Thursday, August 28, 2008

2008 Leucadia Art Walk Poster

By Kevin Doyle.
click poster for full size view.


  1. I hope they get those traffic lights fixed, what a nightmare it will be Sunday, with 5000 people trying to get to Leucadia and no working traffic lights.

  2. Yeah, just like the olden times when people thought for themselves instead of obeying blinking lights. JP -- luv your photo at the end of the blog -- what will that stretch look like 10 years from now if StreetCrap 101 has its way?

  3. Yeah, I love that pic at the end of the blog too. That's Scott's Studebaker of course from the Antique Clock Shop. Nice random pic.

  4. Too bad all the trees died and people go 85 killing kids along their way and reeking mayhem.

    Too bad the businesses are suffering because of the bad conditions caused by that crappy highway.

    Greyhairs needs to think of positive change.

    Cheer up Greyhairs. The future looks bright with a green canopy and people safely walking to their favorite store and to the beach. Plus people safely bike riding around town, and much needed parking for the business and public.

    Maybe you should get out and try walking or biking. Your greyhair will be complimented by a happier soul.

    I look forward to that day.

  5. The signals were working this afternoon. Now I can cruise past all you artists at mach speed. Start yer engines.

  6. Ahhhh.... How insulting. This is my favorite stretch of speedway.

    Anon 2:42- You are ON Baby!

    You better put in a new air filter before Sunday, because your gonna needed it after eating my dust down that whole 3 mile stretch of Straightaway all day.

    I can beat the brattiest of high school brats and all those beer drinking motorcycle riders on Sunday. Those shiny motorbikes really aren’t fast anyway. The fat old men and she/hes just like to make a lot of noise and piss off the locals. (look at me, I can dress up in black leather, wear a bandana, put my scanky hoe on the back, and ride a two wheel noise machine... Weeee). …..And those Lamborghinis- No problem. Heh- those drivers are afraid to get those things out of 2nd gear.

    85mph is nothing. Waite until they get a load of me on that straightaway. I will easily top 100 mph.

    You artists and yogis better bolt down your gatherings; I'm going to cause some serious blowby on Sunday!

    Thanks for fixen the signal!

    PS- Roads are for Racing….. All you other pansies STAY OFF my Straight a Way!

  7. LeucadiART is one of those events that, hopefully, beings the community together, for the sake of art and sense of community.
    We owe a thanks to L101, the city and all the voleenteers that have made this happen.
    Let's support our community, for our benifit.
    The streetscape map is at the L101 office and Diane, the head planner will be there during the artwalk.
    Go by and see it and offer your feedback.

    Local Art, music and more.
    It's All Good.

  8. Thanks to all....

    I love a good audience!

    I want to know when to smile for the cameras. Where will the bleacher be set up?

    More importantly, Who is going to bring the checkered flag?

  9. Looking back in the old posts from 2005, we were discussing the development of the Encinitas Artists Lofts -- aka Moonlight Lofts -- guess that moniker will sell more of those overpriced ugly yuppie villas -- whatever happened to the artists?

  10. Arteests? We don't need no steenking arteests.

  11. Artists lofts - Moonlight lofts was a bait and switch. The artist lofts name was used to get the live and work mixed use past the Planning Commission. Will the Planning department require that the owners of the residential condos also be the owners of the commercial condos? Come on Planning department enforce that requirement.

  12. 5:35

    Nope. You don't have to work where you live or live where you work if you buy at the Moonlight Lofts. Neither at the complex next to me, as the planning commission approved them to sell the "air space" of each unit individually. There can be 12 different owners next to me for the 8 offices and 4 condos. Maybe more. I didn't like that option either.

    But I do appreciate the builders trying to promote and sell them as work/live lofts - even if that doesn't happen. That makes for half the potential cars parked nearby. There are currently around 50 businesses on N. Coast Hwy 101 where the owners live behind or above. It is very convenient and sure saves on commuting to work, getting there on time, etc, etc.

  13. Jesus Fred- I feel sorry for you. Assuming only one car per office and 2 per condo. that make 20 cars for that one small space. That seem like as much as a used car lot except they will all be on street parking. Wow. that sucks.

    Not including visitors or customers.

  14. Anon:11:50 What a bunch of crap. There are 71 trees growing in just the median from Leucadia Blvd. to La Costa Ave. Also very few people speed most go under the speed limit, that is really needed is to plant more trees finish the sidewalk and reduce the speed limit to 30MPH.
    The businesses are suffering all across the country $4.00 gas and bad mortgages it's all over the news and in the newspaper. I don't want redevelopment just restoration. To hell with the master planned development look.

  15. 10:50

    When are you running for Planning Commssioner. You can add.


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