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Remove Leucadia's 101 Center Median???

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On May 29th the city held the latest in a series of workshops regarding the North Coast Hwy 101 Streetscape. The workshop was attended by 88 citizens. 61 response sheets were filled out addressing the three alternatives derived from the prior workshops and citizen input.

Alternative #1 was preferred by 77% of the respondents,
1 northbound lane, two southbound lanes
5 roundabouts
1 stoplight
328 parking spaces

Alternative #2 was preferred by 4% of the respondents,
1 northbound lane, two southbound lanes
0 roundabouts
4 stoplight
350 parking spaces

Alternative #3 was preferred by 19% of the respondents,
1 northbound lane, two southbound lanes (meandering slightly to preserve existing trees)
5 roundabouts
1 stoplight
261 parking spaces


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I'm a little concerned here. Does everyone who voted for Option 1 realize that it means cutting down the entire tree canopy and moving the center median?

And, why no option with 2 southbound lanes and 2 northbound lanes? Do we really want to create a bottleneck in Leucadia where everyone traveling north has to merge into one lane? What is the point?

Obviously Option #3 was not favored because of the least amount of parking spots, but I have a hard time believing we have to nuke the center median to achieve 300+ parking spots.

I say just beautify and landscape what we have. Leave the 4 lanes and center median but install all the good sidewalks, old timey streetlamps, paint in bike lanes, etc. The streetscape was supposed to be about giving the local 101 merchants a fighting chance, not a complete cultural change.

Trim and water and take care of the existing old growth trees and plant new ones. Don't believe the hype about our 80 year old tress "at the end of their life cycles".

Clean up the center median and make it look nice, but moving it just sounds wacky (and really expensive! How are we supposed to pay for these grandiose schemes?)

Leucadia's Hwy 101 was a classic rural atmosphere, let's preserve and enhance it, not destroy and sterilize it.


  1. keep 2 lanes northAugust 02, 2008 11:18 AM

    A single lane northbound even with a bike lane will be congested with the big teams of 10 speeders. This is a crackpot idea.

  2. This is all about gaining parking?

    Isn't there enough parking in the leucadia specific plan? No? Who approved that plan?

  3. Why don't we take out the road and put in a linear park with a pedestrian path!

    How great would life be without cars!
    It would really bring the community together if everyone had to walk.

  4. Sad to think a quarter of a million on design could end up having been a silly waste of money.

    I too would much rather see most of the money spent on the all out herculean task of fighting our aggressor - NCTD and Stocks' ilk.

    To repair and rehabilitate 101 is the healthy and reasonable thing to do given the real problems of the double tracked train tracks and miserable intersections.

  5. That's why I'm disappointed with the workshops and the alleged outcome of them. Preserving the canopy was the number one priorty of the people which of course matches best option #3. Why then was Option #1 the most popular?
    But it's a little more than that. Before the workshops began, word about tearing out the median was already circulating. Now it's in stone.

    Peltz showed us dozens of samples in other cities where 4 lanes became 2 lanes with roundabouts and slower speed limits only to make better efficiency actually moving more traffic than before.
    I liked that. But what we were drawn in our Three "choices" is so foreign from Peltz's presentation, I have to wonder who's hand is guiding this (and keeping all three options with 2 lanes south).

    I think someone wants trees no more than 30 ft tall here. I also think they'll plant the kind (like in front of the post office) that will never stretch across the Hwy.

    Just this week, an email from our board at L-101 went out regarding the fate of two large evergreens ready to be planted, that were "mitigated" byt the tree Co. for the one they accidently razed at Leucadia Roadside Park. It was an online request of "Where" shall we plant them?
    I've screamed from the beginnning to get them on my baren 1200 block where the city, railroad, billboard folk and drunks have been removing trees faster than I can plant them. Hey, there used to be 8 large Eukes here contributing to the canopy. But I've been out voted. The two Evergreens are schedualed for the vicinity of the LEUCADIA sign. Why? Because our group now is afraid to plant any trees in the median, lest the streetscape later remove them. What a nobel reason not to restore the canopy! What a reason to plant no trees at all here for 20 years.

