Thursday, August 21, 2008

We're Back to Sand

Swamis Beach - Most Sand Ever. I've been surfing daily for over two decades and I have never seen so much sand at Swamis.

Normally, this little girl would be running across dry reef. Now there is no exposed reef at all, so there are no tidepools for all the tourists to explore.

This makes me wonder about statements like,

Now there's cobble in the summer where there shouldn't be cobble," Aceti said. "Over the years I got spoiled. I got used to running from Moonlight Beach or Stone Steps down to Swami's without any problems. Now, even if it's not high tide, you can get cut off. It's terrible conditions out there."

Aceti has long lobbied for more sand on local beaches, and is a proponent of Encinitas's "sand tax" initiative, which has been placed on the November ballot after failing to pass in the June election.

Aceti has also been promoting the regional quality of life tax, which has a sand component.

Aceti's wife, Betsy is running for Encinitas City Council.


  1. I like sandy beaches better than rocks. Once again, the dammed up rivers and armored sea bluffs have stopped the natural sand process.

    We should be adding more sand to the beach to reverse our damage to our precious beach.

    I vote for sandy beaches, not rocky ones. I will vote for her.

  2. Mystified in EncinitasAugust 21, 2008 10:18 PM

    I went to the Taste of Mainstreet and saw Teresa Barth wearing a Collier T-Shirt. I was horrified by this! Her Council peer and pal Maggie Houlihan is running and I found it offensive that she was supporting Maggie's opponent!

  3. Beautiful pics, J.P. and very good points. I'd like to add that the opening of the Batiquitos Lagoon to tidal flow in the mid 90's has probably done more to replenish sand on all beaches south than any other effort. (Except for that ashtray sand at Moonlight of course). People seem to forget that happened.


    There's more that one seat available ya know. There is nothing anti-Maggie about a Collier shirt. I'll be wearing my Maggie and Collier shirts, but not at the same time (unless it gets cold). Hope that doesn't horrify anyone.

  4. So Fred. What do you have against Bob Nanninga?

  5. Stocks/Andreen agitator is online.

  6. Yes, I was at the Taste of MainStreet wearing a Collier T-shirt. And I also support Maggie.

    Fred is correct....there is more than one seat available.

    Mystified is uninformed.

  7. I also will be supporting both Rachelle Collier and Maggie Houlihan.

  8. Councilwoman Barth why aren't you supporting Bob Nanninga?

  9. Councilwoman Barth why aren't you supporting Bob Nanninga?

  10. The sand north of Beacons is lower than usual. You need to look closely, but look at the base of the bluffs - there is very little sand cover over the bedrock and cobbles. The "indicator" rock is covererd, but walk north and look at the undercuts.

  11. First anonymous commenter is funny and confused.

  12. Teresa,

    how come you aren't supporting Doug, Joe, Harriet, Tony, Jim, Betsy, or Jerome?

    If you were truly fair minded you would support them all equally as reprentative of the people!

    Ha Ha!

    I vote to rename this to the Bob Blog! it's been taken over by Bob and his fans IMHO

    don't feed the trolls.

  13. ? and The MysteriansAugust 22, 2008 11:29 AM

    maybe "mystified" should hire a lion tamer to follow Teresa around, eh?

  14. Ann J.

    I've always liked Bob. He's articulate, says what's on his mind (and I'm BIG on free speech), and at a recent meeting when Sheila Cameron spoke and said "It's a fact, someday we all have to die", Bob piped in from the audience and said "Except Cher". Imagine a council member making citizens laugh.

    What do I have against Bob? Outside of a trail of unpaid for dinners at the Roxy, nothing. (Just kidding Bob).

    We'll see how the forums go.....

  15. good one.

    "Mystified" will have to anti up another cool big contribution to the Stocks campaign to offset one lady wearing a t shirt on one day.

    Keep it up Clownboy. Since it worked so well with Maggie, maybe you should hire a clown to mock your paid groupy Stocks.

    I two will be voting for Rachelle and Maggie. I am not sure about my third vote yet.

  16. Cardiff watchdogAugust 22, 2008 6:10 PM

    I also will be voting for Rachelle and Maggie. Others in Cardiff will be doing the same. Bob Nanninga? Not sure yet. He will be coming to Cardiff as soon as some meetings can be set up. I am encouraged by his bold opinions.

  17. I’m impressed, just a few months downtown and the Encinitas Chamber has become an organization of preservationist!

    Do you want a buy a bridge?

    A paragraph penned by Mike Andreen in response to a U.T. article on Pacific View. This is the same Mike of Wirefire fame, best of buddies with David Meyer and Doug Harwood, failed TOT tax increase guru, and the publisher of the Chamber political promotional piece. Basically, dude has a well earned rep over the decades.

    From surfcitytimes:

    “This turn of events has left DEMA normally a preservation group in the position of being agents for development and the city's commercial group, the Chamber, in the position of being the preservationist group.”

    Praise the lord, praise the lord…….Mikey has found religion! Can I get a Halleluiah!

    This reminds me of the piece written by Mike that ran in the chamber promotional piece a few months ago proclaiming David Meyer as an environmentalist

    David Meyer as an environmentalist, Mike Andreen and the Chamber as Preservationist, No more problems in Encinitas!

    Mikey’s idea of preservation is to swap P.V. with a portion of the Hall Property and have his buddies develop the Hall property with density bonus housing.

    The Chamber is clearly, blatently, egging for a fight with DEMA. Hey they have nothing to loose being where they are, so might as well.

    P.S. Great Taste of MainStreet DEMA! The town was rocking! Thank you for your efforts to buy and preserve the Boathouses. Don’t take the bait.

    Downtown resident and taste volunteer.

