Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Quick Q&A with 2008 Encinitas City Council Candidate Bob Nanninga

2008 Encinitas city council candidate Bob Nanninga often post comments on this blog. The following was posted in the comments section of this blog post:

Bob said,

In the spirit of brevity I have kept the answers short. I am open to meeting with residents individually or in groups to discuss these issues at length.

Q: Lowering the train tracks?
A: Underground and covered

Q: Pacific View school
A: Naylor Act = School House Historic park

Q: Hall property park
A: It's time to stop wasteing time and money and build the damn park

Q: New fire stations
A: The old ones are ghetto. New ones should be cost and energy efficient. And the Cardiff station should be moved to a less constrictive location.

Q: Plastic bag ban?
A: Absolutely!

Q: Bike lane on 101 through Leucadia?
A: Long overdue

Q: City staff salaries and benefits?
A: Non sustainable

Q: Consultants versus staff?
A: If staff can't do the job replace the staff with those who can not consultants.

Q: Open meetings?
A: At all times.

Q: Rail trail?
A: On top of undergrounded LOSSAN Rail corridor

Q: Rail under crossings
A: Boondoogle. Absolutely not!

Q: Scripps expansion and impact on surrounding properties?
A: All traffic should enter and exit on Sante Fe, not into the long established residential neighborhood.

Q: Up-zoning with out a vote of the people?
A: All zoning changes and changes to the general plan should be brought to a vote of the people. No exceptions!

Q: A city wide bond for rooftop PV cells
A: Solar is good but should not be forced on property owners.

Q: A citywide bond for under grounding utilities
A: Worth exploring, as it would improve views and property values, enhance tourism, and make Encinitas a truly 21st century city.

July 30, 2008 8:29 AM


  1. Re Bob's comment: Am I alone in my belief Jerome Stocks does not serve the best interests of Encinitas residents?

    Jerome is an insurance salesman.
    I wonder if serving the interests of Encinitas residents was ever his top priority.

    For example, he was clearly serving the interests of Steve Aceti when he decided to call a SECOND sand tax vote, and I'm sure there are other examples . . . .

  2. Bob, I agree with you except for the Hall Property -- you call it a park, it's a regional sports complex. I propose trading some Hall property land for Pacific View, and develop both areas in real community parks that are not designed to serve the interests of one sport -- soccer. How can you justify spending $60 million dollars to subsidize one sport? In addition, the traffic generated by the sports complex will completely overwhelm Santa Fe and the adjoining residential areas. The City's traffic "analysis" is full of holes, uses an LOS analysis for residential streets - which is inappropriate, uses an LOS analysis for the roundabout -- which is inappropriate, among other smoke and mirror tactics. Please explain why you think the sports complex is the best use of our dime.

  3. You had the chance to ask him why he opposes bathrooms at Leucadia beaches and you failed to ask him...

    RSPB- and NOOOO the neighborhood does not oppose bathrooms at Beacons nor Grandview.

  4. Yes it does and for good reasons.

    They stink, are health issues, and lower property values. Plus no one but a bum will use them.

  5. Bondii is right on the money Bob.

    You better rethink your position on the sports park. Your loosing me.

  6. I am not voting for you.

    You support a Regional Park and Ritz Firestation.

    There are much higher City priorities then those two items.

  7. The sports complex was dreamed up during a time of plenty, and times are changing fast. From what I've read on this blog, city tax revenues are decreasing. I doubt that the city even has the money anymore to build the park as planned. I also doubt that anyone will be driving kids around Southern California to play soccer when gas hits $10 or $15/gallon.

    If this project is delayed long enough, it will never be started. It is a white elephant that hasn't been built yet.

  8. Anon 12:21 - I agree.
    Improving Encinitas is simple:
    1. Underground the train.
    2. Underground utilities.
    3. Build sidewalks.

    I can understand the cost and difficulty of the first two, but the third is a no-brainer. In some spots around Cardiff, for instance, property owners have already set aside space. It is just sitting there waiting for the concrete truck.

    oh yeah, and #4. Get rid of the billboards.

  9. Cardiffian twoJuly 30, 2008 1:30 PM

    I will never vote for Bob if he supports the present plans for the Hall property park. Nor will most Cardiffians. We were told it was to be a community park, not a sport complex.

    There are good reasons the park has not been built. The city tried to do a negative declaration and skip the EIR. That's why the judge ruled in favor of the citizen's group that successfully sued the city. That was in 2004. The city is still preparing the EIR, attempting to find ways to mitigate all the problems.

    Impossible unless the plans are changed, especially with the newest mandates for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. And $60 million for a park that is only for about 15% of our city? That's fiscal irresponsibility at any time, and with falling city income and a stretched city budget, it's fiscal insanity. Is Bob planning Lease Revenue Bonds that will cost $120 million to repay? At least let's do General Obligation Bonds and let the citizens vote. A simple majority of the council to pass Lease Revenue bonds is totally inappropriate here.

