Tuesday, August 05, 2008

All in for the 2008 Encinitas City Council Race

ENCINITAS: Bond to seek re-election for a fifth term
Field of council candidates grows to 10

nctimes.com: ENCINITAS: Bond to seek re-election for a fifth term

James Bond-69 year old incumbent previously stated he would not seek reelection decides to run again. No doubt inspired by 72 year old shoo in presidential candidate John McCain. Bond is guaranteed reelection because people think it's fun to "vote for 007", the fictional action hero.

Maggie Houlihan-Controversial incumbent. Hated by a vocal minority but beloved by thousands of local baby boomer aged woman across town. Has a solid chance of reelection.

Jerome Stocks-Incumbent. Stocks does well in elections especially when running as "Stocks and Bonds". New Encinitas seems to like him fair enough, Leucadia has turned against him this year as Stocks is on the board of directors of the much despised NCTD and their hostile attitude towards coastal Encinitas. Decent chance of reelection but not a sure thing. Look for ENC power brokers to back Stocks and try to take down Houlihan.

Betsy Aceti-Carpetbagger. Betsy and her husband Steve Aceti moved to Leucadia from Carlsbad last year. Steve Aceti is famous for lobbying for new taxes. No chance of election in 2008 but she may just be laying groundwork for a more serious run in 2010.

Joe Sheffo-Local boy and the first Gen X'er who is a serious contender for city leadership. Would do a good job on the council but may have a hard time convincing the baby boomer voting base of that, however he does have experience with how government bureaucracies work.

Rachelle Collier-Likable coastal local gal who has a chance but will have to get her face known to New Encinitas. Would do a good job on the council.

Bob Nanninga-Well known outspoken and fiery city player. But this is the rebooted more mature and focused Bob 2.0. He has run before but has a good chance this year. The North County Times editorial staff was fond of backing Dan Dalager due to Dalager's presence as a small business owner but Bob has that licked ten fold as owner of the popular E St coffee shop where Bob will engage any visitor on any topic.

Doug Long-Plumber. Known as the "other Dan Dalager". Always around but never really speaks. He is the lurker in the chat room. Long got a decent amount of votes last election but it's a crowded field this year and he will get lost in the shuffle. No chance.

Tony Brandenburg-Already has some controversy surrounding him. He refers to himself as Judge Brandenburg but a recent email chain in circulation questions if he really is a judge. Decent chance because people like to vote sheriffs and judges into office because it makes them feel safe (example: Christy Guerin).

Harriet Seldon-Um, I think she is a dentist?

You can find links to some of the candidates websites on the left side of this blog. If you have a link that I haven't posted please email it to me.

Under state election laws, candidates must file papers by August 8 to run in the Nov. 2 election. If an incumbent declines to run again, the filing deadline is extended to Aug. 13.

Candidates also recently filed campaign disclosure statements for the period ending June 30. The next deadline to file campaign contribution statements is Oct. 6, with another contribution statement to follow on Oct. 23. Campaign contributions of $100 or more are a matter of public record.


  1. I loved the Bond movie, Never Say Never Again. Nobody does it better. Go James Bond...

  2. James Bond is the only real deal! James Bond has my vote!!!

  3. Stocks and Bond = True Double Zeros that it.

    I hate to say it but Bonds Alzheimer’s has to come into play in the decision for him to be on council.

    Anyone that attended the goal setting a few years ago when he was Mayor knows what I'm talking about. Bond gets lost in mid thought constantly. He has only progressed for the worse.

    The debates if he attends will be great fun for us but an embarrassment for him and his family.

    Jim- 1/4 of the population get the disease. Its not an embarrassing thing. What is embarrassing is when their "friends" are not honest enough to tell you, you’ve have had enough.

    Jim- It’s time for you to step down and enjoy your twilight years.

    Plus I don't want someone with Dementia making policy decisions affecting the future of our City.

  4. these initial N County Times comments say it all.

