Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Save the Cute Wittle kittens!

Okay, I want every single person who reads this blog to adopt an itsy bitsy, cute wittle kitty this weekend. OCEANSIDE: Shelters coping with kitten season


  1. OOOOOh. that stirs up memories.

    David Myers and Jerome Stocks are the devil.

    They will do anything to gain control over redevelopment in Encinitas to make big profits.

  2. Lemme guess who sent you that pic of the clown, JP. I rememeber that night. The clown sponsor was asked to have the clown not to show up at a special DEMA function at the Lumberyard. The request was denied. That night the clown's wig and nose ended up in the fountain. Me without my camera!

    Not long afterward I had the pleasure of being with Maggie Houlihan at Pinos in the Lumberyard when the election results were coming in over the TV. In what can only be described as a timely and weird coinkydink, the clown sponsors were in one corner of the same restaurant eating. They got to listen to the cheers as Maggie's landslide victory developed. Their multi-thousand dollar smear campaign just didn't work at all.

  3. Hey fred; Did you know Mrs. Houlihan NEVER paid for that victory party and nobody else did either? That is one of the 75 violations against her before the Fair Political Practices Committee that she hasn't answered. Skipping out on an $800 tab and then not documenting it on your campaign paperwork is illegal. Ask Paulo at Via Italia how many meals Mrs. Houlihan has skipped on? Dozens and dozens.

  4. I downloaded that clown/cat photo from the interwebs. I think the entire city council and staff should wear those wigs at all the meetings.

  5. Hey 6:57-

    Do you know how many times Jerome Stocks has screwed the existing neighborhoods in order to make the maximum profit for this developers buddies? Hundreds. Its his M.O.

    Along with giving the employee unions every benefit and salary increase that they ask for.

    Talk about no integrity.

  6. Doug Long was soliciting political contributions from his customers before the official date to register for a Council seat.

  7. I didn't go to a victory party. I went to watch the results of the election on TV with friends at Pinos. There was no psychic power involved predetermining who would win by a landslide. You could say I came home from a victory party though.

    I've never heard of anyone skipping out on "dozens and dozens" of meals anywhere short of Joe Pesci in the movie Goodfellas. That's quite an accusation.

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  9. J.P.

    I'll be the one wearing the Green afro wig.

  10. Fred,

    The clown was physically assaulted by the town drunk.

    I am surprised you of all people would condone violence against women?

    That is why you wish you had a camera?

    As to all the meals that Mrs. Houlihan skipped out on, ask Crystal from Detour, she went to the City Manager, Carey Miller about it on behalf of Paulo. Miller did nothing.

    Dalager and DEMA were informed about it several times by downtown business-owners; but they also did nothing.

    It'll all come out now that she is using code enforcement again to make a statement to restaurant owners along 101; who have finally banded together to stand up to her eight years of demanding free food and wine for her and hubby.

    Even of the dozens and dozens of meals and cases of wine were gifts, they have never been reported on her paperwork.

  11. This is very serious about Maggie if it is true. The citizens should know if it is true or not before voting. If it is, I guess I will have to reconsider my voting for her, as I do not like anyone taking advantage of their position in this way. Especially to a small buniness owner. How does one go about finding out the accuracy of the allegations? Does anyone know?

  12. 8:28

    Consider the source of smear tactic allegations. In this case they're all Annonymous.

  13. Go ask Jerome or Jim. They never lie. Right?

    “I am not going to run for re-election. I know when people do that they are to full of themselves. I know when enough is enough”…..”Just kidding”.

    “I will do not except favors for reciprocal favors.”…..

    “Oh- except when the fire department endorses my campaign and gives me huge contributions and then I will give them all new fire station and pension increased.”

    We know who the real liars and crooks of the public are.

    The liars and dirtbags are Jerry "Sticky" Stocks and Jimmy "I am losing it" Bond

  14. Check this out.... NCTD is very similar to Russia....

    The Georgian ambassador to the United States, H.E. Vasil Sikharulidze, said Russia was employing "scorched-earth" tactics

  15. 7:35

    Of course I don't condone violence against women. Nor do I condone the hired stalking of a candidate with a taunting clown at respectable public functions.

    All I saw was the red wig and red nose floating in the fountain and the clown laughing hysterically about it. Ask her. That was the Kodak moment. Didn't see "the town drunk" at the DEMA event.

  16. It is not a smear if it IS true, and it is.

    These ARE serious allegations and that is WHY the state is investigating.

    Is poster 9:12 pm saying that extorting dinner an drinks for years and not reporting them is okay because they believe the other incumbents are doing it too?

    Ask Crystal at Detour who went to the City Manager, ask Carey Miller now that he is no longer employed by the city. Ask the restaurant owners.

    It is NOT a smear if it is true, and it IS true, but I get the feeling some of you are not the least interested in what is true. Ask the FPPC.

    Houlihan coerced all these meals and finally it is coming out. The people who surround her know it too.

