Sunday, August 24, 2008

Leucadia Merchants at work in 1994...

From the files of Fred Caldwell,

Hi JP,
Going through a stack of local pics I took, it's staggering how many things have changed in the last 15 years. But wanted you to see the "boat" in it's home grown glory day. We replenished it twice, and it actually did have some water, but not enough.

Pres. of LMA Fred Caldwell and Vice Pres Sheila Cameron....(the boats were a gift from restaurant row in Cardiff. The other one we planted is still doing well in Cardiff, with full sun. Our Hwy 101 bookends...
Leucadia Town Council initially planted this island with flowers trees and benches about 10 years before incorporation. The original LEUCADIA sign was where the tacky arrow is, but that shortly disappeared after we incorporated in 1986. Rumored to be in some politico's backyard still. (They tried everything to abolish the term Leucadia, and that was one reason LMA formed - to preserve it. In doing so it helped all 5 of our communities retain identity. I think. )


  1. Let's sweat togetherAugust 25, 2008 9:07 AM

    Who's that sexy man with the hairy chest?? I just love a man in shorts!! Is that the frame shop owner Morgan Mallory??

  2. Look at all those trees in the backround of the pictures.

    JP- You should do a comparision of how leucadia looked (canopy and NCTD property) when Jerome Stocks took office 8 years ago verses today.

    I think the results would show exactly what the City has done for Leucadia in the last 8 years.

  3. 9:07

    That's Sheila's husband, so better back off.

  4. That was a pretty sight - flowers in a wooden boat. But of course, it did not last because it was not planned properly. It was a fun project, but not a lasting project.

    My point - let's all contribute to the current Leucadia Highway 101 streetcape plan now, so we can create a great plan for our community of Leucadia. We have to do that before we go and plant more trees right now.

  5. The treatment that Leucadia has recieved from the city in the last 15 yrs will heretofor be known as the "NAYLOR IN THE BROWN ACT".Teresa and Rachelle will change that.Please ask all candidates where they got their money.You will not like Jerome's answer.Time to surf now.

  6. 12:29

    Like, wait 10 more years?

  7. I guess if Moron Mallory didn't plan it, it wasn't planned "properly.

  8. Fred,

    No, we don't need to wait 10 more years. Let's try to be positive about our emerging streetscape plan. Negative thoughts are not Leucadia like...

    I just can't imagine why you or anyone else would want to start planting trees without a plan.

    Patience - we are almost there!

  9. 12:29

    "We have to do that before we go and plant more trees right now."


    "I just can't imagine why you or anyone else would want to start planting trees without a plan."

    Those statements spell two things.
    #1. A tree planting moratorium in Leucadia "until we have a plan". ().

    #2. I think the plan is pretty clearly laid out already. If those sketches Peltz made are not plans, what did we pay them for? Working loose sketches to be revised more later?

    I plan to keep the median where it is. I may miserably fail, but that's my plan. I can't imagine Leucadians buying into the idea that removing the median is a good idea - when preserving our canopy was the #1 priorty of the well attended Oak Crest Streescape workshop.

    The city tried to sell the idea of wiping out our median masked as 40 million dollar drain system less than 3 years ago and it failed. But dress that same goal up with a "Streetscape" costume and everyone lines up with a chainsaw for the betterment of Leucadia?

    I'm not the one with negative thoughts. I helped plant the Torrey Pines that are up to 30 feet tall now. I'm concerned they will be razed.

    The two trees planted next to the Leucadia Sign are an example of the city deliberately avoiding a canopy and not knowing where to plant new trees here - for fear of interferring with the streetscape.

    The city has planted over 100 saplings in the median and next to the RR in the last 10 years on North Coast Hwy 101 that are thriving. How can they continue that replenishment now? The citizens need to know exactly which trees will get the axe, how many that is, and how old each tree is. Only then can an informed decision be made on future Streetscape designs here.

  10. My take is that trees grow - sidewalks and bike lanes don't. that is why I want the streetscape plan. Once we have a plan that makes sense then we can plant trees. As we all know, they do grow, and will grow even faster with a good watering system, which will come with the streetscape.

  11. 'nuther fred fanAugust 25, 2008 9:03 PM

    you tell 'em, Fred!!!!!!!!!

  12. I'm new here, is there anything I need to know about this blog??

    People seems to be a bit divided on certain issues. Please help me out.
    Thanks a lot.

  13. Newby-

    Read past posts, you'll figure out what it’s about.


    Of the 100 saplings, probably 10% are still barely alive and are dying quick without irrigation. We are in a massive long drought period and it’s just getting worse.

