Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Throw your Birkenstocks in the air, it's the Encinitas Environment Day



  1. I went last year and it is way cool. They have a bicycle that lets you make smoothies using bicycle power. There are also vendors selling eco friendly goods and some local artists that also sell eco friendly art. Go and support Encinitas Creativity and show the City that we want a clean environment and not polluted air.

  2. Sycamore Stage Line-up
    June 8, 2008

    10:00AM – Encinitas School of Music
    11:00AM – Adrienne Nim
    12:00PM - Nate Welden
    1:00PM - Daphne Dennison
    2:00PM – The Wigbillies
    3:00PM - Grand Canyon Sundown

  3. The Wigbillies!

    I am going....

    I love that stuff!

  4. Who drew that gal, R. Crumb? Mmmmmmm.


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