Monday, August 11, 2008

ETA August Newsletter & Public Art Questionnaire Online

The Encinitas Taxpayer Assocation August newsletter does a good job at explaining why it is important for us to keep an eye on city hall.


and if you have a minute, give the city some feedback with,



  1. If they build that new statue and then it gets stolen for scrap, no one will notice or care. It will be unimportant.

    This is an overly enthusiastic attempt to avoid any controversy.

  2. It should be a statue of a little boy walking!

  3. It shouldn't be there at all. It looks stupid and why is it only a boy waving. The demopgraphics of this City are more more adults than children; an equal amount of females and males. I could go on but htink I will save the rest.

  4. I think the art beauty is greatly taken away from the ridiculous ugly sign in front of it.

    The sign is sign pollution, ugly, and diminishes the looks of the area.

    Focus on removing sign pollution.

  5. I for one support our new statue of a monkey throwing poo at passing cars.

  6. We need the sign because soon you won't be able to tell that it is a historic main street district.

  7. Statues just like Carlsbad. Goody. How cultured. Put the money into something practical. Next there'll be statues of three term Council people. A hugh photo in the village square. That's public art.

  8. Looks like fairy mary's brother.

  9. Thomas Kincade Sculpture of lightAugust 11, 2008 11:17 AM

    I don't do sculpture, but I'm willing to try. I can't do any worse than what is shown around town.

    I am Thomas Kincade the painter of light, soon to be the sculpture of light!! I am here at your service for a reasonable fee, say... $250,000 for the preliminary drawings followed by say $1.25 million for the final art work??

    PS- I don't work cheap and if the city of going to be cheap then forgetaboutit.

  10. I thought the City was broke. Can someone please tell me why we need this in the first place. I am not an artist by any means, but to me, it does look a tad bit like our Cardiff Surf Statue.

    I will ask again, does ANYONE know why the Campagn Contributions donations were taken off the City's main website? I have so far gotten 3 different answers to this question, and none make any sense to me. I have e-mailed both Teresa and Jim Bond. Perhaps they can help us out on this. I thought we already had the "transparency" issue resolved. Looks like it hasn't.

  11. man that does like fairy mary's little brother.

    poor little bastard.

  12. the art director position needs to be eliminated. That position should be a volunteer position. That move alone would save $150,000.00 per year.

    That position has no tangable results beyond public workfare.

  13. It looks like a nuclear holocaust victim. I think art has a place in cities and helps define what is unique about a place. Phoenix has some beautiful public art, and so does Santa Fe NM. However, this statue doesn't embody the Encinitan spirit. I would think there would be plenty of artists who would donate to the City just to get the exposure - why not ask for donations.

  14. 8:50am

    I totally agree. I'm very proud of Encinitas winning the Great American Mainstreet Award, but putting a sign up like that is like blowing our own horn. Let the beauty of our city speak for itself. Don't muck it up by patting ourselves on the back with that kind of signage. Besides, that statue had nothing to do with that award.

    I haven't heard how much the artist wants for this yet. As public art goes, I think this is good but very conservative. Kinda looks like a boy mummy in pale green, but I think a darker patina is intended by the artist.
    A bronze naked lady sitting on that pedestal would be taboo and impossible in Encinitas. And lets face it, that's real art. But paint an Arts Alive banner with a woman nursing a baby on it in Encinitas and the public comes unhinged. My mom used to paint nudes and put them in front of our shop for sale. They'd probably have her arrested today.

    In Anchorage, I believe 2% of their tax base goes to public art each year. If you've ever been there, it shows. Our Arts Director is doing a great job and I'm certain he has to walk on eggshells a lot. He does not make $150 gs a year.

    Being a bronze sculptor however, I may be a tad biased about public art. Duh. But New York wouldn't be the same without the Statue of Liberty. And the countless other iconic landmarks throughout the globe do their job well, each speaking loudly about where they are. The trick is in creating something magnificent and memorable.

  15. the art director makes 100k in salary with the lucrative City benefits the cost is in excess of 150k per year to keep him around.

    The same work could and should be done by the many artists throughout town.

    Tell us what the art director has done over the many years here at Encinitas?

  16. If the City's art director approved the Cardiff Kook, then I think he is not worth keeping. Exactly what art are you referring to Fred? I usually agree with you, but the Statue of Liberty was a gift to the U.S. from France. Granted it got renovated, but the original art came from France. Same with the pubic art outside of City Hall. It was a present from Hondo. What other art has the City been involved in that citizens can see? Am I missing something?

  17. value at its worst.August 11, 2008 6:21 PM

    I know he gos to alot of meetings and talks alot.

  18. Dr. Lorri,

    I looked into this last month. See the 7/07 blog post on the eta blog

    We will post the campaign disclosures on the ETA website sometime this week.

