Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Encinitas will not be a sleepy little beach town but an urban city by the sea. "

Quote by Encinitas Planning Commissioner Gene Chapo in the North County Times,

"I am thinking that one day, Encinitas will not be a sleepy little beach town but an urban city by the sea. "

source: ENCINITAS: Questions about state law emerge in Pacific View debate


  1. And is Planning Commissioner Chapo and the other Commissioners who make the planning decisions also pushing Encinitas from a sleepy little beach town to an urban city by the sea?

  2. I don't drive so who cares if the streets are more crowded.

    I don't surf so who cares if the waves are more crowded.

    I walk alone and maybe with all the new people crowding in I will find a friend to walk with me.

  3. Chapo is right about that because the 101 specific plans allow for three story buildings built right on the property lines. The 101 plans need to change or we can kiss our vibrant beach town goodbye. Demand the 101 plan be revised -- Cardiff has done a good job on theirs. Vote out Stocks - he is a developer's best friend. Vote in responsible intelligent council members. This is our City and the council needs to work with us, not against us.

  4. Take a long look at what the Planning Commissioners have approved in the last four years. They may question staff, but most projects are approved by the Commission, no matter how detrimental they are to the community. The Planning Commission and their decisions share a large part of the blame.

  5. School House RocksJuly 31, 2008 10:42 AM

    Can't a court declare the land surplus -- it appears that the Board is refusing to acknowledge the obvious in hopes it can subvert the law. We want a park -- the land has been used for recreation, was deeded to the City for public use, and isn't parks one of the Council's priority goals? Why doesn't the city sue EUSD if EUSD won't abide by the law. Makes me think some back room handshakes have been exchanged. The medical office building did not need a zoning change because these are allowed under public/semi public zoning. Obviously, EUSD never really intended to go that route, and now that the land has sat vacant for a time, it bounces to get a zoning change -- and is surprised when it just isn't handed over? BUILD SCHOOL HOUSE PARK NOW!

  6. Face facts -- the only reason property is developed is to make lots of money, and the 101 plan is a developer's dream. Tear down the old and build build build the new. There is no protection in the 101 plan to preserve and protect the character of our town, it is left up to the discretion of the planning commission.

  7. Encinitas is ALREADY an urban town by the sea... anyone that doubt's this is asleep at the wheel. But an urban town without needed and necessary infrastructure. There is NO safe sidewalk along long stretches of Vulcan, Santa Fe, and Hwy 101. Flooding occurs on many streets and roadways and many streets and alleys in Leucadia are without pavement.

    Mr.Bond has little to be proud of after 16 years wheeling power in this city, but if his goal was to Keep Leucadia ugly and backward he has succeeded!! Congrad to you Jimmy boy!!!

  8. rspb -- you need to get out more. What is envisioned for us is another Manhattan Beach, or Newport Beach, or La Jolla. We are not an urban town yet -- those who want to live in urban towns should go there. Oh, the problem is the property values there are extremely high and they have been developed, so lets move to a small vibrant beach town, buy up the lots, let the property go to shit, sell the council on mixed use development, and then make a ton of money. Everyone wins, except for those residents who live here because they like things the way they are. I have lived in most of the beach communities in San Diego all my life, and Encinitas is the last jewel. Cookie cutter mixed use development will ruin this town's character and appeal. But, someone will be making money and I guess that's all that matters.

  9. Other Point of View...July 31, 2008 11:49 AM

    I live in Leucadia and I cannot wait for it to drastically change. All the crap on the 101, closed stores, vacant million dollar lots, illegals running around on the streets because apartments are still cheap here.

    I want it TORN DOWN and REBUILT. I would LOVE to have a Newport Beach or La Jolla type atmosphere.

    Not all residents here feel your 1 sided way.

  10. Encinitas is already an urban city. What the planning commission needs to ensure is that its future growth is properly planned and the required infrastructure and parks are put in place.

    However, there is no chance that Encinitas can be a sleepy town by the sea. That ship sailed long ago.

  11. Bonddi- If you like things the way they are, then YOU need to buy up all the lots and let them sit..... do nothing with them. Leave them be. Then no one will come along and destroy your idea of paradise. PUT YOUR $$$ WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS...

    I couldn't care less about someone wanting to improve their property. I care that the streets are unsafe to walk. That flooding occurs every time it rains. That streets and alleys are unpaved. That 25 years after staggering into town that the center median of most of 101 is weeds and dirt. 20 years after we became a city, staff and council still look upon Leucadia as a source of tax revenue and nothing more.

    If you are happy with this, then good for you, I for one am NOT happy and the pandering for votes on this blogs makes me puke!!

    The idiots that post on this blog have no sense of decency. People are killed walking to school and these idiots are more concerned about a community theatre. Jack ball teenagers drive 85 mph on 101 and the city still refuses to lower the speed limit, even after people die.