  6. Let us ask the 101 Zar, Mr. Norby.

    How is this whole thing going to produce a classic mainstreet?

    Looks like we are heading for homogenization

  7. Does Doug Harwood still own property along 101?

  8. 1:51

    Don't think so. But he quickly mentors developers and becomes attached at the hip to anyone wanting to maximize density along 101 and adjacent residential neighborhoods. Knows all the loopholes and lingo to use. Sounds like an ad for him!

  9. 2 lanes south bound does NOT eliminate cut through traffic in the mornings. It does not keep south bound workers on the I-5.
    One lane southbound, 2 lanes north bound.

    RSPB-ps I could have done everything Peltz has done for you at less than $50K, you people were ripped off again!!!

  10. RSPB,

    You couldn't have done the dog and pony show and hypnotize everyone.

    Here is the real solution!
    Then click on freeway facts.

    Please join me and help fix 101.

  11. 4:00

    Three lanes south will fix 101? Oh well, at least the city didn't hire as consultants.

  12. I gather never heard of roundabouts.

  13. Sorry JP-

    I agree with preserving the trees, but completely disagree about keeping 2 lanes in each direction.
    My my, it seems people only perceive life based on what they remember.
    If we really want to preserve history, let’s return to the road to the way it was 100 years ago, one lane in each direction. Now that would be a real improvement.

    If we keep the road the same, we get the same behavior 50 mph roads and on occasion the 85 to 90 mph racers that reek of death and the deaths would continue.

    The current road was built for 70mph and that’s what people want to drive on the that road.

    The problem is the road was designed when there was about 1/100 the population and pedestrians along the corridor.

    Now the roadway is a freeway going through a densely developed beach community.

    It sucks.

    If you want to keep history and make the road work for the community. Get 1 million people to move out of North County.

    The problem will only get worse as the area continues to redevelop.

    I agree with Fred's point. Drop both a north and south bound lane and keep the center median trees. The additional area gained is needed for bikelanes, walkways, landscaping and parking.
    Bird rock drop from 4 lanes to 2 lanes and they have more traffic. Guess what? Traffic is flowing fine.

    I wish it was a rural road like it was 30 years ago, but it’s not and will never be again. You can’t keep your head in the sand forever.

    If it stays the same, you don't have room for all the good things, just commuter lanes for the forthcoming more densely populated North County.

    I like the way the streetscape is coming, but I would like one lane south bound better.

  14. PS- the canopy is nearly gone.

    That roadway looks like shit.

    JP- I think you are looking at it with nostalgic eyes wishing it looked like it did 20 years ago.

    Here is today’s reality:

    Few big trees. Major dust bowl. Plenty of weeds. Very unsafe for local drivers, bicycles, and pedestrians.

  15. Lets make it 4 lanes in each direction.

    I will have me and my freinds walk in the first two lanes and you drivers can have the other two lanes.

    Or maybe it should be 5 lanes in each direction like I5. that should help traffic flow.

  16. Hasn't there been a complete executive changeover at NCTD during the past couple months? Did anyone ask again about using 9 feet of scorched earth instead of removing the median? Maybe the new powers at NTCD will be a good neighbor by giving up a strip of land and generally cleaning up their dusty, unhealthy mess. If not, they are a big bully and a bad neighbor ignoring the very people who pay for their existence.

  17. I'm not basing this on nostalgia. I'm basing my opinion on cost and common sense. I don't think the city can afford a major project that involves a radical realignment of the highway. The streetscape was supposed to improve the merchant corridor, not completely nuke the coast highway.

    Giving us 3 "alternatives" that all have a single northbound lane is total BS in my opinion.

    We need Alternative 4, keep the 4 lane road with existing trees and center median but with all the good landscaping and improvements. That is the reasonable thing to do.

    Everybody went batshit crazy when the NCTD cut down 14 trees but now Dan Burden has put some kind of spell on everybody, and now you actually want to remove all our trees???