    The once grand canopy is like a cancer ridden 90 year old---- extremely unattractive, weak and dying.

    You can plant all you want, but without irrigation you are wasting all your time, money and energy.

    I want to wait until there is irrigation (recycled water) before I donate any seedlings for planting. Otherwise, they will all wind up just like those 300 "drought tolerant" plants next to the Leucadia sign that were planted without water....DEAD!

    If you want to do a good thing for Leucadia, get the City to build the recycled water line up the Hwy101 corridor, so anything we plant can get watered and survive.

  14. Hey Fred-

    Go look at the trees in the 5 year old cotton wood creek park. They blow away any of our dehydrated near death monsters on Hwy101.

    You know why? Water.

  15. Fred- I donated cash money to L101 for the flowers in the median, then the city decided to NOT water the flowers. Never again!! Until I know water is available, I will never again offer my hard earned cash to anyone asking for a donating.

    BTW shortly after this debacle of dead flowers the city decided to spend $10 grand on a survey of the citizens asking, "How we doing?"

    Never again.

  16. 9:46

    We are saying a lot of the same things but...

    "Of the 100 saplings, probably 10% are still barely alive and are dying quick without irrigation."

    you're wrong about this one. The city did irrigate them well regularly. Check their size out across from Captain Keno's. Then find ones that are the same size headed north. I'm not saying there still aren't a few dead tress around from either neglect or died of natural causes. Just that the city has done a very good job of replenishing the median and the RR area and irrigating them for the first two years. I'm where I can see the water truck, I don't know about you. Not so on the business side of 101. they've been very shy about replacing trees they've cut down here. And with the two they planted at the post office, well, I'm not impressed. They will never get big enough.

  17. 10:13

    I appeciate you donating money toward the 6 median beautification that L-101 began. I know there were issues the first year or so with the irrigation but I believe those have ironed out. This summer the plants and flowers have looked better than ever.

    But looks like the Streetscape even flies in the face of all that effort, seeing it will tear most of our median work out anyway. That's what bugs me.

  18. Fred said: I plan to keep the median where it is.

    Has anyone asked the new leadership at NCTD about giving up 9 feet of scorched earth? If they still say no, is there any higher power?

    To the anons: I dare say that most trees and flowers that many of us enjoy are not on some formal entity's specific plan. Yes, tree placement should be well thought out. Yet, flowers in an old boat (or vegetables in an old wheel barrow) are nice while they last.

  19. will we pave over paradise?August 26, 2008 6:52 AM

    Well the campaign financial disclosures are out and as expected the developers are coming out of the gate hard supporting the "bulldoze Encinitas and put up more boxes for our profit" campaign.

    Champions in the big business of "Boxes for Profits" campaigns are buying their future by supporting their puppets Jerome Stock and Doug Long. Some notables include:

    1. Paul Ecke, 3rd- Encinitas Ranch

    I wonder if he will support any of the other candidates?

    2. Springhill Development Construction, La Jolla California- Over $1000 for the company.

    To be expected. That’s what developers do. To make money, you need to grease the skids (Mr. Stocks and Mr. Long).

    You can find the disclosure forms at the link to the Encinitas Tax Payers Association web page link just to the left of the home blog page. (click on the here link) Good Job Encinitas Taxpayer Association. Even if the City doesn’t want a transparent City Government, you are there to make it as transparent as possible.

    Thanks for providing this valuable service.

    For those that care about the well being of Encinitas, please send your financial contributions to:

    Rachelle Collier

    and Maggie Houlihan

  20. Fred,

    Yes, we are all saying much the same things, but when you say "I intend to keep the median in the same spot", that means you are not willing to have someone present viable alternatives. Sort of like the NCTD not listening to alternatives to the current train tracks. I think that most Leucadians would like to bury and cover those tracks, but the NCTD is not open to that alternative - YET. Let's all keep an open mind for now...

    Leucadia will be better - IF we let it happen. On the other hand, if we all dig in and say "no change", then guess what - we will get no change!

    I for one would like to restore the tree canapy. I would be willing to hear about a new format for 101 that is more walkable, has more parking, has a better bike lane, and reduces cut through traffic. If that means moving the median, then I am willing to at least listen.

  21. I agree with Anon 7:08.

    Lets get the plan, then plant the trees, then water the trees.

    There is no reason why the healthy old growth needs to go.

  22. What happened to the LMA??

  23. 7:08am

    "that means you are not willing to have someone present viable alternatives."

    From the first second I heard that the median would be moved (and this was long before Peltz came on the scene), I tried to find the source of that idea. I was told by officials "It's no one's idea"! to which I said "That's impossible".