  10. Bondi,
    I do not support in any way a regional sports complex at the Hall Property. From the beginning the intention was to create a community park. The location could not support traffic associated with a sports complex. Proximity to residents and hospital prohibit such usage.

    As for the round about. I think the jury is still out regarding the wisdom of roundabouts.

    I support a pedistrian friendly, low impact community park, complete with skate elements, a people and dog zone, and native landscaping.

    In regards to the charge of a supporting Ritz Fire stations, I don't know where you get that idea. I have yet to see plans for future stations.

    We agree except for the part about not voting me.

    Again I welcome the opportunity to sit and talk with residents about their concerns and issues, individually or in groups.

  11. Cardiffian two,

    I have long opposed the development of a teen center as party of the Hall project. Nor would I support spending a dime of city funds on an aquatic center so near the freeway.

    That's where I would start downsizing the proposed park.

  12. BOB, thanks for your openness and your willingness to address concerns about the Hall property park and the Scripps expansion. As you know, infracture on Santa Fe Dr. is lacking, especially east of these two traffic-generating projects. It would be great to have the sidewalk project on western Santa Fe Dr. extended to the eastern stretch of Santa Fe Dr. all the way to El Camino Real. This would increase pedestrian safety for all of the school kids in the area (there are 4 public schools within a couple of blocks of Santa Fe Dr., all east of the I-5), and make the Hall property park accessible by foot (rather than by car) by those of us east of the I-5 (the majority of Encinitas residents).

  13. At the present time it is my understanding that the City has begun to build the infrastructure of the Hall property, or will begin. There is about 12 million set aside for that. Certain candidates for the Council will not budge on the regional sports park-they want it, or think that the can elected if enough socceer moms vote. If you don't know who these candidates are, please find out for yourselves by going to the candidates debates and asking the questions. When it was purchased, I was under the impression that is was going to be a community park with something for everyone. Somehow that seems to have changed. Not sure how that happened. If we want to create the original vision, we will have to be as vigilant as the sports park people have in influencing the City.

  14. Bob,

    I think your openness is a good trait. I don't see another candidate addressing issues openly on this blog and we all know most of them read this blog.

    I walk for Bob today.

    Walker O

  15. Walker O,

    Need a T-shirt to wear while walking. Check out the Common ground T on the site.

  16. I generally support many of your positions, but I want to know how you might stand on the division of the City Council and the San Dieguito Water District twins. The water district deserves proper management and stewardship, not rape and pillage.

  17. Left Coast,

    I am all for complete autonomy between the Encinitas City Council and the San Dieguito Water District. SDWD should have its own independently elected board.

  18. Bob,

    If elected, I sure hope you support property owners rights. (for the sake of America please answer yes!)

    A half truth is worse than a lie.

    You have quoted the Naylor act as the defining ed code (not relevant as the district is pursuing an exchange), in an attempt to take the economic value away from a public agency, the school district, serving several thousand Encinitas school kids and their parents.

    How about if we ask the city to sell 1/3rd of the Hall property for 25 percent of its current value to the school or say a hospital? There would be a justified uproar of fiscal wrong doing by the citizens!

    You are very wrong on this issue, and your lack of information, legal background, or grasp of ed code is quite frankly pretty remarkable and shallow. Lawyers start lining up because this is going to cost the city millions!

    California Education Code

    17536. The governing board of a school district may exchange any of
    its real property for real property of another person or private
    business firm. Any exchange shall be upon such terms and conditions
    as the parties thereto may agree and may be entered into without
    complying with any provisions in this code except as provided in this

    So Bob, do you support this property owners right to do what is allowed under ed code and the current zoning designation of public, semi public? I sure as heck hope you do! If you do then the question becomes,

    Does the neighborhood want to see 60k sq ft of medical offices- clinics- hospitals- social- non profit- government offices which is currently allowed under the existing zoning in a mostly residential neighborhood?

  19. Hey Bob-

    Go look at the new fire station building plans under construction on Orpheus Avenue. You will see a Ritz Station under construction. thats right. $6 million dollars to upgrade a functioning station to a Ritz Station. It will have no effect on response times. Just pure fluff for nicer BBQ and movie time. Start educating yourself. If you take an endorsement from the fire union, I will understand why you want fire McMansions.

    The fire department should start saving money by only sending an ambulance to non-accident related health calls. There is no need for a huge Engine and 4 extra highly paid union boys to be standing there shooting the shit. Plus the gas savings and reduction on Engine wear would be huge.

