Saturday, June 14, 2008

No Doubt, it's a Drought Governor declares statewide drought Water wisdom: Encinitas octogenarian crafts award-winning drought-tolerant landscape

Don't wash your car!!!


  1. I promise not to wash my car this year.

  2. too little, too lateJune 14, 2008 10:41 PM

    There is an entire ocean just to the west of us, a lot of you surf in it daily. Maybe just maybe the state of California should have been using desalinization for the past 30 years. But then again I believe the city of Encinitas has taken a chapter from the California state book of govt regarding infrastructure.

    Infrastructure we don't need no frigg'n infrastructure.

    Nice sidewalk and barrier created for the Santa Fe Dr. underpass, too bad it's 18 months too late to keep that kid alive. That is your legacy Mr. Bond, infrastructure too little, too late. Enjoy your retirement from politics.

  3. Desalination requires expensive fossil fuels. It's impractical. Conservation and wise use of water is cheaper and more efficient. Education is key.

  4. shacky is right about desal. Too little drank the corporate cool aid. Shacky drank the enviro cool aid. Conservation is the answer to everything coolaid.

    Our leaders are mandating a million more people into San Diego in the next 20 years. The same distributors of the environmental coolaid ignore this because it is too uncomfortable and inconvenient.

    Image the demand for water over the next 200 years when we have many million more housing units built. This will be forced down our throat unless officials AND environmental leaders start thinking truly sustainably.

    If we double the population we have to cut per capita consumption in half just to be where we are today and as you can see that is not sustainable!

  5. Local farms and some very efficient orchards have already shut down and reduced production here in San Diego because we have water problems. That means less local production, which environmentalist like, and more imported food which security and economics minded folks don't like.

    It is time to stop pretending that San Diego can support millions more people without impacting our quality of life.

  6. observations@cox.netJune 15, 2008 9:24 AM

    Desalination is a way to enable more growth and catastrophic over population.

  7. It is possible to have a response that nobody expected. We could find that living in a way that conserves water (conserves fossil fuels) turns out to be a pleasant, if not preferable way to live.

    The current Western lifestyle (and economics) is to treat all resources as an unlimited. It isn't only a false model, it is a disconnect from the nature of things. Being aware is not necessarily negative.

    Not only that, the same innovative energy that built this over-consumption way of life can be used to create lower impact way of life.

  8. None of the canals in the Imperial Valley are lined with concrete, nor any rubberized material. Therefore water seeps into the ground and is lost for all usable purposes. Enough water could be saved to provide 400,000 homes in SD county with water for one year each year. The metropolitan water district of Los Angeles prohibits this from happening.
    This would require infrastructure and we don't need to stink'en infrastructure.
    So if you don't have enough water to brush your teeth blame the MWD. They are responsible for your lack of water.

    Once again the politicians have

  9. MWD to blame cont.June 15, 2008 10:02 AM

    Once again the politicians have left you high and dry.

  10. Jerome Stocks promotes more water use. He keeps pushing for more and more boxes to be built in southern CA.

    Save water. Vote out Jerome Stocks and other developer lackies in November.

  11. Wow I really love how Leucadia is changing and I love living in an urban environment .

    Leucadia Icon Stollen!!!!

  12. anon 952,

    I want to understand your perspective. I think that what you wrote assumes that everyone on this blog is well informed.

    What are the problems that we are facing?

  13. I fail to see how ANYTHING good can come from a water shortage.

  14. Anyone willing to bet that this jackass response is not from Encinitas Mayor Jerome Stocks:

    Commenter: "Wow, thanks for this Jerome.

    Are you moving from sand to mosquitoes? How much is this going to cost us?

    Jerome: *** Anonymous commenter above is clearly confused and illiterate as this is spelled out as a COUNTY Vector Control program and Jerome Stocks is an Encinitas CITY elected official. But have a great anonymous day and thanks for playing "comments by the anonymously stupid" here at Red County***
    signed, anonymous with editorial ability***

  15. Yesterday around 1 pm. another 100mph plus crash on N. Coast Hwy 101.

    I swear Hwy101 must stand for the speed people feel comfortable cruising 101 mph.

    2 cycles and a Ferrari racing from what I hear. Only one cycle crashed. Too bad they all didn't crash. At least no one else was killed this time.

    The city needs to quit dicking around with expensive feel good trophy projects like the $100 million sports complex and $20 million dollar fire station remodels and put the money towards fixing existing problems like the Hwy101 screwed up roadway and the other death trap known as the Leucadia rail road crossing.