    No cats, no clowns, just the truth.

  17. That is just BS about Maggie. Please. Go find your fact and then lets see what you have. This is just like the cat clown…. Pure Jerome.

    Please answer how Jerome can get away with it?

    “I will do not except favors for reciprocal favors.”…..

    “Oh- except when the fire department endorses my campaign and gives me huge contributions and then I will give them all new fire station and pension increased.”

    Or what about.... "I will agree with raising your development David Meyers by 3 feet to improve your ocean views of your homes..... if you support me bigtime in my election campaigns."

    Our what about "I will agree to rezone pacific View site if you agree to support my campaign big time.!"

    Find out the facts....Vote out the crook.....Vote out Jerome Stocks.

  18. Ask the Fire Chief Muir, how many times Jerome has been to his house for BBQs. Ask Jerome, why he consistantly votes in favor of items that will help developers over the interests of existing residents.

    Oh yeah... thats right. They lie. So no need asking.

  19. If the state is investigating it is because someone filed the complaint. I read the complaint. It sounds like one citizen who didn't get his way one way or another. It's full of weak points -as if one person was being devious because she didn't write down the full title of her workplace. Another part presumes the Leucadia Post Office might not exist. When I read stuff like that, I have to wonder about the rest of the allegations, and why they are happening so close to an election.

  20. What kind of idiot business owner would let a powerless councilperson of ENCINITAS skip on thousands of dollars of food and wine? Why keep serving them? It doesn't add up.

  21. Fred: How do we as citizens get a hold of the complaint? I would also like to read it. This is very sad if it true, and very slimy if it is not.

  22. I just read the complaint. I don't know Fred. As much as I like and admire Maggie, I am not sure that I agree with you that these complaints lodged by Dr. Eiler are not without merit. I guess it is wait and see how and if Maggie responds. I really hope she addresses this before the candidates forums. If she doesn't, all heck might break lose and we wil not learn what the candidates think about more important matters that affect our City. BTW, anyone can read the complaint by logging onto the Red County Blog and clicking on the PDF file that is there. I know that blog is terrible, however, it was the easiest way I could find it. Maybe there is an attorney out there who could help us average citizens figure out how valid it is?

  23. that says it all.... the red county blog.

    Home of the Duke Cunningham kiss our very own Jerome Stocks.

    Yeeeee Haaaa Jerome ..... How do Duke undies smell?

  24. No rezone on the Pacific view property!

  25. Harry Eiler has continued his public attacks on Maggie Houlihan. He taught opera appreciation classes at the senior center. There was a disagreement about some public comments he made in one of his classes. I attended only one class but got on his email list. Let's just say he is a very prickly personality, the reason I never went to a second class.

    I receive his email rants. He has filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission against Maggie, mostly about minor discrepancies, as far as I can tell. He has allied himself with Jerome Stocks and now teaches his classes in Carlsbad, which he claims is a much better location.

    All of this has been reported in the newspapers.

    Eiler has a very big ego and feels it has been badly bruised. He is going for vengeance.

  26. It takes a prickly personality to whip up that kind of drama against Mrs. Houlihan out of thin air.

  27. New election and new clownsAugust 15, 2008 9:38 PM

    Does everyone remember the false allegations from 8 years ago and 4 years ago? In 2000, the developer's mailers accused Maggie as being part of the "Moratorium Sisterhood.” Was it true? In 2004, they accused her of forcing traffic into neighborhoods. Was this true? Furthermore, they accused Maggie attempting to reduce the average property value by hundreds of thousands of dollars. None of their innuendo or allegations were true.

    This election they will undoubtedly try to accuse her of causing the housing slump and the world-wide drop in the dollar. It’s another election, just a different clown making the accusations. Don't believe them and remember their motivation is to increase their profits by taking your voice from the Council.

  28. Yes, and there's bound to be a new "Local Newspaper" emerge that will become a political cannon against Maggie too. This town is so predictable.

  29. Opera Lover is totally correct. Harry E. is so vicious, dangerous and self-serving it takes your breath away. Go back to what started his "thing" about Maggie. He was asked by city staff not to return because of the way he treated city employees and clients while doing his little classes. But he decided to make Maggie his target. (or someone asked him to make Maggie his target) Check out his website. He is a nutcase.

  30. Everything bad began between them when Eiler wanted to give extra money to some Non-profits that were up before council asking for a Community Development Block Grants.

    When Houlihan suddenly made a motion to reduce some of the grants to non-profits A, B and C so she give more money to her own pet projects bad blood broke out.

    It was only after Eiler balked to the press about Houlihan that he was asked NOT to return to teach at the Senior Center.

    Either both, or perhaps neither, are at fault. But, that is 'how' the feud started; ask a councilperson, they were all there.

    The staff are prisoners in disguise. You cannot trust their 'memories' of anything.

  31. Councilwoman Houlihan seems to leave bad blood in her wake.

    It's time for change.

  32. the needed change is to get rid of Stocks.


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