Monday, June 23, 2008

Local Gal Rachelle Collier Making 2008 Encinitas City Council Run!

The following is an e-mail from a friend,

I am running for City Council because I have noticed that the citizens of Encinitas are not always clearly heard. I believe that community involvement is essential to keep our City, and its five unique communities, true to the General Plan that was so thoughtfully written when our City was incorporated in 1986.

Please remember, the reason Encinitas incorporated as a City was to remove control from the County, which was not doing its job, and to demand good and well-planned development. Too often, in the past few years, citizen’s ideas and concerns have not been thoroughly considered. Workshops are well attended but the input from the community is not reflected in the outcome.

I believe we can do it better. It is time to open up City Hall and allow citizens who have vast expertise and knowledge to participate. The responsibility of making final decisions will always fall to the elected officials, but the City has a great resource at hand and should encourage citizens who can volunteer their time and ideas to be part of the process.

It is time for change and fairness in our City Government and I am committed to making that change happen.

My community involvement includes: Being founding member of the Community Parks Council, (1999). We were instrumental in the development of the Leucadia Oaks Park. I’ve been a member of the Leucadia Town Council since 2001, and President since 2006. The LTC has also awarded an annual $500 scholarship to a graduating high school senior since 2006. As well as being a Board member of the Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association since 2000, I am currently the Secretary and have served on many committees and have participated in all the events that contribute to the character of the North 101 Corridor, including working with the City staff and Council to have temporary sidewalks installed where there were none and attending the Streetscape workshops. I am also a member of the Friends of the Encinitas Library and the Encinitas Taxpayers Association.

I am proud to be endorsed by The League of Conservation Voters and Sierra Club California.


  1. Roadside Park BumJune 23, 2008 10:01 PM

    Rachelle- Are your going to place porta potties at Beacons Beach?? If not, why not?? Why are the beaches of Leucadia the only beaches without bathroom facilities?? Why are restrooms good enough for the library and golf course( yes they have porta potties on the golf course)but not good enough for Leucadia beaches?? Don't tell me about the cost involved... 10 grand for a survey of happiness will fund plenty of porta potties!!!


  2. Open, fiscally conservative, environmentally conscious, looking to improve the quality of life for Encinitas residents and honest.

    In summary, just about the opposite of Jerome Stocks.

    Rachelle you can’t make every bum happy, but you will sure make a bunch of us happy when you win this election.

    Thanks for running and you have the community’s full support.

  3. Hey RSPB-

    Do you realize that Porta-Potties look and smell like shit?

    Maybe the Leucadia community doesn't want a porta pottie at Beacons. Maybe it would degrade the current conditions and lower surrounding property values.

    Plus they attract more bums like you, and will likely get vandalized and pushed down the bluff with the toxic crap spilling all over the beach. Like everything else at Beacons.

    There are alot of us that would not like a porta pottie at Beacons.

    We view Beacons as more of a local family style beach. Everyone at the beach goes pee in the Ocean. Everyone from Imperial Beach to Oceanside. If you need to take a crap while at Beacons, head to the local eatery, release your load, and pick up some good food to start the next load. Or go poop in your own home or friend’s home and then go back to the beach.

    I personally would hate to see and smell a shitty Porta Pottie at Beacons.

    I like Beacons without a porta-pottie and I know many other people that feel the same way.

    If the "Public" decides we need a "public bathroom" in the area, lets put it down in the park so it will be more accessible to the Public and bums like you along Hwy101. Not along our precious coastline.

  4. Being a member of the Sierra Club should send chills down your spine. Do I see more liberties ripped away. Nanny mommy is on the way.

  5. It sure was crowded at the beach this weekend. That is a lot of pee.

  6. I'm voting for Rachelle and Nanninga.

  7. Do you have a platform put together yet? In other words, what would you do differntly if elected to the Encinitas City Council? I know Leucadia loves you, however that is probaby not enough to win (no offense to any Lecadian). I would ike to know, besides letting citizens be more involved, what your vision is for a new City Counci. Thank you.

  8. Roadside Park BumJune 24, 2008 8:23 AM

    Anon7:14 Where do you live?? Let's post a sign at Beacons so everyone can come to your house and shit and piss in your yard or bushes!!! But your such a concerned environmentalist you'll invite them into your home to use the toilet, won't you?? WWWWAAAAAaaaaaaa.

    You don't like porta potties at the beach but you are ok with shit and piss!!! Your values are perverted!!!

    OH and btw it's a federal crime to release human waste into the ocean, rivers, streams, ponds.

