Saturday, August 09, 2008

North Leucadia 101 Tree Tunnel

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When I was a little kid in the 1970's the north Leucadia tree tunnel was truly impressive. Hundreds of trees lined the coast, their limbs crisscrossing overhead. Some people say it was so dense somedays you had to turn on your headlights as you drove through.

Photos above were taken by me on August 5th, 2008. The tree tunnel has diminished due to lack of care and even downright hostility since 1986, when Leucadia became part of the city of Encinitas.

Several of the new Streetscape plans opt to cut down the trees in the center median and move the median one lane to the right, creating a single northbound lane. This configuration may work great for south Leucadia where the restaurants are, but in my opinion would destroy the classic ambiance of north Leucadia's coast highway.

What we need is an intelligent plan to manage and restore the north Leucadia tree canopy.

Bonus photo, Leucadia summertime traffic,

photo taken by me this afternoon, August 9th 2008


  1. Yup, one northbound lane would surely solve that grid lock. I drove from Palm Springs today down 215, to 15 to 5. The only heavy traffic was 5 south starting in Carlsbad, bumper to bumper, slow and just as it used to be. Seems everyone is getting used to the high gas prices.

  2. I5 does not work because there are way too many lanes and there are no roundabouts.

  3. i for one think the 3lane plan is very interesting. took me a while to wrap my mind around it, but it should stop a lot of the cut through traffic from carlsbad.
    slow down the speed on 101, make parking and walking more viable; make it lucrative for more small businesses.
    I really think it can work
    My 2 cents....

  4. Most of the traffic on Hwy101 today is deversion from I5. They don't stop at any stores. Just speed through and pollute.

    You'll notice when I5 is not backed up, we have no traffic on Hwy101.

    If we are smart. We will do like Bird Rock and drop the commutor second lane killing our business district and community.

    Return Hwy101 to its former glory.

    Return Hwy 101 to one lane in each direction.

    Let I5 traffic stay on I5.

  5. Walker O sounds like a developer supporter.

    what a tool!

  6. longtime leucadia taxpayerAugust 10, 2008 7:32 AM

    Save the trees please.

  7. The only thing I develop are my leg muscles.

    If you walked you would feel so much better and be able to think clearly. If we all walked the flowers would bloom and we would have spiritual peace.

    The trees can sense our spiritual decline and are exhibiting a classic symptom of botanical empathy.

    We can restore the growth and majesty of our tree canopy by walking more and releasing our inner energy.

    Walk more, save trees.

  8. I want to improve the Highway 101 through Leucadia. It needs more parking and general walkability. The 3 lane alternative will go a long way to make that vision a reality. I don't like cutting down trees, but if we allow the planners to create a plan that will make Leucadia better in the long run, let's do it!

    My two cents is that Torrey Pines are native, and grow fast with water. Oaks are also native, but grow slow. Let's use both, and let the exisiting Eucs die off (becasue they will), and replace with natives.

  9. one lane each direction with increased parking and outdoor/sidewalk cafes. Plant Torrey Pines. When a tunnel of Torrey pines are established it will be a large tourist attraction. Develop the area for us not outsiders. Tax the businesses for improvements that will help their businesses. The three lane idea is stupid.

    One lane each direction, roundabouts, cobbled pavement.

  10. If you think that cutting down all the existing trees is a good idea and letting non-local "planners" and developers start over then you are either naive or souless.

  11. Roadside Park SeerAugust 10, 2008 2:03 PM

    Let's make 101 for the 101 developers!

    We gave them upzoning in the 101 specific plan and they didn't want to include enough parking. Now they want the government to hand over government property because the specific plan doesn't have enough parking requirements.

    Walkability my fat ass. This is no longer about some mystical walkability holy grail. This is about turning over the 101 to the developers, NOT THE RESIDENTS and they are willing to chop down our iconic trees to do it.

    Who needs more parking if it is about promoting walkability? Think about that.

    Why do we have to give up lanes if Solana Beach, Carlsbad, Del Mar , and downtown ENCINITAS have 4 lanes along their 101?

    Have we given up the propaganda that less lanes means less congestion, or do we believe that it will be such a delay to drive through that everyone is going to drive down Vulcan instead of 101? Well, which one is it?

    Is it better flow or SUPER CRAPPY I never want to commute through that shit flow? Which one?

