 AM

    The library looks like a Mexican bank. All it's missing is the machine gun toting guard out front. But then again perhaps the guard would stop the thieves!

    Dalager(Gomer) and Stocks went along with Maggies folly to court her support in the next election. All three of them need to go, out with the old and useless and in with the new and unknown.

  6. The people have be informed as to when and how to participate and then you have to have a council that cares to listen. Why waste the time to participate when they just ignore you?

  7. I love the library, both as a user, and a neighbor. Is it perfect? No. Did it cost a lot? Yes, but I still love it. And my kids love it.

    The whole war/bunker tone in the article wasn't all that funny. To me, fwiw.

    Part of this library's cost was supposed to be paid by Proposition 14 funding. I remember them submitting the request for funds, and I think instead the San Diego City library got a huge chunk (10M) of money that same request period. So another geographically close project was not going to be considered (Encinitas). No San Diego City library has been built. So, where did that money go? Inquiring minds....

  8. The library and state funds became a cloudy area. There may have been some questions about the city application.

  9. Ida Lou Coley. The REAL gift to Encinitas...!

  10. The voters chose this site after numerous study committees had said it was too expensive, inaccessible by foot, wouldn't have a decent collection,etc. A clear majority said they wanted this outrageously expensive library. So we got what we said we wanted. Quail Gardens would have been much better!

  11. 3:46
    "Quail Gardens would have been much better!" A mile from public transportation instead of across the street from a major transit center? No ocean view? Naw, Quail Gardens location was a ploy to CHANGE ZONINIG create a new business corridor through Encinitas, little more.

    As far as the article goes, it's a colorful satire, but I wholly disagree. The colors of the library walls were chosen to match our natural sandstone bluffs. True there are no windows from the vantage point of that article's second photo. But the East side probably has the largest window in one room in the county. Bad location? I don't think in the heart of downtown Encinitas and less than a block from numerous Coasters and 180 buses per day is misplaced for a Library. Patronage? I have yet to go there when it isn't being very well used. That's priceless. And just over the weekend it drew 400 people for an art exhibit.

    But some people see the ocean from the balcony while they relaxing with their lunch and a good book, while others lean over the edge to bitch about the air conditioners on City Hall. Can't please everyone.That's why the QG folks wasted so much money fighting the City Hall location and stalling the project for a year, having the architect draw TWO libraries instead. (And for you library critics, you shoulda seen the "greenhouse" design that was going to go on Quail Gardens.) The current location won by a landslide. Opps, better not say landslide or they will seg-way to how dangerous the Cornish Dr. location is.

  12. Opps, I meant West side has the big bad.

  13. Fred- You da man!!!

  14. "The whole war/bunker tone in the article wasn't all that funny."

    "As far as the article goes, it's a colorful satire..."

    Citizens, this review was in no way meant to be humorous. It was a professional review of the highest caliber.

    The comparisons to a war going on were not without substance. As I was walking around in Encinitas, I could hear heavy machine gun fire and bomb blasts drifting down from Camp Pendleton.

    I attempted to take refuge in what I thought was a military installation. Why fault me for protecting my life and limb and later writing of the experience?

  15. Didn't mean to disturb your hunker in the bunker.

  16. Hey Fred-

    Love you and agree with you on the downtown location, But....

    any building would have huge westerly windows. Duh... thats where the Ocean view lies....

    Doesn't mean that every side needs to look like a bomb shelter.

    there was no need for the million dollar wallmart wall.

    More balanced with the community would have been nice.

    The reason I didn't speak out was the current council and previous councils makes public commenter’s feel like villains and very uncomfortable no matter what the message.

    I realize some like LB and associates make council cringe. But they should disconnect their hatred for that women from the other speakers before council. Don't judge the speaker before hearing the message.

    The $30 million dollar bunker/library is built.

    I just hope future projects are more balanced with the surrounding community.

    That is one ugly ass building. And you have to agree the landscaping looks complete to measured and sterile.

  17. I bet the Leucadia fire station looks just as out of place.

    We don't have to waite long to see how that $7 million was spent do we?

  18. does everybody forget so quickly???
    the old library structure was cast concrete it lasted 30 something years
    It makes for a quiet, well insulated, long lasting bug free building.
    this one could last 30 40 or 80 years.

