Sunday, June 29, 2008

Speculators Pushing Oil towards $200 a Barrel, what will be the effect on Encinitas?

Check out the story in today's LA Times,
Envisioning a world of $200-a-barrel oil

image from LA Times

Burning Questions:

*Has the city of Encinitas budgeted for the rapidly increasing fuel cost for it's fleet of city vehicles?

*How much did the city of Encinitas spend on fuel in 2007?

*How much will the city of Encinitas spend on fuel in 2008?

*How many vehicles does the city of Encinitas have?

*Should the city of Encinitas look into converting it's fleet of vehicles to hybrids and other alternatives?

*As consumers spend their disposable income on fuel, what will be the impact on sales tax revenue for the city of Encinitas?

*How long until the local pizza places start charging an extra fuel surcharge for deliveries?


  1. Ride and Walk More Drive Less!

  2. Hello,

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Steve Costellanos. I own and operate Green Shield, a privately held company devoted to making our public safety departments more green.

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    We also sell Big Wheel style sit down personal powered fire tractors. We are working on a tandem version. These tractors come with an optional red wagon, which can be attached. With these tractors a single firefighter can pull up to 45 gallons of water in each wagon.

    American has been reluctant to embrace green technology or to kick the oil addiction. Please, write your representatives and let them know that our public safety departments have an option.

    Protect America with a Green Shield,
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  3. Good questions, but hopefully questions the City of Encinitas has considered a long time before the present. If they are just getting around to thinking about municipal fuel consumption now, then the city is in for a bumpy ride.

    It continually amazes me that folks are so surprised about the current oil situation. I'm 46 yo and have been aware that this situation was coming for my entire life (thanks to my dad, who was paying attention to the growing "hunger for oil" and all that it entailed, in the late 50s/early 60).


    Peak oil is near. Economic collapse could follow. There will be no more money for liberal government programs or even to ensure a nice quality of life.

    I walk a lot but I realize that our economic riches stem from cheap energy. Conservation CAN NOT fix this as our population continues to swell.

    Oil fuels food production. Wait till we hit peak food and prices skyrocket. We will be too hungry to walk far.

  5. Those totals at the city would be staggering. Wonder how much gas costs to mow Encinitas' grass each day?

    And Steve, does your fire tractor come with a ladder?

  6. Teresa Barth asked the city manager at the end of a council meeting a few weeks ago to report back to council on the fuel impact and what the staff is doing to reduce fuel consumption.

    No report from Phil yet.......

  7. Most city workers drive around in big trucks or SUV's. WHY?? Because it makes them look important, that's why. Recently code enforcement came by to check on a situation in progress, the guy drove up in his big city truck surveyed the situation decided everything was normal and split. He could have done the same on a scooter or small car, big the big truck gives the impression of importance.

    Never forget, big truck=small penis.

  8. 200 a Barrel oil sounds pretty good to me. Live local, buy local, Stay local.

  9. When is the City going to get with the times and buy some hybrid cars.

  10. Our trash collection rates will probably have a big increase soon. How much 5 dollar diesel do those trash trucks burn per day?

  11. Life as we know it will soon change.

  12. Life has already changed ... most people just don't realize it yet.

  13. Leucadia Bicycle is one of the best shops to buy your new "car". The owner, Fred, is a great guy and over the years I've bought two bikes from him. The last one,(a Marin), was the best $600 I've ever spent.

  14. All the more reason to beef up our sidewalks and bike paths citywide. I've noticed many more folks taking the pedestrian option lately around town. Let's make it safe for them to do so!


  15. Vote Yes on walkable communities.

  16. Green Shield also sells peditrucks. Just like the pedicabs, but with a bucket in the back. These are great for hauling trash. We have added more gears to the peditrucks to make it easier to haul Leucadia's trash to Vista where your trash is distributed.

  17. "No report from Phil yet......."

    That is because it will look very ugly.

    Consider this: The freeway expansions in NSD have all been based on lower energy costs.

    As soon as the powers that be adjust their cost basis (which will be astronomical) to $140 crude oil and much higher fuel/building costs, the hundreds of thousands spent on getting "smart" people to adjust the thesis will be worthless.

    Because by that time oil will be back below $100 and fuel/commodity costs will soon follow.

    Clowns to the left or me, Jokers to the right or,simply, smarter people are needed.

  18. Think of the billions saved. No more freeway expansions needed. I can't waite for $10 per gallon.

    This change will be great for America and the world in a few short years.

  19. $10 dollar a gallon diesel=
    $10 BIG MAC
    you haven't even seen the result of $5 a gallon diesel yet
    believe me, people will suffer...

  20. Ahhhh Haaaa Haaaaa….. my funny little human creatures. You are so fun to watch flounder through your pathetically short little lives.

    Suffering is part of life. So can be happiness if you open your mind and embrace positive change.

    $10 today is like $5 dollars two years ago. So $10 dollar diesel, $10 big mac and $10 Coaster ticket is no big deal.

    People’ suffering is why we have Religion.

    More suffering = more religion?

    Embrace $10 per gallon gas, and the God will set you free.

  21. You folks that are habitual bloggers must have very shallow and mundane lives. I heard about the blog from a friend. He was right ,you people are real sissy ass babies.

  22. Sissy ass babyJuly 01, 2008 8:23 PM

    And your a panty waste for reading our sissy posts. What a loser.

  23. That pansy that spoke disrespectfully to me will feel my vengeance in his life forever.

    I will now make Gas $10 per gallon in 4 years by 2012.

    Don’t mock me little humans.

  24. anon 4:28,

    I have a cheerful and stimulating life because I walk everywhere . A great benefit is that I can blog on my iPhone while walking.


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