Friday, June 06, 2008

Hero Leucadian Fights to Keep 760 REGION: Code war -- Leucadia man launches drive to keep 760

Article excerpt:

ENCINITAS ---- As North County prepares for yet another new area code, one Leucadia resident is saying enough is enough.

"It seems arrogant to me that a nonelected body would impose this decision, which will cost millions of dollars," said Scott Chatfield, who has started an online petition drive to ask the Public Utilities Commission to reconsider its April 24 decision to change North County's area code from 760 to 442.

With no publicity so far, about two dozen people have joined him to lobby the commission, he said.

The 442 area code will be introduced in October for Borrego, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Escondido, Fallbrook, Julian, Oceanside, Pauma Valley, Camp Pendleton, Ramona, San Marcos, Valley Center, Vista, and Warner Springs.

Both the 760 and 442 area codes will coexist until April 2009, then only the 442 area code will work in North County.

Chatfield, who has a background in radio and runs a small recording label, has created the Web site to pressure the commission. He doesn't dispute there is a need for more area codes because of a growing population and an increasing number of cell phones, fax machines and other devises.

But he does disagree with the commission's solution to the problem.


  1. half day fridayJune 06, 2008 8:14 AM

    My company's t-shirts have our 760 phone # printed on them. My boss is PISSED.

  2. I am lobbying for 666!

  3. Go Scott! This is ridiculous. This is the third area code I have had since moving to Cardiff in 1983. How come San Diego doesn't have to change? Are we the poor step-children of San Diego County? I call B.S. Go to work for us Pam Slater-Price.

  4. It went from 714 t0 619 to 760 since they started using area code. A great number of businesses and organizations not to mention residents will be impacted by this move. Demographically the affect here is surely more dramatic here than inland rural areas.

  5. Sorry JP-

    My English is a little rusty.

    Open your mind up and lets see what we have in common.

    call me any time. I am always there for you.

  6. All of the worthless NEW cell phones should have NEW area codes.

    NEW area code for NEW residents.
    Old numbers for old residents.
    First come first serve.
    But I dont think they can figure that out yet?

  7. Beware, if we keep the 760 then we will all have to dial 11 digits for ALL local calls 1-760-xxx-xxxx. This hasn't been talked about much at all, the commission thought about this and was the main concern.

    Also, would the 442 overlay be for the entire huge 760 area, if so then the rural areas will protest strongly that they will have to dial 11 digits also. They are just small towns (hundreds of them with only one prefix) who hardy ever need to dial anything but the local 7 digits.

  8. I would rather have a split cost me a little on stationary than to have to dial 1+760 in front of all my local calls, that would be forever!


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