Wednesday, August 06, 2008

74th District Central Committee Members Endorse Joe Sheffo for Encinitas city council

From the Red County Blog,

74th District Central Committee Members Endorse Sheffo

Several members of the 74th Assembly District, the caucus which represents much of coastal North County on the Central Committee of the San Diego County Republican Party, today announced their endorsement of Joe Sheffo for Encinitas City Council.

"It is an honor to have the support of those who have for decades worked so hard on behalf of our party in the North County," said Sheffo. "With their support, and the support of many other Republicans, I will -- as both a member of the Encinitas City Council and the many regional agencies that set policy for the county as a whole -- be able to fight against tax increases and for fiscal accountability."

The Central Committee members from the 74th Assembly District who are endorsing Sheffo include Dr. Mary Rose Consiglio, Sherry Hodges, Mary Humphrey, Dr. Tom Sherman, and Linda Dealy, an alternate.

Sheffo has also been endorsed by Mark Kersey, the current president of the San Diego Young Republicans and a recently elected member of the Central Committee.


  1. said Sheffo. "With their support, and the support of many other Republicans, I will -- as both a member of the Encinitas City Council and the many regional agencies that set policy for the county as a whole -- be able to fight against tax increases and for fiscal accountability."

    Phssss- You mean like fellow republicans Jerome Stocks, Bilbray, and George Bush.

    Face it Joe, the current Republican party are losers who borrow and spend more than a night long bending Kennedy. Bush just set a record for deficit $400 billion (not including the $800 billion spent killing iraqees and getting our kids killed for no good reason) and US record debt. Do you know the meaning of DEBT? Because I don't beleive any other republican does.

    Jerome supports record debt for Encinitas.

    I don't think Encinitas or America can afford any more of your kind.

    I hope the true GOP who supported Ron Paul start a new party that actually follow the original GOP platform.

    The rest of you are a joke and don't deserve even a breath of fresh air. You are killing our country.

  2. Anon 5:54: Agree. Sheffo = Bilbray = Morrow = YCNKISMYASS canidates. I have seen nothing or heard nothing to distinguish this Republican from the neo-con majority that elected Bush. As the Who defined the issue..."Won't get Bushed again...Oh No...won't get Bushed again..." Daltry, Entwhistle, Moon and Townshen -- lyrics for all generations.

  3. Red County Scrum

    Scene: Rugby field erected at Ocean Knolls
    Stocked: Joeboy, youse got yur thumb in my eye.
    Sheffed: (bearing down) Ain’t nothin you can do bout it now, Jerryboy.
    12 Sweaty hairy legs attached to Speedo size shorts flail in the air
    Sabined: (leaps from the scrum holding his nose) PhweeeeWeeee Jerryboy, that ain’t fightin fair!
    Stocked: He He He
    Sheffed: Ain’t no giver-uppers allowed – Glennbobbitt, youse can’t take the smell, gets out of the kitchen!
    Sabined: Joeboy, them’s thar fightin words!
    Stocked: He He He
    Sheffed: I aint’s fraid of youse, old man, thumbs it is, two outa three.
    Sabined: (shuffles his toe in the dirt) I’se fight you fair n’ square cepts I’se gots my ethical perimeters that define my here relationship to youse canidates which surely prevents me from causin any type’o harm to thems that belong to the RC boys forum, notwithstandin my purely advocatable role of keepin this here l’ection free from physical injury of which the government may be held liable shoulds you touch a hair on my leg.
    Sheffed: (layin sideways on the ground with 10 smelly hairy legs flailing in the air) Guess this means youse ain’t goin have no thumb wars count of youse got medical impediments.
    Sabined: That jess what I’se said, and I ain’ts the one runnin for no l’ection. Youse cani-dates goin have to square it off among yurselves.
    Stocked: Mummphrm, Bondlummph,, Dementiarummmmphhh.
    At this moment, Jimbob pirouettes and arabesques across the field to join the scrum.

  4. Well written and funny Mr Andreen.
    But in reality Sheffo has no Republican standing because he's an empty, unemployed, 48 year old living with his mommy.
    Real Republicans believe in personal accomplishment, accountability, and self respect.

  5. Unfortunately the last post is true. He is also for 5 sports complexes on the Hall property. God knows what else, since he is rather vague.

  6. The Encinitas estimated median house/condo value in 2005 was $858,400. Not everyone has a million bucks to buy a house.

    If you don't like Republicans, too bad: McCain is in a statistical dead heat with Obama as of the latest Newsweek Poll.

  7. www.sheffo4council.comAugust 07, 2008 10:49 AM

    A few clarifications:

    It is true that I am unemployed. I took a voluntary buyout from the North County Times where I worked as an editor. I could have stayed; indeed, I was asked by more than one of my superiors to stay, but I decided that I cared too much about my hometown to let it stagnate for another four years under the current council majority.

    My first job was at Garden State Bagels on El Camino Real back in the mid-80s before anyone in California knew what a bagel was. I was fifteen. The job consisted of standing in front of 500 degree oven for eight hours and then cleaning up.

    And I've worked ever since: for a U.S. Senator on Capitol Hill, an assemblyman in the state Capitol, and a county supervisor, plus lots of odd jobs along the way.