  20. Hey Bob-

    Go check out the fire stations and size of the ambulances responding to health emergencies in everyother country besides the old supersized USA. Its wasteful to drive around in a huge Fire Engine when your not going to a fire.

    Will you help return some common sense and cost effectiveness to the fire department practices?

  21. Anon 7:23

    The district is trying to maximize profit at the expense of the residential neighborhood. The latest attempt needs a zoning change. The Naylor Act come into play when the property is put up for sale -- why should one governmental arm profit over another? I have no problem with the exchange of the property, but the district is trying to change zoning to increase its revenue. Why not have the trustees cut their ridiculous salaries first --the adminstration in the district is overpaid and is as useful as a vestigal organ. Pacific View was deeded by the owner for public use and any attempt to change that will be challenged. The only solution is to have the City exchange comparable land and build a park. The idea that this property will be difficult to appraise is ludicrous. I think it would make a great Recreation Center, like I used to play at growing up. Who needs all the bells and whistles of snack stands, water features, statues, etc. All kids really need is space and a ball.

  22. the school district is a public entity not a private or for profit organization. Let us not forget that.

    Their mission is education and they have a defined revenue source, called taxes.

    They are becoming developers and landlords.

  23. anon 8:29,
    Neither is the city, and that is exactly who Bob says should be allowed to purchase 1/3rd of the property at 25% of the value.

    The city also have a revenue source.

    We agree, it's called taxes.

    Zoning is blind to the owners and ownership of property is open to all, including non profits and public agencies.

    be careful of those that promise you something for nothing, or for a quarter of the real price.

  24. greedola,

    I general agree with you.

    But how do we interptret greed?

    One public agency charged with educating our children that seeks to attain the maximum amount of revenue that is entitled to them under ed code and zoning?

    or another public agency that seeks to take the property from the school district at 25% of the real cost?

    Parks or our kids education?

    The zoning change is up for debate weather it should be granted or not. Reasonable people can differ on that one.

    My opinion is that a residential project is more inline with the neighborhood than a medical office complex.

  25. The city should sell 10 acres of the Hall property and pay for Pacific View community park and other needed City Projects.

  26. The medical office plan has been scraped, that is why the zoning change for the new mixed use high density development was proposed to the City. Both the district and the City are governmental entities -- the problem with the district is a top heavy administration being paid tons of money to sit on their asses. School board trustees are elected but very few people investigate the qualifications of the canidates. Once elected, it is an exclusive club on our dime. Trade part of the Hall property for Pacific View, at an independent appraised value. Both sides win. But, sorry, no trophy sports complex.

  27. Bob,

    On the whole pretty iffy answers. But I give you great credit, thanks for being open. That is the most important quality.

    For the undergrounding utilities question, whould you ask everyone to participate in the underground utilities bond?

    What about the 75% of properties in Encinitas, generaly newer, that the utilities are already underground? I would presume that when someone purchased their newer property/home that the purchase price included the cost to put their utilities underground.

    Should they now be forced to pay again for others who are not undergrounded yet and would be the recipiants of the higher property values.


    Would you limit the bond/district participants to only those parcels that still have power lines overhead?

  28. As I am sure everbody realizes there is nothing I could do to alter the Orpheus fire Station currently under construction. Nor should I. As for the downtown and Cardiff stations I can assure voters of fiscal conservancy on my part once the economy improves enough to allow for such expenditures.

    I'm sure all would agree bigger is not necessiraly better or more efficient.

    As for the Pacific View property and the Naylor Act I would immedialtly start looking for historic conservation grants in order to secure preservation funds.

    The land was intended as a gift to the community for a school. That school still exists. It can and should be saved.

    Preserving Encinitas for Enicinitas is possible.

  29. Bob, what is your opinon about peeing in the ocean -- acceptable or not. This will decide whether or not you get my vote.

  30. bladder blogerJuly 30, 2008 9:46 PM

    #1 cool
    #2 gross

    miss manners, thanks for getting us back to the real important questions in Encinitas!

  31. Hey Bob-

    Whatever Ms. Manners says.....

    she and her family still pee in the ocean.

    Its like Farting.....

    Of course Ms. Manners doesn't say see does it, but we all know when she's alone in her car she lets them rip.

    99% of people that have to go pee when at the beach will go in the ocean. Even if there is a spotless nice toilet, 1000 feet away up a 100 foot bluff edge.

  32. Oh, and I really need to know whether or not Bob likes to kill small mammals peacefully going about their business with a high powered scope rifle? Seeing as Dannyboy has been providing me squirrel pelts over the years, my squirrel pelt quilt is almost done. I am hoping to have it displayed at City Hall, dedicated, of course, as thanks for all the fleecing certain councilmembers have done in our name.

  33. Second question-

    Who takes a dirky in a public toilet?

    Answer: Bums.

