Friday, August 22, 2008

Monterey Tree Planting


  1. Let's hope the city waters these trees, at least until they decide to cut them down.

    On a more serious note, when will the city reveal the amount of money paid out in the lawsuit for the death of the 14 year old on Santa Fe Dr.?? Will they wait until after the election so that the incumbents don't look so bad?? None of the incumbents running for re-election support infrastructure. A sad day for Encinitas, more sad for the mother of the student.

  2. I agree. I bet its 5 to 10 million.

    Waite until the next killing at the screwed up Leucadia Blvd RailRoad crossing death trap.

    The City has known about that death trap for 20 years and just sits on its ass and does nothing as people near death every day.

    Tons of school kids crossing on their way to school and even more Leucadia young mom pushing strollers down to the beach for some fresh ocean air.

    The next accident at the death trap will cost the equivalent of the Hall Property or more. It’s a documented dangerous/death problem.

    I wish the City would get off its ass and fix that intersection.

  3. Oh and BTW, the city council had Hawaiian shirt night last Wednesday evening. Didn't they all look so cute wearing the little Hawaiian shirts?? Of course wearing Hawaiian shirts doesn't make Encinitas a better place nor adds to the safety factor, nor gets the Hall property built(in whatever form). I could go on, but why?? Hawaiian shirt night is nothing but a ruse to distract you from the real issues facing the city and make you feel good. And it worked, I know you all feeeeeel better knowing your council can show up at any backyard BBQ and fit right into the theme for the day.

    James bond wears Reyn Spooner!! Gee I feel so much better knowing this information.

    Hey BoB, who makes your Hawaiian shirts??
    The distance from Encinitas to Hawaii?? 2600 miles.

  4. RSPB,
    I buy my Hawaiian Shirts vintage resale. The one I wore Wednesday was purchased in Austin. It's from Sears, early '70's.

    Locally I suggest Caldwells and Flashbacks.

  5. Hardly planted to be a canopy.

    They should have been planted across the hwy from each other.

    For those of you who missed my prophesy several days ago, here it was...

    "The two trees placements have pretty much already been determined by the hushed up Streetscape tree moratorium. "Do not plant trees in the median or near the railroad ROW as they might have to be chopped down when the lanes are changed." seems to be the unspoken rule of the day.
    Now I know it's already a foregone conclusion where they will go. The two trees will instead be planted near the new Leucadia sign. Mark my words. Why?
    They might interfere with the Steetscape's plans elsewhere."

    I rest my case.

  6. The trees are planted to close together for both to thrive.

  7. John Frankel the parks superintendent is a moron and bad for Encinitas. Every decision he makes regarding a plant in Encinitas seems to be the wrong decision.

    Like cutting down a 17 year old Monterrey Cypress Tree and then planting new ones to close to each other.

    For Encinitas to have nice trees, John Frankel has to go.

  8. Hey Fred- Look at the road just next to that Leucadia road sign. It looks very ugly, fast and unsafe to me.

    I welcome the new streetscape! Hopefully, it will get rid of much of the unnecessary pavement throughout that gauntlet of a road.

  9. I think it is a good idea to finish the new streetscape plan before we go an plant trees just anywhere. Planning is good!

    There will be a new, healthy tree canapy again in Leucadia. Let's all be patient and get involved in the streetsape planning.

    Go to the Leucadia 101 office on 101 to see the alternatives.

  10. Hey CARDIFF LOCAL; Why don't you post your name when you try to smear someone like John Frankel, the parks superintendent. This kind of crap is so SPINELESS...

    Quit hiding behind the blog!

  11. We all have an opportunity to throw in our two bits on Aug.31th. Diane Langager the streetscape project manager will be at the L 101 office(old Agua Surfboards)answering questions and gathering input. I know I'll be giving mind. I want to see a revised plan which leaves the old growth trees in place. I also want to see trees planted now. So if you care make YOUR VOICE HEARD! I want Leucadia to continue to retain most of it's historic look what do you want?

  12. I love the anonymous calling out the “Cardiff Local” for being anonymous. Who's Spineless? You can't even post your name when you’re trying to make a point. What a chump.

    This blog is great fun.

  13. How the Ecke's found the money to modernize their greenhouses,

    Palama Huna bought the property in 2005 for $15 million from Carltas, the development arm of Paul Ecke Ranch.

    Too bad they did not actually modernized the greenhouses and they cut down the flower field. Let's see who the Eckes support in this coming election.

  14. What do you mean "they cut down teh flower field"?

  15. 7:44

    Unnessasary pavement is exactly what Peltz was taking about, making 4 lanes into 2. Somebody got to Peltz, probably some influential traffic god from Carlsbad, to make damn sure Leucadia didn't become one lane south - probably for the stubborn reason they just don't believe Peltz when they claim that a lower speed limit, with reduced lanes and roundabouts acutally increases the amount of traffic that goes through a town.

    Nope, those evergreens are the last two trees the city will plant along N. Coast Hwy 101 for ten years (from Leucadia Blvd to La Costa Ave.) Meanwhile, the cutting will continue at an alarming rate under the guise of "reaching the end of their life expectancy".

    On a final note, that Leucadia Sign only gets direct sunlight on the correct side for two months out of the year. The tree planted closest to it just assured the right side will never get the sun.

    I also wonder what KSL may decide to do with those new trees (and the funky Leucadia Surfboard Sign) when they completely move the earth at Noah's Ark, Cabo Grill, all that land behind Roberto's (and undoubtedly Roberto's, when that stakeholder caves in to a handsome offer. And you know the Hotel will want that Hwy frontage too.)

    9:05 am

    I hope you are not over 5 years old so you will live to see some canopy here. IF they choose to plant trees large enough.

  16. I fully agree with Fred.....

    all we heard from Dan Burden and from around the country was how if you put in roudbouts, you could easily reduce 4 lanes roads to 2 lane roads. So I think the City should drop all this garabe talk about 2 lanes for the south bound. If two lanes works everywhere else, it will work in Leucadia. Plus it would not impact our healthy 17 year old torrey pine trees.

  17. I agree with M. Murphy-

    Lets return Hwy101 to its historic glory of one lane in each direction and save the trees.

  18. Fix the frigg'n traffic lights, it's been 2 days already!!! Idiots!!!

  19. I actually like the lights when they are an all way stop. I think it works better and is more efficient that way.

  20. Hey what happened to the 300 plants that I helped plant and we had Slater-Price and all the local politicos at celebrating the planting and the new sign?

    Did someone steal the plants?

  21. A few hundred million gallons of rain water rushed right by the Leucadia Sign amd the 300 plants we helped plant there last year. But none of it was retained for future use. A drip system from a cistern would be ideal.

    But I think L-101 is learning the hard way - just like Leucadia Merchants Association did 10 years earlier when we planted the boat that used to be in that location. We had it looking great at three different times, but ultimately, plants have to be watered. We live in a desert.

  22. Bottom line-

    Don't plant any plants unless you have irrigation.

    Hwy101 needs to get plumbed for recycled water. We have a ton of it produced at our own treatment plant on Manchester Avenue. Its a cheap water source.

  23. Fred,

    I think you are correct that your boat full of flowers was nice, but without an irrigation system, trees/plants won't last. That is why we need a streetscape plan before we randomly plant trees - they will not last without extrodinary effort.

  24. irrigation is a no-brainer, and cheap. Guess that's why 101 doesn't have any.

  25. Recycled water isn't cheap. The Council, er, SDWD board, signed a contract that would provide recycled water but at the same cost as fresh water. It will take at least 10 years before the cost of the recycled water can be reduced.


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