    Where is Surfrider foundation on this issue?? Oh yes they are more concerned about a property owner protecting there home with a sea wall than they are about floating turds and piss!!! Says a lot about Surfriders....

    You tell to much about your self anon 7:14 with your posting, scary!!


  9. Yeah that's all nice and everything - BUT what the hell are you going to do about the FLOODING and UNDERGROUNDING the TRACKS?


  10. Member of the Sierra Club?

    You think that's a "good" thing?

    You must be a freakazoid.

  11. RSPB-

    What the hell do I care what you think or say.

    Your a Bum....

    If I need to discharge....I will spit, piss and poop on you.

    We don't need a bathroom, we have your mouth.

    If you don't like it, move up or down the coast.

    Otherwise, shut the hell up and love Leucadia like we do.


  12. Even with a porta potty, people will still pee in the Ocean.

    Its just the way it is.

  13. Some of the above posts are EXACTLY WHY Rachelle avoided this blog for so long. As someone who is on her campaign team, I thought it may be helpful for her to "make an appearance". It would be nice if those of you with concerns could come to the future candidate forums and ask Rachelle questions at that time. Oh well, if Rachelle wins a seat on the city council she'll have to get use to slings and arrows and I can't think of a more fitting introduction to the fickle human condition than the World of Blogs. Carry on, a-holes!

  14. I agree w/ Anon 8:40. I will only vote for candidates who specifically advocate ending the 'Leucadia Last or Not at All' mentality and vow to end the NCTD Reign of Terror.

    re bathrooms: How about a proper brick shit-house at the park?

  15. I like the idea of a proper brick bathroom at the park.

  16. I am so glad that Rachelle has declared. I believe her introduction was the best thing I have heard. Just living here she knows about the many monkeys flinging poo. It is tiresome and insulting to all of Leucadians, but the price we pay to visit JP's.

    This site has a bird's eye view of our treasured few square miles and I enjoy a couple lucid comments per post. But, they feed the trolls. It is not a safe site.I guess I will simply need to visit each candidate's website for further information. Rachelle, what is your website?

    This playground is just for the asshole monkey trolls to push each other around and shout at people passing by.

  17. What's with the scat?

    A tunnel under Del Mar has already been considered. It should be extended from Del Mar to Camp Pendleton.

    Amtrak and NCTD could offset the cost through real estate sales/leasing.

    Expensive real estate is one reason subway systems are built under downtown areas. North County beachfront acreage definitely qualifies as 'expensive'.

  18. Is calling [almost] everyone on this blog an A-hole good politics for your candidate? At least Bob can take the heat and speak for himself.

  19. What about the rest of Encinitas? Leucadia is great (what else can I say on the Leucadia blog?), but we already have two city council members from that part of town. Some of the biggest issues in the next few years are in southern Encinitas. Our voices are being ingored by the current city council. What will Rachelle do differently?

  20. As a candidate for Encinitas City Council I plan to represent all residents of Encinitas. I may reside in Leucadia, but my Cyber cafe is Downtown Encinitas, and ecological stewardship pertains to all five communities.

  21. Mary, what is wrong with my posting?? I am asking a very simple question. Just because some idiots don't want Leucadia to be a nice place to live and bum doesn't mean everyone thinks that way.

    Tell Rachelle Collier to support Leucadia and it's needs. And one of it's needs is bathrooms facilities at the ALL Leucadia beaches.

    Anon 9:23- you have serious mental/emotions problems seek help before it lands you in deeper trouble.

  22. The ONLY candidate that actully speaks for himself on this blog is Bob. I think that shows great courage and integrity. I don't know Rachelle, but if what she said to J.P. on this blog is her only idea, I will be disappointed. I hope she will make her voice be heard. Leucadia is not the only community in Encinitas, and I doubt if Rachelle can win with just votes from Leucadia. I am really trying to be constructive and not just flaming. The last time I logged onto her website (yesterday) there was nothing of substance there. So rachelle, the ball is in your court so to speak. Good luck

  23. RSPB

    I love the bum's comment telling others to seek mental help.

    Only on the Leucadia Blog. Classic!

  24. I thought Dr. Lori was the only one who could officially tell people to get mental help. So you are both wrong.

    On to Rachelle. I do not live in Leucadia, I live in Encinitas. She has tied herself to much to Leucadia for me to be comfortable with her. Guess I will stick with Bob and see who else takes a shot t it.

