Friday, July 11, 2008

Caption Contest

From Fred,


  1. Walkable Leucadia!

  2. Deathtrap By The Sea - Diaphanous Robes Optional

  3. Pleasant Sunday Walk

  4. Kids - When you grow up, become a Council Member so you can underground these damm tracks!

  5. O.K. Kids who wants to see the train!

  6. Quick! Call in the chain-gang. There is some sort of ground cover growing. That goes against NCTD goals of promoting asthma though fugitive dust.

  7. Honey, I don't think this was figured into our 63 rating for the Walkability Score.

    Seriously, check it out. I got this high rating because the tracks are ignored - just like they are ignored by the majority we elected. Must fix this - new council members plus cut and cover for train.

    People before profits. (Profit is acceptable, but not instead of people's lives.)

  8. Apologize for getting off topic, but on the Coaster into work this morning, there were flyers placed on every empty seat.
    At first glance I thought it would be some sort of notice regarding fare hikes or service cancellations, etc.

    Instead, it was a passenger survey.
    Looks like NCTD is looking to their customers for suggestions regarding improvements.
    It is possible that they've even brought in experts for this. 'Customer surveys' are a integral part of any Six Sigma improvement program.

    What I'm saying is that the time is ripe for making your voices heard. NCTD is presently undergoing leadership change, and is also taking real steps towards making improvements for the future.

    Btw, my list of improvements was extensive:
    Burying the Tracks (through Leucadia, Cardiff, and possibly Carlsbad and Oceanside as well), Quiet Zones/Times, expanded schedules (including Sundays), a Cardiff station, tunnel through Del Mar, etc.

    Oh yeah, there was also one very disturbing question on the survey:
    "Should alcohol use aboard the train be prohibited?"
    --rest assured, I answered a "Definite NO!" to that one.

  9. Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury... please see Exhibit A which demonstrates that the city of Encinitas and NCTD had knowledge of dangerous conditions along the rail road tracks. Both Encinitas and NCTD knew that there were no barriers to protect citizens from the trains.

    Both the City of Encinitas and NCTD failed to act to preserve public safety after numerous deaths.

    It is a tragedy that this entire family was killed, but YOU THE JURY need to send a message to irresponsible government and transit authority that it needs to protect our citizens, your family members, our brothers and sisters and provide a safe environment.

    This message can be sent by finding damages of $250 million, payable to a trust to be distributed to the families of those killed along the tracks in Encinitas.

  10. I could not agree more with w2 re. timing. Please see the below wording from Senate Bill No. 1856 (Proposition 1 - 2008). If there is to be high-speed rail from SD to LA, they damn well better plan on undergrounding it. Personally, my magic wand would bury a high-speed double-track and have a slow-speed ding-ding streetcar at street-grade. (It would have to obey the same traffic signals as other street traffic.) Oh, and some nice land/streetscapping all the way with a big old storm drain below.

    (b) The initial high-speed train network linking San Francisco and the
    Bay Area to Los Angeles will serve as the backbone of what will become an extensive 700-mile system that will link all of the state’s major population centers, including ... San Diego…

  11. Brian,
    Sorry to sound heartless or overly Darwinistic, but my patience is at an end with this "dangerous train" soapbox that we've all endured for years around here. It's a simple truth: Only idiots and simpletons are at risk from the train. It never swerves to hit you like a car can. It's never anywhere but on the tracks. If people walked out on the highway or freeway and were killed, everybody would say, "What morons. Why would they do something so stupid? What did they think would happen?" But for some reason, the railroad is held to a different standard. If a person swims out into the ocean and drowns, it's their own fault. But when somebody decides that out of the entire acreage of the face of the Earth, they want to put themselves between two steel rails that carry big heavy objects that can't stop very quickly... that really is just a skimming of the gene pool.
    Mass transit is abysmal in California, and needs all the help it can get. To vilify it with obviously baseless arguments really doesn't help. You mention the idea of setting up a trust fund for people killed by the train. That is patently ridiculous - see former examples of highway and drowning deaths.
    I fully support a grade-separated solution like Solana Beach pulled off. That would be ideal for everybody. So let's get that going with the money that you'd have us put into the Idiot's RIP Trust Fund.
    Do I like hearing trains? No.
    Do I like the dust? No.
    Do I like the traffic effects at intersections? No.
    Do I blame the railroad, which was here long before any of us, for the deaths of people who can't seem to keep themselves off of a few-foot wide railway? No.

    Sorry to be so brusk, but you train-bashers are just ignorant.

  12. Ohhhhhh- you're suppose to look north and south instead of at your feet when crossing the tracks??

  13. Hey Ribeye2k,

    "There is some sort of ground cover growing!"

    Best caption so far!

  14. anonymous 1257pm... I love your Darwin comment, good one and quite funny! You make great points.

    This is a caption contest, not reality. Sorry to get you wound up.

    Invest in Leucadia

  15. Hey honey, there is some weirdo up there with a camera taking our picture. Oh no, its only JP.

  16. This Thursday evening the Planning Commission will hear a design review permit for the 3 railroad undercrossings. If you are interested , plan to attend.

    When these are approved and the first one is funded you can kiss undergrounding the rail goodbye.

  17. Regarding the 3 undercrossings, it might be of interest to note that all 3 (Montgomery, Santa Fe and El Portal) are designed to accomodate double-tracking.

  18. Honey, I'm telling you, this is an urban trail -- see, here's a City sign: "Cross at your own risk...Train Tracks!"


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