Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Single Lane with Tree Canopy

Also, the hot topic of the day: ENCINITAS: Council to look at limiting ground floor uses in downtown


  1. That looks great to me.

    two points about tonight’s council meeting.

    Gary Murphy - Point on about Leucadia Blvd. clusterfuck intersection working much better on an all red mode. The City should revert that intersection along with Vulcan and Leucadia Blvd. to all way stops. The natural traffic characteristics take care of itself and improve efficiency.

    2nd Point. Bob Nani....proved he has no vision for the future and no reason for me to want him as a leader of City Council.

    I thought you of all people would want to preserve our downtown retail.

    You will know what I'm talking about when a Real Estate Company out bids you when your lease renewal is up for E Street.

    Later Bob-……………..(That was my vote going to another candidate.)

  2. More,

    Bob used the old conservative Republican standby and called this zoning issue "social engineering" ...that we should let the free market decide and respect the property owners right to do what they wish with they land.

    ......and then Jim Bond nailed it when he said free markets just like unregulated short term rentals?

    Thank god for zoning it protects neighborhoods and our commercial areas, way to go Jim, Maggie and Teresa!

    Bye Bob, friend of the clown!

  3. Does this mean F St adult bookstore is back in play? (I kid, I kid.)

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  5. Green leucadian, as a downtown business owner I would like to point out that no one who spoke in favor of the retail only ordinance owns property or a business in the affected area.

    I do want to protect a vibrant business community i don't believe this is the way to do it.

    E Street Cafe is in no danger of losing our lease. But thank you for your concern.

    As for not voting for me, that's cool, as long as you vote for Rachelle it's all good.

  6. More brutalist architecture for downtown. It will match the library.

  7. Bob,
    It must be mushrooms or something?

    Pacific Station property owner John Dewald spoke in favor, The Lumberyard property owners (great center courtyard) submitted a letter in favor, Beverly Goodman, Owner of Coast Hwy Traders wrote a letter in favor, that was read by Dody Tucker. Dody Tucker who owned 50% of Moonlight Beach 7/11 spoke in favor.

    Bob, I hope you just don't assume that Gary Tucker who was opposed and mentioned he was the owner of 7/11, was the sole owner?

    Pat Murphy referred to other large retailers that submitted comments from ccp meetings that spoke in favor and was read into the record tonight.

    Bob, your insistence that that “no one who spoke in favor of the retail only ordinance owns property or a business in the affected area” is simple your wish, but is not even remotely true.

    I agree with you on Rachelle, and want to encourage you to keep on going strong man, but dude get real!

  8. Nice ride, J.P.. The trees look familiar too.

  9. Winners-

    Gary Murphy- for calling out the true facts. Leucadia Blvd. and Hwy 101 works better as a all way stop . Gary you are truly the Enforcer!

    Patrick Murphy- He is now finally given some room to truly show his brilliance with land planning. Thanks Patrick for hanging tight through those BIA years. You are a golden child of Encinitas. And I for one appreciate all you do to keep Encinitas Unique and being the best that it can be. THANK YOU.

    Peder Norby- Pure intelligence.

    Jerry Sodaca (sp?)- all good points

    Rachelle collier
    Good Job…. Dan Burdan school of walkable communities. You are a must on City Council.

    Teresa- Great Job for doing the due diligence. You took the time to learn the subject.
    You nailed the subject on the head. Great Job!

    Peter Cota rob….- Your finally getting it. Respect the Citizens and they will respect you.

    Jim Bond-Your showing signs you care about the community and don’t always have to vote with Jerome.

    Danny- The same. I would just ask that you care more about your home town originality.

    Watch it-

    Jerome- your arrogance is disgusting. You are nothing great. You’re not even Arnold Schwarzenegger so please give it a rest. I actually like you..... It is nice to see you lost a few pounds……Are you starting to act human. Are you starting to walk more?


    Masih either has to get with the program or get the hell out and go somewhere else.

    Alan Dorfmann- You would carry much more weight if you cleaned up your piece of shit properties in Leucadia. Take Charlie Marvin as an example and embrace the community, and we will love you. Until then, you are a scum lord encouraging the worse hooker drug addict part of Leucadia. Until you act, you are a huge part of our problem. HINT- Your crappy hotel and liquor store that supply the drug addicts in town.