    So, I know a little bit about working in high-stress, demanding environments.

    The fact is, I've got as much or more experience in politics and government than anyone in the race, other than James Bond.

    Win or lose, come November I will have to get a job and work for a living like everyone else.

    Whatsmore, the reason I've been able to take a hiatus is because I save money and carry almost no debt. How's that for self-reliance?

    When it comes to "accomplishment, accountability, and self respect" I'm feeling pretty solid.

    I am 38.

    I don't live with my mother. I rent a property that my parents own.

    Besides, so what if I did? Brian Bilbray lives with his mother and it doesn't seem to have hurt his political career.

    I do support five multi-use fields for the Hall Property but believe that the concerns of Cardiff residents must be addressed first if they're ever to be built.

    Please visit to find out the real story about who I am and what I stand for.

  8. Another Sheffo throwdown! See ya at the debates bitches.

  9. Very respectable retort against the stocks and andreen smear attack.

    And if real Republicans believe in personal accomplishment, and accountability, and self respect. Then who the hell votes for Jerome.

    They guy is a loser independent insurance broker with no education. Accountable! HA, the biggest weasel on the council. Hey Jerome, tell everyone about the strip club. Self respect! You don't do drugs in a way that can ruin your career if you have self respect.

  10. Maybe them Republicans could all go hunting with Duncan Hunter for wildebeest. they could even invite Dick Cheney.

  11. Whaaat! Please elaborate about the stip club and Jerome.

  12. telling it like it isAugust 07, 2008 8:13 PM

    How can Jerome claim to be a Republican?.... He never even graduated from college did he?...
    He is as blue collar as it comes....

    So what’s a kid to do?... no education, but a ton of BS. I know..... lets sell insurance.

    Better yet, let’s run for Council and let the dumb asses of Encinitas elect him because he wears a sport coat in a beach town.....Wow how professional!

    Jeeezzz..... Jerome is just wishing he could get elected to higher office but its not going to happen.... so we get stuck with the uneducated loser who happened to get elected by the dumb ass New Encinitas folks.

  13. Thank you to Joe and Bob for speaking for themselves on this (and their own) blog.

    I would invite any candidate to discuss their position on NCTD and it's impact on costal Encinitas.


  14. The Good RepublicanAugust 07, 2008 8:50 PM

    Joe -

    If your worth a shit. Show your true colors.

    State Jerome Stocks is a panzy developer buddy.

    State that Bilbray is a want to be, (but never will be) north county republican.

    State that Bush is the biggest Debt monger borrow from the Chinese and spent on Iraq contracts for Cheneys freinds.

    Do all that small task and you have my vote.

    I dont give a shit if you live in your parents property. I am glad you are debt free.

    Free yourself. Discredit the bad Republicans like Jerome Stocks and you have my vote!

  15. The true republicanAugust 07, 2008 9:08 PM

    Joe -
    JESUS! You are better than that.
    You better come clean on this one. The mere fact that you think because you work for the crap you deserve shit is beyond me.

    I actually like you.... but your losing me with this BS.

    Working for panzies make you a panzie.....

    Stand up for who you are Joe!

    Don’t try and play the political game. Admit who you are, be proud and annihilate your opponents.

    If you are a true GOP, you love the beach, and you love Encinitas
    you will get my vote.

    I am definately voting for Rachelle.

    My other two votes will go for ?

  16. Joe,

    From these posts I gather you are:
    Live in your parents duplex
    Never had a real job except as a bagel cook

    BTW I have been eating bagels in California since 1960's

    and you are a professional politician

    Why would I vote for you?

    I went a forum you snubbed your nose at and didn't bother to attend. I guess our group wasn't important enough for you.

  17. Ignore this terrible advice to go negative. Bashing Stocks will cause a backlash rally to his cause and he will win, don't you see?

  18. True Republican,

    As an Encinitas Republican my husband and I are voting for Rachelle Collier and Bob Nanninga.

  19. Some reasons to vote for someone besides Jerome.

    1. Jerome is an insurance saleman.
    2. Jerome is financially supported by developers and employee unions.
    3. Jerome is a known liar like James Bond.
    4.Jerome has snake eyes.
    5. Jerome picks developer and employee union interests over resident interests.
    1. Jerome is an insurance salesmen

  20. As a True GOP-

    I will be voting for Rachelle, Maggie, and Bob.

  21. Maggie Houlihan, along with Bond, Dalager, and Stocks voted for more traffic in Encinitas. No on Bond, Houlihan, and Stocks for Council.

  22. As usual, Maggie and her supporters resort to 'ad hominem' attacks - name calling anyone and everyone who dissents from their flawed views. It will be interesting to see how Maggie will 'spin' the 96 alleged violations from her last campaign where she is not capable of filing a complete and accurate return of her personal finances - 'alleged' true but obvious to any fair minded reader.
    For more info: 2008/05/encinitas-city-councilperson-m/ - 39. Sheffo walked our neighborhood today and we met at my door ... hooray for someone who walks the talk and not just talks the talk.
    Also ... why have the public campaign records been removed from the City's website ... another attempt to stifle dissent ???


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