Thursday, August 14, 2008

1000th Post

I can't believe I just hit 1000 post on this blog. Yikes.

Open forum, what's on your mind?


  1. Jerome Stocks is a wantabe politician..... Absolutely the worst that you can be.

    People should serve to better their community, not too be in the lime light.

    Everyone knows he dreams of higher office. OH Jerome.... Its not going to happen.

    Better get back to selling those 2nd level insurance policies to little old ladies to support your next run at a State office. I know I will always be voting no…..
    Why don’t you focus on more important things like your family or your soul?

  2. What's that thing blocking the sunset in that concrete stamp picture.

  3. 1000th post. I think we should all now forgive each other and start anew.

    (Wouldn't that be dull?)

  4. Fuck that.

    Jerome a Jack Ass trader.

    Let him move to Carlsbad.

    Or reap the whirlwind!


    Let's get some new blood and new ammunition.

  6. THE HALL PROPERTY: For those interested I went to City Hall a couple of days ago. I saw the current architectural drawings and plans for the porperty. As of Aug. 1, there were 2 pools and a skateboeard park on the plans. I had thought that they were not going to be there. There are lots of other interesting things that I am not going to mention, as well all know a lot of people at City all read this blog. and if you want to know what I am speaking of you can e-mail me at: As many of you that can might want to contact out dear friend Kerry Kusiak at the Planning Dept. He is the planner and coming from personal experience this is NOT good. Tak care and thank you J.P. for providing us for the 1000 plus times we have all posted.

  7. Last night in San Marcos, the North County Times had a meeting for all the North County candidates running for office, incudling the school boards, etc. It was bascially a civil sales pitch for their paper and they showed everyone the kind of exposure and advertising someone running for office could buy, but they also have a few things that are free, like an online forum that will link to a candidate's web site. The editor of the news department also offered valuable advice such as how to make use of the Letters to the Editor section and how to get your picture in the paper, and the best way to have stories written about yourself.

    Only two candidates from Encinitas attended: Rachelle Collier and Bob Nanninga.

  8. JP - thanks for your time in maintaining this blog -- it is always entertaining and informative, even when I am being called a dipshit moron. For all the City bashing on this blog, of which I participate in, I would like to share one thing the City is doing to improve safety -- we will be getting a fence along the Requeza bridge over the freeway. Anyone who has walked over that bridge with children knows how dangerous and scary it is. And to all the avatars...xxxxoooooo

  9. See below from SDUT on 8/24

    (At least one funding source laughed at this joke.)

    ENCINITAS: State officials are not recommending approval of Encinitas' application seeking $17 million in state bond money to dig four pedestrian underpasses below the railroad tracks that run along the city's six-mile coast.

    Advertisement Encinitas is competing against 48 other jurisdictions for a portion of a $20 billion bond issue approved by California voters in 2006 for transportation. The California Transportation Commission will decide how to allocate the money at its Aug. 27-28 meeting.
    The commission staff has recommended funding 22 other projects. Each project was ranked based on how it would improve transportation safety; how soon construction could begin; its impact on air pollution; and how much money the local government would contribute.

    Encinitas and the San Diego Association of Governments have almost finished the design and engineering phases for the underpasses, at a cost of $1.25 million. Now, the city is focused on finding construction money.

    The crossings would be at Montgomery Avenue in Cardiff; Santa Fe Drive near downtown; and at two sites in Leucadia – El Portal and Hillcrest Drive.


  10. Correction: August 14

  11. Mary,

    Harriet was at the meeting as well.

  12. Thanx Bob! I just found out Harriet Seldon was there-my bad! Sorry about that.

  13. 1000 posts, cool

    Aren't the freedoms we all share great. Not only do we live in the best country in the entire world where we have these rights but, Leucadians get the bonus of living in, well, Leaucadia.

    Keep up the top-shelf dialog, it makes our entire region better.

    Native Neptunian

  14. How about a best of the blog?

    JP what were your favorite posts?

  15. One of mine was Dalager going squirel hunting.

    another one funny in itself, with out any comments is the Cardiff Kook. That thing will spur good humor for the next 40 years. Thanks.

  16. I love Stocked and Sabined.

  17. Hall Property

    They better have a skate park in the plans. Being such a hub in the world of skateboarding and related business. Its a healthy activity and should be supported.

  18. Anon: A Skateboard park will have to be fought for. Sept 3 is the citizens turn to say wha they think acount the Hall property. taht is, if the City doesn't split it up first.

  19. Skate board park better stay in.

    Nix the ridiculous teen center and pool which have huge overhead and staff costs.

    Leave that to the YMCA

  20. I have a question - What's the deal with the property on Quail Gardens and Encinitas Blvd? Looks like they were going to build some houses and now all that sits there are lots??? Was the a Barrett thing?

  21. Re/11:04 That was the virgin territory slated for big box warehouses, making QGD another commercial corridor through Encinitas, (once the Library zoning would have changed it's complexion) but that didn't happen. As long as it sits empty it's still a sitting duck for something gargantuan. That is, if the economy ever swings back.

  22. The skate park has always been part of the plans, and still is.

    Fear not.

  23. Fraid you are wrong big Bob. The skateboard park is a pipeream if you get my drift. You should be careful about what you say or you will look stupid. Ask Jerome or Bond about it, or Kerry. They might tell you what you want or perhaps don't want to hear. Depends on the day.

  24. Anonymous last,

    I spoke with Chris Hazeltine the Director of Parks and Recreation last week. He showed me the plans, and assured me the skate park is not in question and will be a part of the larger park.

    As for asking Jerome or Jim, I'll let voters decide what thier words are worth.

  25. Bob-I thought you said that Parks and Rec were not involved with the Hall Park. Then how would Chris Hazeltine know if the plans are still good? I think we had all better attend the Sept. 3rd meeting and find out for our own. I;m not correcting you Bob, I am just wondering if were are being lied to yet again.

  26. I'll be at the meeting on September 3rd. Personally I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday.


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