Saturday, June 07, 2008

Soul Steps

Reader Robert Tempchin e-mailed this great photo of the Stone Steps mural painting before the tile replica went in. I preferred the painting but the tiles make more sense maintenance wise.

The present tile mural.

Stone Steps 1975.

Bottom 2 images from


  1. Too bad we have garabe steps at Beacons.

  2. Beacons is a death trap waiting to happen. Which council persons will scurry out of town like rats after the bluff collapses and people are killed?? Which council persons will be accountable for the deaths to come at Beacons?? Answer: All of them!! All of them from the first day the city became a city.

    $5 million for a fire station,so 4 guys can sit and watch a big screen TV, yet not a dime for Beacons!!

    The motto at city hall is: "Infrastructure?? We don't need no friggin' infrastructure!!"

  3. why did the hair color change? I liked the original mural.

  4. That picture is of a redone painting - the original was painted in the early 1960s by Richard "Sparky" Haggbloom, who grew up just up the street and surfed Steps.


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