  19. Jordon-

    That Library is NOT Quiet! Maybe for a war bunker but not a Library!

    Go in and listen. Like the article says, the ambient noise level is huge. Not like a train, but huge none the less.

    Someone blew it with the air circulation. And the looks do look like a nice dirt camo bunker.

    A 50 to 100 year library nicer library could have easily been built for $10 million.

    $20 million wasted in my opinion.

  20. Only 30 years?? Are you telling me that we will need to pay for another library in 30 years?? FUCK ME!!! I'm blowing outta this town before the 3rd library is built. What'll that cost us in 30 years?? $100 million?? In 30 years that train will still be carving through the town at 70 MPH, how many more will die between now and then?? But FUCK ME, we will be getting another library!!

    Jordan I hope you are young and earn a lot of money so that you can pay all the taxes that this city is going to suck outta you and then pay for a new library. FUCK ME, I'm outta here.

  21. tell us how you REALLY feel...

  22. We never voted for the kind of library we got, only on its location. It was to be Quail Gardens Drive or the old library site. I voted for the old site. I'm with Fred on the location.

    What we never counted on was a city council run amok. We can thank Jerome Stocks again for uncontrolled spending, cost overruns, and worst of all, the absurd decision to bulldoze the water district office and works yard. That led to the expensive mess of the Mossy Chevrolet purchase.

    So the council voted more bonds that will cost $40 million to repay in order to finish the library. The money isn't borrowed for free. The council also spent $14 million to buy and retrofit Mossy Chevrolet. Thanks, Jerome, for your stupidity.

    And just wait until this council gets their hands on the Hall property park project. It will be the mother of all follies and make the library lunacy look cheap.

  23. re: 10:47

    take it easy hasselhoff!!!
    i'm just saying the old one was concrete and so is this one...
    and i see the reasoning for building it that way..
    yes the cost overruns were stupid
    yes moving the water district was stupid
    but concrete makes sense to me

  24. Thanks for all the posts... they inspired me. So I went to the library today and did something fun... I got my 8 year old niece a library card... the library is amazing, it is organized, encourages usage, has nice nooks for people to read, beautiful views to the ocean, wonderful programs. I am psyched that this will be available for all of our children (and us too!).

    I know folks are not thrilled about the cost, but it is a great addition to our city.

    Now... how about some more investments in Leucadia. We all know what is on our wish list.

  25. "Brian",

    After all that money got thrown into the library, you sound like an idiot for turning around talking about fixing up Leucadia.

    The library and the Park is where all of Encinitas' money is going. Figure it out.

    As for the design. I like the exterior style, but I can tell you right now that if that was my house half this blog would be freaking out talking about how it doesn't fit with "community character."

  26. Hey Brain-

    I am glad you’re interested in City happenings.

    Here is the skinny.

    The City built a $30,000,000 library and bought a $15,000,000 public works yards. They cried broke and borrowed $20,000,000 dollars to complete the projects.

    Now they are remodeling a fire station for $6 million and are planning on another major remodel probably over $6 million for the second of three stations. All while crying that there is no money to fix any existing problems that keep killing residents.

    They are planning to pay for a $100,000,000 regional sports park. All while claiming they are broke and cannot afford to fix any existing problems that keep killing residents.

    I cant waite to see what the kids death on Sante Fe will cost the City.

    I wonder what the death of kid on the Leucadia Rail Road crossing stretch of roadway will cost the City?

    I am glad you enjoyed your library visit. Maybe you can check out a book on sound fiscal management City and then go educate Council. We are only a town of 63,000 people. so where do you think they will get the money to fix up Leucadia?

  27. read books don't burn themJune 14, 2008 12:04 PM

    Encinitas has 2, count them, 2 libraries.

  28. NONE of this would ever have happened if the Council and the Water Board were not one in the same. An independent Water Board would never have left the present library location, or allowed themselves to be pawns to the lease revenue bonds.

    For future fiscal responsibility, separate these twins now.

  29. I'm wondering who's idea it was to landscape with turf grass. Something less water-demanding and lower maintenance would have been a better idea. The strips of grass aren't even big enough for recreation.


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