  25. anon 11:52, Cardiffian - I'm sure you are correct in saying that S Coast HWY needs some attention too. You do have the 2nd most jacked-up at-grade crossing. I would love to see the track buried and covered all the way through Encinitas. But, if 2 current members are from Leucadia, it sure does not feel like it. S. Coast HWY was recently paved we were not. You at least have some nice flowers and a little park where we have scorched earth. The winter flooding seems much worse through Leucadia to me. (I will say though, it’s OK w/ me that we do not have a statue.)

    We all really need counsel that is looking out for the people of Encinitas, not the bullies at NCTD. I am also against spending $100M in new trophy projects while there existing problems never get fixed.




  27. Wonder what a Leucadian statute would look like?

    How about the Cardiff Kook except with a ponytail?

  28. >Wonder what a Leucadian statute would look like?
    An English spiritualists dancing, in diaphanous white robes, in Roadside Park.

  29. Anon1:59- I might be a bum but I don't have scatological visions as do other posters.

    I am clean and sober and will be posting much more as the election approaches. Leucadia needs council members that understand the importance of the community. Not council members that give lip service, as we have now.


  30. Then reason Cardiff has flowers and a little park by the tracks is because we did it ourselves. No City money involved. Volunteers come out monthly to clean it up. We also have double tracking already. So I am not so sure all the money needs to go just to Leucadia. I really wish we could come together as a community of 5 burroughs (sort of like NYC) and work together. However, sometimes I think Leucadians are just looking out for themselves. Do you think most Cardiff people like the Cardiff Kook? Guess again if you do. Most of us had no say in that piece of S--- and we eat S--- for it. Blame that on the "In Crowd". As you may have guessed, I am not one of them.I love Leucadia and shop there all of the time. I also like downtown Encinitas. I want a Council person who will represent all of us, not just Leucadia. If that is what Rachelle is going to do, then I will not vote for her.

  31. The best council members would be individuals that are fair, exploring all options and making wise and well informed decisions that are best for the most. Additionally, caring enough for their community to offer their time and energy. Someone who is willing to put in the extra effort to know all the aspects of issues as they arise and siding on the concept of right vs. popular.

    I have known and worked with Rachelle for many years in civic endeavors, and I am confident that she has the above qualities.

    Name withheld because some of you scare me.

    I have worked with Rachelle for many years in civic endeavors, and I am confident that she has the above qualities.

  32. I'm with ribeye2k- Nanninga gets my vote. I'm also waiting for Ms. Collier to speak for herself, before deciding on ability to bring about change rather than to puppet for Barth and Houlihan

  33. Like some other who have posted, I need to know now what kind of toilet paper you will have at the porta potties (?). I demand to know. Why haven't you answered are inquiries.

  34. Speaking of a-holes. check out Jeromes outdated and obtuse web site.

  35. I agree with the Cardiff clan.

    I think you should get to know Rachelle before you vote for her. Go to the voter forums once they are scheduled. Go to the neighborhood gatherings to meet Rachelle. Contact her directly.

    We Leucadians didn't know squat about Teresa Barth but the more we know of her the more we love her.

    I have a great idea, ask Teresa Barth about Rachelle.

    Dr. Lori I am surprised you have never met Rachelle seeing that you used to go to many of the council meetings. Anyway, once you do you will love her.

    I feel you Cardiffians will feel the same about Rachelle.

    And how dare you say we have two Leucadians on Council. Danny is living in his own world and supports danny's land. He is far from a Leucadian.

    I feel we have better then two Leucadians on Council. We have a caring Leucadian and a caring Cardiffian who care about all of Encinitas.

    If Rachelle gets in office, we will have one more councilmember who truly cares about the quality of life in Encinitas.

    No $100 million dollar regional sports complex, No more mutli-million dollar trophy projects period until some of the existing problem all throughtout Encinitas are fixed. Lord knows there are plenty in everyone of our five communities. No more reckless upzones as we sit in gridlock traffic and our told to conserve water as the City and Water District issue endless water laterals to knew developments with grassy front lawns

    I am glad you are all involve and I am sure once you get to know Rachelle you will know she will be great for Encinitas.

  36. Is Rachelle an independent thinkers or is she just there fill out the Barth and Houlihan power trio.

  37. Anon 9:02- You make excellent points. Perhaps I have seen Rachelle and just never met her. I still go to Council meetings, so now that I know what she looks like I will introduce myself. As far as contacting her, how does one do that? Her website doesn't, as yet, have an e-mail contact or any other way to contact her to ask questions. However as you have already stated, the best way is to go to the forums, listen and ask questions. That is what I intend to do. I think the fiing date is still open, so I know I can wait. It will be an interesting election to say the least. I am grateful for JP's blog. He deserves a lot of credit to keep this thing going after all of this time. It can't be easy.

