Monday, July 14, 2008

Railway Pedestrian Tunnels Design Review July 17

Two items of interest for the Planning Commission meeting on July 17th at city hall,

Design review for three railroad undercrossings

Establish date for a special Planning Commission meeting concerning the Hall property

Leucadia Blog: Lowering the Train Tracks is the ONLY Solution for Leucadia

Also, A number of interesting and important items for this week's July 16 city council meeting:

Three presentations:

Parks and Recreation Month

SANDAG TransNet update

Landscape Maintenance Cost Breakdown for Encinitas Lighting and Landscape Districts....this was requested by Donna Westbrook at the last meeting and I supported her request.

Eight items on Consent Calendar

One of interest is staff's recommendation that the council adopt the Final Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Sand Compatibility and Opportunistic Use Program (SCOUP)

Three Regular Agenda items:

Council direction to modifications the North Hwy 101 Corridor Specific Plan for a section of North Vulcan Ave.

Public Hearing concerning solid waster collection service rates for FY 2008/2009

Council discussion concerning which Council Polices may be of priority interest for consideration by the council subcommittee (Stocks & Houlihan)


  1. There are pedestrian tunnel crossings under the busy street corners of London. Full of the ugliest, drunkest, most disgusting, vile and drug addicted scum you can imagine. They lay there in their vomit and urine and the tourists walk past shocked and dazed on their way to Buckingham Palace.

    Is this what we want to add to Leucadia?? I think...NO.

  2. There is, of course, a legal ped crossing at Leucadia BL. There is a Breeze stop about 100 feet or so north of there, across from Jasper St. I see people exit the bus and walk across the track. If people do not walk 100 feet, they certainly will not walk up to 1/2 mile to use a tweaker bunker. Please save the $20M for the bury-the-track fund.

  3. Roadside park bumJuly 14, 2008 4:31 PM


  4. Roadside Park BumJuly 14, 2008 7:45 PM

    You are agreeing with me more and more, let's set the record straight. I am the RSPB and you are BOB, not to be confused!!!

  5. "...wherefore thy publick places that shall crawl with vermin, both man and beast, in thy darkness, that shall, regretably, forever and since hence, shew a foulness of common behavior and a stench not known before or hence. Therefore, please not allow by design, or by lateral gain, as would be such, by due process as mandated by land owner or organ as such a private place for undiscovered rituals of anti social sacroments. Such an area would surely attract a foulness such as theses and pestilance forthcoming."

  6. Get real city. Find a way to bury the tracks!

  7. How do you attract more bums and child molesters?

    Answer- build the pedestrian tunnels.

    Unsafe, expensive, and bad for the community.

    $20 million would go a long way in lowering the Tracks.

  8. anon 2:07

    you already have RSPB. Don't you want more?

  9. Wow, the designs are sure interesting! The one on Santa Fe has "nice" large rocks. The Hillcrest one has a way long ramp. And I don't know how they do the El Portal one safely, especially with the school (PEC) nearby. I also see these being skateboarding magnets, what with the long ramps and handrails.

    20M! And that's an estimate. The same estimate for the library. And this is just for "crosswalks"!


  10. The only long term solution is bury the tracks. Shorterm, with forward thinking city council representation, the city can petition for more at grade crossings at a fraction of the cost of one pedestrian tunnel(see article in the June Hoodlink).

  11. Anon 2:07 I think those London tunnels might bring a little culture to pukeadia I mean Leucadia

  12. The item of interest in the design for the El Portal undercrossing is the intended width, it shows the future double tracking in place. If Leucadia ever wants to bury the tracks, you better not throw away your bargaining chip. We will NEVER be able to succeed at burying the tracks if a 5 million dollar double-wide undercrossing is built.

  13. Use the money to build a tunnel under Santa Fe Dr. from El Camino Real to the Hall Property park. I know, sidewalks are cheaper, but the city seems enchanted with tunnels, so it might be easier to actually get it built than the much needed sidewalks along Santa Fe Dr.

  14. Let's move the library underground and sell the lot to a rich homeowner. That should pay for a tunnel. City council could hold their meetings in the tunnels. Maybe the tunnels should go all the way to the beaches so we don't have those awful stairs to negotiate. If we tied them to the coaster stop we could get more people to the beaches faster.


  15. Jerome Stocks wants to put our town's people in tunnels.

    Jerome wants to put our kids underground and in harms way.

    Save our children and vote out Jerome Stocks in November.

  16. I used to live in West Vancouver, British Columbia. The people are nice, they drive nice, they keep the city nice, and clean and attractive and the house we used to live in is now worth 6 million dollars because everyone wants to live there. But go downtown into ANY tunnel and it compares to what the first poster said. I saw my first homeless people in these tunnels and the smell is a caustic assault on your nose and eyes. My mother and I were shopping and she almost broke the fingers on my right hand as she grabbed me before one of the bums could. And this was right under a very posh department store!

    This idea is right up there with John Davis and Gail Hano talking about putting a used car lot on the property we now call Cottonwood Creek.

    Of course, we could always look at the bright side...this will give those bogus "Volunteer Police" something to do besides eating at El Norte Especial or the Encinitas Cafe, which is ALL I ever see them do,(another waste of tax dollars and gasoline).

  17. Tunnel the train not the people -- if there is a more complicated expensive stupid way to do things, then surely the City Council's majority will luv it.

  18. Hey Jerry-

    Can you get this through your fricken lame skull?


    I used to support you, but I will be voting against you in November.

    You stink for Encinitas.

  19. Here's teh maths. . .

    Instead of spending 20 million on these tunnels that are hostile to women and children, just put the 20 million into a fund to pay the $1,000 for getting across the street.

    That's $20,000,000,000.00 divided by $1,000.00 = 20,000,000 tickets
    My calculations show that we'd have enough in the fund to ticket 110 people a day over over 500 years.

    Could we please get to the bottom of the political impetus for all this happy horsesh#t of ticketing?

  20. At the Planning Commission meeting last night, someone said there would be an observation platform so that people could decide whether or not to "commit" to going down into the tunnel. Too much!!! Oh, and there will be security cameras. How long will those last in a tunnel. Get real.

    All the public speakers spoke against the tunnels which staff and the Planning Commission are now calling underground "bridges." Too much!!!

    Our City is not abiding by the will of the people. This isn't going to happen for years and years, and it's just coming forward, now, because Jerome Stocks thought it would be political "damage control."

    Of course, this has backfired, terribly.

    Vote Stocks out. Our City will be much better for it.

  21. This next week, Jerome will travel to Sacramento to seek funds to build these undercrossings. If he is sucessful, it could be sooner than "years and years."


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