Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Duncan Hunter's Bizarre Plan to Hunt/Kill/Feed Wildebeest to War Refugees

I don't stray from local politics for this blog too often, but this odd story about San Diego's Duncan Hunter caught my attention:

Take California GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter's nifty idea to help the neediest of the needy: the 230,000 refugees in Chad who have fled the slaughter in Darfur and are desperately in need of food.

Hunter's staff contacted the embassy in N'Djamena, Chad, last week to see whether Hunter could distribute food at a camp. Hunter also wanted to put together an outing to hunt wildebeest and distribute the meat to refugees.

Um...I guess that sounds sorta okay. But wait,

· The embassy will "make the necessary arrangements for" Hunter to watch a food distribution in a camp.

· "Regarding the Congressman's desire to hunt wildebeest and distribute the cured meat to refugees, wildebeest are not present in Chad." (We're told some have been there, mostly in a no-hunting wildlife refuge.)

Washington Post story read here.

This is a refugee camp in Chad.

This is Duncan Hunter.

This is a wildebeest.

Darfur News


  1. thats kinda like our own Danny D going squirrel hunting...

    Giiiggg iggg gggiiig.

    Gotta love them old pot smokin rednecks.

  2. that refuge camp in chad looks alot like the boxes built in Carlsbad.

  3. Duncan Hunter is a bit confused. He's got his African countries mixed up. Would you feed refugees in the Arizona desert with gators from Florida? Most of Chad is in the Sahara desert with only the southern part reaching into the sahel/savanna areas with higher rainfall.

    Wildlife is scarce, and what little is left is in game parks with heavy poaching. Does Duncan plan to import wildebeest from the Serengeti in Tanzania and Kenya? Even if he can get permission, the meat wouldn't be sufficient.

    Shades of Danny Dalager and Jimmy Bond!

  4. North County Times Blog Censor on FIRE.

    The Leucadia fire was started in a migrant camp. Some blogger called them trespassers.

    My comment that they might not be trespassers was censored.

    That land is Ecke land and the Eckes have allowed migrants to live in those hills for decades. They probably employed many of them.

  5. Duncan Hunter is just kind of out of touch. How, during a natioally televised Republican debate, does a candidate for president mistakenly refer to Anderson Cooper over and over as "Cooper"? Anybody who hasn't been under a rock for the last couple of years in politics should know who Anderson Cooper is. Small point, but that's a pretty big "out of touch" mistake. Where was his staff on that one? "Sir, just you know, the moderator is going to be Anderson Cooper from CNN, so be sure to address him as 'Anderson' or 'Mr. Cooper' or 'Junior Vanderbilt'".

  6. What a craven jackanape tool to bilk taxpayers for the price of a 'manly men wild game hunt' on the pretense of feeding desperate people.

    Whenever you think they have gone as low as they can, they go lower. And one could never write these stories for fiction and be believed.

  7. Off topic: The UT today has a fluff piece about how wonderful the bunkers will be. "That was a choice of the community." the mayor said. Yeah, right.

  8. I for one chose tunnels over overpasses. Looks a lot better. I prefer to tunnel the train not people.

    I wonder if anyone is attending the public meeting today to advocate using the 17 million to start tunneling the train or are they just going to hear from Stocks.

  9. I'll be there to speak against the tweaker tunnels and for complete grade seperation of the rail corridor.

  10. The censors at North County Times are more active than ever. Last week they actually took out a single line of my short post and replaced it with three dots. Usually my whole post is censored. I never use offensive language, but NCT seems to be protecing Jerome Stocks from too much scrutiny.

  11. This guy is getting paid on our dime to come up with this nonsense? What an arrogant idiot. Time he was retired from office.

  12. The community did not support the transient tunnel idea -- we wanted to tunnel the train but Stocks says that will never happen, so the ONLY choices were bridges or tunnels -- not even at grade crossings. We do not want the tunnels -- we want a leader who can formulate a plan to put the train in a tunnel underground -- they do it in Europe all the time, what is the problem with doing it here -- MONEY -- gee, and I thought it was because the ground is too hard. No, just Stocks head is too hard.

  13. Bob Nanninga is a leader who has been on record for more than a decade calling for the undergrounding of the railroad tracks through Encinitas. Nanninga is perfectly suited to represent Encinitas on the NCTD board.

    Nanninga in November!

  14. North County Times protects Jerome Stocks big time. They censor 90% of the comments regarding Jerome Stocks.

  15. I doubt that Bob Nanninga will be taken seriously on any regional board.

    Shouting at people is not leadership.

  16. Obviously I disagree. As for being taken seriously it's clear you take issue with my style of communication.

    Sometimes shouting is the only way to be heard.

  17. Stocked and SabinedJuly 25, 2008 8:38 PM


    Scene: Gun racks at local Walmart
    Stocked: (eyes peering down the barrel of a Browning Citori Lighting Feather, 27, trigger finger twitching)...Glennbobbit, ain’t this here jess one fine piece. Pow, Poooow, POW!
    Sabined: (pushing nozzle away from his temple)...Jess as fine as a five finger line, he he.
    Stocked: Duckbob ain’t out-shootin me this here junket. He’s gots more heads a hangin on his wall than a centipede got cents, he he.
    (Dannyboy approaches the pair carrying an armload of squirrel bait)
    Stocked: Well, if I ain’t happier than a flea on the arm of a jackass at the blood bank, look see, here’s Dannyboy!
    (All three air kiss)
    Dannyboy: Youse get the invite for the big Windy Beast Shoot Off from Duckbob?
    Sabined: (beeming) Yes sireeee, we gots the first-class-all-expense-paid VIP ones.
    Dannyboy: (pouting) Wells, I’se get to hold Duckbob’s guns.
    Stocked: Now don’t go gettin yur fur all flied up, we’se goin have a hollerin hootin tootin time boys!
    (All three high five but miss)
    Sabined: (Squinting) Whatcha doin wit that thar squirrel bait Dannyboy?
    Dannyboy: Gots to load up on the Windy Beasts’s favor-ite fud. This stuff garanteed to make them pass the big wind when youse plug a few BB’s into their hides.
    Stocked: Dannyboy, yud be dangerous if yud had a brain! We ain’t huntin no squirrels in C-Bad, we dun goin to Chaina to kill them Windy Beasts and feed em to the natives.
    (All three line up to buy florescent orange attire, and Stocked buys three grenades, jess in case.)

  18. I commend Duncan Hunter for his concern over Darfur refugees and for actually trying to help them. bloggers in leudacia sound like an ignorant outtta touch buncha cityfolk who are sicko enough to mock someone who tries to find a realistic, yes realistic,i solution to a serious problem. Do your homework before typing opinions based on "feelings" and predjudice alone. Parks in afrca are similar to parks here in that they have beast management issues too. just like the BLM has to exterminate overpopulations of usa wild desert beasts(mustangs), a lot of meat is going to waste. If there are hungry people over there, it makes perfect sense to use the park animals. and hunt them u must; they only come to u when u feed them, but sounds like theyre short on feed over there. Its sad how you stereotype hunters as rednecks. hunters organizations like ducks unltd. and hunting funds support more conservation and wildlife preservation projects than any other organizations. Any of you who mock Hunter's efforts to help those poor people should be ashamed. Not one of you showed concern or offered suggestions on how to help these starving refugees.


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