  19. Was't Dr. Lori in charge if getting the Cardiff Kook in Cardiff. She sure does no norhing about art. Why don't you just shut up Dr. L- we know your game. It doesn't fool me.

    A city that does not support the arts has no soul.

  21. I think City's should just provide the basic services and maintain and improve infrastructure. It has no business in Arts and has no business in welfare.

    The real statement should be,

    "A City whose residents do not support the Arts, has no soul"

  22. I was not on the committee that worked with the artist on what you call the Cardiff Kook. I am not particularly fond the the statue myself.

  23. Don't worry, Dr. Lorri, most of us who read here know that.

    There's an anonymous "flamer" here, cowardly attacking others.

    The Newsletter is great. I hope to be handing them out come election time, along with fliers for the candidates whom I do support.

    I cannot respect the practice of waiting until the very last moment to file. This is "playing politics" and "playing the numbers," particularly by the incumbents, who obviously have a bigger advantage in a field of ten.

    Our City should change our local law so that there could be primary run-offs. That way the majority of people could get behind a particular candidate. That usually doesn't happen, now.

  24. 5:32

    Thanks for usually agreeing with me, anyway.

    Yes, the statue of Liberty was a gift from France. That doesn't lessen it's presence as New York's historic symbol and incredible example of public art regardless of who paid for it. The waving boy statue is being sponsored by DEMA.

    The Arts Director was not the one approving the Cardiff statue. It was presented to city council as a finished product and approved.
    The artist originally wanted to make it a female surfer, but one influential member of the committee wouldn't have it. And like the saying, a camel is a horse by committee. Rule number 1, leave art to the artist.

    The Arts Director has not been here for many years but going on 3 years. There are way better pictures of the artist's rendering that what you see here.

    Not only is art an important part of a city's job, there should be at least a few talented people on the planning commission to help mold a vision for the future. IMHO. A city without art is bleek.

  25. Wow Fred-

    I like you and your typical vision..... With that said, now you really have me worried about need and worth of our art director position.

    I don't see any results. His position seems like workfare to me..... $150k per year could buy alot of trees, watering, and art around the city.

    Can someone please tell us what the art director has done over the 3 years here at Encinitas?

  26. 150K for 3 years totals $450,000.00

    That would buy alot of canopy trees, water, and art!

    What has he done?

  27. anon 1:44am seems to have had a wee bit too much of the grape.

  28. Anon 331:
    I have not had too much of the grape. I am just telling it like it is. I will bet Dr. Lori did have somehting to do with the Cardiff Kook. Who wants to bet? Besides she keeps flaming Rachelle and i don't like it. She is not to be trusted. She is evil. Mark my words. Any of you who think she is nice, forget it. She is not. I know.

  29. I'll take that bet about the Cardiff Surf Statue Anon 4:08. How much are we talking about anyway? I know for sure Dr. Lorri was not on the Committee that made the decison about the statue. Why do you think she is so evil? Is there something else you would like to tell us about her. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think she flamed Rchelle, iIthink she questioned her ability to be a strong leader on the Council. I actually happen to agree on that one. But EVIL!!! WOW, tell me more.

  30. Anon 4:08 and old encinitian- Leave Dr. Lorri be, she has the right to her opinion as do you. This blog is no place to wash dirty laundry for someone that has no dog in your fight. She is not a public person in the regard that she is not an elected official nor an appointee for any city commission. She is a private person and this blog is no place to rag on her nor anyone else. If you want to disagree with someones opinion so be it. But leave peoples private lives alone.

    If you have a beef with Dr. Lorri keep it too yourself or take it up with her personally. Keep it off the blog.

  31. RSPB,

    Actually Dr Lorri is an appointed member of the Parks and Recreation commission.

  32. Bob-I don't think I was trashing Dr. Lorri. Do you want to trash her is that it? I did not know she was a Commissioner. Do you ask her if you could mention it on the blog. Maybe she didn't want anyone on the blog to know. Did you ever think of that?

  33. What in the hell does this have to do with art. Why all of the sudden is everyone talking about Dr. Lorri? I would love to know why the last 3 posts before mine, decided that she should be linked up with art. Bob-you should keep stuff like what you said about her being a commisoner to yourself, unless, of course, she doesn't mind. She has never said she was a commissioner so how was Old Encinitan supposed to know that? That doesn't seem to show much respect for Dr. Lorri. I was almost goiing to vote for you but now I am wondering if you can keep personal things about others personal.

  34. Dr. Lorri being a member of the Parks and Recreation commission is a matter of public record. Last time I check it was not a secret.

    And no old Encinitian I don't think you were trashing her.

    Personally, I would like in on the bet regarding her involvement or lack there of regarding the Cardiff surf statue as well.

