Sunday, June 08, 2008

To Tow or Not to Tow?


  1. Hey Bob,

    Doesn't a variety of income levels keep Encinitas from being a wasteland?

  2. Dude, look at the width of the right of way. Either car is unsafe at that location.

    The type of vehicle is not the issue. The income of the owner of said vehicle is not the issue.

    We constanly read on this blog how 101/Leucadia Blvd/Vulcan intersection is a jacked up cluster fuck.

    Big cars camping on this tight corner only compound the problem.

  3. I'm with Liard. If its over parked there for over 72 hours, tow. Its the law.

    We don't want RVs parking all over our neighborhoods when they are evicted from their Riverside home.

  4. No matter what is parked there, they're in a parking place on a corner of a seldom driven side of the street. There are two empty lanes next to it. Hardly a safety hazzard. But cars parked for more than 2hrs there are a detriment for the businesses nearby who need the parking. Cars should only be allowed to park there for 2hrs during local business hours of opperation. True, that intersection operates poorly, but the coming street scape for Leucadia might have a great idea to remedy that problem for good.

  5. If a car is parked legally, so what. If it is moved every 72 hours and comes back to the same spot, then it's legal. But if someone is storing a car on the street and not using it -- tow it.

  6. "But cars parked for more than 2hrs there are a detriment for the businesses nearby who need the parking."

    Is the street for businesses or for the people of Encinitas?

    Why don't the businesses over there just use their own resources and build more parking on their property?

    Remember this issue the next time you hear about a general plan amendment or a specific plan. Sounds like there isn't enough parking. over there.

  7. Bob,

    Didn't you call the situation "blight". If it were a new BMW, you would not call it blight.

  8. I didn't call it blight. It's a hazzard.

  9. "Is the street for businesses or for the people of Encinitas? "

    The street is for everyone, even non-Encinitans. But storing vehicles at precious business parking is a detriment to any business anywhere and of course highly inconsiderate and harmful to those involved in commerce. Especially where parking is scarce.

  10. Was there some explanation to these photos? It appears that the cars are legally parked (e.g., the curb is not marked red, or yellow). And the fact that there are two different cars in what appears to be the same location makes it appear that the cars are working and not abandoned there.

  11. Both vehicles were parked there for longer than the allowed 72 hours which had some folks upset in the comments section of another blog posting.

  12. Long live NIMBYs!!


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