Thursday, August 07, 2008

Squirmy Explanation

Why is Jim Bond running for reelection for Encinitas city council after stating he would not? Excerpt from Logan Jenkin's Untion Tribune column Bond's assurance unable to hold water:

As I listened to his squirmy explanation, it was clear what was motivating him to hold on to his seat.


For many years, Bond has served as the San Dieguito Water District representative on the County Water Authority. He's currently the CWA's man at the Metropolitan Water District, Southern California's main water supplier. In short, he's a big water wheel.

As the filing deadline approached, Bond realized that the plush water gig likely would be stripped from him if he wasn't on the council.

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  1. Of course it's water. He makes about $35,000 per year on the Water Board plus going to Vegas and other places at taxpayers money.

  2. Herb if you are still interested in the hour long heated discussion on the street of downtown Encinitas, also affectionately known as Coast Hwy 101; Downtown Encinitas Shopping District; etc. ask Dan Dalagher. Word on the street is that he was with Doug Long and ran into JIm Bond. If they were younger men, it appeared to some that they might throw a few punches. They just did it with words. Love to say more, but I was not there and so this is just rumor.

  3. Well, we will all be there one day, unable to hold our water.

  4. J.P.

    Call the U.T. and see if they have an opening for a headline writer.

    You Rock!

    Logan is the best writer in S.D. County Period.

    (J.P. you're pretty good but the dude has PhD's and stuff, like really knarly creds)

  5. Bond and the water board recap:

    Our rates have doubled in some cases tripled
    We have a water shortage because we don't have desal plants or water augmentation systems
    Olivenhain is sewing San Diego because they don't want to mix new reservoir water with Lake Hodges water
    New water hook-ups are at an all time high and we are in a drought

    Someone tell me again what the hell Bond has done for us?

  6. Bond saved us from paying for really expensive desal water.

  7. Really just one more reason the San Dieguito Water District needs to be stripped away from the City Council. With completely independent representation, devoid of any tampering by the City, perhaps good sound fiscal decisions can be made on behalf of the ratepayers.

    Bob, Maggie, Teresa, Rachelle if you're out there, we're counting on you splitting up the twins.

  8. Telling it like it is.August 08, 2008 8:11 AM

    Bond doesn't do shit on the board, or Council for that matter.

    All he does is just were an old pressed shirt, tries to stay awake at the meetings, and than votes yes on what ever staff writes a report on.

    Bond can not make water or do anything productive for us.

    He does absolutely nothing and offers no reason why we should keep him.

  9. what he thinks insideAugust 08, 2008 8:28 AM

    I am soooo important because I get to go to all kind of meetings and I get paid for it

  10. J.P. has a PHD in kicking ass.

  11. I will support any and all efforts to seperate the Encinitas City Council and the San Dieguito water District.

    The San Dieguito Water district should have an independently elected board.

    I also support term limits for city council and an elected mayor.

  12. Jim Bond has been trying for years to get the Council to agree to an elected mayor office. Bad, bad idea.
    Having all five council members have the same weigh in power has worked well. Giving more power to a single person, a mayor, creates a monarchy. No on an elected mayor office.

  13. With all the debate over what to do with Encinitas property, no one has mentioned the possibility of creating a solar energy farm.

    Consider the solar energy potential of one acre of land. There are 43,560 square feet in an acre. Divide the number of square feet in one acre by 9 (the number of square feet in one square yard) and you find that there are 4,840 square yards in one acre of land. A Concentrated Solar Power dish, tower, or trough receiving an acre of sunshine would yield about (1.5 kilowatt-hours per square yard times 4,840 square yards per acre) 7,260 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day, at 30% efficiency.

    On my last electric bill, SDG&E charged me about 17-cents/kwh.
    So, according to the analysis above, one acre of Encinitas land would be worth $1,234/day or $450,483/year.

    That's way more than the city is going to get from vacation rental taxes.

  14. Anonymous,

    I'm thinking an elected mayor may prevent some of the in fighting on council and help end the majority of 3 paradigm that dominated Encinitas city hall for the past 12years.

  15. Hey yeah, walker2:

    Then, you think we could swap some of our extra electricity with Northern California for some cheap water?

  16. Hey bob-

    the power of three will work to our advantage when we turn the corner like Solana Beach and boot our the developer and employee union sponcered politicians.

  17. Great idea Walker2!

    I might add that the acre of solar panels could also be used to deflect fresh rain water into a storage cistern to help irrigate the park. That too would save money for Encinitas and at the same time help preserve an essential resource for all Californians.

  18. On site solar generation should be the focus of all Encinitas residents concerned about energy prices and environmental sustainability.