    Maybe we are working on the wrong street. Maybe all this new work should be done to Vulcan?

    How did trying to clean up the rough edges of Leucadia get hijacked?

    Beware of the people put into place by the people we know we should not trust.

  12. Highway 101 is TWO lanes only from Swami's to Cardiff State Park.

    Granted, no business there, but we do neck it down there.

    The reason 3 lanes are being considered is that you need two lanes southbound, because there is a lot of "friction" on the west side (stores, restaurants, side streets), so you need two lanes.

    Northbound, there is only two places to turn/stop, so you can get away with only one lane.

    The extra room you get can be used for parking, bike lanes, bigger sidewalks, etc.

  13. It would be helpful if everyone who comments on this important subject please indicate whether you attended any of the streetscape workshops.

    Let's start with JP - did you?

  14. Carlsbad, Del Mar, and Solana Beach is traffic laden and ugly.....

    We do not want Leucadia to be traffic laden any longer. We can do much better.

    One lane in each direction gives nice walkways, bike lanes, big canopy trees, and landscaping.... we don't need or want more traffic.

    We can and will do better.


  15. 2:34

    If businesses create "friction" and that is why 2 lanes are needed on 101 going south through Leucadia, why then at the workshops were we shown 4 lanes through a two sided business district in another city were actually improved by making it just 2 lanes with roundabouts? WHY?

    They said one thing and now they're doing another. I don't like being dupped.

    Somebody found a way to get rid of our trees in Leucadia and make us like it. Or so they think.

    Oh yeah, and 8:37 lol good one.

  16. Birdrock hasway more successfull business on both sides of the street with higher traffic volume.

    Birdrock necked both sides of their street down to one lane in each direction with roundabouts, AND ITS WORKING GREAT.

    Go Down and look for yourself. Its on the ol hwy 101 route just south of La Jolla.

  17. I just saw the traffic shot at the end of this post is at the Leucadia Blvd. Signal which is aways jacked up.

    Look at the rest of the pictures north bound has very little traffic.

    Cut it down to one lane in each direction.

  18. Save the Tree.

    Cut the traffic lanes.

  19. Birdrock has been ruined. It used to be mom and pop businesses, you could drive down La Jolla Blvd without being bombarded by business signs. Sure, it works now, for businesses. But it looks like a transplant from the entrance to Mall of America. The landscaping has those hideous amber trees -- god, you want fall color stay in the east. Birdrock was a funky local town, now it's generica.

  20. Bird rock was hijacked. It was given to Barratt American. Seahaus was were the dominos fell.

    Barratt American was given an entire side street AND given easement.

    It was about giving developers what they wanted, not what the residents wanted.The developers wanted to control the city infrastructure for their good not the citizens good.

  21. I met J.P. at the workshops and talked to him afterwards. He is younger than I had pictured him.

  22. As usual, Bonddi is completely wrong again.

    The whole streetscape was driven by the citizens. They voted in the improvements and even paided for them through an assessment district.

    The developers (Barratt) built per the zoning and they didn't want to pay for the street improvements. They were totally against the roundabouts and new street due to cost.

    Leucadia has about the same zoning as birdrock and will soon look like birdrock if Leucadia doesn't change its ordinance.

    You can either have a cool street with nice sidewalks and bikelanes and landscaping or you can have a crappy ghetto highway.

    If you go to birdrock today, you will see most of the same stores that barely survived before with some new good stores. The community is out really enjoying the community and is now thriving.

    We could have the same, with whatever trees and landscaping we choose. Personally I like Torrey Pines and Monterey Cypress

    I think Bonddi likes Leucadia the way it is- speeding cars, deaths every year on the road, unsafe conditions, failing businesses, and an ugly dust bowl with more and more trees dying every year. Thats his defination of Funky, NOT MINE.

    I call the new birdrock Hwy 101 nice and original…. I call our current Highway ghetto crappy Generica.

    One thing for certain, I don't agree with anything Bonddi says.

  23. That is because you twist his words around and interpret them strangely.

  24. Anon 9:26
    I am wrong bccause I have an opinion? Facist. I grew up in La Jolla, and what used to be a vibrant beach town is now generica. Residents wanted this -- sure the deadbeat immigrants who want everywhere they live to be like what they left. Progress for progress' sake is a developer's mantra. Anon - why don't you have an identity? Gee, guess cause you would have to call yourself "generica" and that really sets you to be noticed.

