Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cadmus Crossing


I thought your audience would be interested to know that Encinitas took another step toward changing the main vehicular railroad crossings in Leucadia. The city submitted the following project to SANDAG as part of the Regional Transportation Improvement Program.

They have added a Cadmus railroad crossing to the regional plan, which is tied to various funding mechanisms. I think it is notable that they estimated the cost at $1 million dollars. If I recall correctly, the two Leucadia Boulevard roundabouts were about $2 Million dollars and then there is this UT article that says it would cost $5 million.

I don't recall any council discussion about this and I just confirmed this issue was on the consent calendar a few weeks ago. Mayor Stocks sets the agenda so he put it on the consent calendar. The consent calendar is used to vote something through with no discussion and has been abused. I don't know if that is the case this time, but I have to ask if the public has been advised that the city is gearing up to go this direction?

A well thought out solution would be great. The Leucadia/Vulcan/H101 intersections are in the heart of Leucadia and are a traffic nightmare. Unfortunately, given the city's recent history, I sure would like to know this is a well planned and realistic project.

Does anyone know the details? Is this a good idea?

Kevin C.

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*UPDATE-The Cadmus crossing idea is not being pursued, however for some reason it was included in the recent staff report thus causing the confusion.


  1. Jerome is the wolf in sheep clothing here. Ask yourself, if this is such a good idea why hasn't any of the engineers paid to address grade and crossing issues of the past twenty years suggested this?

    This Cadmus change is really about kick starting the redevelopment district in Leucadia. Might I suggest people inquire about who the property owners are within a hundred yards of the proposed crossing. Stocks is carrying water for someone, the question is who.

    Leucadians have asked for the tracks to be lowered at Leucadia Blvd, yet Jerome has other ideas. Why? Why not just lower the tracks, like most Leucadians have suggested.

  2. Roadside Park BumJuly 20, 2008 1:54 PM

    IS this the same city council that authorized a payment of $250,000 to a consultant in Solana Beach to create the Leucadia street scape project only to have that project be null and void if the Cadmus crossing goes through as recommended by the mayor?? And the money wasted??

    Is this the same city council that KNOWS the PUC will NOT permit another at grade crossing for Leucadia?? And yet is going to spend money anyway, just for the FUCK of it??

    Is this the same city council AND STAFF that we can only hope gets struck by a meteorite some Wednesday night. I'm sure that some of you would feel that would be a disaster, but honestly now, how bad could that really be??

    Wondering if the nightmare known as the city council of Encintas will ever end, it's your RSPB.

  3. bury the trainJuly 20, 2008 2:50 PM

    I recently received taxpayer paid mailout from Congressman Bilbray. I told Bilbray in his mailout that the most important issue facing Encinitas is "BURY THE TRAIN". Mail your response back to his office, say the same thing "BURY THE TRAIN".

  4. It's over a mile between Leucadia Blvd. and La Costa Ave without a legal crossing point and now our brilliant Mayor wants to move our only crossing south? This is good for who? It's also quite fishy that his grand proposal comes just before election time such the hero. IF Jeromey wants to win our hearts and minds he'd bury the train and tracks.

  5. I would like to see the plan and may be supportive if they keep a pedestrian crossing at Leucadia Blvd.

  6. For the community - I think it's a dumb idea.

    For me - since I live right by L. blvd, I would love to see this happen and blow the horns a little bit farther from me.

  7. From what I heard it would be a quiet zone. No more horns in Leucadia. Yeah. That would be a special day for all who live within 3 blocks from the tracks.

    I don't care where or if we have a Leucadia railroad crossing. I do care about a quiet zone.

    Close the existing nightmare until they can put the track underground.

  8. If we bury the trains Jerome can't save the day. It wasn't his idea and he fought against it.

  9. There was an idea that Jerome spoke about that included 2 at grade crossings, each would be one way and distant from each other, culminating at the Leucadia Blvd. and Vulcan intersection. Is this a part of that adventure?

  10. Roadside Park BumJuly 20, 2008 9:38 PM

    As I said before, the PUC will not permit more at grade crossings for Leucadia. In fact they want to remove all at grade crossings if possible. So whomever feels that this will work( ie jerry Stocks ) is blowing smoke up your ass.