  16. Water-wise morning procedure:

    1. Fill at 2-gallon bucket with cold water from the "hot" tap.
    2. Take a hot shower.
    3. Use the water in the bucket to brush my teeth, shave, and then pour into the toilet.

    Water Savings:
    5 gallons/day x 365 = 1,825 gal/yr

  17. To anon 1039 and 952,

    How many gallons a day is it ok to use?

    How many gallons?

  18. To anon 11:29 regarding "How many gallons per day is it okay to use?"

    Don't have the answer to that one.

    The answer to a related question though, "How many gallons per day is it okay to waste?"
    --probably safe to say, zero gallons.

    In the recommendation for conserving water, I forgot to add that using a plastic bucket will avoid scratching the bathtub enamel (also, giving credit where due--this idea originated with the SCWA).

    Anon 10:39

  19. Critical AnalysisJune 16, 2008 3:28 PM

    That assumption might not be so safe.

    Why is it worth the effort of bailing out the bathtub?

    What do we get for the effort?

    What problems are solved by eliminating all the waste?

  20. Water conservation is aimed at decreasing demand in response to diminishing supplies.

    What are the consequences of not conserving? (1) Increase the likelihood of imposed restrictions (e.g., on watering lawns, washing cars, etc); (2) Increase the possibility that we'll all pay more for water in the future; and, worst of all, (3) Guarantee that you will hear about the "drought" on every media outlet, every single day, for months to come.

  21. There is NO water shortage, see MWD to Blame, that explains everything. Why won't the MWD allow lining of the irrigation canals in the Imperial Valley?? Answer: so the water is lost forever and that why they can demand higher water rates. Simple!!

  22. There will always be a water shortage in California. We live in an arid climate. Read Cadillac Desert to understand something about water and the west. If the book's too long, at least read chapter one, A Country of Illusion. It's by Marc Reisner,

  23. I am surprised to find someone who has read Cadillac Desert on this blog. You must be someone who knows that ANY new housing unit added in San Diego is NOT sustainable. We are not living sustainable no matter how much you conserve. You can't realistically conserve enough with 15 million people in southern California. There are too many people here now.

    To anon 3:55,
    All those consequences are a result of WATER USAGE, not waste. Yes, reducing "waste" reduces usage but why take the 20 Gallon Challenge when those 20 gallons are just going to be used up by all the new smart growth development?

  24. Let's line the canalsJune 16, 2008 8:24 PM

    Anon 6:03- Why won't the MWD allow the lining of the irrigation canals in the Imperial Valley?? If your book answers that question then I'll read it, if it doesn't then why bother. There is NO water shortage as long as billions and billions of gallons are seeping into the dessert for nothing.

    As long as the MWD refuses to line irrigation canals the reason for the water shortage is to raise water rates.

  25. the real proof that the water is purposly being wasted in the imperial valley is what they're growing in those unlined fields... ALFALFA!!!
    not even fruit or vegi's
    the last figure i heard was that over
    80 percent of water alloted to sd and imperial countys is going to alfalfa in the dessert at a rate per acre foot pre set in the 1920 s

  26. How to save water!!June 17, 2008 6:28 AM

    Here is how to save water. Place a brick into your toilet, each brick saves 1 qrt of water. The average person flushes 8 times per day, saving 2 gallons of water. 2 times 4 people per household equals 8 gallons per day. 8 by 360 days is 2880 gallons of water saved per household per year. That's a lot of water!!

  27. Cadillac Desert is a very good reference.

    Water seeping into the desert isn't for nothing. It replenishes the water table, but it's too early in the morning to be writing about groundwater hydrology.

    Do I dare mention all of the water sprayed onto golf courses?

  28. I really wish we could figure out how to manage water in the first place. When it does rain here in winter, we let it flood the streets and basements. Eventually it evaporates or carries urban filth to the ocean. Today there is massive flooding in other parts of this country and we can't figure out how to move any of it into western irrigation canals. And then there is the matter of the Delta Smelt…

  29. Replenish groundwater? Just so that it can be pumped later? That is stupid.

    Golf courses! There is some massive waste! Why should we think there is a water shortage when we keep building golf courses?

  30. All new golf courses built in the Arizona desert are lined with rubber to prevent the water from seeping in to the ground. The water collects in giant underground holding tanks and is reused almost daily. Nearly 90% of the water used for a desert golf course in recycled.

    Golf course management is very aware of the costs of water.

  31. Encinitas needs cisterns with purifers. 500 million gallons of rain water is lost with every 2" storm we get. 500 million gallons would supply our 67,000 residents with over 15 gal per person per day for a year.

    What a waste of a free and vital resource.


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