    Nice meeting tonight.

    I love this town!

  10. I stand corrected John Dewald is a property owner and the developer of the Pacific Station.

  11. Bob-

    All we really care about is that you see the light and make Encinitas more walkable and less of a carbon footprint.

    You have great ideas about alot many things but for some reason, you believe that mandating a retail on one street first floor will kill the town.

    I dont agree.

    recognize your wrong, and I will again vote for you.

    you've don't it in the past with Jerry and you and do it again.

    If you look at the greenation or walkablity of the area you would agree.

    What do you say Bob?

  12. Green Leucadian,

    It's obviously you have not read my column over the past 2 decades.

    I am a strong advocate of walkable communities. I am also strongly opposed to overdevelopment.

    This ordinances will encourage redevelopment and two and three stories buildings downtown to accomodate offices that can no longer be situated at street level.

    Yes, I am all for pedistrian oriented communities, Leucadia in particular, And yes I am for managed growth.

    Am I wrong on this issue? Only time will tell.

    Was I on the wrong side of the issue last night. Absolutely.

    That said, thank you for keeping me grounded. And thank you for participating in such a vigorous manner.

    Preserving Encinitas for Encinitas

  13. I would love to see flashing reds at least on weekends. It seems to make the thing more walkable and drivable. I came at it from many angles last weekend and it worked well for me every time. It also has a calming effect on L101.

  14. Yes, I spoke last night

  15. Well North Coast Hwy 101 wouldn't look like the video if we remove 77% of the old growth trees for the new streetscape. The Hwy will look like Garden View road behind the Target center however!

  16. Nawwww......

    Gardenview is a staight raceway. I can top out at 90 mph on that stretch.

    Hwy101 has roundabouts planned. I will only be able to hit 40mph because of the funky intersections.

  17. Someone on the NCT blog was extolling the virtues of Peder Norby saying, there he goes again...

    Yes, there he goes again, claiming the spotlight while misusing developer fees meant for poor people so he can aggrandise his own legend through misusing money meant for the needy by saving developers money and 'saving' boathouses over families.

    There he goes again, acting as an agent for developers (and the City Council) while pretending to be Dr. Phil for a handful of downtown merchants who never seem to graduate from the DEMA board.

    Because it is not who votes for the DEMA board that counts, but who counts the votes.

    Quick, name one thing the DEMA President Doug Long has ever done as DEMA President?

    Besides going to kindergarten with Dalager.

    Does that really make him qualified for leadership?

    You cannot name anything significant because Doug is basically a sock-puppet for Peder.

    Just like his predecessor.

    3 acres in downtown Encinitas at Pacific View Elementary that Long and Dalager are ignoring for preservation or playing fields when Long is the President of a suposedly preservation group and Chair of Parks and Recreation Commission.

    How's that for leadership?

    Quick, name one other important thing Long has done while President of DEMA?

    Didn't think so.

  18. "Yes, there he goes again, claiming the spotlight while misusing developer fees meant for poor people so he can aggrandise his own legend through misusing money meant for the needy by saving developers money and 'saving' boathouses over families.

    someone has really gone off the deep end..........

  19. Wow. Sorry you feel so unhappy with yourself.......It shows in your writing.

    Keep up the good work Peder.

    Who cares what Doug Long does. I always knew he knows about as much as any plumber. Thats OK.....

    But it doesn't mean I'll be voting for him. At least he's smart enough to listen to Peder.

  20. Is Peder going to use his position to protect the historic tree canopy in Leucadia or is going to propose redevelopment? Will North Hwy 101 be preserved as an historic mainstreet or redesigned to look like Carlsbad? We will see if he sticks up for preservation and enhancement and pushes to add to the canopy or if he sides with changing the entire look of 101. Once the cards or on the table will know which direction he leans, I hope it's with history

  21. Peder is alright, he just wants to promote salvation -- without Peder it would be awful

  22. Nanninga will preserve the Historic Tree canopy.

    Nanninga for NCTD representative
    Nanninga for Encinitas


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