  35. Roadside Park BumAugust 12, 2008 7:09 PM

    Never mind.

  36. Fred or anyone-

    Back to important issue.

    150K for 3 years totals $450,000.00

    That would buy alot of canopy trees, water, and art!

    What has he done?

  37. Bob-you don't get off that easily. You should answer Old Encinitan. Do you have a grudge against Dr. Lorri? Old Encinitan is right. She has never said she was a commissoner. There could be lots of Dr. Lorri's in this town. How do you know it is the commissioner Lori? And you know you know that she had nothing to do with the Cardiff Kook. Why don't you just say that? Now I am getting pissed at you.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Anon 7:08,

    You can nurture it, but you can't just go out and purchase soul.

    Anon 7:57 wrote, "A City whose residents do not support the Arts, has no soul"

    For me, good art is a tangible representation of the soul of the people who created it. So you got to have great people for great art :)

    We have way great people and great art now. Much of it is not on public display, but that is what would be great to change.

    Here is one of many examples. JP's family has tons of soul and they put it into their craft. Go through the archives. You will find boards with incredible character. (Their boards hold up too!)

  40. Cardiffian,

    1)I don't hold grudges.
    2) There is only one Dr. Lorri that posts on this blog under the moniker Dr. Lorri.
    3) As for not saying what I know I know. I thought Dr. Lorri made her noninvolvement quite clear.
    4) As for getting pissed at me. Piss away.

  41. Bob -- it is rare to find a political canidate that doesn't mince words -- good on you! I just hope you aren't waylaid by a political advisor who is proficient in double-speak.

  42. that sounds kindof gross.

    150K for 3 years totals $450,000.00

    That would buy alot of canopy trees, water, and art!

    Can't anyone say anything has the art director has done?

    Is he that big of a waste of money?

  43. If the Art Director does nothing and has no results he should get no paycheck.

    $450,000 would have bought alot of trees, water and art.

    At least we can stop wasting any more money.

    Eliminate the Art Director position. He's useless and is costing us bigtime.

  44. Greetings bloggers,

    I must love punishment or something to post here.

    As I have been involved in both the Great American MainStreet Award, and the Encinitas Child Sculpture, I thought I would provide some background information now that this has become a focal point for the blog.

    Let me start by saying it’s a fair question(s) to ask by the ETA if public monies should be spent on public art in Encinitas, or if we should have any public art at all.

    Let me apologize for a really crappy quick Photoshop job that I did two years ago, taking a picture of a 6 inch high rough first clay, and superimposing it on one of the pilasters downtown. This was very, very, early in the conceptual phase and was never meant to be the representation about the final piece as portrayed.

    The Sign,

    In 2004, the city of Encinitas and DEMA won the Great American MainStreet Award. This award is presented by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a group which I consider to be important in our society and that I hold in highest regard. They present five of these awards to cities based on merit annually, out of the 1800 plus MainStreet programs from around the country.

    The National Trust presents each winner with two signs to acknowledge the award and they ask that we place them on our mainstreet. In early 2005 the signs were placed on Hwy 101, one by the lumberyard, and one in the location in the picture. They have been installed at the locations for nearly four years.

    The Art,

    DEMA founded along with the 101 artist colony (which DEMA helped get started) the Arts Alive banner program. DEMA supported many other art projects in downtown including the tile trashcans, 16 art mosaic medallions in the sidewalks, and the 101 tree grates, all public art paid for mostly by the city and designed mostly by local artists. I am of the strong opinion that art, both public funded and private funded has made our downtown a much better place.

    In 2004, two important DEMA board members and downtown champions unexpectedly, in the prime of their lives, lost their lives. Gary Taylor, a local surfer and long time Editor of the Beach News/CoastDispatch, and Lynne Love, the 20 years plus owner of the Third Bird Gift Store downtown. Both of these individuals gave incredible amounts of time and energy to their city and are in my opinion still loved and missed by many in the area.

    In 2006 another DEMA board member and downtown/cottonwood creek/library champion Ida Lou Coley, passed away.

    These passing and our fondness for them started us down the path of thinking about what if anything we should do to recognize their generous selfless contributions. During those discussions over a year or so we also thought of John Gessel of Jerry’s Shoes and first mainstreet president, Marjorie Gains, our first Mayor, and many many other persons throughout the decades that have nourished/protected/supported downtown. In addition to those departed, there are many others over the recent decades, electeds and citizens, that have contributed greatly to downtown Encinitas.

    Most of these individuals talked about their childhood in Encinitas, growing up in Encinitas and their desire to leave Encinitas to future generations a better place. So the idea of a child representing their youth and desire for future generations was agreed upon.

    Now, I don’t know if that qualifies as soul to you, but it does represent feelings and our history.