  25. local parent and taxpayerAugust 10, 2008 9:43 PM

    Bird Rock needed improvements, the question is did Bird Rock receive the correct improvements? Leucadia should not be so desperate for improvements that we receive something shiny and new but ultimately awful. There are a lot of residents living along the Leucadia 101, the streetscape should benefit them too and not just the merchants.

    Why no lane reductions for dowtown Encinitas? Why no roundabout for Pacific Station?

  26. Bonddi to answer all your last postings.

    Because downtown Encinitas blew it.

    We can do better.

    I am anonymous just like you.

    Why don't you just go back to calling us a "dirty trickster".....

  27. Bonddi-Sorry I addressede you as a "his". My mistake.

  28. Roadside Park BumAugust 10, 2008 10:19 PM

    Bonddi- You are not wrong because you have an opinion, you are wrong because you are wrong. I've told you previously that if you like Leucadia old and ugly, funky and junky then buy up all that you can and then keep it that way. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS. But you don't, you just use this blog to bitch and moan about improvements to Leucadia. Improvements like flowers in the center median, sidewalks, etc.

    If you like Leucadia ugly and junky, re-elect Stocks and Bonds and Houlihan. They have done a damn good job of keeping Leucadia 3rd world or worse.

    Bird Rock is the ghetto of La Jolla, what's wrong with wanting to improve that part of LJ. Well you needn't worry, Leucadia will be the ghetto of Encinitas for years to come with the likes of Stocks, Bond and the city staff running the show. No you needn't worry at all.

    LaJolla is and always will be rich snobs that think their shit doesn't stink. And they are correct,their shit doesn't stink... it reeks!!

    BTW I'm not 9:26 nor a Facist, I'm a bum.
    I'm the Roadside Park Bum.

  29. Perpetual Anonnities:
    They squeak and they squabble
    with voices from Babel
    no names they do mention
    for fear of contention
    for the crap they proclaim
    is the name of their game
    Give me Fred, Walker O, Bob, Lynn and Joe Schmoo
    For at least when they post
    we know whom we roast.

  30. I like Bonddi's posts, and agree with JP, too.

    Save the Canopy.

    We overpaid the consultants, over $300,000, for designing from A street to North El Portal ONLY, and taking some surveys for roundabouts. OMG.

    Whatever we do, I don't want to cut down anymore trees. The City of Encinitas paid big bucks to Sabine & Morrison, the law firm owned by our conflicted City Attorney, Glenn Sabine, for an emergency "sign ordinance," that just changed a few words. This could have been done on the consent calendar.

    We need a tree ordinance. Pronto.

    We don't need to "infight." We cannot be so pro business and pro development that we let special interests, read: commercial interests, define what the people, collectively, mean when we say our will is for the govt. to preserve our community character, our trees, and our quality of life.

    We can each do our best to inform ourselves, to remain truthful, sober, and to NOT put one another down. We need to rally together for change, or we'll get stuck with "the powers that be." And they BE CORRUPT.

  31. Just when people start to bash Bonddi, he wins them over with a poem. I better shut up or candidates will be rappin at the forums.

  32. I sat through those meetings, hearing what the consultants did Leucadians were quite clear the tree canopy must stay and should be restore to it's pre incorporation glory.

    Encinitas needs a tree policy to prevent staff and consultants from redeveloping Leucadia so that it resembles Carlsbad, Bird Rock or anywhere else USA.

  33. bonddi
    walker o

    Change is coming. Try and control it not not bitch about it. As much as you want to live in the past it won't happen.

  34. I was going to just use Lynn but that name has already been claimed by a local wack job, which has as many call names as Sybil.

    Lynn, Anon, local tax payer, Bonddi or who ever you may be at this moment….. Your writing is obvious and your bitching is always the same.

    You for one should be not preaching about anonymous posts.

    I agree with RSPB, you are entitled to your opinion like all. You are also entitled to the response from your stupid opinion.

    Carry on (who ever you think you are at this moment).

    We get it... you hate the Leucadia Blvd. sidewalks, roundabouts, and landscaping..... Many other like it. You wish we could all live in the past like you and complain all day long.

    Why don't you keep a tag name of "Keep Leucadia CRAPPY"!