    As for a quiet zone, that is possible now, all that has to be done is implement the idea into reality.

  11. rspb,

    Who told you no more at grade crossings? Jerome?

  12. Horray-

    Keep the gas prices high. Traffic is down and so are the Illegals crowding our freeways.

    This is the best part of the recession.

  13. anon 647. Your a mean person. A recession is painful to many and it results in less taxdollars collected so there is less money for things like lowering the tracks.

  14. Roadside park bumJuly 21, 2008 9:30 AM

    anon6:01- No at grade crossings is PUC policy through out the state. I have never met, nor have I ever spoken to J Stocks, nor do I care to, his actions regarding the NCTD right -of-way through Lucadia and the way he treats Leucadia-keeping it ugly tells me all I need to know.

    Bob is correct that Jerome is a wolf in sheep clothing, but I feel that is representative of all the council members. A worthless lot the bunch of them. Shame we can't ship them off to a gulag.

  15. Anon 8:08-

    I think you need to work on your reading comprehension.

    Who said I am in favor of a recession?

    I said less traffic was the best part of a recession.

    The recession was brought on by the government giving out and printing free money (prime at 1% for 3 years was a joke) which let to overdevelopment. You can thank the Feds for our current recession soon to be depression.

    Sure there are some pains and there are also some benefits.

    I am the type of person that looks for the positive things in life.

    Making Lemonade out of lemons.

    Let’s celebrate high gas prices. Its bringing a lot of positive change.


  16. Tunnel the train -- it solves all the problems. But it costs money, and that needs someone with leadership and negotiation skills to convince the feds to put up some of the money -- which requires a person with an IQ higher that our president. Unfortunately, Stocks is the NCTD rep.

  17. I was told that if we vote out Stocks, he is also out of the NCTD position. Is this correct?

  18. correct.

    check the nctd website and check the minutes of the encinitas council. Once a year the council appoints someone to NCTD.

  19. Nanninga for City Council!

    Nanninga for NCTD rep!

  20. I don't believe this is still an active project. Has anyone checked with the City? It was on none of the streetscape plans I saw.

    It would be more efficient if Mr. Cummings could do a little research first, before posting to this blog or any other blog.

  21. The Cadmus project is dead, however is was included in the staff report which Mr. Cummings read, and then emailed me about it. Why was a dead project in the staff report?

  22. NOTHING, REPEAT NOTHING is included in a city staff report without some underlying reason.

  23. I don't know why a dead project was in the staff report, but that is a different issue.

    Once again, if Mr. Cummings would first call the City and do some research, it would be less drama here on the blog!

  24. Roadside Park BumJuly 23, 2008 3:52 PM

    I told you this was smoke up someones ass. Why don't you people listen to me??
    I know all and see all!!!
    I am the lay of the land.
    The White Knight.
    The straw that stirs the drink!!

    I am the Roadside Park Bum!!

  25. Earth to mole people-the city submitted the Cadmus project to SANDAG for funding. What kind of further research should this Cummins guy do?

  26. It seems Jerome Stocks and SANDAG have thier own agenda.

  27. Don't be fooled by anonymous comments posted by Jerome Stocks, Steve Aceti, or someone of their ilk. The city requested funding from Sandag. Cummins only reported what was on the agenda.

    Another example of attacking the messenger instead of the message, so very typical of Stocks and Aceti.

  28. I did confirm the information that was the basis of the post.

    I looked at the document signed by the director of finance and the city manager and then approved by 5 members of the city council. (6-11-08)

    We have a real problem if citizens have to check with "the city" to find out if things that are signed by the city manager, approved by the council and then documented, is really what the city is doing.

    I was clear about where the information came from.

  29. Why was a dead project APPROVED?

  30. What the fuck is wrong with the City Manager writing a staff report asking for money for a project if they "supposedly dont want the project"?

    That sounds fishyer than hell. Apparently staff doesn't know their head from their ass!

    Can you imagine what else is wrong in their staff reports?

    they just write a bunch of BS and BS the Council.

  31. I love this blog!! I hope everyone who posts here is registered to vote for the Nov 2009 election.

    If not, you can do this online, yes?

  32. Sorry, I meant 2008


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