    We approached a local Cardiff-by-the-Sea homeowner, resident and nationally known, and award winning artist, Manuelita Brown, to see if she would agree to work with DEMA on a piece of art. If you have visited UTC and seen the bronze dolphins in the shallow pools, that is her work, At UCSD there is a bust of Thurgood Marshall, and her work is displayed around the country in public places, museums and galleries as well as private homes.

    DEMA is privately fundraising, and seeking existing grant opportunities such as the cities enhancement grants and the county’s community grants to get this project to the finish line.

    The Encinitas Child went through the arts commission for over a year and they made some modifications and suggestions and supported the project, this then went to the city where the art work, to be donated to the public by DEMA and the sponsors, was supported. In short it was a long process and the Encinitas Child went through the process established by the city for public art donations.

    To date the Encinitas Child sculpture has received a $4000 grant from the city that was matched by a private individual, a small grant from the County of San Diego, a couple of thousand dollars from DEMA and a few thousand from other individuals.

    Please don’t jump to conclusions and trash this art and this local artist because of quick Photoshop job I did a few years ago as a concept photo.

    About 2/3rds of the funds are already raised for this project (The city’s grant is approx. 15% of the total cost) If you would like to donate to this project contact the DEMA office.


    Whew, I had not planned on writing this much.

  45. Thanks for that information Peder. Do the citizens get ANY input into whether they would like that particular piece of art as a respresentation of the soul of Encinitas? This did not happen in Cardiff, and I believe that the orginal intent of the artist was lost. I know the Cardiff surfer is called all sorts of unflatering names. As you know, the City of Encinitas has people in all stages and phases of life. Kind of like the Whitman metaphor of summer, spring, fall and winter. I would like to see a piece of art that could best embody all Encinitans. It would be wonderful to figure out a way to have a piece of art that represented the diversity of this City. I am not an artist, but since there are so many artists in this community, perhaps a "call for art" could be put out? The local artists could participate in presenting their own idea of what this sculpture would look like at an "art citizen community meeting" where any citizen could rank order what he or she liked. Too complicated perhaps, but I do belive that something like this could be done. Just a thought.

  46. Dr. Lorri,

    This project was begun before, and is not related to the Cardiff Statue other than their sharing of a certain metal. It also does not seek to represent itself as the soul of Encinitas.

    All the art commission meetings, just like parks commission meetings are public, the council meeting that this was heard on was public as well. These all offer chances for the public to weigh in.

    The city through the adopted arts master plan, has a methodology for accepting public art.

    I would encourage you to follow through on your ideas for public artwork. Capturing the soul of Encinitas, being as diverse as it is, and interpreted differently by each individual would truly be a masterpiece if ever realized.

    It wa a pleasure meeting you the other day.


  47. Nicely put, Peder. And didn't mean to step on your toes with the old photo you did at the top.

    Re 7:16

    I am not an Art Director, Planning Commissioner, Council Member, City Manager nor Mayor (thank God). So my knowledge of each of those departments is quite limited. I know Council folk have to wade through 2 or more inches of paperwork each week to help make their decisions. Yuck. And Staff probably have even more. But I will just share a few valuable accomplishments I know have been made with our Arts Director.

    * Developed and launched an annex to the city website with A FREE venue for any local artist to promote themselves. Check it out. And if you're an artist, get busy on a profile for yourself! It also lists upcoming events / concerts.
    Prior to that Encinitas' website was a dismal and bone dry place when it came to local talent.
    * Supervises Art Shows at both City Hall and the new Library.
    * Promotes the art shows online and through radio advertisement (NPR 89.5)
    * Just this week had Peter Sprague & company perform a free concert at the Library.
    * Keeps all business groups abreast of local artisan happenings and opportunities.
    * Helps facilitate grant writing for the business groups.

    There's more and I'm sure either he or his co-workers could fill you in on voluminous details surrounding his job. And they have to be miriad as many times as I run into him at civic functions. But I believe he is an asset to the city. There's no way he costs 150k a year. The position was for around 80k. I know, I applied. And lost. DOH!

  48. that was 3 years ago. Add in the benefits and all long term liabilities and the cost is close to $150,000 per year.

  49. Fred-

    All that you said should be easily done by the member of the art commision. The commisioners workload is pathetically light. Most want something to do. Let them do it for free.

  50. Gary Taylor was a good friend of mine, his number one desire for Encinitas was for the train tracks to be lowered.

  51. I suggest the City sponsor a yearly art competition. Each year the City comes up with a theme, such as flowers, summer, H101, whatever. Any and all artists are invited to submit their work, which would be displayed and voted upon by the public at the street fair. The successful artist would donate their work for display in the City. This way artists are challenged, residents have a say, and the City displays art. Of course, that is just my opinion. To those who think I am wrong, suggest another idea.