    [-] wrote on Aug 5, 2008 6:54 PM:Mr.Bond, with all due respect needs to step down. I've been to several meetings where it was obvious that his age was affecting his ability lead and communicate effectively.
    I was embarrassed for him.

    [-] wrote on Aug 5, 2008 7:18 PM:It's time for change in Encinitas. With Bond in the race it's clear Jerome Stocks will be turned out along Mr. Bond.

    [-] wrote on Aug 5, 2008 7:24 PM:No one beseeched Jim more than the city staff. The possibility of a Houlihan led troika destroying the city's fiancial structure and property values/credit rating was so horrific that the political veteran decided to take one for the team.

    Both Houlihan and Barth were openly telling city staff and political opponents exactly what they were going to do when they achieved a majority. The nightmare scenario was so probable that a long line of residents and business owners begged Jim to get back in.

    Oh brother
    [-] wrote on Aug 5, 2008 7:33 PM:This is the worst news for Encinitas! No Stocks or Bonds! You need to get rid of both of these guys!

    [-] wrote on Aug 5, 2008 7:38 PM:Bernie has no brainy. If Jerry and Jimmy stay in office. More of the finacial debt with no results continues. The only one who wins are developers and employee union members. If Jerry and Jim get back in the Encinitas Residents lose big time.

    Ann J.
    [-] wrote on Aug 5, 2008 7:42 PM:Another four years of the us against them antic on the city council will serve no one but the status quo.

    It's time to turn all the incumbants out.

    It's time for change.

    It's time to elect Rachelle Collier and Bob Nanninga

    [-] wrote on Aug 5, 2008 8:04 PM:It's time for term limits in Encinitas.

    [-] wrote on Aug 5, 2008 8:16 PM:Jeezzzz Jim- We told you that you were a good councilmember and to run again to make you feel good. We didn't think you would let your ego take over and believe it. Jim really, you forget what you were thinking all the time. Take that as a sign and do not file the papers.

    [-] wrote on Aug 5, 2008 8:19 PM:Everyday Bond is in office, Encinitas takes one for the team. That man should have stepped down four years ago. Its obviously time for term limits. These ego-maniacs can not get enough of themselves.

    [-] wrote on Aug 5, 2008 9:34 PM:If you love this city PLEASE do not vote for "pro-developement", business as usual Bond and Stocks....its time for a change and people that care about this great community instead of destroying it. Vote for Collier and Nanninga for honest and caring people that will serve and hear the voices of the citizens of Encinitas!

    BABY BOOMER..........
    [-] wrote on Aug 5, 2008 9:42 PM:The need is great and our city is facing a
    financial crisis....that is why I'm voting
    for JUDGE "TONY" BRANDENBURG...TONY has theexperience and 8 years on our school board!

    Judge or not
    [-] wrote on Aug 5, 2008 10:04 PM:Brandenburg worked the traffic court. If you got a speeding ticket you most likely saw him. I don't believe he was ever appointed as a judge.

  5. Council watchdogAugust 06, 2008 6:44 AM

    Jerome Stocks must be really shaking in his boots to ask his political ally James Bond to run again. This shows Stocks will stoop to the lowest level to get himself reelected.

    Poor Bond. Stocks should let him retire in peace. Bond is not competent to serve another four years. He is already a very bewildered man, and his condition is deteriorating rapidly. Does Stocks have no decency?

  6. Glad to know what you think of us old baby bommer white women J.P. Thanks. Still, I know I will vote for Maggie. And you all ask, why I am still not stoked on Rachelle? If J.P.'s comments about Maggie's popularity is because of us old white woman supporting her, and I do, why in the world should I waste my time with learn more and a young white womn. Still feeling contentious today, if not more so. And leave Jim alone. He had a choice and decided to take a run. Jerome may have spoken to him, but I have known Jim Bond a long time, being old and all, and know he made up his own mind. Jerome is not THAT powerful.

  7. Why would anyone challenge Tony Brandenburg's title. Indians can't have a court system? We certainly have some racists on this blog if they think that.