    Everyone else would go home or to a trusted friends house.

    Or if you can't possibly hold it, a restaurant.

    I would rather shit my pants, then catch crabs off a toilet seat that RSPB just got off on.

    Please - No Public Toilets at Beacons. They will be a huge waste of money and an eye and nose sore.

  34. To Potty Head: Gross - you must be one constipated hemmorhodial specimen.

  35. No public bathrooms=bums shitting in the bushes and alleys. Get real people, install public restrooms at all parks and beaches ASAP.

  36. Who among us has not shitted in the bushes? Or, let our kids do it. Restrooms are a necessity at public places for health reasons. I don't care if they are porta potties -- my mother showed me how to crouch without touching the seat as a young beach bum, and it is an urban myth that you catch crabs off a toilet seat -- wonder if your spouse bought that one. Also, bums -- aka the homeless -- use toilets for the same reasons we do. Why deny the last shred of dignity available to them because you have to share a toilet -- if you don't want to use it then why should you deny others the accommodation.

  37. Nothing like peeing in your wetsuit on a cold January morning..

  38. Get the turd of your brainJuly 31, 2008 7:09 AM

    Calling 1800 crapper-

    Let me be honest here, I have never shit on or in the bushes at the beach and never would. That’s disgusting. The people only one doing that would be a vile person like yourself, or a bum. And you would doo that even if there was a public bathroom 500 feet away. If I need to drop a log, I go to the one some many plentiful local res-terd-rants, drop my load and by some good fresh munchies. Its easy. Try it, you’ll like it.

    Your point makes my point. The only one using beach restrooms to are bums.....

    Look at moonlight beach and Swamis, both are proud owners of a health bum population which then takes away from the pleasant beach experience. If you want to be a bum and crap at the beach, go to existing beach restroom and establish residency.

    We don't want to grow a local beach bum population along Leucadia beaches.

    We don't need them, we don't want them, and they will lower property values in the area because of the higher bum problem we would experience. No Thanks.

  39. can't use hall property for anything but a park because it was purchased with bond money allocated for parkland.

  40. Regarding Pacific ViewJuly 31, 2008 7:47 AM

    I could envision the conversation…King to Jerome Stocks, " Hey we have this prime coastal property, we want to make some money for our district and you need some space for your public works yard, right?" Jerome- "Yup". King says- "Well, If we rent this to you for $1 per year for 3 years, will you give us a bro deal on a rezone like you do other developers?" Jerome said- "Yup!"

    Regarding the Pacific View school/park property: My prediction, this deal will bring down Jerome Stocks.

    If fact, all the “City Deal Makers” involved should be asked to resign or be fired. Its a complete dishonest action against the Encinitas Public. The ultimate in not being transparent and Jerome will be caught right in the middle.

    I can hear it now at the future law suit:

    Attorney says, “So Mr. King let review your conversation with Jerome Stocks one more time to make sure we didn't leave out any details.”

    Mr. King to Jerome Stocks, " Hey we have this prime coastal property, we want to make some money for our district and you need some space for your public works yard, right?"

    Jerome Stocks- "Yup".

    King says- "Well, If we rent this to you for $1 per year for 3 years, will you give us a bro deal on a rezone like you do other developers?"

    Jerome Stocks said- "Yup!"

    Lawyer says to Mr. King, "Thank you. That ends my questioning"

  41. Bob thanks for being a true public servant for being so open to answer all these questions about our community.
    Can you please explain what is going on with the performance theater land near the target center? I understand you are working to find a way to make it happen....does the city own the land and if so can it be sold to fund a theater project at a different location? Thanks for donating your time to this I don't know where you find the energy and passion but thanks!!!!!

  42. I like almost everything except the plastic bag ban. give me a break.

  43. I am down with the plastic bag ban!
    Come on now what is wrong with making things better for the future? Now that the information is in and we all know the plastic bags are causing some seriouly bad environmental and health hazards then it is logical to adjust and change directions for the better of us all!!
    Just google the trash island in the Pacific ocean the size of Texas!! Plastic bags are bad!!!!

  44. Cardiffian twoJuly 31, 2008 9:28 AM

    A clarification on the Hall property bonds. The bonds were sold as recreational bonds. That means any land exchanged must be put to use as parkland. Mike Andreen floated the proposal of exchanging Hall land for Ecke land on Saxony. Andreen's trial balloon of a "Sunset Park" didn't float. It was a feeble attempt to get the city out of the triple fiasco of Prop. A, the public works yard on Saxony, and the Hall property stalemate. We can thank Jerome Stocks for this mess.

    The city already proposed to sell part of the Hall property. The idea was quickly dropped. There is a way to do it. That is to pay off the lease revenue bonds. But the city doesn't have the money to do this. Besides I think most residents want the open space, but not the sports complex.