  52. Peder: so what you are saying is that a few select individuals decide what type of art should be displayed in the City without public input, then select an artist without any public input, get the City to contribute money without any public input, and having met all these criteria, the art is a shoe-in for display in the City. Did the Cardiff Kook go through this process? If so, I rest my case. Also, the Child sculpture may have merit, but not perched next to a huge wall next to a street sign. Half of a sculpture's appeal is placement -- this sculpture would look beautiful in the Quail Gardens new Children's garden or set somewhere in Cottonwood Park.

  53. The city, as us the taxpayers, is spending more on "art".

    The city runs a free city hall art gallery for chosen artists to display their creations. The artists aren't charged the fees a regular gallery would charge. That's a sweet deal.

    The city held an art contest at the library for County artists.

    City grant money that used to go to community groups was hijacked by a previous Council when the grant policy was changed to give the majority of the money to art groups.

    Our streets are falling apart, but art is more important to the Council.

  54. Peder,

    The banners and mosaics are awesome.

    The cardiff kook went through a long process too. Just like in the carlsbad bars disaster, someone forgot to run the concept by the public's smell test.

    Yes, that is a problem with doing public art, but not as big as a problem as giving public art a bad name.

    I think it is important to point out that Peder is trying to say that the statue represents all these great people and that it has the soul of our community heroes in it. Unfortunately, that was TOTALLY missed by everyone on this blog.


    Don't hijack our fondness for our friends or fail to do right by them.

  55. Peder -

    The art and the banners are totally awesome. Encinitas Art is awesome.

    The sign is not awesome. It’s terrible. It’s like tagging a beautiful wall of art.

    Lose the sign. Lose all unnecessary signs and let the beauty of our mainstreet speak for itself.

    Sign pollution sucks. 4 years is 4 years too long.

    If you want to pimp the main street brand, why don't you put one in our DEMA shop window.... but please Peder, lead by example and remove those two unnecessary ugly signs.

  56. I like Dr. Lorri's and Bond's ideas. Let the public decide what we want. The Carlsbad Bars, as was pointed out, cost a lot and eventually had to be removed because of Public outcry. Let's not let this happen here. There are so many great artists in this town. The Art Commission is great and seems to be getting bypassed, sort of like the Parks and Rec. Commisson with regard to the Hall Property. Yes, that's right folks. Parks and Rec. does NOT get to weigh in on the Hall Property. That is also insulting to those commissioners. As far as I know, neither does the Traffic Commission. In fact, what are the Commissioners wasting their time for, if the City keeps bypassing them and handing projects off to DEMA or other groups? It is time for citizens to take a hold of the of this City and use the people who voluntarily give their time and effort to help us decide. VOYE wisely!

  57. I should have said

  58. The Ruling classAugust 13, 2008 10:28 AM

    Eliminate all these commissions, they are a waste of time and money. Let the ruling classes decide what is best for you and the citizens. We know what is best! Give us the power that we so rightly deserve. WE KNOW BETTER THAN YOU WHAT YOU NEED.


  60. I was at the Quail Gardens yesterday and they have sculptures all over the place. Unique, sophisticated and very well made. Original and innovative. I find the concept of a waving child to be pedestrian conformity and while I understand the idea, and the desire to honor so many who aren't here anymore,'s just corny. Cutsey wootsey. A piece such as this WOULD look better at Quail Gardens.

    As for Jim Gilliam, he asked me to be the first person to show my art in the Library front area. He was a pleasure to work with and was on his hands and knees cleaning the cases and busted his butt to help me set up my stuff, which I'm sure he has done with every other artist and it shows. There are excellent pieces of art throughout the Library. I told Jim about Rodney McCoubrey, and he went to his house to check out his stuff. You can see Rodney's stuff in the "ocean room" and soon he will be designing something for the children's area. I've been in the art game since I was a teenager and have worked with many city people organizng art fairs and such and Jim is the first person I've ever met who has shown real enthusiasm. With most cities, you have to "know someone". It's very nepotistic. BTW, artists don't pay "fees" to be in galleries. Galleries usually take a 25-50% commission on items sold. The Library isn't doing that, which I think is one goes to a library to buy art.

    The reason the Cardiff Kook blows is twofold: the artist was micromangaed to death, and there weren't enough REAL surfers in the group.

  61. I agree with Mary the statue looks to cutesy way to much like a cherub without wings. I feel the idea is just to simple and boring.

  62. Only the Planning Commission has real authority. All the rest, including Traffic, Park & Rec, Art, Youth, Senior, and Environmental Commissions can only recommend. The City Council can ignore their decisions or simply bypass the commissions altogether and take an issue directly to the council.