  18. I just happened upon an interesting post on the Q@A post for Bob. 2nd to the last and last. I have no definitive proof of what this person is saying, so I have to be a bit careful with my wording. I can say that I truly believe that Glenn Sabine has been the worst attorney for this City. He has not given Council all of the facts when needed, and much more that I have documented. The poster also suggests that the Planning Department is the true "villian" in this grand scheme to push us into a community that may be not what the majority wants. The poll that Council spent $10,000 on to see if we are all happy, was bogus and full of statistical holes. Any grad student could have done a better job-heck an ordinary citizen could have done better as witnessed by the Cardiff Specific Plan. We should all watch carefully to see ow the will of the people on the Cardiff Specific Plan gets eroded. Hopefully, it won't, but the "big" money is working on rewritting it yet again. If you were at the meeting you know what I am talking about. If you were not, I guess ask around or take my word for it. I am not running for any office, so I have only one ax to grind and those who know me know it is with Glenn Sabine. If I ever run for Council I will do everything within my power to give him his walking papers. Anyone you all might want ot read the posts.

  19. If the Road remains as is count on more deaths and continual businesses failing or choosing to move out of the area like....

    Ducky Waddle, Long Board Grotto, Wade koniakowsky art studio, the list could go on and on.....

    Some like the current failing business district they way it is, they think its what adds part of the funk to Leucadia. Others don't.

    If you want to have successful town environment where locals can walk and drive to local stores, the road needs to be changed to slow speeds down, add landscaping, make it safe for pedestrians, bikes and add parking for the businesses.

    If we don't add parking to that stretch with 3 stories of mix use going in, the surrounding neighborhood and little beach parking will be inundated and will be very stressfull for the whole neighborhood west of N. Coast Hwy101.

    So the choice is ours, Keep the road as is, add a few pretty plants, and suffer the consequences for our lack of planning as the area continues to redevelop.

    Or make the road serve the local community needs.

    The cost of the improvements will be repaid by the higher taxes received from tourist and locals visiting the success town markets. The city knows this from the success of downtown Encinitas and therefore knows that investment in a walkable and more positive roadway for the business community with provide a good rate of return on investment.

    Once again, the question is ours....

    Do we like the current look, unsafe conditions, and bitching about the crappy situation all the time and especially get all wound up when a kid or family gets killed from the the reckless speeders.....

    Or should we make a change?

    I think we should keep the trees and make a change. Both can easily be achieved.

  20. Typical BS -- residents give their opinions but are totally ignored by the "professionals" who look at every project as a clean slate. These options are expensive, contrary to the desires of the people, and are using public land for the benefit of private enterprise. If speed is the problem, put up stoplights. La Jolla Blvd. looks like crap now with all the roundabouts and precisely staggered trees and generic landscaping and garish business signs. I thought the point was preserve the canopy? Like it or not, we need two lanes in each direction as 101 is a major artery through N. County as it has been for over 100 years and reducing the number of lanes will not change the traffic pattern, just make it worse. Typical waste of taxpayer money, hire consultants who already have boilerplate plans, dont's listen to residents, and simply change the street names on the plans they submit to "fit" the area -- there was no real thought put into these plans -- if there was, all would have preserved the canopy.

  21. Why is LongBoard Grotto leaving? Where?

  22. I surf for fun, not profit.August 03, 2008 12:33 PM

    Anon- Longboard Grotto is leaving because less people are surfing, buying surf boards and the such. Fewer and fewer kids are taking up the acivity and choosing to remain at home and play video games. Hell there are even several good computer surfing simulations online that allow the feel of surfing without the hassle of parking and getting wet, not to mention sand and salt. Cheaper too, you don't need to buy a surfboard or ten, ie you don't need the Longboard Grotto!!

    While their window displays are kinda cool, the arrogance displayed by the staff is exceptional. Not even a hello or welcome to the store and I've been in there at least 50 times over the years.

    People aren't surfing as much, watch for several more surf shops to close relatively soon also. Sign of the times.