    Bob: You are too vague about all the sports fields with lights on the Hall property. The teen center and swim complex won't be built, whether you are on or off the council. But five (possibly six without the pool) full-sized fields will make a sports complex. And how about the daylighting of Rossini Creek across the park to connect with the protected wetland in the adjacent Cardiff Glen?

  45. Plastic bags are gay.

  46. Cardiffian Two,

    Last time I looked at the master plan for the Hall Property Community Park there were no nightlighting planned for the fields. And that was last week.

    Again I offer to make myself available at your convience to discuss Hall Propperty plans face to face with you and your neighbors.

  47. Cardiff Two,

    Had you attended Parks and Recreation Commission meetings during my tenure on Parks and recreation Commission you would know I was a strong advocate for daylighting Rossinin Creek as a key element of the park.

  48. BOB , How do you feel about cell towers to generate income for city,having NCTD using smaller buses,gay pride parade in downtown area,paving west side of N Vulcan Leucadia for parking of residents,dwarf tossing fund raiser for sports equipment for disadvantaged kids,allowing trailer park on part of Hall property for low income folks,giving a wedgy to a council member???? Please address these questions I needs to know.

  49. Here we go again. as a proponent of open and honest I will all answer questions asked of me the best of my abilities, and challenge all other candidates to do the same.

    I'll keep these brief as well.

    Q: How do you feel about cell towers to generate income for city?
    A; I'm not a fan of cell towers or cell phones. As for cell towers generating income for city, perhaps this is the only available silver lining.

    Q: Having NCTD using smaller buses?
    A: Absolutly, and might I smaller buses they do not use fossil fuels.

    Q: Gay pride parade in downtown area?
    A: The last thing Encinitas needs is another parade to squabble over.

    Q: Paving west side of N Vulcan Leucadia for parking of residents?
    A: It would be a vast improvement then current conditions.

    Q: Dwarf tossing fund raiser for sports equipment for disadvantaged kids.
    A: No for any reason.

    Q: Allowing trailer park on part of Hall property for low income folks.
    A: Surely you jest.

    Q: Giving a wedgy to a council member????
    A: No, I would rather give walking papers to two in particular.

  50. Bob,

    Anon 12:21 said he wasn't voting for you (not me).

  51. Bob, I appreciate your answeres, your comments, and will be voting for you.

    I especially appreciate your bringing up Pacific View School. I attended two community meetings on that, one at Paul Ecke Central School, and one at Oak Crest, the second with a new superintendent.

    I WAS NOT NOTICED, although I put my name on the "to be contacted list," and gave detailed written comments at the prior meetings, for the recent Planning Commission meeting dealing with Pacific View.

    Solana Beach was able to buy a local school for a discounted price, due, in part, to the Naylor Act, I presume? The zoning for Pacific View SHOULD NOT be changed to accomodate greedy administrators at EUSD and developers.

    We would like a POCKET PARK. When my daughters were young, Pacific View was one of the fields they were happy to play on.

  52. W2,

    It's all good. I'm glad people are willing to engage in the political process. I learn from the back and forth, and hope others do as well.

    I trust by November 4th I will earn the votes needed to bring community advocacy voice to council

    As a journalist I get paid to give my opinion. As someone seeking a seat on the Encinitas City Council I encourage all Encinitas residents to speak out and be heard on the issues important to them.

    Listening to peoples advice and grievances is part of the City Council job description.

  53. Jane Doe,

    What do you think of the name Schoolhouse Park?

  54. Bob, Thanks for answering my questions. You have a good balance of seriousness along with levity. An important quality for a leader.

  55. Hey Bob,Which two council members would you like to see go bye bye? Stocks has to be #1 on your list, come on tell us. Is it the Hay seed former lawn guy? Bozo? New comer?

  56. Cardiffian twoJuly 31, 2008 9:54 PM

    Bob: I'm glad you support daylighting Rossini Creek. That's a big step in the right direction. I never attended any Parks and Rec meetings because the plans for the Hall property were a done deal when the property was bought. I did attend the workshops, which were totally ignored by the city council. Can we in Cardiff be assured that you will listen and respect community input?

    I voted for you the last time you ran. You need to convince us Cardiffians that we won't be steamrolled like we have been by Stocks, Bond, and Dalager.

  57. Cardiffian Two,
    I assure you and your neighbors I will listen and respect community input, and will not be steamrolling residents of Cardiff. In regards to the park I sat through all the public meetings as well. I know what was asked for from the beginning and who was asking for it. As a parks commissioner I not only served as chair for two key years in the process, I served on the Hall Property subcommittee.

  58. Bob-

    How the fuck did it become a regional sports park that only Encinitas will fund?