    Tony is the Chief "Judge" of the Intertribal Court of Southern California. He retired from the superior court to take this position.

  8. Did the race card just get pulled?

  9. Not sure if the race card was just pulled, but the age card certainly was. Time for some serious rethinking on my part. I did not realize that Leucadians( or maybe it is just J.P.) disliked white old woman so much. I will keep that in mind if , and when, I run for Council. I will really be old then.

  10. Do you seriously think I dislike baby boomer white women? I've always considered them to be the heart and soul of Encinitas. Who do think comes out in droves and votes for Maggie? 20 year olds? Conservative men? No, it's the many liberal ladies who have lived here since the 60's and 70's.

  11. I've been following the comments for most of '08 and this is the first time dr Lorri has talked smack about Rachelle. Would someone please set up a meeting between these two so we can move on?

  12. correction this is not the first time dr lorri has bad mouthed Rachelle. Dr Lorri the race card was pulled on the judge not you. All my ex-wives are liberal baby boomers ha ha

  13. I recall that on June 23 that (2) different people who claimed to Rachelle Collier supporters basically called everyone on this blog a%$holes. I did not see where Rachelle ever clarified. Bob can at least speak for himself and take the heat.

  14. Beware of agent provocateurs on this blog, especially those with white beards and Hawaiian print shirts.

  15. Anon 8:39- I realize that the race reference was about the Judge. I am not sure if it was a race card or not, as I have not met Tony Brandeburg. I was invited to meet him this last weekend, but a scheduling conflict on my part, did not allow me to go. I do not know what kind of Judge he is, and if it is Native American,I think it's cool, as I am part Cherokee. That doesn't mean I will vote for him. Rumor on the street is that he is a little irritated at Bond, as I hear Bond had assured him he was not re-running and that is why Tony decided to. Of course, word on the street does not make it true.

    Since I have yet to receive an e-mail back from Rachelle, as you all assured me I would, I have to take it that either she did not get it (I e-mailed to the "contact me" she has set up on her website), or I am not that important, which is very true. I am just one of many citizens in this community, and I am sure she is very busy with her campaign. To make things a bit easier for all of you who seem to care about us meeting one another, I will just stop posting ANTHING about Rachelle. That will hopefully satisfy everyone.

    And lastly, (boy this humidity brings out the worst in me), with regard to J.P. and white baby boomer women. I have never met J.P. either, so sometimes I am not sure if he is attmpting to be humorous, or if he really means what he is saying. Again, it really does not matter in the "big picture". What DOES matter (yea, I know caps are bogus), is we get 3 people on our City Council that have a vision we can believe in; can articulate that vision; and be tough enough to hold on when the s--- hits the fan. I have seen Teresa do this with regard to the Brown Act. I made the assumption Maggie went to the meetings to learn what was going on and tell Terea. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I will still vote for her.

    Tha's all for now. I hope I can get into the water sometime today, as I need surf fix. Too much water in the air and not enough on me.

  16. let's get something straight here, ribeye2k...I called two posters "a-holes" because they called Rachelle a "freakazoid" and a "Nanny Mommy". That's not constructive, that's just flaming, and I stand by my verbage.

    June 25th meeting: Jim Bond said in his 16 years, he's never read the General Plan. Nuff said?

  17. The first two comments on this thread are by Jerome Stocks. Notice the times at 12.21 am and 12:27 am. Typical Stocks modus operandi. So sad that our mayor is reduced to this.

  18. One way around all of this is term limits. I know they have not been popular in the past, but given the current situation, perhaps we should revisit it. The Council cannot make this decision. It has to come from the citizens. What do you all think?

  19. Last election Maggie got more votes than any Encinitan ever did. I don't think liberal old ladies are a majority in Encinitas.

    Naw, anyone who's ever watched Maggie do her thing on the dias knows she's not only intelligent and articulate, she gives good and honest reasons WHY she votes the way she does.