  23. "Or make the road serve the local community needs"

    PARTIAL BULLSHIT. This helping the local community is collateral effects. This is for the 101 MERCHANTS and 101 Property owners.

    The 101 specific plan is a disaster and 101 is going to be a poster child for bad planning if they don't get more parking.

    It IS NOT ABOUT walkability. It is about turning the 101 into something that will benefit the developers along 101. They need more parking and the council gave them upzoning and are about to give them the parking that the developers don't want to build for themselves.

    So much for free markets.

    Walkability is the cover story. Why do you need more parking if everyone is suppose to be walking?????????????????????????????

  24. There are ways to slow down the traffic without clear cutting the trees.We learned in the workshop about pop outs and narrowing the lanes these elements and some roundabouts would slow down the traffic. As for parking with the cost savings of not building the proposed grand plan the city could possibly purchase a couple of vacant lots for parking areas now that prices have come down. Also remember this project is still a work in progress we just must make our voices heard.

  25. Every parking place generates $40,000 in revenues. we need more parking to pay the bills.

  26. Wow 40K!

    Why didn't the landowners demand more parking in the Leucadia Specific plan?

  27. so the workshop was just a bunch of BS it's all about parking spaces, cut down the trees to build a parking lot. Seems I've heard that somewhere before.

  28. As much as I'd like to see a single lane both North and South, the PRESENT council would never allow a drop in level of service. They rarely even approve a new traffic control device (except for Pacific Station), just try to get a new stop sign installed. Their mantra seems to be "keep it flowing at all costs."

  29. Peltz showed over and over again that with the reduction of lanes, slower speeds and addition of roundabouts, traffic flow actually INCREASES. But I'm afraid whoever wants those two lanes south simply doesn't believe those statistics and has watered it down introducing their own interpretation. Somewhere between the workshops and the drawing boards, THEY got their 2 lanes south. Peltz knows who they are. We may never.

  30. I attended the street scape walk at the north end of Leucadia. Although Dan Burden did a great job of pointing things out, I noticed he did not have a notebook nor did he take one note from all he was told by the citizens. (Check your pics folks). I doubt if any notes were taken at the south end as well. Could it be Peltz' plans were already finalized?

  31. Bonddi-

    You just proved to me you’re a total dip shit.

    Everything you said was absolutely wrong.

    So you like the way Birdrock was before with speeding traffic, no foot traffic, no landscaping, and failing businesses.... well good for you. I think many other would disagree.

    In fact, I think many other want less speeding traffic in Leucadia and would welcome bike lane, more landscaping area, and more pedestrian areas.

    You are clueless and I know you would never listen to another perspective so we will agree to disagree.

    I my opinion, you’re a total moron.

  32. Ditto on Bob's analysis of Bonddi!

  33. My favorite line so far,

    "People aren't surfing as much,..."

    I wish!

  34. How ironic that the name callers on this blog are individuals posting as anonymous.

  35. Bonddi is alittle off...

    100 years ago was 1908.....Hwy 101 was no more than a dirt trail.....

    Four lane road.... phsss funny.

    To road should have been returned to a 2 lane roadway back in the ‘60s when I5 was opened.

    how far its come to look like a rundown ugly unsafe freeway.
    Bonddi is alittle off...

    100 years ago was 1908.....Hwy 101 was no more than a dirt trail.....

    Four lane road.... phsss funny.

    To road should have been returned to a 2 lane roadway back in the ‘60s when I5 was opened.

    how far its come to look like a rundown ugly unsafe freeway.

  36. I can't wait I've been hoping for redevelopment of N.Hwy 101. Won't it be wonderful to get a Starbucks and a Jamba Juice maybe a Subway and McDonalds. Bring on the Redevelopment

  37. 11:57

    Yeah right.

  38. Bob -- what is a "dip shit?"

  39. dipshit Definition
    dip·shit (dip′shit′) noun

    Vulgar, Slang a person thought of as being contemptible, weak, stupid, worthless, etc.; jerk

  40. Jess as I thought. A dip shit ain't worth insulting but for the pleasure of confounding his ignorance of vulgar slang!


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