  35. observation:

    When Lynn gos to far out on her "Keep Leucadia Crappy Campaign" she gets bitch slapped by the community and then reverts back to.....

    "Save the canopy".... which all already agree with.

    She then sits back and licks her wounds trying to figure out how she can convince the masses to "keep Leucadia crappy".

  36. We can have landscaping, sidewalks, streetlamps, roundabouts and preserve the trees. Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise.

  37. anon 7:33,

    Change does not have to come at the expense of the tree canopy.

  38. Lynn is just Lynn and realistically has no influence so just leave her out of this. Obviously the new streetscape should preserve and enhance the trees.

  39. Lets look at the big picture -- southbound traffic through 101 comes from Carlsbad, which the City suing over a new planned development that would dump traffic on La Costa -- La Costa connects to 101. The City has been in settlement talks -- perhaps that is why all the plans show two lanes southbound -- part of the mitigation for the Carlsbad development and Carlsbad will front some bucks to improve La Costa.

  40. Plant the Torrey Pines plant the Coastal Oaks plant the Monterey Cypress plant the Eucs Plant them all and plant them NOW.

  41. I completely agree with JP and Bob on the subject. The streetscape does not and should not sacrifies the existing dwindling canopy.

    why doesn't the City water the drought effected trees... the existing trees all looked parched right now.

    And why does the City crews trim all the flower bushes to look like trees. Let the new bush grow stay, so it blocks out the ugly scortch earth railroad property.

  42. I love the tree canopy, and remember it from my childhood (50's and early 60's) when 101 was the main road up the coast. It's Leucadia's hallmark. The euc's are a problem long term, and we probably need to find a way to replace them gradually with natives.

    Why not do an experiment with three lanes on 101? Just block off the most easterly northbound lane for a month, and see what the traffic flow is like.Such an experiment would be a heck of a lot cheaper than redoing the whole road and finding out that the single northbound lane idea is a dud (which I think it is).

    I didn't go to the workshops; I don't live in Lecuadia. I have lived in Encinitas for only 24 years.

  43. Biped - great idea! But because it makes so much sense I doubt the City would go for it.

  44. Its already been done with no traffic backups.

    The City of Encinitas reduced the north bound traffic to one lane for three months during a sewer main construction. Guess what?

    No traffic backups.

    the City of Carlsbad necks down southbound lanes in two places along its Hwy101 route. Guess what?

    Only minor backups that protect the downtown area from being flooded from commutor traffic.

    Plus Carlsbad reduced its hwy101 southbound lanes just south of Carlsbad state park parking area for two months. Guess what?

    No backups.

    Save the Trees.

    Cut the Traffic Lanes.

  45. It's one lane each direction in Carlsbad on 101 from Cannon to Palomar Airport Road.

  46. Maggie and Peder Norby assured me recently Pelz is the best and that Leucadians should relax and let the consultants do thier job.

    They trust them and we should too.

  47. Tricia,

    Peder Norby is a consultant.

  48. Look, I'm not Bonddi. I don't want to live in the past, but I would like to preserve our present quaility of life, and yes, to save the canopy.

    Don't turn this into an ego war, Jerome and friends. We know you try to "stir it up" here.

    I'm glad that everyone seems to agree that we can save our still existing trees, and enhance the canopy by planting and watering more trees.

    We can cherish the past in terms of the lush trees that did exist. The past does not equal crappy, unless that's all your mind can relate to, crap.

    Jerome, I suspect you are the one labelling me a "whack job." Think what you want, but you will find that the seeds of change have been planted.

    Stocks and Bond have NOT supported open and accountable government. They preach fiscal responsibility, but do not practice it. Our current unelected mayor with malicious intent takes away from the public rights of full disclosure, oral communication, open hearing participation, proper notice, and much more.

    Neither Stocks nor Bond has been honest with us. Stocks only defense? Anonymously making posts here and on NCT and SDUT blogs trying to marginalize the messengers, calling us names, detracting from the issues that watchdogs bring forward. Oh, that's right, Stocks actually SIGNED his self-congratulatory letter to the Coast News. Bogus bs against Bob Naninga and in ineffective defense of NCTD and SANDAG, both in trouble with leadership like Stocks at the helm.

