Saturday, July 12, 2008

Road and Sidewalk Improvements for Ecke Central Elementary School ENCINITAS: Ecke school-area road improvements a step closer to reality

Paul Ecke Central Elementary School website.

Encinitas Union School District Observer Blog.


  1. Soon we will all be walking!! !
    Freddy and Fannie's actions will force all of you lazy people to walk.

    This is a great day for the walking revolution!

  2. Roadside Park BumJuly 12, 2008 8:46 AM

    These improvements are a direct result of the death of that young student from SDA. If he hadn't been crushed to death while walk back to school, the city would still have it's head buried in the sands of moonlihgt beach.

    SHAME SHAME SHAME on the council for failing to keep the students of this city safe with sidewalks near our schools.

    SHAME SHAME SHAME on this city and ALL the councils for failing to provide a decent infrastructure.

    How many more stupid decisions will the council make and how much $$$ will be wasted on needless projects while students lives are placed in danger for lack of sidewalks and safe passage ways.

    RSPB-If this city and it's idiot council and the decisions they make don't force you to drinking yourself into a stupor, then you just aren't paying attention!!!

  3. I totally agree with RSPB on this one.

  4. Encinitas Fire FighterJuly 12, 2008 10:21 AM

    I don't agree. We need another Ritz firestation and we need to hire more union firefighters.

    Our response times are terrible. We need a fire station on every street.

    We don't need safe walkways. We need more $6,000,000 firestations. Get with the program.

    We will get our Boy Jerome Stocks re-elected to make this happen.

    Go Jerry!

  5. City website is down again.

  6. YES! infrastructure!!!!

    Invest in Leucadia

  7. The sidewalk improvements on Cereus were the result of a request a year or more ago by Dan Dalager to connect the missing sidewalk link from Hermes to Hygeia. This will connect the safe route to school sidewalk that was built on Union and Hermes about 10 years ago. The City will also install sidewalk on Hygeia north of Cereus where children have no room to walk but in the street.

  8. Roadside park bumJuly 12, 2008 1:30 PM

    Anon12:58- We have been a city for 20 frigg'n years. Why has it taken so long to put in a simple sidewalk?? Don't think that Gomer Pyle and his buddies are to be congratulated for a few feet of sidewalk. It is sinful and criminal that is has taken so long!!!

    How is it that the citizens of this city haven't risen up and marched on city hall with flaming torches is beyond me??

    RSPB- BOB, if you are starting to agree with me, then I am more scared than ever!!

  9. Sober up RSPB!

    The answer is simple. They wanted to let Leucadia rot so that the developers could positions themselves in Leucadia to set the stage for a redevelopment agency to take over.

  10. Roadside park bumJuly 12, 2008 3:07 PM

    Anon, read my second paragraph again!

  11. RSPB, It's OK to agree with your neighbors once in a while.


  12. Thanks Anon 1:50. Everytime I bring this up, someone tells me to stop living in the past. The city didn't get an RDA in the 90s' and they didn't get it in 2004. Look how fast Kerry Miller blew out of town when he didn't get his prize. Their vindictiveness towards Leucadia is just like the Mafia.
    Vote Jerome outta office-Dalager, next.

  13. Dalager's got his pension now (2 terms required), he just wants those athletic fields at the Hall Property and he's done.


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