    Bonddi, if this is your idea of paradise, then I may as well go back to drinking, cause with thinking like this I may as well spend my days and nights wasted to numb the pain and shame of Encinitas.


  12. Because the school property was not "designated" surplus, does not mean it is not surplus.

    EUSD let the City rent it for one dollar per year. It WOULD have considered selling it at a discount price as a "Pocket Park" to the City of Encinitas, if Council had pushed for that.

    Council, in the past, and the Planning Commission, appointed by Council majority, has consistently "sided" with developers' increasing density downtown and elsewhere.

    I went to public meetings regarding [Save] Pacific View, held before at Paul Ecke Central School and then Oak Crest Community Center. Both times I signed up to receive notice. I made written comments. Still, I WAS NOT NOTICED of the recent Planning Commission Meeting regarding Pacifc View.

    Some nearby homeowners were noticed up to five times! This is more bondoogling by staff that works out in favor of developers and conflicted "administrators."

    City should be able to buy the park at a discounted rate, as Solana Beach was able to, recently. Encinitas Union School District should not take advantage of our open space, which was donated for public school use. EUSD has used false, misleading logic, as in, "it's either high density 'mixed use,' or we'll develop it as Medical Offices." It's not an either or situation.

    Save Pacific View group was misled and intimidated. Affordable housing units need more than one parking space in proposed development. Downtown already has a huge parking problem. Don't let these wolves in sheep clothing pull the wool over your eyes.

  13. Get real, Encinitas will never be another Newport or La Jolla.

    More like P.B. or O.B
    It will become "Ghetto by the sea".

    "Sleepy little beach town" = tourist $ for local businesses.

    "urban city" = crime & congestion.

  14. If you go back to drinking, RSPB, watch your step. Did you know that you can get picked up for drunk walking in North County? Let me tell you, the one-way ride to Vista can be pretty inconvenient.

  15. "walker o": are you a Canadian?

  16. I'm not Canadian, Bitch.

    I'm Retarded.

  17. "Take a long look at what the Planning Commissioners have approved in the last four years. They may question staff, but most projects are approved by the Commission, no matter how detrimental they are to the community. The Planning Commission and their decisions share a large part of the blame."

    The Planning Commission does not design the projects that it reviews, they can only "temper" what is brought before them. These projects are submitted by developers and owners in the private sector. The quality, or lack of quality, upon submittal is purely a function of the developer's wishes. The developer must abide by the General Plan, Municipal Code, applicable Specific Plan, etc. Granted, they often ask for concessions, etc., but those are always subject to question.

    Our collective future, whether it be "sleepy beach town" or "urban city" is a function of the above regulations coupled with the discresion of the Planning Commission and the Council.

    If you are unhappy with the dynamic that has begun, it's important that you encourage the Council to call "time-out" and revisit certain elements of our applicable specific plans, etc.

    The development industry will push for the status quo. We must make sure that these plans align with our vision for the future of our city. Once again, we have now seen several full-scale models of the possible results of the current Specific Plan(s). Much more is to come. Please step up and insist these specific plans be changed.

  18. Left coast is basically correct.

    What is leaving out is that many permits are discretionary and not issued by right.

    Left coast also fails to realize that planning commission is all that is left to ensure the general plan is followed.

    Left coast is right. We must revisit the specific plans. We also must address the stupid state laws inducing this shit.

  19. the Real Walker OAugust 01, 2008 9:54 AM

    "walker O 10:18"

    You need to get out and walk more. Walking makes you more polite and societies more civil.

    Walkers to steal other people's call sign.

    The real Walker O!!!

  20. What Left Coast also omitted was that with many of the developments the Planning Commission ignored the General Plan and allowed development that didn't fit in with the community. The Planning Commission is to blame for approving thses projects. It is a developer friendly Planning Commission.

  21. Knock it off Fakey.....

    You know my comments about walking are to make fun of the people who love walking. You should my comments make no sense.

    You are the fake and I am the only real Walker O.

    This is my call sign loser fakey. get a life.

    The only true Walker O!

  22. One thing that seems clear to me is that certain staffers in the planning department NEED to go!! How to do that is another matter. Has anyone noticed that Kerry Kusiak is usually involved with the most controversial of all of the projects. Furthermore, inevidably when Kerry is on the project, the developers get what they want. Why is this? I can only speculate. If I were on the Council, I would figure out a way to regin him in, or get rid of him. Good thing I am not running or he and a few others in that deptartment would have their walking papers. There is always a way to fire someone no matter what the City may tell you.

  23. the real real real walker oAugust 02, 2008 10:27 AM

    I am the REAL REAL walker O. Don't pay any attention to the other walkers on this blog, ignore them. I walk because I can... and I don't have $ for the bus.


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