Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Note from Peder Norby


Just FYI, information sharing for those interested in the North Hwy 101 street-scape plan.

I uploaded images and the presentation by Dan Burden to the L101 website this morning. The images were provided by Peltz & Associates. The PowerPoint is a very large file (70megs) and I had no way to compress it so folks need to be patient downloading it.

As of yet, the city has not posted any graphics or presentation material on the city website. I am told they are working on it.

L101 has a new office as you know on Hwy 101, The office will have the large sheet renderings of the alternatives posted on the wall in the very near future, a week or two. The office will be a good place for those interested to stop by and see the concepts.

and on another topic,

Tonight is the Draft Specific Plan meeting at the Panning Commission. The CSP was crafted by the community during 20 meetings, eight months, and represents the consensus of the community as expressed by the 13 committee members. There are some very innovative approaches in the plan to promote single story development, preserve views and community scale, and deal with underground parking and potential future large parcels such as NCTD and the Cardiff school, that I think might have interest to Leucadians.

In any event, it was a professional privilege and honor to be able facilitate the meetings and work with the Cardiff stakeholders as they authored the CSP.

My sincere hope is that the collective voice and those thousands of hours donated by both committee members and the public who participated, represented in the draft CSP document will be adopted in the near future.



  1. Very cool. Thanks.

    If one had to guess, how many years do you think until this 101 improvement would happen?

  2. 20 if you re-elect Jerome Stocks.

    5 if you elect someone with fresh ideas beyond blindly supporting developers.

  3. "The CSP was crafted by the community during 20 meetings, eight months, and represents the consensus of the community as expressed by the 13 committee member."

    Most people in the community don't know what is going on or what is in the draft CSP.

  4. Peder Norby + DeWald = Pacific View, Pacific Station and misappropriating the low-income housing dollars paid by developers to 'preserve' the boat houses.

    Careful what you wish for Leucadia.

    Norby = Redevelopment.

  5. The last blogger must be a newby... we've been through this. Welcome! To recap:

    Peder Norby = Mainstreet approach which embraces community improvement through preservation and market drive forces, not government intervention. The City is being asked to improve our infrastructure as guided by our community workshops.

    I am careful what I ask for and Peder Norby is great for Leucadia and helping keep the redevelopment forces at bay.

    Please go to and learn about the mission for our Mainstreet

  6. The last posting is obviously drinking the Kool-aid.

    Peder Norby cares only about Peder Norby.

  7. Leucadians shouldn't get their hopes up by the Cardiff Specific Plan. Last night at a special Planning Commission meeting the process of unraveling the latest draft of the CSP began. The developers and real estate promoters were out in force. The three commissioners in attendance made it clear that they want changes in the limited mixed use and setbacks.

    Clearly there is a lot of money to be made by certain individuals if the CSP is moved back to the first draft and closer to what the downtown and Leucadia specific plans allow. These are all zoning documents, the reason developers and real estate people are so interested.

    The charge back to the plan prepared by the consultant was led by Paul Van Slyke, and abetted by Gene Chapo. Clearly they want to ignore community character and community input. Peder Norby was careful to walk a fine line in supporting what the committee came up with in the second draft, but he never admitted that community consensus, not committee consensus, was strongly against mixed use and zero setbacks. What was the point in spending so much time in revising the plan?

    At least Virginia Felker tried to stay close to the committee draft. She had to deal with a nasty verbal exchange in the audience towards the end of the meeting when it became obvious where things were going.

    Unless there is change on the city council, I don't see any hope of getting the Leucadia specific plan changed. Bob Nanninga and Joe Sheffo were in the audience. Neither spoke. Rachelle Collier was unable to attend, but her statement supporting the revised CSP was read by another person. She was the hero of the evening and will be getting my vote in November.

  8. NCTD is a Big Bully. How can a "public" entity be so anti-public?

  9. Anon 8:04

    Were we at the same meeting? The 3 commissioners agreed to support the proposed mixed-use limitation to 5,000 SF lots along Newcastle only...exactly as proposed. There was never any discussion of going back to mixed-use in any of the other planning areas.

  10. Anonymous,

    You're right I didn't speak. As a resident of Leucadia who does not own property in Cardiff. I thought it best to let Cardiffians speak for themselves.

    Besides, it is still early in the game, with plenty of time for environmentalists to weigh in regarding the landscaping and plant palate currently proposed.

  11. I am not sure why Rachelle is such a heroine because she sent someone to read a prepared statement. I am not saying that she isn't nice and perhaps a contender. However,I think Bob and Joe, who were in the audience, deserve the credit for being there and listening. They took the time from their schedules to listen to Cardiffians. Thank you to Bob and Joe.

