Thursday, June 12, 2008

Leucadia 101 Membership Drive

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Leucadia 101 Membership Drive

It's been a busy year for Leucadia 101 and we need your involvement and membership!

What an incredible time in history for Leucadia. We are well along on the planning process for the Leucadia Streetscape; conceptual design for the entire length, and first phase construction between A street and North Court. This is the most significant public investment in several decades for our community as well as other projects such as pedestrian rail crossings, Leucadia Blvd. improvements as well as several private sector projects. You've probably noticed the new sidewalks with the round medallion stamps embossed that have been installed on Hwy 101 between North Court and Jupiter. I think we can all see the tremendous improvement this has been with the increase in pedestrian activity and improvements to business storefronts and landscaping.

Your involvement with Leucadia 101 is the most important and effective way to ensure your voice is heard on these projects as they come to fruition, which is why I'm writing to you today to introduce our New Membership Program! We had fun with the names - it's Leucadia after all- but we're serious about the great benefits for each level.

Please take a look at our website for more information and sign up today!


  1. Is this group for 101 business owners only?

  2. L101 is not for businesses only.
    The membership includes a mix of businesses, residents and folks that want to create a better Leucadia for our future.

  3. Charlie Marvin as President of L101. That left me cold and not wanting to join. Do any of you know anything about this man? He is reviled by many people in this City and you elected him president. Have you lost your minds. Dr. L we need you.

  4. Charlie Marvin III was one of the most vocal advocates of the proposed Leucadia redevelopment district. At this point I will encourage everyone I know to avoid Leucadia 101 like the plague.

  5. go for it. And I will tell everyone I know about how great Charly has been and continues to be for Leucadia. I know Charlie and he is very supportive of bettering Leucadia by encouraging cool "funky" business improvements and walkable community.

    Actions always speak louder than words. All you need to do is look at the property's he's fixed up and kept a classic Leucadia History alive.

    He owns the Gold coast Plaza and the Leucadia Inn. I think those are two of the finest examples of what Leucadia should preserve and become.

    I always respect people more for what they do than what they say.
    Thanks Charly for helping preserve and better our community and thanks to those that get involved and join L101.

  6. Charlie Marvin III actively advocates for the formation of a redevelopment district along Coast highway 101.

  7. How in the hell did Charlie manage to pull off persuading Leucadians that he has our best interest at heart. Now I am sure someone is either drinking some of his cool aid, or Marvin has used other tactics to become President of the L101. Let's see who really gets to benefit. I am embarrassed beyond belief that L101 could be this stupid or misinfomed. All of this time I thought these people really cared about Leucadia. How very wrong I turned out to be.

  8. For the next year Leucadia 101 will be completely without credibility. Anything emanating from this group will be discredited and suspect.

    The man is a malignant fuck!

    Good job Peder.

  9. Whatever bitcher-

    what the hell have you ever done for Leucadia?

    Charly has proven his contributions to Leucadia. Please tell us what you have done.

  10. Charlie Marvin is offering his knowledge and time to create a better Leucadia for all of us.
    Those who have posted the negative comments do not know what a great asset he has been for our community. It is not true that he has championed redevelopment districts.
    He is one of the L101 founding members and has given his time selflessly.
    Leucadia 101 Mainstreet has been a very positive influence for our community.
    It would be wise to support this group of caring volunteers by joining this association and help yourself by offering your time to help maintain the aspects of Leucadia that we all want to preserve and plan for the positive changes that Leucadia deserves.

    As president of L101, I am confident, Mr. Marvin guide this association to achieve long needed positive changes to the community we all cherish.
    And thank you Patricia Bell for her tireless term as president over the last two years.
    I believe that those 'posters'who have a negative opinion of Mr. Marvin, have never worked with him or seen all the good he has done for us. It is also probably true that those same people have never done anything themselve to further the positive community cause.
    Get involved.
    Support L101 Mainstreet.

  11. We are anxiosly awating the rebuttal of the "haters" of all.
    You were invited to state what you have contributed to you community.
    I guess you have stated all that you contribute.
    I know Mr. Marvin and he is not a "malignant 'verb'".
    Can you even call someone a verb?

  12. It is very unfair to allow, probably one idiot to trash a civic leader with untruths and without any facts and a inappropriate vile slurs.
    Ok then.
    To:June 14, 2008 8:19 AM, June 15, 2008 1:29 PM, and June 15, 2008 7:09 PM,
    You are a animal abuser and steal from small children and you have offensive body oder.
    No facts. Just hate.

  13. First, Marvin is not a civic leader. Second, many of us might not want to get sued by him. SO, facts are not put on this kind of a blog.

  14. Mr Marvin is and has been a civic leader for many years.
    His contributions have been a positive influence to our cummunity for many years. He is and has been a respected professional in his field.
    Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association is fortunate to have him offer his knowledge and expertise.
    Leucadia is also fortunate to have the benefit from his caring.

    What have you ever offered other than your uninformed venom?

  15. I would love to tell you what I have done both professionally and civically, but I cannot do it on this blog. I say wait and see how Mr.Marvin handles things and then judge. Maybe I will be the one who is surprised. I really hope that I am. If I am, I promise that I will eat every negative post I have done about him, of which there are 2.

  16. Cannot understand the personal attacks on Charley Marvin. He's a fine man, and they are not fair. It is so wrong to hide behind an anonymous blog when a person takes a hatchet and tries to ruin someone's reputation. Our experience of Charley, and we've kown him for years, proves to us that he is as honest and capable and truly caring as he can possibly be. He and Kirsten are outstanding citizens, and you should be thanking him for taking on the job, not vilifying him. It's a truly cowardly attack on a good man.

  17. I notice that you didn't put your names on the blog either. I am not hiding behind anonymous. I just don't want to get sued, even if it woud be a frivolous lawsuit. What's your excuse for not putting your full names on the blog?

  18. Wow. Does everybody post here anonymously, or is that only for when you're bitching about other people? My name is Kevin Doyle and I'm a member of the L101 - my wife and I have the deepFLING Jewelry store in the Gold Coast center.

    ANYways, I know Charley Marvin, and I think he's going to be good for the group. FWIW, I've been a board member for the last 3 years, and yes, I voted for Charley. People who want to bitch should come on down and volunteer for one of our next events maybe - you can find me in the Roadside Park doing setup next ArtWalk (August 31st, save the date! =) We can always use the help! I believe it was "anonymous" who said, "actions speak louder than words." I'm pretty sure it's me saying "put up or shut up!"


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