  59. Bob thanks for showing up the zoning meeting regarding Pacific View.
    Is it too late for Encinitas to buy the property?
    Are there council members that do not support this?
    I am still upset they took our local school really left a void for coastal encinitas.
    I am for a park and would like to know when and if there is going to be a vote to make this happen!!!!!!

    Bob you are getting my Vote!!!!

  60. Bob, A lot of the filth and trash plus loitering is a result of illegal immigration. Without using the same old tired cop out that polititions use about it being a federal issue-- What is your opinion and/or solution. Is it an issue or an elephant in the livingroom to be avoided at all cost? Crime and graffiti is also part of problem.

  61. Supadupa,
    I suspect the vote over rezoning the Pacific View Elementary school property will occur sometime in 2009 if at all.

    anonymous 3:21,

    I agree. Crime, graffitti, loitering and littering are problems. And I'm sure illegal immigration contributes to these problems in Encinitas. Although I am equally sure the majority of the crime, graffitti, loitering and littering experienced in Encinitas is the fault of U.S. citizens.

    As for the policing of such issues, I would suggest Encinitas lacks the sheriff patrols to adequately address all the social ills this city faces.

    Can the residents of Encinitas afford to get into the enforcement of immigration laws?

    Would they want to?

  62. Bob-

    You skipped one.

    How the fuck did it become a regional sports park that only Encinitas will fund?

  63. Bob, please answer, exactly why did a sports complex get past the approval stage? And, do you endorse spending $60 million dollars for this? Did the Encinitas Rotary Club have anything to do with this soccer drive?

  64. Anonymous and Bondii,

    Up to this point I have yet to see plans for a regional sports complex for the Hall property. I have seen the plan, As I am sure you have too, for the community designed community park.

    And no I don't support spending 60 million for a community park. Although I will add the longer it takes to build the park the more expensive it becomes.

    I don't believe the Rotary Club is the driving force behind what you fear most. Is Danny Dalager even a member of the Rotary Club?

  65. Sports complex..sports complex....damn why do you keep saying the samething over and over!!!??? We get it no one wants one at least the one you are implying. Why do I get the impression this issue is being used to entrap Bob for being involved in the process and doing it on his own time and dime!!
    Maybe ease up on the tone and discuss these issues without venom and your own fears. Good on you for caring but that attitude does not help the process. We are all part of this community and Bob has a way of getting locals involved.

  66. A poster continues to ask Bob how the Hall property ended up looking like a regional sports park? I am wondering if anyone really knows that answer, except people who aren't talking. When the voters approved the bond to purchase the Hall property, it was "sold" to us by the City as a Comminity Park. The next time I saw the plans it looked like a sports complex to me. I know many people have inquired about this, including me, and cannot seem to get a straight answer from anyone. Perhaps Peter Norby may know. Ley's ask him? The orginal bond that we voted for did nit indicate, to the best of my knowlede, that it was to be be a sports park. The rest seems a mystery, at least to me. When you all go to the candidates debates, perhaps try to pin them all down on how they feel about all of this. I cannot imagine how 5 fields, tournamounts, etc. could possibly work, given the limitations on even the entrance to the property. If I were running fro Council, I would certainly ask some tough questions on this one.

  67. Bob-

    Sorry. Not trying to make you look bad but you have to clarify this statement:

    "Up to this point I have yet to see plans for a regional sports complex for the Hall property. I have seen the plan, As I am sure you have too, for the community designed community park."

    Have you seen the same plan I did that was approved by council?
    The plan that was approved by council was focused on Sports Tournaments capability, aquatics center and teen center.... very little was a passive park and does not daylight the drainage like cottonwood.

    How can you say your statement?

    Please explain.

    Let me try the question phrased a different way.
    How did a community park get from the community workshops where residents were all in agreement for a park more like cottonwood creek to a huge multi-tourney fields, big lights, and big facilities benefiting a small percentage of the regional population and very little percentage of Encinitas residents? How did this occur? Did the consultants and staff totally blow off the community workshop input and just listen to Danny Dalager (not smart), Jerome Stock (owned by the soccer clubs), and Christy G (trophy builder)?

    Please. You know the real story. Please come clean with us like you did on your earlier relationship with Jerome Stocks.

  68. Just possibly if the scales were tipped, and Jerome is not elected, the Hall property design could be revisited, or better yet, voted on.

    When the very contentious Del Mar Plaza was about to rip that community apart, the politicians threw up their arms and called for a vote. Why not here?

  69. I can tel you that Joe Sheffo is for 5 sports fields for those interested. He does not seem willing to compromise on this.

  70. The Hall property will become the NEW CITY HALL in 10 years. The Leucadia street scape will never get built because the money will be used to build the NEW CITY HALL instead.