  12. To Left Coast: We were at the same meeting. Did you stay until the end? A lot of people left early. There was discussion during the last half hour about expanding mixed use to San Elijo Avenue and allowing it on up to 10-12,000 sq. ft. lots. That's a huge change. Also discussed was allowing zero setbacks.

    Paul Van Slyke made it very clear that he was in favor of much more mixed use. This was a slap in the face to all the community members who attended the the committee meetings and spoke. Neither Felker or Chapo challenged Van Slyke.

    It's my opinion the the stage is being set to make some big changes in the draft as prepared by the committee. We shall see. Remember there have already been two workshops in 2004 and 2005 that have been ignored. I attended both. We in Cardiff expected the commissioners to accept the plan with a few minor technical revisions. This is what Tom McCabe urged when he spoke and what Rachelle Collier said in her statement that was read. The meeting turned out much different. At the end Peder Norby looked like he was caught between a rock and hard place. Ouch!

  13. Hey Dr. Lorri-

    What’s up with your comments about Rachelle? All I hear from you is bashing..... What specifically don't you like?

    If you want to praise Joe and Bob, fine.... but give us the reasons why you’re bashing Rachelle, not just negative attitude.

    Have you gone to an event and met Rachelle?

    After you meet her and possibly read her platform on her web page, then you can tell us what you like or don't like.

    Jeeze.... I thought you were for quality of life in Encinitas.

    Did you know Rachelle like pets?

    Maybe we should talk about your feelings?

  14. Actually I have been to Ron Ranson's home and have had the opportunity to meet Rachelle. I just don't belive that the Cardiff Specific Plan meeting should have been a place where ANY candidate should have been politicking. Both Bob and Joe showed up and shut up. Period! I was happy that they were there to hear what Cardiffians had to say. The message that was sent by Rachelle was generic and had no meaning to me. If she has read the entire Cardiff Specific Plan and agrees with all of it, then I apologize to her and to everyone who I offended. The CSP is VERY long and detailed, so I guess I am skeptical of any candidate who supports or doesn't support the plan until reading it. BTW, I have-so no flaming me on that.
    As far as my feelings for Rachelle, I don't use feelings as my criterion to vote for any candidate. I use facts, my own intelligence( which you may not think highly of), and the SPECIFICS of what a candidate says and stands for. So far, I don't know what Rachelle stands for. I have met personally with Joe and Bob and have a pretty clear idea of what they oppose and do not oppose. I will meet Brandenburg this weekend. So, I am sorry if I am not more supportive of a candidate you obviously like. I like her too from what I know. That does not mean I will not scrutinize her as I will do everyone else. If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to post them and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

  15. Pretty funny,

    How is Peder a free market guy exactly? The landowners and merchants don't think he is worth his pay. If they did, why aren't they paying him ?

    The council hired this guy.

    Why do Jerome and Danny like this guy so much?

    Why does the GOVERNMENT have to help the free market fix 101? Something doesn't square with this picture.

    someone needs to think a little more critically.

  16. “It would be fiscally irresponsible if the city didn’t look at forming a redevelopment agency in Leucadia,” said Peder Norby, director of the Downtown Encinitas MainStreet Association.

  17. Free Market My AssAugust 01, 2008 8:09 PM

    Norby, who will also speak at the April 20 meeting, said he has experience as a former business owner and redevelopment commissioner in Carlsbad. “I’m very familiar with the mechanics and tools of how a redevelopment agency works,” he said.


  18. I, for one, would like to be enlightened. Can you help us out on that last poster? I admit I know very little about redevelopment districts. Thanks.

  19. Dr. Lorri-

    Have you gone to Rachelle website. It lists her platform. There is a link on the main page of the blog and it is:

    Check it out and tell us what you don't like.

    If you have questions email her or call her.

    I am sure once you learn what Rachelle Collier's vision is for Encinitas you will be a supporter.

  20. Council heard the large rejection of redevelopment district idea in Leucadia and moved on. Thank God. I think we should too.

    I suggest you get behind the main street effort. It’s the best alternative to the pressures of a redevelopment district. If the community does not get involved and take ownership of its mainstreet, some big time developers will buy up everything and turn it into whatever they want. We will have no say.

    The one thing for certain is change.

    Get involved. Join L101.

    Or forever hold your peace when thing get changed without your input.