  38. Ah! Rachelles website is my fault, I'm keeping all of you folks out until I can finish loading in all the content! Honestly though, I think that if you *don't* know Rachelle yet, you'll be impressed when you meet finally meet her.

    Expect the website to launch in the next day or two.

    Concerning the issues (remember the issues?) I would have to say that Encinitas has more pressing issues than porta-potties. ;)

  39. This blog discussion is a trainwreck. All I know about this Rachelle woman is from her photo and I so have deemed her incredibly sexy. If she gets elected I might start going to city council meetings.

  40. Personally I'm voting for Rachelle Collier. I know her, and trust she will do right by Encinitas. I have three votes, Rachelle gets one.

  41. cardiffian et al,

    I certainly hope Leucadia, Cardiff and the other 3 communities (or boroughs if you prefer) are on he same team here. Let’s not let the existing council and NCTD pit us against ourselves.

    We, along with 'Old' Encinitas, share the freeway and rail corridors. 'New' Encinitas and Olivenhain, (happily for them) do not.

    I am not advocating that Leucadia get everything; more that we get anything. I think that the $100M trophy project money should be diverted to fixing existing problems in all communities first.

    As for the flowers: Good for the people of Cardiff who spent their own time and money beautifying where they could. Well done.

    In Leucadia, it is forbidden to plant flowers near the tracks. We are not allowed to disturb their precious dust-scape. I know of a person who gets chased away by the track cops for even maintaining a suicide-by-train memorial vase of flowers. NCTD is also resisting even giving up a 9-foot strip for streetscape. They seem to hate us.

    Do you know who the Cardiff people met with to get permission plant and maintain landscaping near the tracks? I’d be certainly be willing to pitch in once a month if it was allowed.

  42. Re: Carpentier Parkway in Cardiff.

    The Cardiff Chamber got a lease on the property from Santa Fe Railroad before NCTD took over. NCTD agreed to honor the lease. The city provides about $12,000 a year in funding to the Chamber to help maintain the is a reimbursement agreement. The chamber has to spend the money first and submit receipts for re-payment.

    The chamber pays all costs over the amount not reimbursed by the city.

    Volunteer work days have been sporatic lately.

    Call the chamber for more info 760-436-0431

  43. The plantings near the railway in Carpentier park are maintained by the Cardiff Botanical Society. This arrangement has been in place long before incorporation and NCTD came on the scene.

  44. can't believe it's not butterJune 25, 2008 8:30 AM

    RSPB, why the instant hostility? Why attack a woman straight out of the box when the summer campaigns have barely begun? Yes, Beacon's Beach needs facilities. The bathrooms at Moonlight Beach also need desperate repair. Where is the Parks and Recs people on this?

  45. first time posterJune 25, 2008 8:35 AM

    Let's build a tunnel from Leucadia Roadside Park to Beacons. This will solve the parking problems and also allow for an easy walk to the beach.

    It will never happen - I know. But fun to think about.



  47. First Time,
    Your comment regarding a pedestrian tunnel is very relevant as several are now planned for Encinitas (under the railway).

    Pedestrian tunnels are SCARY places as your jpeg illustrates-(the center photo especially).

    I grew up with 2 pedestrian tunnels which cross under PCH in Santa Monica canyon (LA).

    As the above photo illustrates, the tunnels are collection points for sand, water, trash, human waste, and everything else you can imagine.

    As a kid, walking through them was always an adventure--to say the least.

    Underground the tracks!

  48. man from nantucketJune 25, 2008 10:20 AM

    "Barth and Houlihan power trio"

    Sounds like David Meyer is scared shitless of 3 women on the council instead of his good 'ol boy network. LOL.

  49. Underground the tracks absolutely. Encinitas needs a complete rail infrastructure upgrade. The answers and money must come from the federal government.

  50. It still seems to me that Encinitas (and / or NCTD) missed some kind of Section 190 deadline:

    I see that City of Vista nominated and was approved for some funding for 5 crossings, but I see no mention of Encinitas or NCTD. SANDAG got #2 on #16 priority for Taylor St. and Sorrento Valley BL crossings.

  51. Bob,
    The Cardiff Botanical Society is a committee of the Cardiff Chamber.

  52. Anon 8:42 , that was my point. Having a member of the Sierra Club run for public office was the part that should scare the bejeevers out of you. I was not defending it as though I was a member. It's these leftess groups that rip at freedom and common sense.

  53. Mary, I hope the canidate that you are helping out doesn,t mind that you refer to detractors as a-holes as you wrote on your post.