    And anyone who knows her personally knows that fewer people have a bigger heart.

  20. Bond, Houlihan, and Stocks voted for more traffic in Encinitas. No on the three.

  21. Mary – Thanks for clarifying. You did say "some". It was an anonymous poster who said "This playground is just for the asshole monkey trolls to push each other around and shout at people passing by."

    I would still like to see candidates speak for themselves. For instance, expand on "Create an open and co-operative working relationship with NCTD". To what end?


  22. Helllloooo11:46- this is the woman that railed against the traffic and parking at the Walgreens and the idiot idea that idling cars are killing the planet. And when the time came to vote....she voted for the Walgreens!!

    She is an embarrassment for this city and I for one have never and will never vote for her, EVER!!!

    She may be a nice person,but that doesn't make her a good council person.

  23. Although my memory is a little hazy, I might have crossed paths with the Judge about 7 years ago:
    At an earlier court appearance for a traffic violation, the officer didn't show up.

    Not being familiar with court procedures, I left the building when I was supposed to visit a cashier or something. Two weeks later, I was notified by mail that an arrest warrant had been issued. I went to night court to explain the situation to the Judge and get the warrant lifted.

    I was pretty much immediately found "Guilty" (even though there were no charges).
    Luckily, instead of me getting sent off to prison, a court clerk managed to slow things down enough for a moment of clarity.

  24. New Encinitas mantra?




  25. Anon 5:59 - Hear Hear!

  26. I we get Alz Bond back in, it will be a sad day for his family and Encinitas.

  27. Hellloooo 1:00pm I actually agree with you somewhat on the Walgreens decision. Mostly cause I don't like huge corporate giants moving to Encinitas. I think Maggie's angle might have been to reclaim some of the enormous loss the city got with Mossy leaving Encinitas Blvd. Walgreens will probably be one of the top 15 sales tax producers in Encinitas. That we can use. Can you name two other issues she voted on that you disagreed with?

  28. ribeye2k said...
    I had to go back and take a look at what you were talking about on in June. You aren't seriously confusing a commenter's opinion of other commenters' behavior on this blog with Rachelle Collier's candidacy?

    How on earth could Rachelle or any candidate have any control over another person's opinion?

  29. Bond decided to run for council again, I believe, because he couldn't guarantee himself his position on the water board. The council candidates wouldn't give him a wink and a nod that they would appoint him, now private citizen, to that post.

    I believe it is about the money. I think he made about 35,000 dollars last year. Not a bad supplement to his retirement for a few nights a month work.

    So tell me again why we should vote for him?


  30. 9:53 - All I am saying is that she should speak for herself.

  31. 8:57 PM I can name 2 other issues she voted on that I disagree with:
    1. Prop F
    2. Prop G

  32. Anyone having knowledge of the rumor that Doug Long and Jim Bond got into a long shouting match should contact me - I am dying to know what transpired -video? recordings? eyewitness ?
    Thanks, Herb

  33. Wow, Herb, I hadn't heard about that. But if it's true, I have more respect for Doug Long than I did. I hope Doug Long contacts you. Perhaps you could call or go by Berts Plumbing on Second St., right next to where Dalager's Lawn Mower shop used to be?

    Tony Brandenburg is and was not a judge, but a commissioner on the Superior Court. He was never appointed Judge. His title as "Chief Judge" for intertribal "nations" could better be listed as community service. He was not paid for that job, as he calls himself "pro bono" on his website.

    To use the "honorific" Judge, is deceptive, and would be illegal on the ballot. That is the law. Brandenburg and his supporters are trying to bring in the race card, themselves, here, to justify the misleading use of judge. He and James Bond are both retired from their previous professions. James Bond deceived many, once again, so that the scrutiny would be off of him, until he "changed his mind" at nearly the last possible moment.

    Bond used to have some idea of fiscal restraint. Now he has "caved" and is just along for the money he gets from his numerous water authority meetings, the little thrill of traveling to Las Vegas for "meetings."