  21. Who is profitting? DeWald et al. Wonder why? He runs a real estate investment company. Gee, wonder who or whom is on all the civic organizations endorsing these projects, like the Pacific Station getting the DEMA, Chamber of Commerce, etc., endorsement. Obviously, someone or some people affliated with these civic organizations is and/or investors. Full disclosure -- about time we demanded this!

  22. Hey wake up-

    Then get involved and change the specific plan for the area your concerned to your likening.

    People need to profit in America. We like in a capitalistic society. If you don't make a profit you die. Are you anti free-enterprise?

  23. Redevelopment = government + up zoning + developers.
    Plus plenty of handshake deals for pay-offs later on. This isn't a ghetto, loans are still being approved. Redevelopment is for areas no lender will touch. The last thing we want to do is put the future of this city into government hands.

  24. Anon: 10:26: Thank you for the suggestions. I have e-mailed Rachelle and have looked at her website. I just did it yesterday, so I do not expect answers from her back yet. I will be disappointed if she does not respond at all, but that is her choice, of course. Before I bias anyone who takes my opinion seriously, I would love to hear your thoughts about what you like about Rachelle's vision for Encinitas, and how she intends to obtain it. That would be very helpful to me, as I may be missing some braincells these days. I really do think she is nice and would like her on the Council. I will state one of my concerns now. Is she tough enough for the rough and tumble politics of our community. We are not large, but we have some people that would love to turn us into Carlsbad (sorry, no offense Carlsbad) or Oceanside. I personally don't like that idea. So we need strong leadership on keeping our character unique. Perhaps that is what I am concerned about. Is it possible to be nice and be in politics? Teresa has managed it, I think. However, in my 25 years of living in Cardiff, I have seen very few people that can "hang in there" against the likes of Jerome et al. I am not here to criticize. I belive that I am asking legitimate questions. Anyone can have a vision. The tough part is "How to do you achieve that vision in a timely manner, if at all"? Thanks for any information that you may have to help me become an advocate.

    BTW, I do not belive that I ever said I was advocating anyone for Council. I say that because I got the impression that you thought I was pro Bob and Joe. I truly have not made up my mind, except I will not be voting for Jerome. That is all that I am sure of at this time.

  25. The last thing we want to do is put the future of Encinitas in Peder Norby's hands.

    Peder Norby is wrong for Encinitas, and as long as Maggie Houlihan continues to support cede responsibility to Carlsbad consultants she is wrong for Encinitas.

  26. I am amazed that Peder Norby is still in the mix after the beautification of coastal Encinitas!!
    Over budget, took too long and not functinal growth just a face lift! Good money spent on the quick fix!
    Now Encinitas looks more like an outside mall and would't you know it they want to re-zone for retail only...mmmmm watch out Leucadia!
    The Norby mall is on its way!
    Lego Land and 101 placards and profits are American not family and a funtional communtity to raise healthy children and promote education and the arts!! Nope just profit we need to make money....give public land to private industry and they will make out town better for us all!!
    God Bless the American Norby Dollar USA Llc.
    Sorry for the tone but I am tired of the same man being involved in every town redevelopment process with the same outcome!! And the city council hires him???
    Give someone else a chance to express their vision of our funky town......Norby and Funky are not a match!!!!

  27. Well said last poster. Let others have a chance. Perhaps the citizens? What a unique concept that would be!

  28. Sorry Supadupa-

    I don't agree with you at all.

    I like downtown Encinitas.

    I hope Leucadia follows suite with retail only on front ground level.

    Otherwise you end up with all Lawyer and Retail estate offices like Del Mar.

    I plan to be active in the upcoming N. Coast Hwy101 specific plan update.

    1. Change to limit 2 stories on Vulcan Avenue

    2. Parking and Retail only on ground floor need to be addressed on ground floor of N.Coast Mainstreet.

    There are so many opportunities for us to get involved. If you don't take advantage of them, it’s your loss.....

    Go to all the workshops and public meetings. Voice your option.

    sorry, we don't live in a communistic society so the formerly mighty dollar will always prevail (which I understand and accept, its call capitalism). The alternative sucks.

    You sound to me like the kind of person who fears change and keep repeating, I wish things were like they were in the 1960s in Leucadia. Of course, we all do but it’s not going to happen.

    If you know someone who is better for Encinitas than Peder Norby, please tell them to get involved with Encinitas. We will all benefit.

    Look on the bright side. At least you live in beautiful Encinitas and not generic (Irvine Jr.) Carlsbad.

    Get involved, get involved, get involved..... Otherwise your voice will never be heard and you will continue to not matter.

  29. Supadupa- FUNKY SUCKS!

  30. Dr Lorri-

    Jerome is the weakest person on council and can't stand up to any special interest groups like Teresa Barth does.