  54. ...only the ones who post like a-holes. Rachelle is my friend, and no one calls her a "freakazoid" and a "nanny mommy" and gets off scott free. Those aren't detractors, they are flamers. Please read my post again. I said "SOME of the above posts".

  55. I thought Bob was a flamer.

  56. I am not a flamer. Gay? Maybe. Extroverted? Absolutely. But I am not a flamer.

  57. As I said, before, I support Bob and Rachelle. I know and trust them both. In my opinion, we need FRESH EYES, and open minds on Council. I am grateful James Bond is leaving, and hope that people will educate themselves to get someone to replace Stocks. NCTD's and SANDAG's failures cannot be avoided by our current self-appointed mayor, that is, he appointed himself, out of order (should have been Maggie Houlihan), counting on the votes of his cronnies, Jim Bond and Dan Dalager.

    I agree that if a bathroom is to be installed, including a porta potty, it could be in Roadside Park.

    I also feel that whoever is flaming Rachelle, the Sierra Club, and all so-called "lefties," is probably part of the current "power trio's" supporters, that is Stocks, Bond and Dalager.

    I also support undergrounding the tracks, NOT undergrounding the pedestrian crossings, and have written letters to the editor about that.

    RSPB, I'm glad you are "clean and sober," now. A single Council person cannot "place porta potties at Beacons Beach." I think that could be do-able, but it would take a majority, which you don't have, now.

    If you read Rachelle's statement, it is very encouraging about community involvement and positive CHANGE.

  58. Wow- Times are changing.

    Bob- Way to go! Own it. You gain my respect more every day. Right now you and Rachelle have my vote. Maggie will as well if she runs again.

    Lynn- That was your best post ever! Positive, concise and to the point. Thanks for contributing in a positive way.

    I am happy for both of you and more proud to be a Leucadian.

  59. Rachelle was right on the Walgreens issue Maggie Houlihan voting with Stocks and Bond was on the wrong side of the issue.

    In November vote to replace Houlihan with Rachelle Collier.

    Collier 2008 = Houlihan history

  60. The walgreens issue is such a small one. It wont make one bit of difference in Encinita's charactor.

    I would have voted for it because it fits with our general plan. Why play favorites among businesses. Are we not going to let a McDonalds in because we like Jack in my Crack better?

    I am voting for both Maggie and Rachelle.

  61. Teresa said she supported term limits, before.

    Vote out the incumbents. We need new voices. Maggie Houlihan did her best for eight years. That is appreciated, but that is enough.

    Vote out the incumbents.

    Vote for Rachelle, Nanninga, and Sheffo.

  62. I don't agree 100% of the time with Maggie, Rachelle or Teresa (no one agrees 100% of the time with anyone) but they are the 3 that make the most sense for protecting Encinitas from over development. If you start to split your votes and give some to Joe and some to Bob, Jerome & his friends will win. Bob is an activist and best left to that role. He has run several times & taken votes from candidates we would rather have elected & allowed developer candidates to win. Don't make that mistake again or, if you do, you will get what you deserve and that is Jerome & his friends. Be very careful. Be practical when you vote & remember the past elections. Vote for those who cannot win and you are voting for Jerome and his friends. And for those of you who are so anxious to get to know Rachelle, call her up and ask to meet with her or go to any city function and she is there.

  63. The problem with term limit is that it's really hard to get someone you like elected so it's frustrating to see them get termed out just when they are building momentum.

  64. Sad RepublicanJune 27, 2008 9:44 PM

    Thanks for this blog JP. Its a great way for open free communications.
    I understand your point JP. However, I believe the term limits would help reflect and pass along the will of the people. The good politicians are just following a good mandate from the citizens and are transparent about it. Like Teresa.

    The bad ones only listen to special interests only like Developers and City Employee unions that have big financial support. Right Jerome?

  65. Geroge W. BushJune 28, 2008 5:48 AM

    "Bob is an activist and best left to that role. He has run several times & taken votes from candidates we would rather have elected & allowed developer candidates to win. Don't make that mistake again or, if you do, you will get what you deserve."

  66. I agree with "Be practical with your vote and remember the past elections". One, of many examples, would be when Bob ran taking votes from Dennis Holz and giving the election to Dan the knife sharpener. How can we forget that.

  67. How about Dennis Holz losing votes because he ran on a re-election slate with Christi Guerin in 2002?

    Dennis Holz lost on his own merits not because Nanninga was in the race.

    By the way where has Mr. Holz been since he left council? We know Nanninga has opened a sucessful coffee shop in Encinitas and has been teaching arts curriculum in Encinitas schools.

    A vote for Nanninga and Collier is a vote for positive change.


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