    If our council chooses not to heed advice from the these commissions, they should be disbanded to save the public expense.

  63. To Mary,

    who wrote that Jim cleaned the cases and busted his butt to help me set up my stuff

    For what he makes in salary AND benefits I would enthusifuckingasticaly clean RSBPs underwear. For his line of work he should be kissing the ground everyday for that sweetheart job.

    As for neopotism, was Jim hand picked or was there an open and wide call for that position? Anybody know?

  64. Following Peder's comments,

    As for the sign,
    I vote to remove it. It is more sign clutter and it is better to let our main street speak for itself.

    As for the award, what characteristics of our downtown were judged to be worthy of an award? There is a lot I like about downtown including some of the artistic features Peder notes. I am curious what the judges were evaluating.

    As for the Art,
    I am glad he points out that we do live in a community where individuals are proud to invest in our town and the arts are supported by donations.

    Peder's photoshop image is not out of date; it is what was shown to the city council just a few weeks ago. We get it, or at least I thought so. It’s a child waving to the passing cars.

    At the "State of the Arts" presentation a few weeks ago it was mentioned that the commission would be looking for public feedback. The way Peder puts it, it sure seems like the whole thing has been pretty invested in already. I had assumed it was just in the early phases, given that the city was just now looking for feedback.

    "In short it was a long process and the Encinitas Child went through the process established by the city for public art donations." There is evidence that the city's process should be amended. So, waiting years, and already getting public funding, before putting it out for a general public smell test is risky for a public art project.

    Is it too late for feedback to be considered (not necessarily accepted)? If so, why bother putting this out for public comment?

  65. anon 2:22...I agree...for that money, I would've been honored to embroidered cool art on RSPB's unddies!

    As Fred posted,(9:50pm), the arts com. job was opem to all who cared to submit a resume.

  66. 2:22

    There was an open and wide call for the Arts Director position. 29 people applied.

  67. Fred,

    How do you know 29 people applied?

  68. 6:03

    I was one of the applicants for the position of Arts Director, and I was nosey enough to ask how many people applied. The secretary had to write 28 Dear John letters.

  69. Because Fred probably asked. And I am not Fred. Just a Fred Fan.

    .....Except that $450k is alot of money that could have bought nice art or big trees. And no one can really say anything valuable that Jim Guillingham has done. What result has occurred form spending $450,000 of tax payers money?

    Someone please tell us.

    We could have the volunteer commissioners dust off this art space, made guest artists feel welcome and embroider art in RSPB undies. Its not worth $450,000.

    Someone please tell us something tangible that that money have brought to us tax payers.

  70. Thank you Mary. I have seen your art and heard your art as well. Your music at the Encinitas Environmental Day was really wonderful. I really appreciate all of our local artisians (is that the corect word?) I have to wonder why we cannot, as citizens, get a chance to have our voices heard on public art. Peder mentiones that this project has been going on for quite some time. How is it that so many people missed it? Especially in a City that is known for having a lot of good artists? Does DEMA and the Council have the final say? It would seem that even if citizens don't like it, it is too bad for us. That is pretty much what happened with the Cardiff Surfer boy as far as I can figure. And, adding insult to injury, that artist was from Hemet,

    As far as the Commissions go, let me say this. We do not get paid a dime for being a Commissioner, no matter what commission it is. For me , it is something I can do to give back to this City that I have lived in for 25 years and still love. However, if we don't get any input that is taken seriously by the City,or City Council, it does beg the question of why we have them at all? I don't know yet, as I have only been on the Parks and Rec. commission for a few months.

  71. Dr. Lorri-

    You will soon see.... commissioners do nothing in Encinitas.

    Council regularly circumvents commissions and ignores their recommendations.

    The only commission worth anything is the planning commission and the Council commission. Unless your on those two.... you opinion does not matter and your wasting your time.

    That is until…. The non transparency boys Jerome Stocks and Jim Bond are voted out of office.

  72. Kevin,
    Good points. Good stuff.

    The National Trust can provide you with the overall criteria.

    The MainStreet award consideration is a matrix, mostly centered around restoration of an existing (pre 1960’s) district using preservation strategies and the inherent strengths of a districts unique attributes to allow it to compete, succeed and excel, as compared to more generic, repetitive, post Interstate and freeway oriented development. (big box, factory outlet, Costco warehouse, Walmart type shopping areas ) This is not to say those types are bad or should cease to exist (I shop at Costco and Lowe’s) but is to say that we (Mainstreet USA, small business USA) have something to offer as well, and given equal opportunity and investment by cities and counties we will compete with anyone.

    It also addresses the residential flight away from the more urban centers to the suburban sprawl auto dependent development patterns, again post Interstate transportation system, and supports a more integrated, live where you work mentality, as opposed to A commute 3 hours a day lifestyle.