    When I asked Phil Cotton and Chris Hazeltine at an L-101 board meeting WHO'S idea it was to move the median, a third party piped in to answer for them. That tells me they either didn't have a clue, or they were about to spill beans the third party didn't want known.

    At a third meeting when I asked Patrick Murphy who's idea it was to move the median I was told "It's only an option being considered".

    The "option" of removing the median is no longer an option as can be seen by the three drawings supplied to up by Peltz. Neither is it an "alternative" as you say.

  24. 10:16

    LMA is waiting for all the business groups in Encinitas to fail so they can take over and have one group the city can fund.

    Naw, LMA had it's day facing issues of the time. Channeling moneys toward the new drain system (5 million), seeking assistance for merchants here when Carlsbad ruthlessly closed the southbound Hwy lanes for 6 months; dealing with greedy Chamber president Ron Edde, holding 'Clean and Green' events; working with People for Trees; overseeing prisoners weeding the medians; and numerous other wacky items.

    When L-101 formed, it just seemed natural to put all my civic efforts there instead. Glad I did!

    We're keeping our logo though, just in case.

  25. When I got divorced I was told that LMA means Lucky Me Alimony!!

  26. J.P., you're supposed to screen my ex-wife from this blog.

  27. Anon 7:08 - moving the median means the existing trees will be cut down unless they are to stand in the middle of the new road as mini-roundabouts. A tree canopy, the likes of which Leucadia has been blessed with, takes 40 years to achieve. So, with moving the median we can plant new little trees that will be a canopy after most of us have kicked. Or, is the plan to dig up the existing trees and move them 10 feet? How can the existing tree canopy and a moved median exist? Perhaps a few chicanes would work and make the drive more interesting -- like a Formula One track.

  28. The boat was an Eagle Scout project done by Neal Kling. It had a sign which was stolen and for years it served as a perfect entrance to Leucadia.

  29. You don't even notice the concrete surfboard with Leucadia on it when entering from the North....

    Maybe the City should put in some irrigation and plant some flowers around it.... that might get it noticed.

  30. Put a statue of our Favorite Leucadian Fred Caldwell in the center of the roundabout at La Costa. You can make him look like Neptune!

  31. 4:16

    Where did you get that? The old Leucadia sign was stolen prior to the boat's arrival as can be seen in the pictures. To my knowledge there were no Eagle Scouts at the boat planting unless Kurt Van Allen was one.


    Thanks Tom, but we'll spare the future that distraction.

  32. That's a great idea to use a boat as a flower farm. Leucadia is keeping it funky. Let us know if we can row the boat up here on the hill someday.

  33. Cardiff has a boat as you go into their main section. It has flowers and everything. Who does it? Is it the CITIZENS? Naw Couldn't be. Only the City is allowed that privilege.

  34. LMA= Leave me alone!!

  35. Fred , It was an Eagle Scout project way back when. I knew Neal and was there when he finished it. Long time ago - maybe 30 years.

  36. When we embellished the spot in 1994, there was no boat there. Just the two large posts and the red arrow. The old Leucadia sign had already been stolen.

    There was a plaque on one pole stating that Leucadia Town Council had planted that island.

    If the Eagle Scouts were involved at some point 30 years ago, great. But there was no boat there then.

  37. Ol Encinitas localAugust 29, 2008 6:28 AM

    Just wondering....

    Cardiff has a nice looking flowering boat entryway into their town that they maintain.

    Leucadia couldn't maintain it and it rotted and the plants died because no one cared.

    Cardiff maintains a tree lined and flowering area between the rail roads and their community.

    Leucadia has a earth scorched dustbowl with the only thing blooming is 54 dust clouds every day with each passing train.

    Why the big difference between Cardiff which looks so nice and Leucadia which looks sooooo crappy?

  38. 6:28

    Move to Cardiff and make everyone happy.

  39. Cardiff is a part of Encinitas. So no one has to move. We have to stick together if we do not want a Carlsbad, IMHO.

  40. Many Leucadians have put countless hours and thousands of dollars over the past 2 decades into guerrilla landscaping of Leucadia's 101 corridor only to have city crews tear out and destroy their efforts. I'm sure Fred can back me up on this one.

  41. 8:50

    If the drunks, billboard folk or NCTD doesn't destroy them first.

    The Buzz guy was warned by the city not to plant anything in the median and told point blank it would be torn out. You can always tell where Richard did business. Most of his plants and trees are still doing pretty well in the median near Tom's donuts and by Bamboo 2U.


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