    Anyone who was actually before Brandenburg can judge for himself. My experience was not positive. No, I wouldn't want another "in bed" with the powers that be, like Bossypants Guerin.

    And Brandenburg and Bond both have age related challenges, in my opinion. Stocks isn't stupid but he is secretive, sneaky and pathological, in my opinion. Doug Long may be a decent guy, but he has said he supports the "status quo" at past forums. No, not good, because the status quo has been the City not following the Brown Act, and not listening to the community on over densification. Stocks just smiles, snidely, and posts under other people's names here and on NCT blog saying, we're in fine shape! That is not what those stuck in traffic feel, and those getting water shortage notices feel. That is not what those in Cardiff who must pay over $60.00 a month, or over $700 per year in sewer taxes feel, when the Leucadia Sanitary Division is going to be raised to only $250.00 per year.

  34. To those who question Tony Brandenburg's title... Judge Brandenburg's pro bono work was done on his free time over the 20 years PRIOR to his appointment as Chief Judge of the Intertribal Court. He visited the Hopi Indian tribe, often 2 times a month, to help with village issues where some greedy indians were misallocating village funds to themselves (and by the way, you'll often hear the Hopis refer to "Indians"). His APPOINTMENT as Chief Judge to the tribal court is a PAID position. District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis was present at the grand opening of the new tribal court where Brandenburg presides. She seemed to recognize him as Chief Judge in her speech and by her presence, as did assemblymen and a representative for the California Attorney General's office who were there.

    In Brandenburg's years as Commissioner, most of his work was not a popularity contest. As traffic commissioner, almost all the plaintiffs were not happy with his decisions - but who likes getting a ticket? Then, fifty percent of the small claims litigants (those who lost their side of the case) would not be happy with him either - but those who did win their side were very happy with him. Like I said, being a traffic and small claims commissioner (which is technically a junior level judgeship) is not a popularity position. There are plenty of people in the community who have been before him and still rave about his fairness and feel honored to know him. Brandenburg also has taught hundreds of attorneys to be pro-tem judges (temporary judges who sub for absent judges). He also participates in programs at the National Judicial college in Reno. Ask the judicial college if they think he is a judge or not! His accomplishments are numerous and exemplary. I am proud to know him.

    Someone must be pretty nervous about Brandenburg's campaign to try to discredit his position.

  35. Last time I checked, there are no prerequisites for running for political office other than residency. Anyone living within the boundaries of a city or district can run for any office, regardless of their experience or the opinions of anyone else. How do you think we get former actors as governor or president? Isn't being a concerned citizen enough? Consequently, this means that self-serving NIBYs are also free to run for office, and as a result we see personal agendas taking the place of sound public policy. Many of the posters should check their facts BEFORE they claim to know the truth. I have lived here long before both incorporation and the NIMBY invasion. Unfortunately now all I see are people who are content to close off public streets, put up an excessive amount of stop signs, and bully any the remaining locals into not participating in the political process.

  36. I don't belive the race card was pulled, but I think that Bob did drop a turd in thew punchbowl with his implication. I'm somewhat familiar with the tribal court system, and from what I know, Brandenburg was sworn in as a tribal court judge. According to federal law, each indian reservation is considered a sovereign nation, and each tribe can choose how they enforce their laws. Ignorance is no excuse for the misrepresentation of reality. By the way, I also have a beard, and I wear Hawaiian shirts.

  37. If there is any doubt regarding how Houlihan is trying to take over City Hall, just consider that Houlihan and Barth have the SAME Treasurer on their Campaign Committees ... per their publicly available documents!

  38. WHAT ABOUT THE $700 LOAN to Maggie from her last campaign that she says she repaid ... but there is NO documentation to support any payback ?????? Did she just pocket the money ? Not to mention the on-going investigation of 96 alleged violations of the Fair Political Practices Commission !!
    What does THAT say about integrity, honesty and authenticity ?


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