Friday, July 11, 2008

Is the Circus in Town?

Lookey, the turnkey Public Works Yard is being tented for termites.


  1. Why didn't they do a termite inspection when it was bought it?

  2. I agree with the last post.

    this is normal practice.

    Why is the City paying for this?

  3. Who voted to purchase this this "turn key" boondoggle?

  4. How much sales tax revenue went to some other city?

  5. I keep wondering if there would have been more public involvement if there had been less "closed sessions" regarding the purchase of this property, and more open business.

    The City CAN have closed sessions for property negotiation, but does not HAVE to. It didn't benefit the public to keep this secret, because there was no comps, no real estate report as there would be on a normal purchase and sale, and as other cities have. In fact, at oral communications, a professional appraiser brought up the fact that he had suggested BEFORE that sale took place that the City should have a policy of getting real estate reports, not just a so-called "appraisal" by one individual, only, who is going to provide Council with whatever price they have decided to spend.

    The City would have been better protected had this gone through a broker. Private parties pushing public deals are in it for profit, usually, at taxpayer expense.

  6. Roadside park bumJuly 12, 2008 1:42 PM

    The city didn't do a termite inspection when it purchased the current city hall!!! Nor did they inspect the roof, which needed to be replaced with in a year at a cost of over $250,000. But hey, it's just money!!!

    As for why the city didn't do inspections prior to the purchase and then negotiate the price down???? Because they are IDIOTS!!! And fools and rubes!!!

    PT Barnum said there is a sucker born every minute.... and they all work for the city of Encinitas.


  7. How much does tenting a place that size cost, anyway? I saw that tent yesterday and I thought OMG! A termite infested turn key operation? You're mighty quick on that shutter finger, JP.

  8. More mistakes by Jerome.

    Vote out the mistake, vote out Jerome.


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