    Jerome Stocks has no integrity and consistantly sells out to developers, employee unions, and special interest groups (i.e. soccer clubs).... at the expense of the Encinitas public.

    Rachelle has integrity and cares about Encinitas. She will easily stand up for whats best for Encinitas. One simple example, Follow our general plan and quite trying to make us like Carlsbad.

    I am sure she will respond to you.

    Dont fear the weak like Jerome.... they get their power from intiminating folks that don't understand all the issues.

  31. Peder Norby generally is about positive change, but that comes at a price. One example...the latest Pacific View proposal brought before the Planning Commission was a mixed-use project with a heavy Office component. That idea came from Peder Norby, the school district originally wanted a residential solution only. After the threat of a huge Medical Office project on that site (which was probably a smokescreen anyway), the present proposal was put forth with the office mix to try to get more office use off 101. Good idea, but it comes with a price. The predominantly residential portion of the downtown just got invaded by commercial uses that the specific plan does not endorse, but we did try to get some office use off 101 (and make a little more money, of course).

  32. so,

    he facilitated an eight month contentious process that resulted in a draft plan that the cardiff citizens apparently love but developers hate. He asked that the plan be adopted in the post to J.P.

    He led the succesful efforts to buy and preserve the Boathouses,

    He wants a ground floor retail ordinance so office don't run over downtown like they did in Del Mar.

    He wants a Historic Preservation zoning to give more flexibility to historic buildings so they can be saved,

    He worked for years in the downtown mainstreet program, and helped others start their maionstreet programs, proving it could be succesful as oppossed to a redevelopment area.

    I think he was involved in keeping the library downtown as well.

    What a jerk!

  33. I think that I said the only person I definitely WILL NOT be voting for is Jerome. That is as a definite!! I agree with the last post ot me on that one.

  34. dr. lorri- if you want to know why an RDA is an evil scheme that is wrong for Leucadia and everywhere else for that matter, Email me, give me your phone number and I'll tell you exactly what Redevelopment is and why the city council used good judgement in letting it pass, however there are those on the council who are still think it's a nifty idea, and if we get another city manager like Kerry Miller, who supported the idea 100%, then we'll have to fight-again.

    Anyone can Google "Redevelopment District" and find the 300+ page document online. It's very interesting.

  35. redevelopment abuse information:

    18 of our of 19 cities in San Diego county slurp at the trough of redevelopment.

    Encinitas is the one that does not.

    Of the 19 I think Encinitas is the nicest by far compared to Carlsbad O.B., P.B., Oceanside and all the other areas, cities.


  36. "He wants a ground floor retail ordinance so offices don't run over downtown like they did in Del Mar."

    We are not Del Mar. Norby's attempt at keeping ground floor on downtown 101 retail only was a 'directive' to staff that has been overturned. No council vote was ever taken, so no ordinance.

    The council realized that the retail-only directive was wrong-headed and harmful and have apprised staff to reverse it.

  37. Current three dumb ass majority are dumb as hell for reversing it.

    Look at the last two redevelopment projects in Leucadia.

    The first - the ugly 2 story building just south of the cool old school red vet buidling.

    Ugly as sin and is STILL for lease. I bet you 1000 to 1 that will eventually be occupied by a lawyer group or real estate group.

    Second. New Mixed use by Caldwells antiques. Bottom commercial units are hard to access from the street. I give you 10 to 1 odds that most will be leased to professional services that do not service the local community.

    Lastly, How did that new mixed use building work out in Cardiff next to the Jack in the Box. I heard the condition was for the first floor to be a restaurant. But no restaurant entrepreneur would bite at the cost per square foot. So guess what, it’s now Well Fargo Mortgage.

    Without retail zoning changes in Leucadia..... this is exactly what we can expect.


  38. The Cardiff building next to the Jack in the Box is not mixed use. It was built under the current commercial zoning, which does not allow it.

    Mixed use is commercial and residential on the same lot. The Klewiter building is all commercial with Wells Fargo and the soon to open Wine Steals (the signs are up) on the first floor and offices on the second floor. There are no residential units as there will be at Pacific Station. There are two levels of underground parking.

    The building met the current code, except for the variance that was given to put the loading dock on busy San Elijo Avenue. A mistake in my opinion, but the structure as built would not have been feasible without it. Of course, our Planning Commission and City Council always approve these things. The Walgreens project is the perfect example.

  39. Another example on why the zoning ordinances need to be changed to require other than office commercial all over our down towns like Del Mar.


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