    Think people , use your brains!! Mine is a mess of Swiss cheese brain cells from too much booze and drugs and even I can see the forest for the trees. You are being lied too every day by the politicos and staff of COE.

    Think people, THINK!

  71. RSPB,

    The Hall Property was a backroom deal that Danny Dalager worked out before it was even known about by other council members. The council significantly overpaid for it.

    Because the Halls were his childhood friends, he worked out a sweetheart deal and that completely clueless moron Christy Guerin went for the deal.

    As bad as the current council is, think if Guerin were still on boatd?

  72. Not quite altogether true last poster, but close. Don't ever forget the Planning Department plays a BIG role in a lot of these things. Targeting the 2 boys (Bond is leaving) is not enough. We have to get rid of some planners, namely Pat Murphy and Kerry Kusiak. Without them, and a new Council, we have a chance at getting what we want for not only the Hall property, but other things. Get a new Counil and FIRE the those 2. There IS a way. Sorry for all the caps but I am emphatic about this. The Planning Department is where the power is, not the Commission. They are also afraid of the Department. You will just have to trust me, or not, as I cannot use my name and very seldom post. I just cannot bear to watch anymore.

  73. Along the last posters lines, let us not forget Glenn Sabine to add to the adios list.

  74. anonymous 9:05,

    You asked;

    Q Have you seen the same plan I did that was approved by council?
    A: Yes, And the plan I saw last Tuesday did not include lights for the mixed use sports fields.

    Q:How did a community park get from the community workshops where residents were all in agreement for a park more like cottonwood creek to a huge multi-tourney fields, big lights, and big facilities benefiting a small percentage of the regional population and very little percentage of Encinitas residents? How did this occur?

    A: Council majority placed the planning and design of the park with the city managers office, not the Parks and Recreation department.

    Q: Did the consultants and staff totally blow off the community workshop input and just listen to Danny Dalager, Jerome Stock, and Christy G.

    A: For the most part, yes.

    As chair of the Parks and Recreation commission at the time I was quite vocal in my upset regarding the decision to encourage piece meal planning, with the parks commission given the task of buffer landscaping and sidewalk treatments. That's it.

    Divide and conquer was always the goal of council majority and then City manager Kerry Miller.

    But I do agree the Hall property will never be able to accomodate the traffic and trouble associated with a regional sports complex. That is not what the people of Encinitas agreed to when we agreed to go into debt to build a community park at that location.

    After 3 terms on the Parks and Recreation commission I did not reapply because of the way the commission was sidelined during this process.

    Is it too late to remedy the situation.? Hopefully not.

    Please believe me when I say I am as frustrated as everyone else over the bullshit passing as civic planning and the disrespect being shown to the people of Encinitas.

  75. Bob,
    Thank you for confirming what was suspected. You are truly a courageous person for putting yourself forward on this blog and answering people honestly and with full disclosure. If you are elected, and we expect this same candor to continue?

  76. Roadside Park BumAugust 03, 2008 12:18 PM

    Anon7:34- Careful what you say about C Guerin or her mother will come on this blog and tell us what mean people we are for saying such truthful, err bad things about her daughter. C Guerin was bad for Encinitas and worse for Leucadia. In that she is running the show for Bilbray( he is on a 5 week paid vacation, in case you didn't know)here in his district, I doubt very much if any federal monies will be coming to Encinitas. Her way of getting even with the very people that elected her to office 2 times.( 2 times too many in my eyes) She certainly won't be pushing for Bilbray to get Federal money to help bury the train. Too many rabble-rousers for her liking.

    As for the Hall property, it will cost too much to do anything and the city is facing a bleak economic future. They have mortgaged themselves to the hilt and new contracts with employees are pending and that means more dinero for your city staff and look for additional city hall closures( staff days off)as part of the compensation package.

    Your over worked staff will be shooting for a compensation package much like the firefighters get, paid_________(fill in the blank) and only 11 work days per month.
    There's a question for you to ask BOB, is the city staff over worked and underpaid as are the firefighters or is it the reverse.

    Now excuse me I have to go and help park cars at the track, stupid betters. Horse racing is fixed!!!


  77. Bonddi asked,

    Q "If you are elected, can we expect this same candor to continue?"

    A: Absolutely!

  78. Anon 8:36,

    We are not now, nor have we ever been afraid of the Planning Department or anyone in it (including Patrick Murphy). In fact, we piss him and many planners off on a regular basis. You don't know what you are talking about.

  79. Before the Council goes into closed sessions on the union contracts, the Council should be provided with a list of all employees who work as outside consultants.