    Mr. Stick it to Taxpayers Stocks, you are the one who will be licking your wounds when you LOSE this time around. But go ahead, Jerome, rage on.

    You, Jerome, are pathological, imo: the pot calling the kettle black. You don't have the courage or respect to give the public speakers eye contact at City Council Meetings, or to listen while you are whispering with your tool, City Attorney Glenn Sabine. You don't have the courtesy or sense of public trust and duty to give eye contact or to pay attention to public speakers during the open portion of your bogus "special meeting" closed sessions. You are intentionally rude and attempt to be intimidating at evey opportunity, Mr. Stocks.

    What goes around, comes around. Watch out Stocks and Bond, your Karma is running over your dogma.

  49. Leucadia wins goldAugust 12, 2008 8:14 AM

    Hey lynn(If you are Lynn in your own head at this moment)-

    We are glad you are posting under your own name again (at least this once).

    Sure your not Bonddi, but who cares....

    Your second act is to claim everyone responding to your "keep Leucadia Junky" comments is to claim its part of Jerome's clan and then ramble on about how terrible Jerome is......

    Guess what, we already know how terrible Jerome is.....

    My point is just state your point and use your sign in tag name or quite ragging on people for being "Anonymous" because you are the biggest offender with your multiple posts under various names.

    Keep up your theme, "Keep Leucadia Crappy" if you chose.

    We will keep up the theme, "Lets Make our Downtown Mainstreet as nice as the rest of Leucadia."

    It funny that you have such a different view about the condition of our mainstreet than most.

    If you tour down any Leucadia neighborhood street (besides Vulcan Avenue), you will see super cool clean beachy well kept funky homes with big trees....

    Our Mainstreet should look just as cool or better with big trees.

    "Make our Downtown Mainstreet as nice and funky as the rest of Leucadia."

  50. Leucadia loves our old treesAugust 12, 2008 10:41 AM

    Leucadia wins Gold - who are you in your head today? There are various anonymous posters here, such as yourself. You are being paranoid to think they are all Lynn. She is not Walker O, either. Who are you, besides someone trying to turn the discussion from trees to personality?

    path·o·log·i·cal (pth-lj-kl) also path·o·log·ic (-k) adj.
    1. Of or relating to pathology.
    2. Relating to or caused by disease.
    3. Of, relating to, or manifesting behavior that is habitual, maladaptive, and compulsive: a pathological liar.

  51. Leucadia wins goldAugust 12, 2008 10:47 AM

    I am one who loves Leucadia and want to see our mainstreet as nice as the rest of Leucadia.

  52. I don't think Leucadia is junky, and I don't think many would agree with your comments, "anon 8:14." The term "Keep Leucadia Funky" got the most "hits" at the workshop I was able to attend. There was no "theme" proposed by me or anyone else for YOUR theme, RSPB, "Keep Leucadia Crappy," which you exemplify, with your language and your rants. By focusing your negative energy on crap, you are attracting crap to you. You are looking for a target to flame, that is obvious. You have a "scorch and burn" policy, just like Jerome Stocks and NCTD.

    I don't think anyone "minds" anonymous comments, and we probably all make them. However, it is very cowardly to flame others and to point the finger of disdain at them, behind the facade of an anonymous name, including RSPB, CM, JS, or whomever. Cruelty is NOT an effective tool for positive change. Openness and honesty, the Golden Rule are.

    We can maintain our privacy and love for our homes, our neighborhoods, and still demand that the government, including our local govt. officers must EARN the public trust which they hold. They can do a much better job of working to uphold this trust through integrity, courtesy, and becoming better informed of the collective will of the people whom they represent and serve.

    We all can become better informed. I'm really glad that JP and Kevin are helping by sharing, working toward that goal.

  53. Leucadia wins goldAugust 12, 2008 12:39 PM

    Lynn- very nicely put.

    Lets remember to:

    "Make our Downtown Mainstreet as nice and funky as the rest of Leucadia."

  54. To Lynne,

    You've got to be kidding. This blog is entertainment. If you take these blogs as serious then you have A SERIOUS PROBLEM WITH REALITY.

    Get real. Anon's keep up the entertainment. We can always get a rise from people like Lynn.

  55. Lynn- If you have online fights with others on this blog, that's your problem. Keep me out of your problems on this blog.


  56. If I see Lynn down the street I sometimes get in my car and drive around.


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