  18. The members of the ad hoc committee for the school district are being told by Dee Snow that if they don't keep disciplined in their plan for exchanging property with DeWald that they, the district will just build the original Battle Star Gallactica medical buildings from the DeVore Days.

    Nice try, but that isn't even legally possible, just more bad faith on the district's part. Besides, if that happened the trusty coastal commission will be brought into the fray.

    By the time this is over, everybody will be revealed for who they really are in relation to the Pacific View property; the five city council people, the candidates for council seats in November, the school district trustees, especially Dee Snow.

    If you lift the council up, you will find Norby scuttering under them, running the defense for the school district, DeWald and his council masters.

    The question for the district now is; who on the ad hoc committee has turned already?

    Don't ever forget it was Norby who tried to turn Leucadia into a redevlopment district and while that effort was rebuffed; who is right now being paid $100K per year by the city to do essentially the same thing for the city? Norby.

    So, who is the preservationist? Are you blind?

  19. I agree with JP. There is more sand than ever. People who actually walk or surf the beaches know this.

    The finger reefs are being filled in. The tide pools are being destroyed. All this in the name of having a big sandbox with dark, gritty, icky sand to armor the coasts.

    Betsy Aceti and her husband get a big part of their financial support from SRF to prevent another collapse. It's more about protecting property owners, and financing sand lobbyists through various City governments than about our actually needing this much sand. We have got to find a better balance between not enough and TOO MUCH!

    I don't see how this can get past environmental review. Oh, I know. They just keep giving it a negative impact declaration. But the Department of Fish and Games and the Coastal Commission should not let this keep increasing, year by year, as part of behind the scenes maneuvering by lobbyists and Council.

  20. Just speculation of course, but if the school district were able to swap land with a piece of the Hall property, that piece coupled with the existing shopping center would finally be large enough for Costco to occupy. Quite a line of dominoes, but fun to play out.

  21. BTW, Dee Snow is a fine person with a great heart, no snake.

  22. That would be interesting.

    "The Chamber is clearly, blatently, egging for a fight with DEMA."

    Gary Tucker XO of the Chamber fighting with DEMA the XO of DEMA.

    I think both get paid and both org's receive financing from the city. Tucker was on the Ecke's Prop A propaganda machine and even used chamber resources to lobby for the Eckes.

  23. Prop A was a preservationist effort by the Chamber/ECKE/Andreen perpetuity!

    That's funny.

    It will be a fun next few months.

  24. Dee Snow is a planning consultant retained by the EUSD. Her husband is Bill Snow, formerlly on the Encinitas Planning Commission.

  25. If Dee Snow is associated with Bill Snow and willing to work in the same field WE KNOW something if amiss. Bill Snow was the worst and most obnoxious and openly agenda driven planning commissioner the city has ever had. His agenda was to screw the city's future.

    We will never forget that Stocks, Bonds, and Dalager appointed him.

  26. How the Ecke's found the money to modernize their greenhouses: Palama Huna bought the property in 2005 for $15 million from Carltas, the development arm of Paul Ecke Ranch.

    Too bad they did not actually modernized the greenhouses and they cut down the flower field. Let's see who the Eckes support in this coming election.

  27. Councilwoman Barth

    It's been two days and still no response to my question.

  28. it is all about bobAugust 24, 2008 8:12 AM

    maybe Barth doesn't want to go negative! Maybe Barth knows that people can figure that out for themselves.

    Bob may have apologized for his mistakes in the past, but we are still paying for those mistakes today and into the future for many years. Some people may have forgiven him but that does no t mean they aren't hesitant to trust him with the keys to the city.

    Bob was an agent for the Ecke development Machine. He took their money to run for council. They gave him money because they knew he wouldn't win and that he would pull votes away from good candidates. That is exactly what happened. Now we have a council majority in the developers pocket and the consequences will last a lifetime.

  29. 7:47 has excellent points.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    Vote for anyone besides Jerome Stocks.

  30. AnnJ.- Who gives a shit why Barth isn't supporting BOB, it's been 2 days that the stop lights have been f'ed up at the intersection. Why haven't they been fixed?? That is the question you should be asking T.Barth!!! So ask it!!!

    Hey council members, how long will we have to live with F'ed up traffic lights at H101 and Leucadia Blvd???

    Bob, get those lights fixed!!

  31. There will be no Costco -- actually Scripps Encinitas is negotiating to buy the Vons shopping center on Santa Fe to build a huge women's center, and they haven't even had their grandiose hospital expansion approved yet. Where are the locals supposed to shop? I can walk to Vons now -- isn't this "redevelopment" idea all about walkability?

  32. Ann J.
    I have to agree with RSPB fixing the lights at Vulcan/Leucadia Blvd and Highway 101 should be the topic of conversation.

    As I was comining home from the cafe yesterday morning city employees were dragging out the stop signs at 9:00 am. Where is city staff now? Where is the council? Besides out running for re-election that is.

    This is one of the busiest intersections in Encinitas, and it has been reduced to a cluster fuck of flashing red lights on a summer weekend.

  33. I like the all reds. Leave it.

    the normal operation is the cluster fuck for the area.

  34. If stop signs work better than the lights, flashing or otherwise, then we should revert back to the four way stop intersections.

    My issue on Saturday was the initial chaos. By later that afternoon and all day Sunday motorists adapted very well, with everyone taking turns in an orderly fashion.

  35. I agree Bob. I like that you have an open mind and our willing to consider different persective. You are winning my vote.

    Revert the Leucadia Blvd. intersection cluster fuck back to all way stops. It works better for our community.

  36. A roundabout would work even better. Oh excuse me... a cluster fuck roundabout would work even better.

  37. Having motorists enter or exit a roundabout over an busy rail corridor seems hardly sensible.


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