  80. Anon:8:04-Yes, you piss Pat and Planning Staff off, that is true. If that is your goal-great! However, have you noticed that in spite off all the complaining, things still get built anyway and they are often built without the General Plan as the master guildeline. I am saying definitively that your pissing, moaning and groaning about things makes them laugh and want to "screw" us more. Get a clue and look around you. If you like what you see then great. If you don't, who do yu think is getting a little extra in their Xmas stocking

  81. There are times while reading this blog that I am truly stunned by the perceived evil, conspiracy theories, plotting and planning, payoffs, threats, cheating, lying, backroom dealing, and criminal behavior that all elected officials, commission volunteers, city staff, counselors, consultants and city managers supposedly have.

    Really, can all these people be out to get you? A little too much of the boogyman for me.

    Is there incompetance? Sure. Laziness? Sure. Most of the people that work at the city are probably just like you, 5:00 comes, they go home and forget that drudge of a job. I'm sure they don't go home in the evening and plan on new and better ways to fuck Leucadia.

    Not satin there aren't problem, or even a little dead wood that should be shown the door. Just sayin they're not all out to get you personally.

    "getting a little extra in their Xmas stocking"??? Quit watchin so much TV.

  82. Many years ago I sat in a meeting where the head of the Planning Commssion at that time, Alice Jacobson, said in voice for the entire room to hear( laughing I might add) "Well, we sure screwed those Cardiffians didn't we?" The other person, a staffer, also laughed and agreed. I don't know personally about any extra in Xmas stockings, however, I would swear in court that Jacobson did say that. I was not the other poster, so I cannot address staff issues. However, nothing surprsies me these days t City Hall.

  83. 8:21

    Catering to the needs of the richest developers is neither laziness nor incompetance. And I agree, no one goes home after work at the city thinking "How can I screw those Leucadians?". I think that just happens automatically as a byproduct of certain people's powerful greed and poor planning.

    Not a conspiracy theory Leucadian here, but once there was a softball that was blocking the valve of the Leucadia 101 drain pump. The worker who removed it said it was put there deliberately by someone and could not possibly and gone through a smaller pipe to get where it was. That was the closest thing to a deliberate sabotage I've ever witnessed. But who dunnit? Never know. Why'd they do it? The first thing that comes to mind might be to hasten redevelopement by flooding Leucadia worse than ever. Certainly, Rick Engineering set the stage for that when he said a 100 yr storm would make 3' of water for many blocks on the hwy. I think that's baloney, but it gives developers a new reason to make their buildings 5' taller than the specific plan approved.

  84. Ohboba Can't Help Himself-

    If you want to see a vivid example of how to shot yourself in the foot in a city council race read Bob Nanninga's article in the Coast News last week regarding John McCain. Why would a local city council candidate choose to alienate himself with over 50% of his potential local voting constituency by spewing off egotistically about his preference or not regarding a national political candidate for President? Does Bob really think anyone reads his column to hear his political beliefs ? Who does Bob really think he is and what does he think he is running for ? Come on Bob be smarter than you are acting. Do your homework and do your job representing the environment in your column and stop boring us with 1/2hour written political rants because you haven't managed your time well enough to do your job effectively. Encinitas needs you to prevail in getting elected to balance and preserve the community. Stop acting like a fool and shooting yourself in the foot. Ready, fire, aim.

  85. Anonymous last,

    Need I remind you my column is called Observations from the Edge, not Observation from the soft middle.

  86. Oh come on now don't tell me you believe the polls that McCain and Obama are in a close race....ha ha!!
    Those polls are taken from the few folks left that still have land line phones.....and Obama is filling stadiums with supporters and McCain can barely hold a town hall meeting!!
    What is next they say the sun is blue and you believe that???
    Not to be sassy and I understand your view on what others may think but it's best to just be oneself

    Good on Bob to show how unquaifified McCain is for the job. They passed him up for Bush the last time around...ha ha!!
    I believe most people that are voting for Bob are intelligent and understand he is ready and able to council Encinitas in a positive direction!!
    Preserve Encinitas by Voting for Bob!!!

  87. Ohboba, The Encinitas City Council Candidate, Shoots Himself in the Other Foot Again for No Good Reason Other Than Ego-

    If you read Bob Nanninga's column this week he again spews shallow/purposeless jargon regarding a congressional political candidate again alienating himself from more potential voters for his local city council candidacy. At least he did a little more homework this week and knew Brian Bilray's voting record on the environment. Come on Bob- use the brain that you were blessed with and stop being an egotistical fool taking on the big boys and alienating yourself from local voters for no productive purpose. You can do more for the local environment by getting elected than wasting untimely foolish shots on Brian Bilbray.
    Thank God for the American's with Disabilities Act and handicapped access at city hall. If by a miracle you still get elected to council, provided you don't shoot yourself in the head this week by taking on Jesus or the Pope, you are blessed by the ADA and handicapped access. From the edge Bob ? Off the edge and local political suicide intellectually ! Ready, Fire, Aim.


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