Tuesday, August 26, 2008

City Council Meeting, Wed Aug 27

Issues of importance:

Drought Response Conservation Ordinance.

Three Presentations at the beginning of the regular council meeting including an update from the Environmental Advisory Committee Chairman

Council to meet applicants to fill the vacant seat on the Environmental Advisory Committee.

Discussion on draft ordinance to limit ground floor uses along Hwy 101 in the downtown area.

Consideration of modifications to public road standards for a project proposed at 125 Mozart (Cardiff)

Staff request for approval to proceed with a Citizens Satisfaction survey.

View the Agenda online, click here.

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  1. Cardiff town council memberAugust 26, 2008 10:13 PM

    Our City Engineers suck. They are always trying to widen the road and put in ugly generic sidewalks to make us look as bad and cause speedy roads like in Carlsbad.

    I hope Council steps in and sets those jokers straight.

  2. On Sept. 3rd @ 6pm the planning commission will meet to approve or make recomendations on the Hall Property "SPECIAL USE PARK".
    If you believe that the current design does not meet the needs for the majority on the stakeholders, please let your voices be heard.

  3. As a property owner on 101 I consider an ordinance to restrict my rights of use as an illegal taking of my land.

    Myself and others have contacted the Pacific Legal Foundation and will fight this. I will see the city in court.

  4. I sent this to Council as well.
    Dear City Clerk Cervone:
    As I will not be able to attend tomorrow evenings City Council meeting I would appreciate going on record as stating that I am opposed to the Citizen Participation Survey. The reasons are listed below:
    1. There has been no legitimate reason stated for this survey.
    2. Citizens using cell phones as there only method of phone communication are not being accounted for. Many citizens no longer have land lines, especially younger citizens.
    3. The sample size vs. the statistical legitimacy is in question.
    4. It is too costly.
    I havel e-mailed Council as well. Hopefully, they will either read it or consider it.
    FYI to all posters: As of today, 2 council members have responded back to me. These are Teresa Barth and Jim Bond. Teresa also doesn't know why we are dong it, and Jim thought my points are legitimate.
    Thank you,
    Lorri A. Greene, Ph.D.
    Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007

  5. The council sits on the regional boards; NCTD and Sandag.

    They have been poisoned by futuristic group think.

    The NCTD plan is to widen all of our main thoroughfares for our neighbors to quickly pass through our streets.

    The Walgreens hearing is a perfect example; it was attractive to the council because the traffic plan in place but not public calls for preparing our streets for a million more people in the north county and while most voters aren't aware of it, the council are listening to their regional friends rather than their constituents.

  6. Fred,

    Is that oversized building next to you retail or office?

  7. or the barrel roof building that repalced the old Marci's flowers.

    Do you know if that is retail or ofice?

  8. Just asking, anon- go rent the places and put there what you want, the landlord doesn't care if you put office nor retail. They just want their rent!!
    Offer them a nice rent. It you want 101 to become something more than it is, then higher rents will have to come about to ensure we attract better people and nicer businesses.

    No more blight like 934 H101.

  9. 9:03

    The oversized building next to me is on a lot 100' (frontage) x 80' (deep). It has four 3 bedroom luxury condominiums, and eight seperate office/business suites on the ground floor. All that has 4 public parking spaces on 101, and about 4 public parking spaces in back. Two of which are hadicapped.

    In years past, 101 builders were not allowed to count street parking as part of their project parking. Ask Rick Smith at Leucadia Glass. Now they can.

    Each garage for the condos is a two car garage, but they have to park tandem.

    The materials and craftsmanship used to build these places is the best. The builder made large design changes, articulating the building, and making the top floor the master bedroom. But there is still not enough parking for this enormous project. The worst part is they want to build a same sized structure on the vacant lot next to it.

    At one point comissioner Chapo said "Is this the kind of developement we want on every 101 lot in Leucadia?" Now it looks like the entire planning commission thinks so.

    I sure don't.

    On a ligher note, an old timer Encinitan came in my shop a few weeks ago asking me "when did you move?" He didn't recognize the neighborhood because of the towers next door.

  10. PS.

    If anyone knows anyone who would like to buy these places and live there only a few months out of the year, please encourage them to buy one or more.

    Here is their attractive website:


    The building that replaced Marci's is office space.

  11. "As a property owner on 101 I consider an ordinance to restrict my rights of use as an illegal taking of my land."-

    Too bad you don’t understand the issues and you don't know what’s good for you.

    Making the restriction would actually improve your property value. Every downtown area with these types of land use zones has improved property values. Look at Laguna Beach, Pebble Beach and others that have placed the land use restrictions.

    Without it the whole area will turn out like the latest ugly uninviting redevelopment projects that happened in Leucadia that will kill the main street environment and we will have a “dead zone” with zero character.

    Zoning is not a new issue. There is precedence. You will lose in court and could be countersued in the process for legal fees and damages.

  12. Re Leucadia development:

    Google must have updated aerial pics. Check out the corner of Vulcan / Ashbury / Hygeia.
    That shot must have been taken soon after the (very costly I'm sure) grading. Then ride by and see what it looks like now. The old Google photos showed the green houses that had been there before.


  13. Anon 9:39...
    Another point to remember concerning existing businesses along 101; most of them could not be duplicated today on the very same sites. Predominantly because of the present parking criteria, ADA regulations and occasionally use. A good example is the liquor store/grocer just North od Juanita's. Not 1 parking stall provided for a pretty intensive use. The result of this situation is a number of very valuable properties that won't change for a very long time.

  14. Well Fred RE: the building next to you, no parking means we need to clear cut the trees in the median so the city can put in angle parking. Ah smells like redevelopment to me.

  15. With all due respect to Fred, there in no off street parking for his shop .

  16. Ouch..... Great Point.

    Fred- We still love you. Even if we have to park on Hwy101 to visit you.

  17. 8:54

    There is on site parking that holds 2 cars next to Caldwell's Antiques. There is just as much parking here in front of our 50' property as they have next door with 100' frontage, 8 businesses and four 3 bedroom condos. The ratio is hardly comparable.


    If I can ask, and you'll still love me, how was that point great?

  18. Fred- I do love you, but I would never park in your personal drive way. I have never had trouble finding parking on the street when I visit your shop to shop and browse.

    Having said that, Leucadias fate was sealed several years ago when the city decided that the property owners must handle the flooding issue, instead of the city doing the right thing and providing flooding relief.

    I agree with you there is not enough parking for the building next to you....and that is why they will not sell!!!

  19. They might sell by some quirk the people who live there only need two cars. But to design such a place I don't think is fair to the neighbors or the future tenants and I've said that publicly since long before they were built. What's worse is a builder wants to put an equally congested complex on the lot right next to it and the Planning Commission thinks it's great! Look at Pacifica condos down the street. Tennants are always tightly parked on 101. The same will happen on this block and the next block I'm sure.


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