Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tearing Down this Building is Stupid and Sad

Many people will disagree and I will probably get flamed in the comments section for this, but I don't care. This building on E St in downtown Encinitas is really cool and should have been preserved. Sadly, it is going to be torn down as part of the over hyped Pacific Station project which promises to "transform" Encinitas (whatever that means).

I'm going on the record, I love this old building. The interior was really neat and the whole building is really soulful. It hosted some quality stores and I especially have fond memories of the coffee shop that was there for a little while. RIP the soul of downtown Encinitas.

***UPDATE-I just got a phone message saying that the plan is to tear this building down but recycle the materials for a 2 story building. So, maybe it will have the same look and vibe?


  1. I'm with J.P. on this one. Unlike the Boathouses this building represents a unique piece of history. Fullmoon poets came to life in this building. I have fond memories of this funky piece of Old Encinitas.

  2. Boathouses saved, 25 East E gone.


  3. Delayed and not quite gone. The Pacific Station project never had an EIR done, only an EIA, a more cursory examination of impacts. Apparently someone has threatened a lawsuit, and the city is now requiring the full EIR. Somehow planning staff thought that no one would notice. Someone did.

    In the meantime the building sits abandoned surrounded by the chainlink fence. Developer John DeWald is looking more and more like another David Meyer.

  4. The building is now and has been an eye sore. Hurry with Pacific Station and transform our downtown into a modern (not funky) place to shop, walk and eat.

  5. I fully agree with JP.

    The 3 story pacific station sucks andwill be just as bad as the soulless 3 story crap on the corner of Encinitas Boulevard . The new Office space in Leucadia next to the cool barn red vetrenerian is so ugly no one but an attorney or Realtor would buy it.

    Whoever was incharge of updating the downtown and Leucadia specific plans blew it.

    Encinitas and Leucadia better do like Cardiff and revise their specific plans to limit height above ground to 2 stories and keep the small beachy downtown feeling. Not the Huntington Beach crap that so many people try and avoid.

    Leucadia better get on it. Times are changing and I would hate for this cool funky beach town to convert to a boxy souless piece of crap coastal town which is what happened to Carlsbad.

    PS- How about that new building in Cardiff. I thought the bottom floor was supposed to be zoned for a resturant? I didn't know Wells Fargo Mortgage Center sells food?
    That one didn't turn out that well for cardiff, did it?

  6. No EIR Wow? who was in charge of that project review?

    Why are the specific plans so jacked up for downtown encinitas and Leucadia?

    How did Cardiff get to create such a good specific plan?

  7. 30 years ago I tried to rent that building for a surfboard shop, they said it was going to be torn down within a year. Maybe it will hang in for another 30. Its a bitchin old relic. By the way there is too much sand on the reef I like to surf. Way more then 30 years ago. Whats up with that?

  8. Regardless of what all you kooks here think -

    the land is too expensive and will slowly be replaced

  9. My prediction is the Pacific Station will not happen for at least 15 years. Too costly given the current economic crisis with Real Estate prices tumbling to 50% from its former overinflated levels. Yes thanks to our irresponsble overspending government, a Depression is forthcoming.

  10. The number of units going into Pacific Station is enormous. Real estate can continue to tumble and they will still turn a huge profit. This is what happens when you give away free upzoning.

    Say goodbye to a historic downtown. The city and state, not just the free market, ensured that this would happen. Pacific station is just the first block to fall.

    Peder Norby is suppose to help the government make a great downtown. I wonder what Peder Norby's vision for downtown 101 is. Does he think we should rebuild downtown? Should we keep it historic?

    What public policies are in place to make sure we reach his vision? What policies has he developed as the downtown CZAR?

    What good is winning a great American downtown award when downtown is being torn down and turned into a Los Angeles Urban Development?

  11. Yell and scream a loud no to every development before the planning commission. Many of their approval decisions are beyond belief. Only residents can stop the destruction of Encinitas.

  12. Pinliner,
    Those are your tax dollars at work:
    Turning your perfect reef peak into a beach break closeout.

    Gray Davis was in charge of things when $17.5 million was spent on sand replenishment in 2001.
    We all know what happened to him.

  13. Don't vote for Bob.
    He hates the Boat Houses.

  14. Recycling the materials is smart business sense but I am skeptical about the new building until I see the drawings.

  15. Didn't a new article relate that the old building is going to Mexico.

  16. "The land is valuable" -- ergo, everything old must go! The only reason land becomes more valuable is when there is more demand and the zoning allows for dense development. Land does not become more valuable as it ages, unlike fine wines. We live here because we like the old buildings, small town feel -- if you want modern MOVE.

  17. Actually, E Street Cafe is hosting a fundraiser for the Boat Houses on Saturday July 19th. Jason Bang is bringing an evening of Stand-up comics to help raise money for the Boat house preservation efforts.

    For more information:

  18. Bob,

    How much more money is needed before the boathouses are saved?

  19. The Boathouses have been saved. Peder Norby is the man to explain the financing details.

  20. i won't flame you.

    there is nothing wrong with progress towards a better future.

    while i miss the sweet tooth ice cream parlor, sub palace will remain a part of my life.

    neptune native.

  21. the Subpalace used to be the coolest place on earth until it changed hands.

    Now is a Hummer haven for profit.

    Crappy subs with service with an attitude.

    The prime example of Leucadia converting to evil.

    Leucadia beware.

  22. Hey Peder,

    How much more money do you need to save the boathouses?


  24. Attention Encinitas Taxpayers and concerned citizens!!!

    Newsflash!!!! - EUSD IS the DEVELOPER!!!!! - Pacific View Commons

    Planning Commission Hearing on July 24, 2006 at 6 p.m. at City Hall
    Case# 07-114 GPA/SPA/LCPA

    EUSD and Superintendent King are gambling hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money in the hopes they get approvals by the City of Encinitas City Council and the State of California Coastal Commission. This is high stake gambling at its best. Unfortunately, the taxpayers are putting up the money to roll the dice. There is NO GUARANTEE that the entitlement process will prove successful. Dr. King has told the community and public at large, time and time again, that EUSD is NOT a Developer and that the negotiated Developer would pay for all the costs and take over and obtain local government approvals (Read EUSD Board Resolution No.11-0708 approved 12_11_2007).

    To date, EUSD/Superintendent King wrote a $63,000 check to the City of Encinitas for this risky entitlement process, they have paid for a Property Consultant, they paid for a Land Use Planner, they have paid for a Environmental Consultant, they paid for a Traffic Consultant, and they have spent countless hours of EUSD staff (Under the CA Public Records Act – go ask EUSD how much $$$ they have spent on this risky venture so far – it’s into the hundreds of thousands of dollars).

    EUSD Board and Superintendent King should re-read Education Code 39363.5 / 39030; Government Code 54222 and its Board policies regarding surplus property. This Board should not be in the business of speculative real estate deals, they should stay focused on Education and what’s in the best interest of our kids and community.

    Join the many concerned taxpayers and citizens of Encinitas in putting a stop to EUSD from gambling away the desperately needed money for our children’s education.

  25. need more starbucks!July 21, 2008 8:58 AM

    It is sad what happened to Encinitas/Leucadia. All of the yuppie transplants move here because they like the vibe of OUR town and then they start complaining that every building isn't up to their misguided standards. The city council is out of control with greed, the new crop of "locals" are souless, and this place is looking more and more like Huntington beach everyday.


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