Monday, June 30, 2008

Money for Leucadia Blvd Grade separation???

Bill for More Infill, Transit-Oriented Development, Railroad Grade Crossings and County Roads Goes To Governor

Legislation that fast-tracks additional allocations of bond funding authorized under Propositions 1C and 1B (2006), was approved by the Assembly and sent to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday, June 26. AB 1252 (Caballero) provides an additional $150 million for infill infrastructure and transit-oriented development (TOD) programs initiated through Prop. 1C. This allocation was requested by the Administration in response to the heavy demand for these funds at the local level.

The FY 2007-08 budget provided $240 million for the Infill Infrastructure Fund and $95 million for Transit-Oriented Development, but the volume of applications exceeded those amounts four-fold. AB 1252 provides an additional $100 million for infill infrastructure projects and another $50 million for TOD.

As part of the Senate deliberations, an additional $150 million allocation in Prop. 1B funds was added to the measure, with $63 million allocated for railroad grade crossing improvements and $87 million for county roads.

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  1. Every drop in the bucket helps during a time of drought.

  2. ENC / NCTD should also apply for Section 190 funding. Also, what ever happened to the $0.5M announced by Billbray?

    As with the energy problem, there is no one solution, but instead a series of smaller ones.

  3. Roadside park bumJune 30, 2008 1:04 PM

    I'll believe it when I see it, but I am hopeful!!!

  4. There is no short term solution to a long term goal of complete grade seperation of the rail corridor through Leucadia. Encinitas needs leadership willing to commit to years of consistant and unfaltering service to the needs of its residents.

    Undergrounding the railroad tracks serves the greater good.

    It's time to start

  5. Bob - I was referring to funding, not the project itself. It would be a big waste to spend $20M + cost overruns on the tweaker bunkers. ENC should put that money, along with money from other sources, in an undergrounding fund.

  6. wind of changeJune 30, 2008 4:22 PM

    Hard to believe that Judge Brandenburg wants a seat on the City Council.
    This guy is a major contender:
    Judge Brandenburg brings not only his knowledge and expertise from the State Court system but has worked a number of years doing pro bono work on other reservations in the Southwest. He has taught Law and Ethics for over 20 years at the college level and lectured and written a number of law related programs for the state courts. He has served as past President of the San Diego County Judge’s Association and California Court Commissioners Association.

    Did Jerome even go to college?

  7. Ribeye 2
    Please know I am completely against the "tweaker bunkers" currently proposed by city staff, they are at best short sighted boon doggles proposed to distract residents from the desires below grade crossing.At grade pedistrian crossing make more sense until undergrounding of the tracks is accomplished.

  8. desires or desired below grade crossings?

  9. anon 5:59 - likely a typo, no cause for alarm.

  10. Ribeye2k,
    I was happy to see Bilbray ask for such money for the railroad crossing improvements. And like you say, I also believe it would be wasted money if it were not combined with the 20million proposed for crossings instead and used with Federal funds or whatever to lower the loud thing. I called Bilbray's office months ago, asking the status of that request and never got a reply.

    His voice recording though has contacted me several times to "participate in his live town forum chats" I guess participate means listen, as I was never selected.

  11. Fred = I called and got through to Billbray's DC office several months ago. A young woman looked up the two Leucadia requests for me. She told me that $0 was approved for flood control and $0.5M was approved for the Leucadia BL crossing. I'm not sure who controls that money now. Maybe after the upcoming holiday we can find out.

  12. For such zero action taken in 8 years on our railroad death trap crossing, Jerome should receive zero votes!

  13. Jerome Stocks is history!

  14. "Judge" Brandenburg was a commissioner, not a judge in the Vista Superior Court.

    His info says he was a "tribal" judge. This was after he retired form the County Court system.

    He is already getting a pension. Why do we need to give him another one? We are fortunate that James Bond is finally retiring, for the second time. The first time was from AT&T.

    I think that older people can have a lot to offer. However, frankly, I've seen Commissioner Brandenburg in action, and I don't trust his judgment.

    He's trading on the "judge" designation. If the work for the tribes was "pro bono," then to me, that means he was never actually a real judge. He was a commissioner. Would he recuse himself from hearing cases where he sat as a judge for those folks involved?

    To me, he seems like a part of the "old boys network." I suspect Brandenburg would be like a bad combo of Bossypants Guerin and spongehead James Bond.


  16. Post before me-I couldn't copy and paste the L.A. Times article. Did you possibly make an error in the download? Also, I am not quite sure about Judge Brandenburg, as I read on his website tht he is having a $250.00 fundraiser. Seems kind of pricey for the "little people" to attend. I am wondering who he expects to pay that much to meet him? Just a quesiton.

  17. From LA Times:
    Freight train derails in Irwindale
    Link (must be pasted back together)

  18. Toxic Spill coming to Leucadia soonJuly 03, 2008 6:26 AM

    And Jerome Stocks could care less.

    Freight train derails in Irwindale

    Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times
    Los Angeles County hazardous-materials firefighters investigate a four-car freight train that derailed between Arrow Highway and Cypress Street in Irwindale.
    Four cars jumped the tracks, officials say. A hazardous materials team is cleaning a spill of a nontoxic liquid at the scene, but no injuries are reported and street traffic is unaffected.
    By Francisco Vara-Orta, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
    9:52 AM PDT, July 1, 2008
    Four cars of a freight train derailed in Irwindale this morning, causing no injuries, but leaking a substance later identified as a nontoxic liquid, authorities said.

    The derailment occurred at Azusa Canyon Road and Arrow Highway about 3:30 a.m., said Los Angeles County Fire Dispatch Supervisor Andre Gougis.

    Although the derailment did not require evacuations, an unidentified substance was leaking from one car, prompting the Fire Department to dispatch a hazardous materials crew to the scene, which was still investigating and cleaning the scene today.

    Fire officials later this morning said the substance leaking was propylene glycol, a clear nontoxic compound used in paint and not considered a hazardous material, said L.A. County fire spokesman Inspector Frank Garrido.

    No one was immediately affected by the leak, Gougis said. What caused the derailment was not immediately clear, he said.

    The track is owned by Union Pacific Railroad, Gougis said. Union Pacific's police department has begun investigating the derailment, which is not affecting traffic on the tracks or in the area, said Irwindale police Sgt. Gil Cuen.

    Irwindale is 20 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

  19. Encinitas needs real leadership, not political panderers with an eye on Sacramento.

    Encinitas needs true representation.

    Encinitas needs Nanninga.

    Nanninga for Encinitas!

  20. I find it amusing that the homepage of this blog says "Keep Leucadia Funky." Many of the bloggers seem overly concerned with their own agenda, and NOT what is best for Leucadia or Encinitas. Is "funky" just a nice way of saying exclusionary?

  21. Brandenburg is the only logical choice for city council. He has the education and experience to make a real difference, and he is established enough in this town (50years) to recognize what the city needs. Unlike some, he has no special interest groups contolling him,nor does he have a personal agenda or vendetta to push on the residents of the city. BRANDENBURG FOR CITY COUNCIL. THE ONLY REAL CHOICE TO PROTECT AND PRESEVE THE ENCINITAS WE LOCALS CHERISH.


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