    Public art is always dicey and problematic for cities.

    On one hand, a work of art by an individual with passion and purpose, donated to the city can stand as an excellent example without citizen input. On the other, a work of art by a committee can be like sausage making. And visa versa is also possible. Then there is between those two extremes.

    Public art presents a myriad of issues, problems and opinions for us all. I don’t think you can legislate, or come up with the perfect way to deal with public art. That is exactly what makes it fantastic. It challenges us.

    Of all the times I have gotten into a little hot water in my career, it usually involves the arts. Crazy as it seems, I like that.

    My opinion is, I would rather have public art, knowing there will be issues, disagreements and problems to deal with, as opposed to no public art and thus no problems. Far to often the easy answer is to pull the plug and not deal with it.

    Colorful alive and diverse, that we may individually disagree with on occasion, is preferable to clean, clip-art, sterile and boring, but nobody complains because there is no art.

    I appreciate your civility, involvement, and passion for Encinitas and the taxpayers.

    I’ll see if I can’t get an updated photo of the artwork. It is a child, a girl, welcoming and waving. When did that become such a bad thing or a boring thing?


  73. Peder-

    Not bad.

    Lose The signs. They suck!

    as someone suggested, put them in DEMAs window.

  74. Peder, you still haven't addressed my statements. Art by commission, for a commision, funded by the City. True or not. Just point out where the public has a voice. Thank you.

  75. Peder, aka Stalin: On one hand, a work of art by an individual with passion and purpose, donated to the city can stand as an excellent example without citizen input. On the other, a work of art by a committee can be like sausage making. And visa versa is also possible. Then there is between those two extremes.
    Put The Brakes On Now!
    Public Art is what the public wants, not what is shoved down their throats by the "artsy fartsy" crowd. That is why we need a yearly arts competition where the public votes the winner. Public art is not about supporting select few individuals who are promoted by a select few individuals. The proposed statue is butt ugly. The conception is good, but the execution is terrible.

  76. Bonndi,

    I don't think that I can address your statements as I have no involvement or knowledge of the Cardiff artwork. I don't know what was done or not done with that project. It's not a dodge, I simply was not involved and can't answer for it.

    In the Encinitas Child artwork, the atwork was not by commision, it was by an artist, and the Encinitas city (thus taxpayers)contribution was a very minimal amount of the overall cost via an existing competitive grant cycle open to all. We went through the process (lengthy) that we were supposed to go through and at the end of that process, the artwork was supported and approved.


  77. Stalin? Ouch

    Im of Danish decent not Russian.


  78. How's "the 101 Dane" grab you?

  79. Bonddi (AKA Lynn)-

    Chill out for God's sake. Quite being such a bitch and name calling. Once again, you cry about other people ragging on you, but then you are the biggest offender.

    Do us a favor and move to Imperial Beach or Vista where they are more used to your theme "Keep it Crappy"

  80. Just wondering how will Leucadia receive a mainstreet award if the pre 1960 trees are clearcut?

  81. someone put zinc oxide on the Cardiff Kook's nose

  82. The best part about the kook is her get ups! I love em.

    No Sweepers was great!

  83. Bonddi- why don't YOU sponsor the art competition?? Then you can have a bunch of crappy art to go along with your 'keep it crappy' plans for Leucadia! Go ahead and break open that La Jolla trust fund of yours and PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS...


  84. Peder: Could you please tell us how much money the City of Encinitas gave DEMA for the statue we are talking about. You stated it was minimal. I am wondering exactly what minimal is? Thank you.

  85. I say by the comments the vote is in …..

    Lynne/Bonddi/whomever has problems……

    Please extinguish your torch, you've been voted out of the Sheltered Paradise.

  86. Peder: You have been strangely silent about the Leucadia Highway 101 tree canopy. Can you assure us that you are in favoring of maintaining it and enhancing what has been lost?

  87. I try to not live on this blog, no offense. I do check in occasionally, and I post occasionally, but I am not checking it every day so pardon if the Qs go unanswered.

    The info on the city art grant was contained in a prior post, $4000 from the city, matched by a private foundation.

    My number one goal in the Leucadia 101 area, is the restoration of the tree canopy (in Cardiff that would get someone in trouble as they like shorter trees) The number one goal of the L101 MainStreet program is the restoration, of the tree canopy. The number one goal of the North 101 streetscape project is the restoration of the tree canopy. I say restored because most of the canopy has been lost over the years. Preserve is also a word that works for those trees that remain.