  19. The story of the dustup between Doug Long and James Bond, with Dan Dalager as the instigator, is circulating widely in Encinitas. I've heard it from three reliable sources. Looks like Doug has a big sense of entitlement to a spot on the council.

  20. Did anyone actually witness the confrontation? If you saw it first hand, please describe when, where and what happened.

  21. To Bob,

    Check out the laws regarding solar. You can't sell surplus, you can only get credit.

    Those laws must be changed. No more government protected energy oligopolies.

    Free market instead!

  22. There are two words that stop every Encinitas Council person from voting for an Executive Mayor...

    Sheila Cameron.

    Many of you new folks out there cannot go back 9 years to the bad old days, but suffice to say she was a combination of Rasputin and Paul McCartney's ex-wife and sworn enemies called a truce long enough to blessedly remove her from power.

    If the city had had an Executive Mayor back then, none of us would be here today. A revolving Mayor is just fine thank you.

  23. Why was Shiela Cameron bad? I don't know her and unfortunately I was not here then. Thank you.

  24. How many acres in the Hall property if we make it a solar farm? If it is a city asset we can credit all city use which might expand to traffic lights, street lights, etc.

    Change the law and mandate SDG&E buy excess electricity. Where is Boone Pickens when you need him? Oh is pushing forward wind farms so you will have to purchase from his new company parts, etc.

  25. The Hall property is almost 44 acres. A lot of solar panels would fit in there. Nice if we could reduce the city's electrical bill to zero.

  26. There's little difference betwwen Maggie Houlihan and Jim Bond and Jerome Stocks. Houlihan voted for the monster Belmont Village development on Manchester. No on Bond, Houlihan, and Stocks for Council.

  27. 9:17

    There are two words in Encinitas for:
    * The incorporation of Encinitas
    * A more open government
    * Televised Council Meetings
    * The Historic Encinitas Sign
    * The beautiful landscape of
    Leucadia Blvd
    * The most attended Tourism
    Committee Meetings
    * Our portion of our historic hwy
    being named "Coast Hwy 101"
    * The preservation of Indian Head
    * The new Encinitas Library
    * Artists featured monthly in the
    lobby at City Hall.

    Sheila Cameron

    Having her removed as mayor one month before her term was up was a disgraceful political move by one or more of her council members who didn't want her in power at that time. Nothing more. Over 50 citizens got up and spoke that night on Sheila's behalf, including members of the American Legion. Why Christy Guerin left the room crying twice is beyond me.

    But comparing her to Paul's ex-wife is the lowest. Everything Sheila did she did with what she believed to would benefit Encinitas and the environment best. Not what Orange County developers thought was best for us. Sheila's been happily married to the same man since Paul McCartney led Wings in the 70's by the way.

    Sheila did get a kick out of a North County Times cartoon of her and James Bond on movie posters in front of a cinema.
    James depition of course was a 007 movie and Sheila's was dancing high-brow in a TuTu as Evita.

  28. I also thought Sheila Cameron did a good job, and she is a good person.

    Christy Guerin, whom she campaigned for, shamelessly stabbed Sheila in the back.

    Back to Bond. He did not keep his word. I also support term limits, an elected mayor, and an elected City Attorney.

    Better an elected mayor than an unelected mayor who has the "discretion" (read unbridled power) to set the agenda, and conspire with the City Attorney to set the closed session agendas, as well.

    Bond has had moments of clarity, but it's well past time for him to leave office. He couldn't stand his ground and take the honorable way out.

    The Logan Jenkins article is getting it wrong calling Tony Brandenburg judge. I think that the candidates in Encinitas should participate in the primaries, and should participate in the council meetings. Brandenburg hasn't. A field of ten candidates plays havoc with the numbers, and the incumbents count on that. Those candidates who announced from the beginning are showing more courage and have the time to investigate and to become more knowledgeable. James Bond should have had to decide by June.

    That should be part of our upcoming sunshine ordinance. Council could let us vote on the sunshine ordinance, also. Stocks and Bond do not want the public to have real input. They don't want anything to upset their gravy wagons.

  29. Guerin had to have Cameron thrown overboard in order to gain the sheriff dept endorsement. Cameron had ruffeled the feathers of the S.O. some time earlier and had to be removed as a sign of loyality. The pressure on Guerin was unbelievable and unfortunate. The way that Cameron was treated was unbelievable and unfortunate as well. So much for civility in office as Guerin promised during her running for office.

  30. You mean pressure from our least favorite resident sell out Jerry Stocks?

  31. Sheila Cameron was crazy! Or maybe you don't agree with the citizenry who threw her out of office.

  32. 1:52

    The citizenry did not dethrone Sheila as Mayor. That was done by 3 council members. The citzenry overwhelmingly stood up and requested that the council NOT do that.


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