    All three alternatives of the plan when constructed restore the tree canopy. They also balance the road in its current use as a local connecting road as opposed to its Hwy 101 hi speed current design

    In the first phase, there is no median with trees existing, only asphalt. I think we are seeing a consensus emerge there. When complete you will have tree plantings in the double canopy configuration (two sides and the median) with specimens that are chosen to canopy (not queen palms). Of course they will be young and need to grow, but I predict it is going to be a fantastic and dramatic improvement over the existing conditions.

    We will differ on the details, it is Encinitas after all, about types of trees, mixture of trees, natives or non natives, the lane locations, parking, forward or backward, weather to keep the median in the existing location in future phases or move it off center for a different lane configuration. In those decisions the effort is to forge a consensus of your voices on the best way to proceed. The community voice is the most important.

    Future phases of construction that contain the grand mature trees in the existing median are a ways off.

    Please don’t think I control the marbles here. My efforts are to help the community have a dialog and discuss the options before them, provide them with the best resources possible and when relevant I will make an observation or a point bases on my experience. Hopefully consensus will emerge from these efforts and we will move forward. My experience is that lacking consensus, public projects typically don’t materialize.

    The project team led by Peltz and Associates is the best you could have in my opinion, and Mike Peltz is a long time local Encinitas resident. Diane Lannager is doing a great job as the lead planner for the city, and the citizens have been out in force with great attendance and participations for the workshops and meetings.


  88. Excuse me if I don't jump for joy, but I think the reality of the situation is that the new Leucadia Streetscape just put a moratorium on planting ANY trees north of the Pannikin for perhaps the next two decades. I'm livid.

    In years past, if anyone's bothered to look, the city has been VERY good about periodically planting many sapplings in the median and next to the railroad right of way, replenishing lost trees for the entire 2 mile stretch of North Coast Hwy 101. (I'm happy to say, they have even planted Eucalyptus trees!) That won't be happening anymore. Somebody found a way to put the brakes on this regular tree replenishment for the north corridor and make it look like the citizens made this decision.

    There were 5 medium sized Evergreens mitigated for the (accidentally) razed tree in the park. Two were planted in the park. Recently, the L-101 board was asked where the other two should be planted.(Other two? What happened to the 5th one?) The two trees placements have pretty much already been determined by the hushed up Streetscape tree moratorium. "Do not plant trees in the median or near the railroad ROW as they might have to be chopped down when the lanes are changed." seems to be the unspoken rule of the day.

    I (and others) had already responded to the question before, asking them to plant the two trees across the HWY from each other, (where 8 have disspapeared) on my 1200 block of 101. (Selfish, aren't I?) But now I know it's already a foregone conclusion where they will go. The two trees will instead be planted near the new Leucadia sign. Mark my words. Why? They might interfere with the Steetscape's plans elsewhere.

    Makes me think the Leucadia Streetscape has morphed into a large, silent dissapointment. How did that happen? There were so many well meaning people at the meetings.

    If the Streetscape's goal is to tear down and restore the canopy, Leucadia's vision of a verdant corridor might be achieved by 2050. Swell.

  89. Ahhhh Fred- Unwind your panties. The streetscape plan is not stopping anyone from planting trees.

    You can plant all the trees you want. They won’t live just like 99% of the trees don't without water.

    Go look at our beloved historic canopy. It looks like a cancer patient sucking in their last breath.

    Without water, all will die. The big SouthWestern drought will do in the remaining few trees.

    Push the completion of the streetscape, and push the planting of trees. Most of all push the watering of the trees we have. Without it, they are toast.

    Look at the 10 trees in front of Paul Ecke Central who had their roots paved over. That was an extra blow and now death is on their doorstep. They look like shit compared to the ones in the playground area.

    Get on it Fred. Get the City to water the existing trees.

    I honestly don’t think anyone really cares about the trees or someone would have made something happen by now instead of watching 10 to 20 disappear every year.

    Annabelle Jansen was the last to care about them. Without her around, the trees will disappear quickly.

  90. I will not unwind my panties.

    No one's harped about storing and using rainwater for the medians more than me. The idea falls on deaf ears.

    Gotta agree with ya on Annabelle J's tenacity though.

  91. Bottom line....

    I guess your not effective.

    I hope someone that is effective will save the trees.

  92. 11:55

    Why don't you do it?

  93. I quess because its not a high enough priority for me.

    Which is the same for most people, I quess?
    I don't see anyone out there watering them or chaining themselves to the trees when they are being cut.

    So without someone who truly cares, the trees will go away.

  94. I'm with Fred on this one new trees need to be planted now. The cities water truck needs to be mobilized as well as the urban forest plan. Several of us spoke with council members as well as Larry Watt about our need for a tree replanting plan. We were told one was being developed this was months ago and now long overdue. I know I'll be down to city hall pushing how about the rest of you bloggers?

  95. Government funded art


    art by committee.

    Isn't this thing coming from a DEMA committee and the city's art committee?


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